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Fri, 12/11/2009 12:00 AM unknown DLR Storm Research  0.0   
The DLR storm research program Storms are more than just spectacular weather events; they also exercise considerable influence on atmospheric chemistry and Earth’s climate. Lightning combines nitrogen and oxygen to form large amounts of nitrogen oxide. However, it is not known just how much nitrogen oxide is created by these events. Researchers from the German Aerospace Agency (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) Institute of Atmospheric Physics (Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre) in Oberpfaffenhofen have come up with some very surprising results: tropical storms create less nitrogen oxide than had been expected. DLR's researchers from the Oberpfaffenhofen institute have been investigating extreme tropical storms in recent years with numerous missions using research aircraft and lightning-location equipment in four continents. The results were quite unexpected and cast a completely new light on processes inside extreme storm clouds: "Although tropical storms unleash a very large number of lightning strikes, they produce far less nitrogen oxide than we expected. Our detailed investigations demonstrate that not only the number of flashes is important, but also their length", says Dr Heidi Huntrieser, a meteorologist at the institute. "In short-lived tropical storms, lightning flashes are shorter, on average, than in our part of the world, where wind shear is more pronounced", Dr Huntrieser adds. The greater wind shear results in greater changes in wind strength and direction with increasing altitude. This separates the up- and down-draught zones of a storm cell and the storm is thus able to increase in intensity, grow in size and last longer. Work by NASA has confirmed the recently published results of the DLR institute’s research programme. Flying into the heart of the storm with DLR research plane Falcon In recent years, the DLR Institute has flown numerous measurement missions in the context of EU tropical research programmes. It is in this part of the world, where most storms occur, that nitrogen oxide measurements were made by flights right into the heart of storm clouds. DLR set up a ground-based Lightning Detection Network (LINET) to measure lightning activity in the clouds. In 2004 and 2005, DLR's Falcon research plane was used for flights in Brazil and these were followed by missions in Australia and West Africa. In Darwin, at the tropical northern tip of Australia, one of the strongest and most regular storms in the world, Hector, was investigated in detail. Storms possibly have only a limited effect on climate Lightning creates nitrogen oxide, which can also form ozone, an important greenhouse gas. It has so far been assumed that stronger storms would occur in a warmer world, leading to more nitrogen oxide and ozone formation, which would in turn influence the climate in a feedback loop. According to the DLR researchers, the opposite is more likely to be true. Storms would be more violent in a warmer world, but they would be less frequent. This could even reduce the mean incidence of lightning flashes around the world as a whole. This hypothesis would also explain some long-term observations of lightning trends. The effect of storms on climate, according to these results, is likely to be the opposite of what has often been believed so far. The DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics used the ECHAM global climate model in its research. Contact: Miriam Kamin, German Aerospace Center, Corporate Communications, Oberpfaffenhofen, Tel.: +49 8153 28-2297 Source: German Aerospace Agency (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR)
Wed, 12/09/2009 10:30 AM Killed construction worker  28.0  Hamad Town  
  working on a roof    On a Roof,Outside 
Local News Safety alert after death By ANIQA HAIDER , Posted on » Wednesday, December 09, 2009 A CONSTRUCTION worker killed when he was struck by lightning yesterday could have survived if he was wearing proper safety clothing, according to a senior labour official. Nemi Chand Ram Lal, aged 28, from India, is said to have died instantly when he was struck by lightning at around 10.30am on the roof of a house under construction in Hamad Town. His colleagues Lasmanna Yenuganti Yeuuganti Mjthanna, 36, from India, and Alamgir Miah Faruk Miah, 33, from Bangladesh, were injured and required hospital treatment. Labour Ministry occupational health and safety head Abbas Al Matooq yesterday said there were no plans to stop outdoor work going ahead during lightning storms - adding this could be the first case of someone being killed by lightning in Bahrain. However, he urged companies to ensure their staff wore proper safety equipment at worksites. "We always insist that workers should not ignore the safety rules and wear their helmets, uniform and (proper) shoes. "If this worker had been wearing a helmet and safety shoes, he could have survived. "Two engineers went to the site and investigated the incident. We don't want the construction companies to stop working in such weather, but they should take precautionary measures. Mr Lal had worked for the Mohammed Saif Al Ajlan Almannai Contracting Company for four years. He was initially taken to the Hamad Town Health Centre, but was pronounced dead upon arrival, company office clerk P V Mohan told the GDN. His body was later transferred to the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) morgue. Mr Mjthanna, a married father of three who has worked for the company for eight months, and Mr Miah, an employee for the past 18 months, were both being treated at the SMC's Intensive Care Unit last night. Mr Lal is survived by his wife of 18 months, Siroj.
Wed, 12/09/2009 12:00 AM Killed 3 people  0.0  Lusaka 
Lightning strikes three, croc kills one Three people from different families were over the weakened killed by lightning in chief Mungaila’s area. Another man of Katengwa ward in chief Mungaila’s area was killed by a crocodile in the Kafue River as he drew water from the water source. District Commissioner, Wilson Siandunka, confirmed the two incidences yesterday and named the deceased as, Rebecca Nshingwee aged 19 years, Dilu Nakaande aged 27 and an 8-year-old boy. Mr Siadunka said lightning struck the three at their respective homes and all of them died instantly. Mr Siadunka named the 21-year-old man of Katengwa ward who was killed by a crocodile on Saturday as Richard Nalishuwa of Nalishuwa village of Katengwa. The DC said the body of the deceased croc victim has not yet been found, adding that search teams with the help of State police were in the area in an attempt to try to search for the body. Mr Siandunka, who visited the homes of the bereaved families, expressed sadness at the deaths of the four people on a single day. “As government we sincerely convey our deepest condolences to the affected families and pray that the Lord is going to be with the families during this difficult time,” said Mr Siadunka. ZANIS
Mon, 12/07/2009 05:30 PM Killed private student  20.0  Subang Jaya  
  getting into his car     
Student Killed By Lightning In Subang Jaya PETALING JAYA, Dec 7 (Bernama) -- A 20-year-old private college student was fatally struck by lightning as he was getting into his car after a basketball match in Taipan, Subang Jaya, on Sunday. Tan Han Wim and three friends had just finished playing at 5.30pm and decided to go home because the weather was turning gloomy. His friends called his father who rushed there immediately and took Tan to the Subang Jaya Medical Centre but he died on the way. His body was taken to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for a post-mortem. Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar confirmed the incident. -- BERNAMA
Wed, 12/02/2009 12:00 AM Killed boy   11.0   
 South Africa 
Lightning kills boy in Gauteng 2009-12-02 21:05 Print article Email article Related Links 5 killed by lightning in E Cape Lightning kills Soweto man Johannesburg - An 11-year-old boy died after he was struck by lightning while herding sheep in Vanderbijlpark in Vereeniging on Wednesday, paramedics said. ER24 spokesperson Lloyd Krause said the boy had been helping herd sheep in the afternoon when a storm broke out and he was struck. Paramedics responded to an emergency call. When they arrived at the plot they initiated advanced life support interventions including CPR. The child was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.
Wed, 12/02/2009 12:00 PM unknown Radiation   0.0   
Flight Passengers Exposed to Large Doses of Radiation The latter form during lightning storms By Tudor Vieru, Science Editor 8th of December 2009, 21:00 GMT Adjust text size: Though a relatively large number of investigations have revealed that being aboard an airplane while the aircraft flies through the middle of a large thunderstorm is perfectly safe, a new work begs to differ. A number of experts feel that, while flying through large atmospheric fronts, lightning strikes can easily produce X-rays, gamma rays and high-energy electrons, which then hit the people inside the planes. The new work was conducted by experts at the Florida Institute of Technology, the University of California in Santa Cruz (UCSC), and the University of Florida. The group, however, admits that the instances in which this happens are actually fairly rare, and that more research into the matter is needed before a clear conclusion can be drawn. But, it argues, the preliminary results of its analysis show that the increased levels of radiation can be harmful to passengers. Coupled with exposure to other sources, such as electronic devices and medical scans, the instances in which traveling people experience this type of poisoning may be contributing to an increase in the large number of Americans who appear to have been exposed to much more radiation than the safety limit entails. “We know that commercial airplanes are typically struck by lightning once or twice a year. What we don't know is how often planes happen to be in just the right place or right time to receive a high radiation dose. We believe it is very rare, but more research is needed to answer the question definitively,” Florida Tech Professor of Physics and Space Sciences Joe Dwyer says. He adds that, if the airplane is near the point of origin for a lightning strike, or for a terrestrial gamma-ray flash, then passengers inside could be exposed to up to 400 times the radiation dose a patient receives after being exposed to a chest X-ray. In order to get to the new conclusions, the experts “combined observations of lightning-produced X-rays and gamma rays with computer models of the movement of high-energy particles to estimate the amount of radiation that could be produced within, or very near, thunderclouds during lightning storms,” Florida Tech senior researcher Hamid Rassoul, also a coauthor of the new paper, explains. “If an aircraft happened to be in or near the high-field region when either a lightning discharge or a TGF event is occurring, then the radiation dose received by passengers and crew members inside the aircraft could potentially approach 10 rem in less than one millisecond,” the authors write. The research is to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal for Geophysical Research – Atmosphere.
Wed, 12/02/2009 12:00 AM Injured John William Bennett  0.0   
  new book    Education,Military 
Dorrance Publishing Releases Vietnam Memoir by Fairfield, Pennsylvania Author Posted : Fri, 04 Dec 2009 08:34:19 GMT Author : PRWeb Category : Press Release News Alerts by Email ( click here ) News | Home This candid book shares the personal reflections of a Vietnam vet who was falsely labeled as killed in action following a lightning strike. Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) December 2, 2009 -- Killed in Action-Struck by Lightning: A Vietnam Combat Medic's Story by Specialist 5 John William Bennett of Fairfield, Pennsylvania, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. Struck by lightning, evacuated from the observation post by helicopter, taken from the chopper, placed in a body bag, and put in the morgue some eighteen hours later… "I saw fluorescent tubes in pastel colors in a tunnel with a bright light at the end. Suddenly it got dark…I reached in my pants pocket and felt my knife and I cut a hole in the tarp so I could sit up. Around me were many litters with body bags on them just like mine. I didn't know if I was in enemy or friendly hands. I was in shock. I had always been so very cognizant of my surroundings and now I was in a place I could not identify and had no idea of how or why I was here. "After a while, maybe twenty or thirty minutes, a man came in from behind me and said, 'Whoa, what's your problem, son?' I said that I had no idea but perhaps I had had a relapse of malaria or just had gotten ill. He said he would be 'right back.' When he returned I was in no way prepared for the shock he would give me. He handed me the body tag and written on it was, 'Killed in action - struck by lightning.' He asked me how I was and I replied, 'I guess I'm fine.' That was the biggest mistake of my life." One who is struck by lightning will never be "fine," and the worst part is no one believes you. Killed in Action-Struck by Lightning: A Vietnam Combat Medic's Story is a 166-page paperback with a retail price of $15.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4349-0299-3. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information or to request a review copy, please visit our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore at
Wed, 12/02/2009 12:00 PM unknown masters of lightning  0.0   
By Steve Schmadeke Tribune reporter December 2, 2009 E-mail Print Share Text Size Under a starry Saturday sky behind a Lake Zurich warehouse, three men unload a small flamethrower, electric cabling, neon-tube "light sabers," about 80 pounds of chain mail and two 7-foot devices that look like monster-movie props. Terry Blake, 48, Jeff Larson, 39, and Steve Ward, 24, call themselves the Masters of Lightning and are members of a small sect within the hobbyist world: Tesla coil enthusiasts. Their coils -- which generate beautiful, lethal electrical sparks up to 12 feet long -- are a much-modified version of the device Nikola Tesla invented to wirelessly transport electricity. There are likely only about 1,000 Tesla coil hobbyists worldwide, but they have a growing following as parts have become more readily available over eBay and videos have gone up on YouTube. For obvious reasons, Tesla coils are popular among electrical engineers. And now their appeal is seeping into pop culture, most recently with a fan making a video of a new Flaming Lips song using a musical Tesla coil that the band posted on its Web site. The Masters of Lightning have won their own measure of fame. Videos of their performances, typically before crowds of 50 to a few hundred, have been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. The three use advanced industrial transistors to produce what is essentially 1.6 million volts of lightning to play music from Bach's Toccata and Fugue to the 8-bit theme from Super Mario Brothers. It works by precisely controlling the firing rate of the sparks, using them like a speaker to make music so ear-splittingly loud that last summer people living a half-mile away from the warehouse complained. To top it off, Blake stands between the coils wearing a metal suit of layered chain mail, sometimes carrying a lit flamethrower. On this night, they are testing a new homemade helmet that Blake, a Motorola engineer from Palatine who performs as Dr. Zeus, hopes will look good but also keep him as safe as a modified flamethrower with a glass insulator to showcase the sparks. "When I first started making sparks, most people I know just thought that was insane," says Blake, laughing. " 'Why are you messing with lightning bolts in your backyard?' When I started putting on the suit and playing around with (the sparks), they were speechless. That was beyond crazy." Besides the deadly violet sparks, the smell of ozone and pizza, and the Zelda theme music played at rock-concert levels, the hobby offers technical challenges and the chance to briefly step into a sort of alternate reality. "The plasma looks really beautiful up close," says Blake of the man-made lightning. "There's all sorts of fractal patterns and all sorts of detail in there that you can't make out if you're scared of it." Not that you shouldn't be scared. Chip Atkinson, of Colorado, who runs a Tesla coil mailing list that has grown from 700 to 900 in recent years, has a nearly 7,000-word warning about the hobby's perils on his Web site. Among them: "Explosions can and do occur with Tesla coils!" "It's one of those things where if you don't know what you're doing, it can be fatal," says Bert Hickman, 62, a retired Woodridge engineer and former Tesla coil hobbyist. The three men have years of experience. Larson and Ward are Fermilab employees and Streamwood residents. Ward started building Tesla coils as an eighth-grader in Oak Forest. They experimented to create better shows. Blake setting two-by-fours on fire by channeling the sparks with his finger got a good response. Another favorite involves Blake holding up orange neon tubes that glow like light sabers amid sparks that play the "Imperial March" from "Star Wars." "We're sort of learning as we go," Ward says. The Tesla coils are ready to fire. Ward and Larson stand at a folding table about 20 feet away, using a series of knobs and sliders to control the sparks. The music comes from Ward's laptop. A large red "emergency off" button sits at the table's center. Part of the competition among coilers is the length of their sparks. "It's sort of bragging rights," Larson says. "It's really sort of lacking right now, actually," says Ward after running the coils for a couple of minutes. He and Larson add wooden spacers under the coils. "We're trying to make them a little bigger." Though their coils can shoot sparks of up to 12 feet, no hobbyist has replicated the 135-foot ones reportedly generated by a massive coil Tesla built 110 years ago in Colorado Springs, the three say. That man built a 122-foot coil to test his theory that electricity could be sent wirelessly through the Earth's ionosphere, but the length of his sparks is viewed skeptically today. On this night, the Masters of Lightning just want to make sure Blake's new helmet is safe. It's tested first without Blake inside, then with him wearing it and lifting his hands to low-voltage sparks from a coil. With nowhere to run their coils over the winter, the men work on new ideas. Blake already has a project -- "re-engineering" his chain metal pants to allow more freedom of movement. Then they wait until they can once again see the looks on people's faces as their fantastic apparatus roars to life. "People start freaking out," Blake says. Copyright © 2009, Chicago Tribune
Tue, 12/01/2009 04:30 PM Injured Mike Palmore  40.0  Corpus Christi Tx 
  walking to truck  N/A  Outside,Walking to Vehicle 
CORPUS CHRISTI — A 40-year-old man was struck by lightning in the 6900 block of Sandra Lane Tuesday morning and lived, according to Corpus Christi police. CORPUS CHRISTI — The lightning turned the change in his pocket red hot, singed his belt buckle through his shirt, instantly fried his cell phone and left his ears ringing. “It’s like having a howitzer go off in front of your face,” Mike Palmore said. At 4:30 p.m. Dec. 1, Palmore became one of more than 300 people struck by lightning yearly in the U.S. “It knocked me right on the ground on my back,” he said. “I was staring up at the sky and I was completely frozen.” The odds of being struck in a given year are about 1 in 750,000. But lightning is one of the leading weather-related causes of death, according to data from the National Weather Service. About 10 percent of people who are struck by lightning each year are killed, according to the National Weather Service. Last year alone there were 28 lightning fatalities in the U.S., the majority of which were males 10 to 39 years old, according to John Metz, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The nation’s first lightning fatality this year was a Ransom Canyon man walking the beach in Port Aransas in May, Metz said. Palmore was struck as he ran to his truck on Sandra Lane during a heavy downpour. Palmore and his daughter, Jade, 11, were visiting his sister’s house after he picked Jade up from Kaffie Middle School. Toward the end of their visit, it began to rain heavily. “We were in a hurry and we couldn’t find our umbrella, so I just decided to run out to my truck about 75 yards away and drive up to the curb to get my daughter,” he said. As he was walking to his truck, Palmore said lightning almost hit him and he remembers feeling lucky it missed. But as he opened his truck and climbed inside, lightning struck him. “My ears were ringing so loud that I couldn’t hear anything and I was completely frozen, even after I was taken to the hospital,” he said. Palmore said he instantly felt a burning sensation. And with good cause, Metz said, because a single bolt of lightning can get as hot as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. “I just remember thinking that I must have fallen off my truck somehow and that my legs were burning from the exhaust pipe,” he said. “I had no idea what had just happened.” As he lay on the ground in the rain, Palmore’s daughter and father still were waiting for him to bring the truck around. It took several minutes before they realized something was wrong. “I was trying to wake him up but he wouldn’t listen to us,” Jade said. “His eyes were just rolled in the back of his head and rain was getting into his mouth.” Palmore said he hasn’t felt any lasting effects, but he jokes with his daughter that he can see in the dark now and has special powers. “I’m just grateful we couldn’t find that umbrella because my daughter would have been with me when it happened and things could have been a lot worse,” he said. Officers and medics were called at 11:14 a.m. The man had good vital signs. He was transported to a Corpus Christi hospital for further evaluation.
Sat, 11/28/2009 04:00 PM Killed 3 people  0.0  Kuwait City  
Rains, lightning lead to 6 deaths; Two-vehicle collision kills child KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: A total of 27 road accidents in various parts of the country were registered over the weekend due to the heavy rains, leading to the death of a Kuwaiti, an Indian and a Pakistani, while two Kuwaitis and an Ethiopian, who were found dead in undisclosed locations, are said to have been struck by lightning. Some areas in Kuwait recorded a total of 68 mm rain since Wednesday — a 42 percent increase compared to last year. Colonel Khaled Al-Amiri from the Fire Brigade Department disclosed 27 car accidents were reported from Friday to Saturday due to wet roads and reckless driving, resulting in the death of a Kuwaiti, an Indian and a Pakistani. “Two Kuwaitis, aged 19 and 21 years, died due to lightning while an Ethiopian woman was found dead with burn marks on her face, raising suspicions that her death might have been caused by lightning,” Al-Amiri said. Speaking to the Arab Times Sunday, Head of Al-Merzem Observatory Mesaed Al-Hamad said the country witnessed intermittent rainfall from Wednesday until Saturday. Rainfall recorded in Kuwait City totaled 55 mm and 68 mm in Salmiya. “This is around double the amount of rain recorded during the same period last year,” he explained. Pointing out that rain is a good omen and reduces the possibility of sandstorms during summer, Al-Hamad clarified Kuwait witnessed heavy sandstorms over the last two summers due to winds coming from the southern parts of Iraq and Jordan and north Saudi Arabia. “Heavy rains in these areas mean dust particles will not be dry and cannot be easily carried by the wind,” he added. Al-Hamad stated sandy winds are common during the months of June and July while rain confines sand particles by drenching the soil for a period of five to six months, thereby, decreasing the possibility of a sandy summer. He expects heavy rain clouds to hover over the Kuwaiti sky by the end of this week. Firefighters also responded to several emergency calls as seven houses in different parts of the country reportedly went in flames due to lightning. “We also assisted in removing rainwater from basements to avoid electric short circuits,” Al-Amiri stated. Al-Amiri went on to say 15 vehicles went in flames while others had to be pulled out of water puddles. “Fourteen families who got stuck in water puddles required assistance,” he revealed. The remains of the dead were referred to the Forensic Department and cases were registered. On the first day of Eid Al-Adha, the Operation Room received 297 distress calls, while 401 distress calls were placed on the second day, of which 211 were dealt with. While 27 distress calls were traffic-related on the first day, the second day witnessed 48 such calls, resulting in a total of 75 reported traffic accidents within two days that took 5 lives and left around 60 persons injured. Among the cases reported was a two-vehicle collision on Subbiya Motorway that resulted in the death of a child aged 5 years. Security officials and paramedics rushed to the scene on receiving information about the incident and discovered that the child had died on the spot, while his family members were severely injured. They were referred to Jahra Hospital. The corpse was referred to the Forensic Department. Meanwhile, a two-vehicle collision on the 6th Ring Road going towards Jahra resulted in the injury of a Kuwaiti citizen and an Iraqi expatriate on Saturday. They were referred to Farwaniya Hospital by paramedics. Another two-vehicle collision on the 2nd Ring Road between Shamiya and Keifan resulted in the injury of a Lebanese expatriate and a Jordanian national. They were referred to Amiri Hospital by paramedics. In another story, one Palestinian and three Jordanian women sustained injuries in a two-vehicle collision in Farwaniya. They were referred to Farwaniya Hospital by paramedics. In a similar story, an Indian national aged 28 years sustained injuries in a two-vehicle collision on Jelaia Motorway. He was referred to Adan Hospital by paramedics and a case was registered. Also, an Iranian expatriate sustained injuries after he was knocked down by a motorist in Salmiya. He was referred to Mubarak Hospital by paramedics. By Dahlia Kholaif and Shebli Al-Rashed
Sat, 11/28/2009 02:09 PM Injured woman   30.0  Melbourne  
By Alesha Capone 1st December 2009 11:05:04 AM LIGHTNING struck a train driver at Sunshine railway station on Thursday afternoon when a storm swept through Melbourne. Ambulance Victoria advanced life support paramedics treated the 30-year-old woman and took her to the Western Hospital in Sunshine in a stable condition. An Ambulance Victoria statement said the incident left the woman quite shaken and feeling unwell. Connex spokeswoman Lanie Harris said the city-bound service was struck after it had left Sydenham at 2.09pm. She said most Melbourne train lines experienced delays after the wild storm. Ms Harris said signalling equipment beside the railway line near Sunshine had also been struck by a separate bolt of lightning. Many commuters were caught short as the storm hit, leaving roads and train lines across Melbourne and the western suburbs in chaos. Brad Dalgleish from Brimbank’s State Emergency Service said volunteers had not been too busy, with a handful of call-outs to the Deer Park and St Albans residential area about minor roof damage and minor flooding before 5pm. The worst hit areas were Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. However, some businesses in the West reported minor flooding. Following the heavy rain, flood watch warnings were issued for the Yarra, Maribyrnong, Werribee, Dandenong, Bunyip, Loddon, Campaspe, Avoca and Wimmera catchments.
Sat, 11/28/2009 02:00 PM Injured teen  19.0   
  touching fence     
Lightning downs teen zoo worker Anne-Louise Brown | 29th November 2009 A 19-year-old female Australia Zoo staff member touched a fence as it was struck by lightning about five metres from where she was standing. Brendan Harper AN afternoon storm caused havoc on the Sunshine Coast yesterday, cutting power to homes and causing a series of highway accidents. The vicious-looking storm blew in from the south-west shortly after lunch and by 2pm was making its presence felt in the hinterland. About 2pm ambulance officers rushed to Australia Zoo after a 19-year-old female staff member touched a fence as it was struck by lightning about five metres from where she was standing. Miraculously, the woman, who was treated at the scene, escaped serious injury. Strong winds brought down powerlines throughout the Mooloolah Valley, cutting power to homes as the area was hit by a deluge. The Landsborough, Beerwah and Peachester areas were reportedly hit by heavy rain and hail but no official rainfall figures were available. The storm dumped 16mm on Nambour but only 4mm at Maleny and little or nothing on the Coast. On Valley View Road at Mooloolah, the power pole at the end of Kayleen and Les Fleming's driveway was struck by lightning and came crashing to the ground. Last night the family was one of many still without power, forced to store perishables in ice-filled eskies. Ms Fleming said the storm hit quickly. “There was rain and hail and strong winds. It was pretty ferocious,” she said. “We're just grateful no one was hurt.” The storm also caused havoc on the highway, with traffic forced to contend with limited visibility and slippery roads. About 2pm two cars crashed on the north-bound lanes of the Bruce Highway. One man was trapped but was quickly freed, with no serious injuries. A vehicle towing a horse float jack-knifed about 2.40pm in the southbound lanes of the highway. The horse was not injured but briefly created a traffic danger until it was brought under control.
Fri, 11/27/2009 03:08 PM Injured woman   0.0  Marysville Ca 
  playing video game    Computer / Video Game,Indoors 
Fri, 11/27/2009 12:00 PM Injured girl  17.0  Rowville  
I got struck by lightning and lived Wayne Flower From: Herald Sun November 28, 2009 12:00AM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share Ashlee Elshaar, recovering from hospital after being struck by lightning, is visited by her mum Jen Toward. Picture: Chris Scott Source: Herald Sun A TEENAGER hit by lightning during Thursday's wild storms has spoken of her brush with death. Ashlee Elshaar was thrown off her feet when the bolt struck her as she tried to clear a downpipe at her Rowville home during the height of the storm. "I walked outside into the rain to pick up the hose and when I bent down a sharp pain went into the back of my neck," she said. The 17-year old compared the shock with being zapped by a paramedic's defibrillator. "I've never actually been shocked by one, but I'd say that's how it feels. "It felt like a needle going through every part of my neck, but it wasn't like a tiny needle, it was like a sharp one. "It felt like it was all going into the one spot at once and then it went straight through the rest of my body all at once." Related Coverage Gallery: Your photos of our barmy November weather Lightning and flash floods were reported across Melbourne on Thursday as SES crews responded to hundreds of calls as trees crashed into homes, crushed cars, blocked streets and cut power. Ashlee, who remains in Monash Children's Hospital in a stable condition, said she pulled herself up and ran inside where she called her mother at work. "At first I thought I'd just pulled a muscle and I'd be fine but then when the ambulance came and put me in a neck brace I think it kind of got serious then," she said. Ashlee, who hopes to join Victoria Police when she turns 18 in February, said she planned to stay indoors for the big day. "If it's raining I'm not going out there," she said.
Wed, 11/25/2009 12:00 PM Killed 5 killed   0.0   
 South Africa 
Five people were killed by lightning in separate incidents in the Eastern Cape, police said on Thursday. Superintendent Mzukisi Fatyela said two people were killed at Elliotdale, two at Mquanduli and one at Engcobo, all during the same storm on Wednesday. "There were all inside their huts when the lightning struck them. The weather was very, very bad." A man, aged 43, and a woman, aged 40, were killed at Elliotdale. A 90-year-old man and a 60-year-old man were killed at Mquanduli. The man who died at Engcobo was 35-years-old. - Sapa
Tue, 11/24/2009 04:00 PM Injured Monroe Howze  10.0  Hawthorne Fl 
  rolling up car windows  N/A  In a car,In a Car or Vehicle 
Lightning almost strikes 10-year-old Contributor: Katie Kosciolek Email: Last Update: 11/25 3:52 pm Print Story | Share this Story HAWTHORNE, Fla. -- A 10-year-old boy is recovering after he was almost struck by lightning Tuesday. Gainesville Fire Rescue says the boy wasn't directly hit, but he was near something that was struck. They say he was awake and talking when emergency crews arrived. The child was taken to Shands Gainesville. Related Links Lightning almost strikes 10-year-old HAWTHORNE, Fla. -- Candi Preston knows how precious every minute is. It's a lesson she learned after her brother was struck by lightning. "He told me he could have died, but It wasn't his time," she said. Ten-year-old Monroe Howze was indirectly hit as he was trying to roll-up car windows. He suffered minor burns and lost some feeling in his legs. "He is okay. That's the most thankful part. I know he is alright," said his other sister, Chandra Preston. Now, the little boy will be eating Thanksgiving dinner from his hospital bed. "He told me to bring him two plates," said Candi. "He is a cool kid. He is real good. He is smart. Really intelligent," said Chandra. "He said he is grateful to be alive," said Candi. It's a lesson learned in a flash, that will resonate with this family for years. 282 people have been struck by lightning in the U.S. this year. 36 of those people were killed. Five of those deaths were in Florida. Copyright 2009 High Plains Broadcasting LLC All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Add a Comment Add Video Comment (0) Comments Ads by GoogleWhat's this? Skydive Jacksonville Jacksonville'sOnly Skydiving Center North Florida's Highest Jumps! www.SkydiveJacksonville.comAssociated Lightning Installing Lightning Protection in the Northeastern US since 1953 www.alrci.comLightning Protection Free Estimates, Materials, Design Installation, Certification www.kuefler-lightning.comSteeplejack Access Work Free estimates within New England services church towers steeples usa www.SteepleKeeper.comJacksonville Beach MLS Fast, Simple Jacksonville Beach MLS search. Listings updated daily!
Thu, 11/19/2009 03:00 PM Killed 5 killed 11 hurt  0.0  Madhur village Madurantakam 
led, 11 hurt in blast at Madurantakam quarry TNN 20 November 2009, 06:44am IST Text Size: | Topics: Blast Madhur Village CHENNAI: Five workers were killed and 11 others were injured in a detonator blast trigerred by lightning at two granite quarries in Madhur Twitter Facebook Share Email Print Save Comment village in Madurantakam on Thursday afternoon. Kancheepuram district police told The Times Of India that supervisor Venkateshan and an employee Balu were arrested and that criminal cases would be filed against them. The police said detonator blasts during the rainy season had been banned. Around 3 pm, more than 20 workers were preparing for the blasts when lightning struck and accidentally trigerred blasts at two quarries. Workers at one quarry, who were not preparing for a blast and were at a safe distance, were lucky. Those in the other quarry were not. Five workers, Soundariya (30), Shanmugam (20), Manoharan (50), Selvaraj (30) and Ezhumalai (30), died on the spot. Eleven workers who were injured were rushed to the Chengalpet general hospital. "The injuries are not of a serious nature," Kancheepuram superintendent of police Prem Anand Sinha said. Police said the quarries had licences. "However, they have violated the stipulated norms and should face criminal action. We have begun investigating and arrested supervisor Venkateshan and shot-firer Balu," Sinha said. The police had a tough time in pulling out the dead from under huge boulders. The public who rushed to the spot after sensing the accident also braved the rain and helped the police in helping the injured. Workers said the lightning-trigerred blast had caught them completely unawares.
Fri, 11/13/2009 04:00 AM unknown Does Sun regulate lightning ?  0.0  Tel Aviv 
Lightning Strike In Africa Helps Take Pulse Of Sun ScienceDaily (Nov. 14, 2009) — Sunspots, which rotate around the sun's surface, tell us a great deal about our own planet. Scientists rely on them, for instance, to measure the sun's rotation or to prepare long-range forecasts of Earth's health. See also: Space & Time Sun Astronomy Asteroids, Comets and Meteors Earth & Climate Severe Weather Storms Earth Science Reference Sunspot Solar flare Ionosphere Geomagnetic storm But there are some years, like this one, where it's not possible to see sunspots clearly. When we're at this "solar minimum," very few, if any, sunspots are visible from Earth. That poses a problem for scientists in a new scientific field called "Space Weather," which studies the interaction between the sun and Earth's environment. Thanks to a serendipitous discovery by Tel Aviv University's Prof. Colin Price, head of TAU's Department of Geophysics and Planetary Science, and his graduate student Yuval Reuveni, science now has a more definitive and reliable tool for measuring the sun's rotation when sunspots aren't visible -- and even when they are. The research, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research -- Space Physics, could have important implications for understanding the interactions between the sun and Earth. Best of all, it's based on observations of common, garden-variety lightning strikes here on Earth. Waxing and waning, every 27 days Using Very Low Frequency (VLF) wire antennas that resemble clotheslines, Prof. Price and his team monitored distant lightning strikes from a field station in Israel's Negev Desert. Observing lightning signals from Africa, they noticed a strange phenomenon in the lightning strike data -- a phenomenon that slowly appeared and disappeared every 27 days, the length of a single full rotation of the sun. "Even though Africa is thousands of miles from Israel, lightning signals there bounce off Earth's ionosphere -- the envelope surrounding Earth -- as they move from Africa to Israel," Prof. Price explains. "We noticed that this bouncing was modulated by the sun, changing throughout its 27-day cycle. The variability of the lightning activity occurring in sync with the sun's rotation suggested that the sun somehow regulates the lightning pattern." He describes it as akin to hearing music or voices from across a lake: depending on the humidity, temperature and wind, sometimes they're crystal clear and sometimes they're inaudible. He discovered a similar anomaly in the lightning data due to the changes in Earth's ionosphere -- signals waxed and waned on a 27-day cycle. Prof. Price was able to show that this variability in the data was not due to changes in the lightning activity itself, but to changes in Earth's ionosphere, suspiciously in tandem with the sun's rotation. Taking the pulse of the sun The discovery describes a phenomenon not clearly understood by scientists. Prof. Price, an acclaimed climate change scientist, believes it may help scientists formulate new questions about the sun's effect on our climate. "This is such a basic parameter and not much is known about it," says Prof. Price. "We know that Earth rotates once every 24 hours, and the moon once every 27.3 days. But we haven't been able to precisely measure the rotation rate of the sun, which is a ball of gas rather than a solid object; 27 days is only an approximation. Our findings provide a more accurate way of knowing the real rotation rate, and how it changes over time," he says. Prof. Price cannot yet say how this finding will impact life on Earth. "It's an interesting field to explore," he says, "because nothing has been done to investigate the links between changing weather patterns and the rotation of the sun. "Short-term changes in solar activity can also impact satellite performance, navigational accuracy, the health of astronauts, and even electrical power grid failures here on Earth. Many scientists claim that the sun's variability is linked to changes in climate and weather patterns, so the small changes we observed every 27 days could also be related to small variations in weather patterns. "Our data may help researchers examine short-term connections between weather, climate, and sun cycles. With this tool, we now have a good system for measuring the pulse of the sun."
Wed, 11/11/2009 04:00 PM Injured woman   0.0  Manizales  
HEADLINES:From Manizales, we have the story of a woman who was struck by lightning. Doctors say she escaped with just a small scar.
Wed, 11/11/2009 04:00 PM Injured old woman  0.0  Nkomonye  
AN old woman from Nkomonye survived a lightning strike but her house was destroyed. She was rushed to Ngozi clinic in a critical condition. Member of Parliament Gibson Cracker Hlophe said he saw the old woman returning from the clinic with a severe injury on her leg. In another matter related to the storm, a family nearly died when the stick and mud they were sleeping in collapsed. The MP appeals for help. No one was injured in the collapsed house.
Sun, 11/01/2009 04:00 PM Killed child   10.0  Opanayake  
 Sri Lanka 
  playing in open field    Outside 
Child killed by lightning By Yohan Perera, Gamini Wickramasinghe and S. Madawala Heavy showers, gale force winds and lightning caused havoc in many parts of the country while at Opanayake a child was killed after he was struck by lightning, police said. Ten-year-old Janth Malinda was out in the open playing with a friend when the tragedy occurred on Saturday. Mathugama Neluwa Road was impassable after a landslide at Parindanuwara in the Kalutara District. Colombo Municipal Council sources said the gale force winds that lashed Colombo on Saturday evening uprooted 11 trees – one on Thurstan Road, two each in Horton Place, Malalasekera Mawatha, Ward Place, Norris Canal Road and Kirula Road. CMC workmen cleared the roads the same evening. Meanwhile the Meteorology Department said there might be heavy rains accompanied with thunder and lightening and warned the people not stay outdoors during lightning. The Met Department said the high winds were caused by a down draft which had developed below the clouds but it noted that this condition might pass. The highest rain fall of 70 mm was reported from Kaudulla while Colombo had experienced a rainfall of 41.2 mm. The Met Department said occasional showers were expected in the Eastern, Uva and Central provinces and in the Hambantota District and that the drought, which prevailed in the South and Moneragala would end soon due to the rains in the area. Strong winds have damaged 86 houses in Bulathsinghala on Saturday evening. Sources said the police and the divisional secretaries have made arrangements to help the affected persons. The displaced persons have been provided with temporary shelter according to local authorities in the area.
Fri, 10/30/2009 06:00 PM Killed girl  10.0  Soweto  
 South Africa 
  walking with her mother    Outside 
A 10-year-old girl was killed in Soweto when she was struck by lightning on Friday, Johannesburg police said. The girl was walking with her mother in Bram Fischer, Dobsonville, around 6pm when she was struck, Inspector Kay Makhubela said. "Paramedics were called out and tried to help her, but she died before arriving at hospital." Her mother was not injured. Police have opened an inquest docket. - Sapa
Fri, 10/30/2009 03:10 PM Killed 2 men in army  0.0  Kota Tinggi 
Friday October 30, 2009 Lightning kills two army men on patrol KOTA TINGGI: Two army personnel were killed when lightning struck them as they were patrolling near their observation post in Pantai Batu Layar here. L/Kpl Rizal Mohd Lazim, 33, and private Mohd Safri Sazali, 21, from Unit 23 of the army from Perak, were conducting checks on entry of illegal immigrants around Tanjung Sepang in Sungai Rengit when the freak accident took place. Kota Tinggi OCPD Supt Osman Mohamed Sebot said the incident occurred at 3.10pm on Wednes-day. “They were doing a routine patrol at Pantai Batu Layar with three other army personnel,” he said. “It was drizzling and both victims were walking side by side. The others were nearby,” he added. Lightning stuck the two, throwing them several metres away. Both died on the spot. “Their bodies were sent to Kota Tinggi Hospital for post-mortem,” said Supt Osman.
Mon, 10/26/2009 10:30 AM Killed golfer  22.0  Singapore 
  on the 18th  N/A  Coma,CPR,Delayed Death,Golf Course,Outside 
SINGAPORE, Oct 26 — A golfer was struck by lightning at the Tanah Merah Country Club yesterday morning, just as he neared the end of an 18-hole game. The skies had only just turned a little dark and the club had contacted the Meteorological Services to check whether lightning was likely when the 57-year-old was hit. Soh Lye Huat, a garment company owner, is now in a coma in intensive care at Changi General Hospital. His son Jeffrey, a 22-year-old national serviceman, said his dad played golf at the Changi Coast Road course once a week with a regular group of three friends and that he was with them yesterday. Tanah Merah Country Club general manager Roy Higgs said the Met Services usually sends a text message to the on-duty club employee when possible lightning activity is brewing. The message is usually sent from half an hour to an hour before the club sounds its sirens and makes an announcement over its public address system for all players to clear the greens. Marshalls also go on patrol to ensure that players leave the course; they generally have to stay off it for 45 minutes. Higgs said that by the time the Met Services sent the text message at about 10.15am yesterday — after club employees had called it about some dark clouds — the accident had already happened. The text message instructed the club to clear players off the courses between 10.30am and 11.15am. When asked, a National Environment Agency spokesman said the Met Services had detected a localised thunderstorm near the Tanah Merah area only at 10.10am and had assessed that lightning would likely hit the area. It sent out a lightning alert five minutes after this. Data gathered at 9am had indicated that thunderstorms would occur only in western and southern Singapore, not the east, later in the morning and early afternoon. After Soh was struck, one of his friends, helped by two marshalls, gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before the ambulance came, said Higgs. A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman said that when paramedics arrived, Soh was unconscious. Higgs explained that country clubs had two ways of getting information on possible lighting activity: They either install their own lightning detection equipment or, like Tanah Merah Country Club, get updates from the Met Services. Higgs said this was the first time someone had been struck by lightning at its Changi Coast Road course since the club opened in 1982; its other course in Tampines, so far free of lightning mishaps, opened in the mid-1980s. The younger Soh said: “My dad is stable, but we are still very worried. We are trying to get more information to find out what happened.” The family, including his mother and 20-year-old undergraduate sister, is keeping vigil. — The Straits Times THE golfer struck by lightning at the Tanah Merah Country Club (TMCC) 10 days ago has died. Mr Soh Lye Huat, 57, never emerged from his coma. His heart stopped on Wednesday morning. When contacted, his son Jeffrey, 22, would say only that his family members, including his mother and 20-year-old sister, were 'holding up'. 'We miss him already but we're coping well and just want to focus on preparations to give my father a good send-off,' said the full-time national serviceman and swimmer, who will represent Singapore at next month's South-east Asia (SEA) Games in Laos. The last time the family saw Mr Soh alive was on Oct 25, before he set out for his game with friends at TMCC's Garden Course in Changi Coast Road. It was towards the end of their 18-hole game that Mr Soh, a garment company owner, was hit by a bolt of lightning. Read the full story in Thursday's edition of The Straits Times.
Sun, 10/25/2009 10:10 AM Killed Soh Lye Huat  57.0  Tanah Merah CC  
  playing golf  N/A  Golf Course,Outside 
The Straits Times Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Jul 12, 2010 Golfer's death a misadventure By Elena Chong, Court Correspondent A CORONER on Monday recorded a verdict of misadventure on the death of a golfer 10 days after he was struck by lightning at Tanah Merah Country Club (TMCC). Mr Soh Lye Huat, 57, a businessman, was playing golf with three friends at the Changi Coast Road club last Oct 25 when he was thrown to the ground. His friends, too, were thrown to the ground. Earlier, the four had reached the 17th hole when they saw flashes of lightning at the far end horizon and heard thunder roaring. As there was no siren for the lightning alert from TMCC, they decided to finish the 17th hole before ending their game. Mr Soh was the last to putt at about 10.10am when a loud bang was heard. Mr Soh was found lying face down and bleeding from his mouth. The back portion of his cap was shredded. Two of his friends, together with a golf marshal, applied cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on Mr Soh till the ambulance arrived. He remained in intensive care at Changi General Hospital until his death from multi-organ failure on Nov 4. SINGAPORE: State Coroner Kessler Soh has recorded a verdict of misadventure in the death of a golfer who was struck by lightning at Tanah Merah Country Club on 25 October last year. 57-year-old Soh Lye Huat, the owner of a garment company, suffered multi-organ failure and died 10 days later. The coroner's inquiry into Mr Soh's death had centred on the use of a life-saving device, known as a defibrillator which uses an electric current to jolt the heart. Investigation officer, Senior Staff Sergeant Andrew Ng Yong Kiang, told the court that country club employees did not use an Automated External Defibrillator or AED when they attended to Mr Soh. According to the country club's golf operation first-aid action plan, the portable device is used only when a casualty is not breathing or when no pulse is detected. The court heard that the country club employees only performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Mr Soh as they detected a "weak pulse" from his neck and right wrist. Senior Staff Sergeant Ng also quoted an opinion from Professor V Anantharaman, who's the chairman of the Singapore Heart Foundation's Heart Safe Committee. The professor said the use of an AED "is not warranted for immediate treatment" if the casualty has a pulse or is breathing. However, the device "may still be useful" to detect a heart rhythm complication known as ventricular fibrillation or VF which can occur when there is an "electrical injury" to the organ. The prompt use of an AED can "convert the heart's electrical rhythm to normal", said Professor Anantharaman. Mr Soh is survived by his wife, 51-year-old Tan Lee Hwa, and their two children. Lawyer Wendell Wong, who represented the Sohs, told reporters after the hearing that the family will "consider options available" to them. He said this mean a civil suit against the country club. The family is also "concerned about the safety of golf courses", said Mr Wong. - CNA/jm
Sun, 10/25/2009 09:55 AM Killed Soh Lye Huat  0.0  Tanah Merah Country Club  
      CPR,Delayed Death,Golf Course,Outside 
The Straits Times Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Mar 16, 2010 Golfer struck by lightning By Elena Chong Defibrillator not used At the inquest, the family's lawyer Wendell Wong asked if the club had a standard operating procedure when it came to lightning incidents. The investigation officer, Senior Staff Sergeant Andrew Ng, from Bedok, said he was told by the golf manager that there was but was not shown the SOP. Asked if he knew whether the automated external defibrillator was used at the scene, the officer said according to Mr Soh's golf mates, they were not. State Coroner Kessler Soh adjourned the inquiry to another day. A GOLFER died of multi-organ failure due to oxygen deprivation of the brain 10 days after he was struck by lightning, a coroner's court heard on Tuesday. Mr Soh Lye Huat, a garment company owner, was golfing with three others at Tanah Merah Country Club at Changi Coast Road last Oct 25 when the incident happened. The four had reached the 17th hole at about 9.55am that day when they saw flashes of lightning and heard thunder roaring. As there was no siren for the lightning alert from the club, they decided to finish the 17th hole before ending their game. Shortly after Mr Soh had putted at the 17th hole, his friends heard a loud 'bang' and were thrown to the ground. When they recovered, they found the 57-year-old lying with his face down, and blood oozing from his mouth. His eyes were closed, and the rear part of his cap was shredded. Two of his friends, together with golf marshals of TMCC, performed CPR on Mr Soh, whose pulse could not be detected. An ambulance rushed him to Changi General Hospital where he remained unconscious until his death on Nov 4.
Sat, 10/24/2009 07:00 PM Injured hunter  0.0  Pa 
  in a tree    Hunting,Outside,Under Trees 
State Troopers were called to the aid of a hunter Saturday night after he was struck by lightning in Ottsville, Bucks County. The strike took place sometime before 7:00 p.m. in a wooded area off of the 8100 block of Easton Road (PA Rt. 611) near Lake Nockamixon State Park, according to State Police at the Dublin Barracks. They say the man was up in a tree during a period of stormy weather. The man's condition has not been released. __________________ 07' REFLEX GROWLER 60 lbs 28 DRAW Tru-Glo 3 PIN EASTON EPIC 400's
Fri, 10/23/2009 09:00 PM Killed Michael Lukas  17.0  Oiheke village Omusati region 
  in his room     
Police at Outapi have reported that Michael Lukas (17) died after he was struck by lightning in his room on Tuesday night. The incident happened at Oiheke village near Okalongo in the Omusati Region.
Fri, 10/23/2009 unknown LightPad  0.0  Ga 
By MARK EDMONSTON | First Alert Forecaster Published: October 23, 2009 » 0 Comments | Post a Comment For student Ebone Monk, nothing compares to what she’s learning from a little machine. She’s says, “When I go to the other clubs they’re doing science but it’s not this science. It’s not as hands on. This is so much better.“ The machine is called the LightPad. It stands for Lightning Prediction and Decection Device. It’s purpose is to sense electrical currents in the air. Eventually, Ebone and her teacher, Mr. Lawrence, hope it will detect lightning before it strikes. Lightning detection has been around for many years, but the radars and models meteorologists only detects lightning the instant lightning strikes. The LightPad, on the other hand, will detect lightning before it strikes. The National Weather Service reports lightning causes 67 deaths and over 300 injuries each year in U.S. In fact, her teacher has a personal interest in the LightPad. His aunt was walking on a beach when lightning struck near her without warning. He says it took her a few years to recover from the injuries. It’s situations like his Aunt’s that drive him, Ebone, and the 13 other students to make the LightPad perfect. Perfect because next summer they head to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to put the LightPad to the ultimate test. They will climb to the top of the metal towers where NASA launches their rockets and test the LightPad during a storms. Lawerence says, “It’s a pretty exciting thing, but of course it puts a lot of pressure on us”. ADVERTISEMENT
Sat, 10/17/2009 03:00 PM Killed man  30.0  Tshepiso Sharpeville 
 South Africa 
Search for identity of lightning victim Oct 19, 2009 9:14 PM | By Sapa Gauteng police today appealed to the public for help in identifying a man who was struck by lightning in Sharpeville. Photograph by: . The man, about the age of 30, was killed by lightning in Tshepiso in Sharpeville at 3pm on Saturday, said Inspector Aubrey Moola. "We're looking for family or whoever has got informationt to contact the Sharpeville police," said Moola. The man was wearing a red t-shirt, khaki trousers and white takkies at the time of his death.
Fri, 10/16/2009 04:00 PM Killed Ndeulikutwa Kambonde  42.0  OSHAKATI Oshana 
  walking in homestead after wedding  N/A  Wedding 
Lightning brings wedding tragedy - by Helvy Tueumuna Related Stories Home Other News Categories Languages Focus Safety Letters Opinions Columns Editorial Features Arts Elections Youth 06 October 2009 Email Article Print Article Font Size Deputy Youth Minister Meets Junior Town Council 16 Oct 2009 KARASBURG – Deputy Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture Pohamba Shifeta met the Karasburg Junior Town Council during his r... Read more Headmasters meet on school issues 16 Oct 2009 WINDHOEK – The annual school principals’ conference takes place this morning at Heja Lodge outside the capital. In a press releas... Read more Misconstrued academic ideas on African resources 16 Oct 2009 WINDHOEK – “Africa is endowed with abundant renewable and non-renewable natural resources, but these resources have not yet translated into ... Read more Reknowned violinist appears at COTA 16 Oct 2009 WINDHOEK – Piet Koornhof, well-known South African violinist, will perform tonight at the College of the Arts (COTA). He has in t... Read more Full blast gospel concert tonight 16 Oct 2009 WINDHOEK – A host of angelic voices will rise to the heavens at the UN Plaza in Katutura tonight, when the Joy Divine Singers present an eve... Read more Art festival at coast in summer holiday 16 Oct 2009 SWAKOPNUND – Edmund van Neel is no newcomer to the arts and entertainment industry in Namibia. His track record shows that he has managed Th... Read more Serious drama too hastily staged 16 Oct 2009 Play: Under the Dam Playwright: Lize Eihlers Cast: Vernon Cloete, Ricardo Mensah, Arlene Mouton and others Venue: NTN Backst... Read more Standard Bank HPP Cricket Project in full swing 16 Oct 2009 WINDHOEK - The Standard Bank High Performance Programme for the current cricket campaign got off the ground in May this year. The... Read more OSHAKATI - Two men from Omusati Region died in two separate incidents over the weekend. In one incident, a resident of Okatshaningwa village, Onesi constituency, died on Friday after being struck by lightning during a wedding. The man who has been identified as Ndeulikutwa Kambonde (42) was struck by lightning while walking inside the homestead where the wedding was taking place. According to Omusati Police regional spokesperson Hesekiel Hamalwa, although it was a bit cloudy and a few rain drops were received earlier that day, it was not raining and there were no signs of thunders storms when the incident took place. This could be the reason why the people were moving around in the homestead unconcerned. Kambonde died instantly. Apart from Kambende, no one else was injured. In a different incident, a man drowned while fishing with other villagers. Although the body of Joel Michael (34) from Ogongo village had not been recovered 24 hours after the incident was reported to the police, police believe that he is now dead. Michael and other villagers were reportedly fishing in a local dam at Ogongo when he drowned. He was allegedly taking the fishing net to the other side of the dam when other villagers witnessed him slip deep into the water. By Monday afternoon, Michael’s body had not been recovered. “Police rescue team and community members slept at the dam hoping to find the body but to no avail,” said Hamalwa.
Thu, 10/15/2009 04:00 PM Killed 138 killed  0.0   
  so far this year     
138 People Killed by Lightning According to the National Committee for Disaster Management in Cambodia, 138 people have been killed by lightning during the first eight months of this year. 95 people were killed by lightning last year. Committee spokesman Keo Vy said that during the electrical storms, most of the victims were standing in open fields and taking shelter under trees. The other victims were using electrical appliances during the lightning storms. Keo said, “Although we cannot stop lightning, we can help reduce the dangers caused by it.” A lightning bolt can contain 100 million volts and can raise the temperature surrounding it to 27,000 °C.
Sun, 10/11/2009 01:00 PM Killed 1 killed 2 injured  0.0  Kolasin Montenegro 
  mountain climbing    Mtn. Climbing,Outside 
Lightning kills climber, hurts ambassador 12 October 2009 | 09:10 | Source: Beta PODGORICA -- A Montenegrin climber has died while two people, including Poland's ambassador to Podgorica, have been injured in a climbing accident. Andrej Tomović was killed, while Ambassador Jaroslaw Lindenberg was hurt when a lightning stuck a group of eleven mountaineers at 13:00 CET on Sunday, in Montenegro's north, near the town of Kolašin. The victim was killed instantly, while Lindenberg suffered a broken arm and burns, and is treated for his injuries in Podgorica. Police are yet to issued a statement regarding the accident.
Sat, 10/10/2009 12:00 PM unknown LDAR  0.0   
Lightning System May Save Lives A one-of-a kind lightning detection system is being designed by a Texas A&M University atmospheric sciences professor for life-saving deployment in the lightning capital of Texas: Houston. ( - A one-of-a kind lightning detection system is being designed by a Texas A&M University atmospheric sciences professor for life-saving deployment in the lightning capital of Texas: Houston. Working with a three-year National Science Foundation grant totaling almost $700,000, Richard Orville will track lightning in the greater Houston area, where it occurs and where it is likely to occur again. Orville, who has studied lightning for more than 30 years and is one of the country’s leading experts on the subject, says the Lightning Detection and Ranging ( LDAR ) system is the only one of its kind nationally for a large metropolitan area. Houston, with 5 million residents in the metropolitan area, has what New York, Chicago and Los Angeles don’t, and perhaps for good reason: With thousands of strikes each year, Houston is the lightning center of Texas and one of the most frequently prone areas in the world for lightning hits. “Two things are required for lightning – moisture and heat, and Houston certainly has plenty of both,” Orville says. “And there is little doubt that Houston is the focal point of lightning in Texas. This upgraded system can detect lightning within about a 100-mile radius of Houston and relay important information that can save lives.” The LDAR uses 12 sensors placed in strategic areas around Houston. When a lightning flash occurs, every site notes the precise time ( within one billionth of a second ) and reports vital data to a central server on the Texas A&M campus in College Station. Based on the arrival time of the lightning signal at each site, it is possible to determine the exact latitude and longitude from where the lightning originated, Orville explains. “The LDAR can give us an advance warning time of from 5 to 20 minutes ahead of time where cloud-to-ground lightning may hit next,” he points out. “Considering all of the golf courses, parks, stadiums, lakes and other outdoor sites where people tend to gather, it has the potential to save the lives of people who could be at risk.” With about 1,800 thunderstorms pounding the Earth at any given moment, it means lightning is striking somewhere at least 50 times every second, he notes. Orville says Houston averages about 20 strikes per square mile and about 1,700 strikes just between June and August every year. According to the National Weather Service, about 60 people are killed each year by lightning in the United States. So far in 2009, 31 have died. Lightning is the second greatest weather killer. Flood fatalities are No.1. More than 20 years ago, Orville led key studies in the physics of lightning and helped to establish the National Lightning Detection Network. It is located in 48 states and Canada and detects every ground strike of lightning. He has devoted much of his academic career to studying severe storms and the lightning associated with them. “The LDAR is the best system of its type in the country,” he confirms. “Since it’s geared toward safety, it will be a great public service device, and it will also give us more knowledge about the nature of lightning.” The system can be viewed at Contact: Richard Orville at ( 979 ) 845-9244 or or Keith Randall at ( 979 ) 845-4644 or About research at Texas A&M University: As one of the world’s leading research institutions, Texas A&M is in the vanguard in making significant contributions to the storehouse of knowledge, including that of science and technology. Research conducted at Texas A&M represents an annual investment of more than $582 million, which ranks third nationally for universities without a medical school, and underwrites approximately 3,500 sponsored projects. That research creates new knowledge that provides basic, fundamental and applied contributions resulting in many cases in economic benefits to the state, nation and world. For more news about Texas A&M University, go to
Fri, 10/09/2009 03:00 PM Killed 1 killed brother injured  10.0  Kuching Sarawak 
  playing football in a downpour    Outside,Raining,Soccer,Sports Field 
Boy killed by lightning 2009/10/09 KUCHING: A Year Four pupil was killed, and an older brother seriously injured, when they were struck by lightning while playing at an open field near their house at BDC Stutong Baru here yesterday. Gabriel Mathew, 10, died at the Sarawak General Hospital, while Melvin, 14, was being treated at the same hospital. Their friend, Jubin Nora, 17, said it happened at about 3pm while they were playing football during a downpour. "Suddenly a lightning struck and we were all thrown to the ground. When I regained consciousness, Gabriel and Melvin were still unconscious," he said at the hospital here yesterday. -- Bernama
Fri, 10/09/2009 12:00 PM Killed 1 killed brother injured  0.0  Kuching 
  playing football in a downpour     
Boy killed by lightning 2009/10/09 KUCHING: A Year Four pupil was killed, and an older brother seriously injured, when they were struck by lightning while playing at an open field near their house at BDC Stutong Baru here yesterday. Gabriel Mathew, 10, died at the Sarawak General Hospital, while Melvin, 14, was being treated at the same hospital. Their friend, Jubin Nora, 17, said it happened at about 3pm while they were playing football during a downpour. "Suddenly a lightning struck and we were all thrown to the ground. When I regained consciousness, Gabriel and Melvin were still unconscious," he said at the hospital here yesterday. -- Bernama
Thu, 10/08/2009 04:00 PM Killed 5 electrocuted  0.0  Chitrakoot 
5 electrocuted in Chitrakoot TNN 8 October 2009, 04:57am IST Print Email Bookmark/Share Save Comment Text Size: | LUCKNOW: At least five persons were roasted alive and two suffered severe burns when they were struck by lightning during the heavy rains and storm that lashed Chitrakoot on Tuesday. Reports reaching the director general of police headquarters here on Wednesday said that the deaths were reported from four different places - all in Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh. The deceased were identified as Kholiram and Puni Raidas of Laxmipur and Kanhoniya villages respectively, both under Raipura police station, Subhash Chandra of Survodha village, Pawan Kumar of Mahari hamlet - both under Mau police station and Shatrughan Kol of Tikuri village under Manikpur police station. Ram Manohar of Garwa Mau village and Alok Kumar of Siraudha village under Mau police station suffered severe burns and were admitted to the district hospital where condition of one of the two was stated to be critical. Bodies of the deceased were sent for post-mortem examination to establish the cause of death and subsequently handed over to the respective kin of the victims. The district authorities handed over interim financial releaf to the kin of each of the deceased.
Thu, 10/08/2009 09:30 AM Killed Jesus Perez  40.0  Phillipsburg Mo 
  checking on cattle  N/A  Farming,Outside 
Missouri farmer killed by lightning in heavy rain Thursday. By BETSY TAYLOR The Associated Press Advertisement ST. LOUIS -- Lightning struck and killed a southwest Missouri farmer checking on his cattle Thursday, as storms pelted the Midwest and threatened a harvest already delayed by earlier rains. Communities in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma were under flash flood warnings, with some areas expected to get several inches of rain into Friday. A 40-year-old farmer was struck by lightning around 9:30 a.m. in the Phillipsburg area about 175 miles southwest of St. Louis, Laclede County Emergency Management Director Jonathan Ayres said. The man's family realized something was wrong about an hour and a half later, when the farmer didn't come back inside, Ayres said. The man's name has not yet been released. A cow also was killed in the lightning strike. A handful of low-lying roads flooded, but there were few traffic problems, transportation officials said. No other deaths or injuries were reported. This week's rain was another setback for corn and soybean farmers in Missouri and Illinois, where spring rains delayed planting and the harvest already was weeks behind schedule. Falling temperatures also have brought a threat of frost. Dave Down, a 64-year-old farmer with land near Peoria, Ill., has brought in only 90 of his 950 acres of corn and none of his 550 acres of soybeans. "It's sort of frustrating," Down said. "Here I am, with about 10 percent of my corn picked and no beans. Usually this time of year, we're two-thirds done." "This whole year has been terrible," he added. At this rate -- assuming a freeze doesn't claim his crop -- "I think the women will be bringing Thanksgiving dinner out to the combines." In Illinois, the National Weather Service expected 2 to 4 inches of rain across parts of the southern and central sections of the state before tapering off Friday. Drier-but-cooler conditions were forecast there for the weekend, with highs generally in the 50s or low 60s. However, prospects of a Sunday low near freezing in parts of Illinois' midsection threaten crops. Anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of rain could fall in southwest Missouri around Springfield, as well as several inches in St. Louis from Wednesday into Friday. "The responsible culprit is an upper-level storm system in the desert, southwest, that's drawing warm, moist air into the nation's midsection, where we have a cold front focusing the thunderstorm development," said Steve Runnels, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, Mo. Associated Press Writer Jim Suhr in St. Louis contributed to this report. Update: Laclede County Man Killed by Lightning Strike By KSPR News Story Created: Oct 8, 2009 at 12:34 PM CDT Story Updated: Oct 8, 2009 at 6:21 PM CDT Laclede County emergency management reports a Laclede County man died Thursday morning when he was struck by lightning. Emergency Manager Jon Ayres said a farmer living northwest of Phillipsburg went to check on his cows around 9:30 a.m. Jesus Perez's family discovered his body around 11:00 a.m. with a large burn mark on his chest. The cow also died.
Mon, 10/05/2009 01:00 PM Killed 1 killed 15 shocked  0.0  Kyangwali Sub-county Hoima 
  returning to class after lunch     
Hoima — A lightning bolt struck and killed a student and also shocked 15 others on Wednesday at a school in Kyangwali Sub-county, Hoima District. The deceased, Charles Driki and the injured were students at Kyangwali Community Secondary School, Police have confirmed. Eyewitnesses told Daily Monitor that Driki was returning to class after lunch with other students, when lightning struck and killed him. The Midwestern Police spokesperson, Ms Zurah Ganyana, said Police are to carry out a thorough investigation into the incident. The head teacher, Mr Robert Kyaligonza, told Police that 14 other students and one of the school's cooks were injured and rushed to Kituuti Health Centre. By yesterday, the victims were in stable condition. The sub county councillor, Mr Tom Muhe, who visited the victims, recently expressed fear that the natural disaster may frequently occur since the rainy season has set in. "I am afraid many lives and property may be destroyed since this is the rainy season," said Mr Muhe. Kyangwali is adjacent to Lake Albert and a portion of Bugoma Forest covers part of the sub county. The district is known for lightning. In 2007, it struck Bujugu Primary School in Bugambe Subcounty killing seven pupils and injured 14. Lightning kills an estimated 2,000 people worldwide, according to National Geographic Society.
Sat, 10/03/2009 09:00 PM Killed 1 dead 1 injured  0.0  Ratnagiri district Maharashtra 
TAFF WRITER 13:15 HRS IST Chiplun (Maha), Oct 3 (PTI) Heavy rains continued to pound several parts of Maharashtra's coastal Ratnagiri district for the third day today, throwing normal life out of gear. A 70-year-old man identified as Shantaram Ghade, died after his house was struck by lightning last night, officials said here. A woman was injured in lightning in a separate incident. In Savarde and Agave villages, cyclonic rain partly damaged many houses, they said. In Rajapur village, coconut plantation was partly destroyed due to the heavy downpour. Several roadside strips and mini-bridges have been damaged, they said. Trees fell on a road leading to Goa, briefly affecting traffic in the area. Traffic on the Konkan Railway is moving very slowly, they said, adding the Ernakulam-Hazrat Nizamuddin Mangala Express has been cancelled today.
Sat, 10/03/2009 09:00 PM Killed 1 dead 1 injured  0.0  Ratnagiri district Maharashtra 
TAFF WRITER 13:15 HRS IST Chiplun (Maha), Oct 3 (PTI) Heavy rains continued to pound several parts of Maharashtra's coastal Ratnagiri district for the third day today, throwing normal life out of gear. A 70-year-old man identified as Shantaram Ghade, died after his house was struck by lightning last night, officials said here. A woman was injured in lightning in a separate incident. In Savarde and Agave villages, cyclonic rain partly damaged many houses, they said. In Rajapur village, coconut plantation was partly destroyed due to the heavy downpour. Several roadside strips and mini-bridges have been damaged, they said. Trees fell on a road leading to Goa, briefly affecting traffic in the area. Traffic on the Konkan Railway is moving very slowly, they said, adding the Ernakulam-Hazrat Nizamuddin Mangala Express has been cancelled today.
Thu, 10/01/2009 12:00 PM Injured Anderson Scott  0.0  Oakwood IL 
  going from truck to house    Outside,Walking to Vehicle 
Oakwood Man Survives Lightning Strike Printer Friendly Version Reported by: Tinisha Shade WCIA 3 Friday, Oct 2, 2009 @06:08pm CDT view larger You probably heard those storms that roared through Central Illinois last night but one man actually felt them. An Oakwood man was hit by lightning and lived to tell about it. Anderson Scott was loading up the truck to take his wife and daughter home from a visit to his grandparent's. That’s when he became the "one in 5-thousand" hit by lightning. Anderson says he was running the diaper bag outside to the truck, then coming back in to get his two month old daughter Rylee. Anderson knows he’s lucky, but he's actually very lucky. Illinois is the 12-th deadliest state when it comes to lightning. no one's been killed this year, but Anderson is the third person from the state to survive a strike, this year.
Tue, 09/29/2009 03:00 PM Killed 1 dead 1 injured  21.0  El Salvador  
  playing soccer    Outside,Soccer,Sports Field 
San Salvador, Sep 29 (EFE) One soccer player died and another was injured when they were hit by lightning while playing a match in a town in eastern El Salvador, authorities said. David Zaldivar Tobar, 21, died when he was hit by the lightning bolt Sunday and another player, identified as David Saravia, was taken to the San Juan de Dios hospital in the city of San Miguel. According to YSKL Radio, Zaldivar actually played for Atletico Morazan, a Salvadoran 3rd Division team, but when he was not called to play in Sunday’s match he decided to take the field with El Divisadero, from the same-named town. The two players were on the field with a light rain falling when they were struck by the lightning bolt, sources said. In June, two members of the local soccer team in an eastern Salvadoran village also lost their lives when they were struck by lightning. Sphere: Related Content
Sun, 09/27/2009 09:00 PM Killed Soldier  0.0  Kapisa province  
  during night time operation    Military,Outside 
Soldiers killed in Afghan lightning storm Posted September 27, 2009 21:32:00 Three French soldiers were killed in a lightning storm during a night time operation in a valley in north-eastern Afghanistan, the French military said on Sunday. The French presidency said the soldiers, serving with two regiments stationed in north-eastern Kapisa province, "died accidentally during an operation taking place by night" in the Afghanya Valley on Saturday night. One of the soldiers was struck by lightning and the two others drowned in a flooding river, according to a spokesman for the French armed forces general staff, Christophe Prazuck. The victims were a flight sergeant and a corporal of the 13th parachutist regiment, and an airman of the 3rd marine infantry regiment. "The president of the republic shares in the pain of the families and their loved ones. He offers them his sad condolences," President Nicolas Sarkozy's office said in a statement. France has now lost 34 soldiers in Afghanistan, where it has 2,900 French troops in the NATO-led coalition battling Taliban guerrillas and training Afghanistan's national security forces. The year 2009 has been the deadliest for foreign troops in Afghanistan since US forces ousted the Taliban from Kabul following the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.
Fri, 09/25/2009 04:00 PM Killed John Edward Sackett  22.0  Wrightsville Beach NC 
  surfing in the ocean  N/A  In Water,Outside,Surfing,Swimming,Water 
UPDATE: Swimmer pulled from ocean at Wrightsville Beach Photo By Matt Born Buy photo Members of Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue search for a surfer who went missing after lightning struck the water near the Crystal Pier at Wrightsville Beach Friday, September 25, 2009. Staff Photo By Matt Born/Wilmington Star-News. By Chris Mazzolini Published: Friday, September 25, 2009 at 4:29 p.m. Last Modified: Friday, September 25, 2009 at 6:16 p.m. Wrightsville Beach | A swimmer missing for more than an hour and a half Friday afternoon was pulled from the Atlantic Ocean off of Wrightsville Beach. Rescuers performed CPR on the victim, and he was rushed by ambulance to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, said Dave Baker, director of the town’s ocean rescue. His condition isn’t currently known. Officials have not released his identity yet. Baker described him only as a young man. Witnesses and rescue officials said the missing man was swimming near a group of surfers when lightning struck the water sometime after 3 p.m. Before the swimmer was located, a Coast Guard boat prowled the waters near the Oceanic restaurant and pier while lifeguards dove underwater. A law enforcement helicopter made passes overhead. At roughly 5 p.m., a woman on the beach spotted the man, who had washed up on the beach, Baker said. Rescue officials began CPR almost immediately. Two witnesses, Will Sverapa and Kara Quiros, said they were waiting out stormy weather beneath the pier when they saw lightning strike the ocean. Quiros said the surfers in the water paddled to shore and when they got there they realized someone was missing. Baker said swimming when you hear thunder or see lightning is extremely dangerous. The best thing to do is clear out of the water when you see a storm approaching. “Unfortunately, it turned into tragedy this time,” Baker said. Chris Mazzolini: 343-2223 On @StarNewsOnline Annapolis Man Dies in NC After Being Struck by Lightning Last Update: 9/25 10:58 pm John Edward Sackett, from Annapolis, died in North Carolina today. He is a freshman at UNC Wilmington and was swimming at Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. Just after 4pm on Friday, lightning struck. It's not known whether it hit the area near the swimmer, or the swimmer himself. The bad weather forced his friends out of the water but when they got to shore they realized he wasn't with them. Coast Guard and Ocean Rescue searched for the swimmer for about an hour. But a couple visiting from Raleigh, NC actually spotted his blue swim trunks, and pulled him out. Ocean rescue quickly began CPR but he later died.
Fri, 09/25/2009 03:46 PM Injured Rosa Sanchez, mother 1 of 2  0.0  Fayetteville NC 
  in parking lot with umbrella  N/A  Burnt,Cardiac Arrest,Critical,Outside,Park,Parking Lot,Umbrella 
Published: 06:22 AM, Sat Sep 26, 2009 Lightning strikes mother, child in parking lot By Drew Brooks Staff writer A quick-thinking soldier may have helped emergency personnel save a mother after she and her child were struck by lightning Friday afternoon, officials said. The unidentified mother and her 18-month-old son were struck outside a T.J. Maxx department store in Fayetteville, according to Scott Iverson, a battalion commander with the Fayetteville Fire Department. Iverson said a Fort Bragg soldier, who also was not identified, saw the strike and immediately moved in to help. Seeing that the child was screaming - a good sign, Iverson said - the soldier turned his attention to the mother, a woman in her mid-20s who at the time showed no signs of life. The soldier performed CPR until fire medics could arrive, Iverson said. At that time, medics used a defibrillator to restore the woman's heartbeat. Based on a charred umbrella, the lightning strike appears to have hit the handle and traveled through the mother and into the child, Iverson said. "She was carrying her child in one hand and an umbrella in the other," he said. "You could see right where it (the umbrella) was hit." He said the child suffered burns on his torso and abdomen - the parts of his body that were pressed against his mother. The mother was "pretty seriously injured" when she was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Iverson said he did not have an updated condition on either as of Friday night. He said she appeared to have serious internal injuries. Emergency personnel were called to the store on Morganton Road across from Cross Creek Mall at 3:46 p.m., Iverson said. He said lightning strikes to people are rare but extremely dangerous. He said the soldier's quick actions likely helped save the woman's life. "I'm sure his efforts played a big part in her still being around," Iverson said. Staff writer Drew Brooks can be reached at or 486-3567. Get your complete news report daily in The Fayetteville Observer: Merit: For Army Spc. James Van Dorn, who put his combat lifesaving training to work last week when he saw a woman and child struck by lightning outside a Fayetteville department store. Rosa Sanchez, also a Fort Bragg soldier, was struck as she carried her 18-month-old child under an umbrella. Sanchez had stopped breathing, but Dorn performed CPR and got her breathing again. Mother and child were both hospitalized, and Sanchez remains in serious condition. "I didn't really see myself as saving a life," Van Dorn said. "I just did the best I could until the medics showed up." He's being modest. He's a hero.
Fri, 09/25/2009 03:46 PM Injured Alex Sanchez 2 of 2  1.0  Fayetteville NC 
  in mothers arms  N/A  Burnt,Outside,Park,Parking Lot 
Related Items Video Victims struck by lightning outside TJ Maxx Lightning strikes woman, child WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast Slideshows Weather maps and cams Related Links All about lightning in N.C. WRAL WeatherCenter On-Time Traffic DUALDoppler5000 NEW: iControl Interactive Radar 7-day forecast Regional satellite images North Carolina Webcams Related Stories Woman, child struck by lightning in Fayetteville On The Web NWS Lightning Safety and Awareness National Lightning Safety Institute Follow WRAL WeatherCenter on Twitter Site Search Woman struck by lightning ID'd as Fort Bragg soldier Posted: Sep. 27, 2009 Updated: Sep. 28, 2009 FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A mother struck by lightning Friday outside a TJ Maxx store in Fayetteville is a Fort Bragg soldier, according to Jackie Thomas, a Fort Bragg spokeswoman. The victims were identified Sunday by a friend of the family as Rosa Sanchez and her 18-month-old son, Alex. Sanchez was holding her son and walking to the store at 5027 Morganton Road when lightning struck just after 4 p.m., according to Scott Iverson of the Fayetteville Fire Department. The child suffered burns to the torso and abdomen; the woman was burned and briefly stopped breathing, paramedics said. WATCH VIDEO Victims struck by lightning outside TJ Maxx The victims were being treated at the North Carolina Jaycees Burn Center at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. Sanchez was in critical condition Monday, while her son's condition was stable. “There are millions of lightning strikes in the United States every year, but there are only about 300 that actually hit people,” said Dr. Bruce Cairns, with the burn center. Cairns said injuries sustained from lightning strikes vary. Some victims suffer cardiovascular or neurological problems. “Most of the time, with a lightning strike, the people don't even need to be admitted (to the hospital). Unfortunately, there are a few where it is just devastating,” Cairns said. An umbrella that Sanchez was holding first made contact with the lightning. The electricity then traveled down to her hand, Iverson said. “The electricity can jump onto you and cause burns. Also, the lightning can strike on the ground and actually travel through and cause some problems that way as well,” Cairns said. Lightning safety The National Weather Service does not issue warnings for lightning, and given the deadly nature of lightning, you should always be aware of the lightning danger anytime a thunderstorm is nearby. A good rule of thumb to live by is: When Thunder Roars Go Indoors. Use thunder to gage the distance of a lightning strike. Count the number of seconds between the moment you see the flash of lightning and hear the clap of thunder. Once you see lightning, start counting seconds. For every 5 seconds that go by before you hear the clap of thunder, that’s one mile. Keep in mind this technique only tells you how far away that one lightning strike was from your location. The next one could be a lot closer. Lightning can travel as far as 10 to 12 miles from a thunderstorm. If indoors, stay off of the telephone and away from windows. If caught outdoors, stay away from trees, telephone poles and other tall objects. When boating, try to seek safe shelter before the storm approaches. Stay indoors for at least 30 minutes after hearing the last clap of thunder. Reporter: Beau Minnick Photographer: Geof Levine Web Editor: Minnie Bridgers Copyright 2009 by Capitol Broadcasting Company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcas
Wed, 09/23/2009 04:00 PM Injured aiprort employee  0.0  Palm Beach International Airport Fl 
  working on tug    Airplane,Outside 
Print Story | E-Mail Story | Font Size Other Articles in this Category 8 juveniles arrested for fight at football game No cause of death for dolphin that washed ashore Deputies: driver left who passenger for dead Driver makes traffic stop worse, hits deputy's car Beach patrol calls rip currents 'instense' Most Viewed Stories Deputies: driver left who passenger for dead Driver dumps ill passenger on roadside Driver makes traffic stop worse, hits deputy's car Men try to lure four-year-old to their truck High school student faces charges in boyfriend's murder Most Commented Stories Most Recommended Stories What is this? Save & Share this Article Google Newsvine Slashdot Digg StumbleUpon Facebook Reddit Close Call at Airport Comments 0 | Recommend 0 September 23, 2009 6:22 PM Al Pefley A narrow escape for a Delta Airlines employee at Palm Beach International Airport this afternoon. A worker on the tarmac was nearly struck by lightning. A Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy at the scene says the employee was operating a tug, one of the vehicles that pushes planes away from the gate for take-off. He got off the tug to unhitch the plane so that it could go out to the runway, when a lightning bolt hit very close to him. He felt what the deputy described as "a surge" and it was enough to leave him feeling dazed. He was not knocked off his feet. An airport shuttle van driver who was parked near the terminal heard the lightning bolt. "Well I was waiting for a customer outside and there was an employee for Delta backing out a plane that was ready to takeoff and then the storm hit, I heard a very loud clap of thunder. It sounded like it was right over my head! I bet you it shook the building," said Peter Costello, a driver for the Yellow Express shuttle. The Delta employee was taken to a hospital to be checked out but according to the deputy he was not injured.
Tue, 09/22/2009 04:00 PM Killed 2 died  0.0  Patulia Khardah 
  on a roof     
Front Page > Calcutta > The City Diary The City Diary Struck by lightning Two persons died in Patulia, Khardah, after being struck by lightning on Monday. Debashis Das, 24, Pabitra Dey, 26, and three others were chatting on the roof of a building when the mishap occurred. Das died on the spot while the rest were taken to Sagar Dutta Hospital in Agarpara where Dey died. The rest suffered minor injuries
Sun, 09/20/2009 10:00 AM Killed Ben ZZ McLachlan 1 of 2  68.0  Show Low Az 
  on side of road  N/A  Motorcycle,Outside,Raining,Road,Wet 
Lightning strike kills well-known motorcyclist By: Mike Leiby, The Independent 09/29/2009 Email to a friendPost a CommentPrinter-friendly Buy Photo Alec Pearce - The Independent In a 2008 photo, Ben "ZZ" McLachlan (left), president of the Mountain Motorcycle Club of the White Mountains, and Derek Haroldson accept $25,000 worth of toys from RD "Brother Dan" Dandis, ambassador and treasurer of the Huns of the Southwest Motorcycle Club. McLachlan was killed Sept. 20 by a lightning strike near Clay Springs. SHOW LOW - A well-known 26-year community resident, business owner and president of the Mountain Motorcycle Association, Ben "ZZ" McLachlan, 68, died in the Valley Tuesday after being hit by lightning near Clay Springs Sunday, Sept. 20, during a bike run with the association to Overgaard and back. McLachlan was airlifted by helicopter from the scene Sunday but died Tuesday morning at the Maricopa Medical Center Burn Unit in Phoenix. According to his friend and fellow association member Dick Tush, McLachlan was not struck while riding, but rather as he and his fellow riders were taking a break on the roadside near Clay Springs. Tush said McLachlan and his companion, Betty Harodlson (also airlifted by fixed-wing aircraft to the Maricopa Burn Unit along with Charlie "Boxcar" Kissinger who was on the ride as well) were on one bike, Bruce Winters on another and Kissinger on the third for a ride after an association meeting Sunday morning when the weather turned sour and they decided to pull over and wait it out. "It was raining so hard they pulled over and one of them, Bruce, went down a culvert ,and he felt the lightning flash by and turned around and looked, and there was nobody standing, everybody was on the ground now," Tush said. He said Winters ran up to McLachlan and Haroldson and found her screaming "my feet, my feet," Kissinger "sort of out of it" and McLachlan unconscious. Tush was told the lightning did not actually strike any of the riders, but hit the ground first, then McLachlan and the others, with McLachlan receiving the worst of it. Tush said the lightning traveled from the ground into McLachlan, then exited from three different places in his head. Tush said Winters administered CPR to McLachlan until more qualified persons came along and took over, until paramedics arrived. Kissinger was held overnight for observation and released the next day he said. Tush said when he spoke to Haroldson Sunday evening she was doing well, but she told him McLachlan was unresponsive, "brain dead" and on life support. Tush said he received a call from McLachlan's family shortly after that informing him that he was not doing well. Tush went down to the Valley to see his best friend one last time and say goodbye before he died that morning. McLachlan's daughter, Vanessa Curell, said her father wished to be an organ donor upon his death and his wishes are being honored. That was part of the reason he was kept on life support. McLachlan owned Show Low Roofing and was known for his involvement in the community, including Christmas toy and food drives as well as events benefiting the community and individuals living in the White Mountains year round. He is survived by his children, Tim and Chris McLachlan, Curell and Joe Harris. The family is asking that anyone wishing to help with expenses join the family at a benefit silent auction and raffle Saturday, Oct. 3, from noon to 3 p.m., or drop off donations at Brandy's Golden Comb at 4817 S. White Mountain Road. For more information, call Tabatha at (928) 521-0200. Advertisement * Reach the reporter at

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