Woman Struck By Lightning Celebrates Life

(WJZ) It's been ten years since a lightning strike injured several people at a concert at Washington's RFK Stadium.

Mike Schuh reports, the woman who was most seriously injured is celebrating her survival.

Not many of us attract camera crews after being hospitalized, but Lisa Sullivan has made a miraculous recovery.

A recovery that was not squandered.
"It's amazing what can happen in ten years. And my life has changed so dramatically since then," said Sullivan.
Today, she's married with two children.

"There's nothing I could want that I don't have. Life is great," said Sullivan.

Flashback to June 13, 1998 at RFK Stadium's Free Tibet Concert.

Lightning struck just after Dave Matthews finished up. Lisa's sister was knocked down but could get up.

"There was just blood everywhere. I turned her over, and there was no heartbeat. There was nothing," said her sister.

A doctor and paramedic were nearby in the crowd and stabilized Lisa.

"She's very fortunate and lucky," said the doctor.

Her inner ear shattered. Ten years later, she still struggles with balancing. She has memory loss, but she did not miss one day of law school that year.

"She always had an optimistic outlook," said a family member.

They gathered in Philadelphia this weekend. It was a celebration of her life.

"I did get a second chance at life, and I'm not living it any differently cause I wasn't someone that needed that accident to become happier," said Sullivan.

"She is a miracle, and everything that happened is a miracle," said her sister.

"I've always been a happy, optimistic person. I think the accident just kinda sealed that," said Sullivan.

One hundred and twenty thousand people were at RFK Stadium in June,1998 for the Free Tibet Concert when the lightning struck.

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