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Fri, 08/13/2010 12:00 PM Killed 5 killed   0.0  Assam 
  in a field    Farming,Field,Outside 
Five killed as lightning strikes Assam village 2010-08-13 16:50:00 At least five people, including three of a family, were killed Friday when lightning struck them in a field in Assam, police said. A police spokesperson said the incident occurred at village Dudhnoi in Goalpara district, about 120 km west of here. 'All the victims were working in a paddy field when lightning struck the area Friday afternoon,' a police official said. Three of the victims were from the same family - a father and two minor sons. 'The bodies were charred,' the official said. Thundershowers lashed the area soon after the lightning strike.
Thu, 08/12/2010 04:00 PM Killed Kyus Caines  5.0  Toronto  
  on a soccer field    Cardiac Arrest,Delayed Death,Soccer 
Boy, 5, dies after lightning strike in Brampton park Canwest News Service: Monday, August 16, 2010 RELATED Father 'devastated' after son hit by lightning Photo Gallery: Toronto lightning storm MAP: Lightning Strike Location EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lightning Strike Witness VIDEO: Lightning Safety Oral Caines, father of five-years old Kyus, gathers himself Aug. 13, 2009, at Toronto's SickKids Hospital.... Allan Hughes looks upon the hole created by lightning which critically injured three people at Brampton's... Toronto mom, 2 boys critical after lightning strike TORONTO  Kyus Caines, the five-year-old boy who was struck by lightning last week, has died in Torontos Hospital for Sick Children. Kyus, who suffered a direct hit from the bolt, was reportedly carrying a metal scooter at the time. The boy was at a soccer field on Aug. 12 in Brampton, when a bolt of lightning struck him. Investigators say that after the boy was hit by the bolt, a secondary charge spread to his 26-year-old mother and his three-year-old friend. The playmate and the mother have since recovered. "I wish it happened to me, instead," Kyus father, Oral Caines, told Global News as his son lay in critical condition. According to Environment Canada, as many as 70 people are hit by lightning a year. Six to 10 people die.
Wed, 08/11/2010 04:00 PM Killed Michael Haslett  37.0  Salmon ID 
  herding cattle on a horse  N/A  Ground Strike,Horse,Outside 
Idaho man, horse killed by lightning strike by KTVB Posted on August 11, 2010 at 2:07 PM SALMON, Idaho -- A 37-year-old man died after being struck by lightning Tuesday, according to Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman. Michael Haslett was herding cattle around 4 p.m. at the Hot Springs Ranch, a University of Idaho-owned research facility. Two other men were with him. Haslett and the horse he was riding were both struck by lightning, Bowerman said. The horse died at the scene. Haslett was taken to Steele Memorial Hospital in Salmon where he was later pronounced dead. The other two men who witnessed the accident were not hurt. Bowerman said a wild weather system moved through the area Tuesday that included rain, hail and lightning strikes that appeared to dance on the ground. The thunderstorms passed over in about a half hour.
Wed, 08/11/2010 08:15 AM Injured man   0.0  Muncie IN 
Man struck by lightning as storm hits Muncie hard BY NICK WERNER " NWERNER@MUNCIE.GANNETT.COM " AUGUST 11, 2010 Comments(38) Recommend Print this page E-mail this article Share Type Size A A A MUNCIE  This mornings thunderstorm started at least one fire, struck a man with lightning and has created flooding problems throughout the city. As of 8:15 a.m., firefighters were still battling a house fire at 3605 E. Gilbert St., which may have been caused by lightning. Emergency dispatchers told The Star Press that a man was struck by lightning in the 1800 block of South Macedonia Ave. The man was alert and conscious as he was transported to Ball Memorial Hospital and is expected to recover. Many streets are also under water, including the Reserve and North street intersection and the Madison Street railroad underpass. At least two vehicles were stuck in the Madison underpass, one of them almost completely under water.
Wed, 08/11/2010 12:00 PM Injured Annie Phillips  75.0  Indian Wells AZ 
  herding sheep with umbrella    Farming,Outside 
Struck by lightning, says sheep herder WINDOW ROCK, Aug. 19, 2010 Navajo Times Text size: A A A E-mail this story ADVERTISEMENT Navajo Nation Police reported this week that a 75-year-old Navajo woman was struck by lightning on Aug. 11 during the recent rainstorms on the Navajo Reservation. The woman, Annie Phillips of Indian Wells, Ariz., was herding sheep near her residence. She had taken an umbrella because of the threat of rain and later reported that she had been struck by lightning. She sustained burns on the right side of her body and was taken to Sagebrush Memorial Hospital for treatment.
Tue, 08/10/2010 08:00 PM Injured man   0.0  Orange TX 
  at travel stop    Outside 
ORANGE, Texas - A man survived with minimal injuries after he was struck by lightning at the Flying J travel stop in Orange. Just before 8 p.m., the man was struck by lightning and was taken to Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital, according to a spokesperson from Acadian Ambulance. His status was considered non-emergency. No other details were immediately available.
Mon, 08/09/2010 02:30 PM Injured Tierney Bourage  17.0  Southwind TN 
  outside at school  N/A  Burnt,Cardiac Arrest,CPR,Critical,Ground Strike,Outside,School,Walking 
Southwind High student struck by lightning outside school Girl was revived and hospitalized in critical condition By Jody Callahan Posted August 9, 2010 at 4:34 p.m., updated August 9, 2010 at 7:37 p.m. EmailDiscussShare »PrintAAA Search our databases A senior at Southwind High School was struck by lightning this afternoon and stopped breathing, but was revived and hospitalized in critical condition. The girl, 17, was struck outside the school at about 2:30, Shelby County Fire Department spokesman Brent Perkins said. She had burns on her torso, arms and both feet, Perkins said. The girl fell to the ground and stopped breathing, Perkins said. A bystander started CPR, followed by paramedics who managed to resuscitate her on the way to Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital. She was in critical condition this afternoon. Today was the first day of classes for Shelby County School Shelby County, TN (WMC-TV) - A Shelby County high school student was struck by lightning while walking home from class on the first day of school. The lightning strike happened around two o'clock Monday afternoon, on Hughes Meadow, just outside of Southwind High School in Southeast Shelby County. Friends identify the teenager as 17-year-old Tierney Bourage. She was still at LeBonheur Children's Medical Center Monday night. At last update, she was still unconscious, and in critical condition. But she was showing some signs of improvement. "It was just a regular street," Bourage's friend Charles Esaw said. "No trees coming over, nothing." Friends say they saw the seventeen year old lying on the ground. "There was probably a crowd of ten and a couple of women on the ground doing CPR," Esaw said. When Charles Esaw discovered who the girl was, he was stunned. "Just broke down, speechless." The Shelby County Fire Department says when paramedics arrived the teen wasn't breathing, and her heart wasn't beating. Esaw says Bourage's mother was frantic. "Crying and praying," he said. The fire department says the girl's heart started beating by the time paramedics got her to the hospital, but her breathing was still very labored. Esaw says the storm started suddenly. "It was just sunny, and the next thing I know it was raining, thundering and lightening." Marquis Beasley says he used to walk home from school with Bourage before he graduated. "She's a real sweet person," Beasley said. "The kind of person you'd like to get to know." Beasley says he will now take lightening much more seriously. "It scared me. Because it could have happened to me or anybody else." LeBonheur is not releasing any updates on Bourage's condition. The Shelby County Fire Department says she was showing signs of slight improvement, such as movement in her legs and feet, and a tear in her eye. Experts say those are good signs. Copyright 2010 WMC-TV. All rights reserved. Father Of Southwind Senior Hit By Lightning Asks Questions James Bourage Wants To Know If Incident Could Have Been Avoided If Students Had Remained In School After Class Dismissed Alex Coleman 4:49 PM CDT, August 10, 2010 Related links Lightning Critically Injures Southwind High Student FAST FACTS: Southwind High School Senior Recovers From LIghtning Strike The Father Of Tierney Bourage Asks Questions About The Incident Shelby County Schools Discuss Their Bad Weather Policy (Memphis 8/10/2010) James Bourage relives his emotions when he first heard his 17-year-old daughter, Tierney, was struck by lightning Monday afternoon. "At first, I couldn't believe it. Tierney? I got some clothes on and rushed out here," Bourage said. The Southwind High School senior had left the school building on the first day of class when the bolt struck her while walking home in Southeast Shelby County. Sign Up For ALERTS From Us "This makes me me feel awful when it comes to kids. Letting them out like that to me just wasn't smart," Bourage said. The lightning left burn marks on her torso, arms and both feet. Bourage wants to know if Shelby County Schools could have done more to keep students safe? "Not let the kids out of schools if there's a storm over head. I'm sure they got the weather report. If there is a storm right over you I don't think they should let the kids out," Bourage said. Shelby County School administrators say it was raining when school let out around 2 o'clock Monday afternoon, but the round of lightning didn't strike until about 15 to 30 minutes later and off campus. Mike Tebbe heads communications for Shelby County Schools. "What took place was 15 minutes after the dismissal of school, the students walking home. Again some things are inexplicable acts of nature and this certainly is one of them," Tebbe said. School administrators say they have safe guards in place to keep students during bad weather, but they say the lightning struck after school hours and without warning. "But we take precautions and rely on Channel 3 and the National Weather Bureau to tell us if there is imminent danger with severe thunderstorms in the area and that was not issued," Tebbe said. School leaders also say if kids are on a playground when bad weather is approaching, they always come indoors, and if lighting strikes during football games, the games will be either delayed or cancelled all for the sake of safety. Posted: Sep 17, 2010 5:30 PM Updated: Sep 17, 2010 8:03 PM Video Gallery Lightning victim recovers 2:00 Click image to enlarge Most Popular Stories Family looks for help with curing girl's mysterious illness Full body scanners go online at Memphis International Airport City employee charged with West Memphis murder Willie Herenton to soon host radio talk show Man accused of shooting at OCU officers beloved in neighborhood UPDATE: Missing Kirby High School teacher located Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Bardog Tavern Body found in Jackson, exam to determine identity Suspect's relatives not surprised by parking garage elevator attack Online daters falling victim to "love scams" By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis teen continues to recover after she was struck by lightning on the first day of school. August 9, 2010 was Tierney Bourage's first day of school as a senior at Southwind High. That afternoon, lightning struck her down as she walked home from school. "To see her like that, you didn't think it was much of a chance, but faith in God overruled all that," said Tierney's father, James Bourage. Six weeks after the strike, James Bourage is grateful to be able to share some good news about his daughter. "The burden lifted off my shoulder to see her open her eyes, try to talk and she did laugh, and move her arms," he said. Bourage said his 17-year-old daughter's six week stay at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital was touch and go at times. "She would wake up crying, and we'd try to tell her that she had an accident, she's in the hospital, and she's getting better," he said. Then, just a few days ago, doctors noticed a vast improvement. "I heard one doctor say, 'Amazing, amazing,'" Bourage said. Wednesday, Tierney was transferred from Le Bonheur to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta rehab center. They will help her learn to walk and talk again, but doctors can't predict a full recovery. "He said she could come back 100 percent, but maybe not," James Bourage said. Bourage never thought he'd be sharing such a happy ending to his family tragedy. But then, he never dreamed his daughter would be struck by lightning. "Take nothing for granted, especially your kids," he said. A bank fund has been set up to help Tierney Bourage and her family with medical costs. You can donate at any First Tennessee Bank Branch to the account. "Barbara Turner for the benefit of Tierney Bourage." Barbara Turner is Tierney's mother. Southwind High School students are also planning fundraisers for their classmate. MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) - A girl on the brink of death when lightning struck her on the first day of her senior year, made it back to life, and graduated with her class Tuesday. It is a moment she fought for. "I thought I'd be in the hospital, in a wheelchair, in rehabilitation, but I'm walking, across the stage today," Tierney Bourage said before her graduation. As she walked home from the first day of her senior year, a bolt of lightning stopped her heart, and knocked her unconscious. "She had the look that I'm no longer here, and that was devastating to me," Barbara Turner, her mother said. Doctors weren't sure if the Southwind High School Senior would ever walk or talk. Nine-and-half months and countless hours of rehabilitation later, she made it. "I remember what my mom said, she said, 'God, brought you through this, and he's going to be with you the whole way, so don't give up now,'" Tierney said. The road hasn't been easy. Tierney says the toughest part about rehabilitation was learning how to walk, because her legs were stiff and sore when she stood on them. Now she says she doesn't have any pain, but walking is still difficult because her vision is still blurry. Doctors tell her they expect her vision to make a 100 percent return. While she's learned more lessons than any high school could teach, she is not graduating with the accolades she expected to before the lightning strike. As a junior, Tierney tutored students in math and was an honor student at Southwind High School. "I worked my hardest, I took honors classes, but I guess I'll get my reward from God," Bourage said. As Tierney's name was called at Tuesday's graduation ceremony, the crowd erupted in a standing ovation. "It's awesome that God actually does keep his promises," Turner said. The first responders who saved Tierney's life came to the ceremony, and got to see her graduate. Tierney plans to spend at least the next year continuing rehabilitation. She then plans to go to college and become a neo-natal nurse. Copyright 2011 WMC-TV. All rights reserved.
Sat, 08/07/2010 08:00 PM Killed Bryan A Pack  34.0  Bay Minette AL 
  in a boat  N/A  Boat,On Water,Outside,Taking Shelter,Water 
Alabama Man Killed by Lightning as He Boated 34-year-old man is dead after he was struck by lightning as he drove his boat on the Tensaw River. Posted: 4:36 AM Aug 9, 2010 Font Size: BAY MINETTE, Ala. (AP) - A 34-year-old man is dead after he was struck by lightning as he drove his boat on the Tensaw River. Baldwin County Coroner Stan Vinson said Bryan A. Pack of Semmes and his wife were heading back to the dock as storm clouds gathered overhead Saturday evening. Pack was hit by lightning and collapsed in the boat. He was transported by ambulance to North Baldwin Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Sat, 08/07/2010 04:00 PM Killed 1 dead 2 critical  16.0  Samokow  
  taking shelter under a tree    Outside,Taking Shelter,Tree 
3 Boys Struck by Lightning in Bulgaria Environment | August 8, 2010, Sunday Photo by BGNES A 16-year-old boy was killed and two others were severely injured by a lightning near the Bulgarian town of Samokov. The three boys went to collect mushrooms outside the town on Saturday when a thunder storm started. They found shelter from the rain under a tree, which, however, was struck by a lightning. One of them died immediately, while the other two were found and later taken to hospital in Sofia. Their lives are still in
Sat, 08/07/2010 08:00 PM Injured Lucy Ward  0.0  Albany NY 
  standing in carport  N/A  Carport,Ground Strike,Outside 
Albany woman struck by lightning Posted: Aug 07, 2010 11:36 PM Updated: Aug 07, 2010 11:47 PM More News Headlines Murder suspect behind bars Woman dies in Crisp Co. car wreck Albany woman struck by lightning Shadowlawn's clean-up effort Albany armed robbery and stabbing Store owner dies a month after armed robbery ASU to kick off new academic year Monday Worth County hosts National Night Out Murder suspect on the run By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany woman was taken to the hospital tonight after she said she was struck by lightning while standing in her car port. Lucy Wiard's husband said she was walking to her car at her home off Forest Ridge road to get her purse when lightning knocked her off her feet. Her husband says she did not suffer any burns. Paramedics checked her vital signs, which seemed to be normal, and took her to the hospital.
Fri, 08/06/2010 01:00 AM unknown fish killed by lightning  0.0  ID 
  fish killed in hatchery pond    fishing,Science 
Fishing Utah Brett Prettyman Brett Prettyman writes about the outdoors, recreation and fishing for The Salt Lake Tribune Article Tools » Comments (2) » E-mail this story » Printer-friendly version Fish killed by lightning Published on Aug 9, 2010 04:10PM 2 Comments Electrifying tidbit in the weekly news release from Idaho Fish and Game. The Powell Trap is located in northern Idaho. Here's the info from the release: Lightning Apparently Kills Salmon at Powell Trap In the midst of a building storm, Joseph Blackburn checked on the Chinook salmon in the Powell trap with a flashlight about 1 a.m., August 6; he did not see any dead fish. But later that morning Blackburn, the Powell trap attendant, notified Fish and Game officials that half the fish in the adult Chinook female pond had been killed during the night. Apparently 141 fish, scattered the full length of the all female pond, had been electrocuted. A violent thunder and lightning storm during the night had lasted three to four hours. Blackburn reported lightning strikes so close to the cabin that they lit up the room as if it were daytime. He had cleaned the screens during the storm and checked the flows through the ponds. Flow was never lost or reduced to the holding ponds. A trap attendant had contacted the U.S. Forest Service Powell Ranger Station and their satellite imaging confirmed that at least three lightning strikes occurred in proximity of the cabin and holding ponds. Fish and Game fishery biologists cant remember a hatchery ever being hit by lightning, electrocuting fish. Weve never seen this, said Paul Kline, assistant chief of fisheries at Fish and Game. Doug Munson, Idaho Fish and Games fish pathologist, and Clearwater Hatchery superintendent Jerry McGehee went to the Powell trap to investigate. They found dead fish scattered randomly the entire length of the holding pond. Some were bent in a slight C shape, and many of them had black bruised areas on their backs and sides. When they dissected the area under the bruise marks, they found hemorrhages. Some were localized while others ran laterally along the spine. Internal organs also were traumatized and hemorrhaged. These signs are similar, though more severe, to those occasionally observed by biologists who routinely use electro-fishing equipment to sample fish populations. The fish kill at the Powell trap is not expected to affect the number of fish produced at the Clearwater Hatchery. Because of the abundant return of adult Chinook to Idaho this year, Fish and Game will be able to get eggs from other hatcheries to make up for the loss of fish at Powell.
Thu, 08/05/2010 04:00 PM Injured Weibe boy  6.0  Raleigh NC 
  taking out garbage  N/A  Ground Strike,Outside 
Mother shocked when son is almost struck by lightning By RACHEL GALLAHER Published: August 07, 2010 » 0 Comments | Post a Comment vote now Buzz up! RALEIGH, N.C. -- Lightning from the week's storms delivered a close call in North Carolina. A woman in Raleigh got a scare when she saw it strike near her six-year-old son. The boy and his brother went outside to move a couple of trash cans in their backyard during the storm on Thursday. They put the cans behind some bushes and tried to get inside their house when the lightning bolt hit. It sent a blue fireball up his back. Patty Weibe says her son looked stunned when it happened. "Static electricity discharge, I think is what he said, and it's getting shocked. I hesitated about letting them run out to get those things and I should have followed that instinct. I should have kept them in," Wiebe said. Wiebe called the paramedics who said her son probably didn't get hit by the lightning. He complained about some back pain, but he should be fine.
Thu, 08/05/2010 11:00 AM Killed Mary Ella Leid  16.0  Russellville KY 
  digging for potatoes in field    Farming,Field,Outside 
By Lightning Girl, 16, Dies While Digging For Potatoes POSTED: 2:52 pm CDT August 5, 2010 UPDATED: 7:20 pm CDT August 5, 2010 RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. -- A 16-year-old girl in Russellville, Ky., died Thursday morning after being struck by lightning, according to the Logan County Sheriff's Department. Related: Upload Your Weather Photos The girl, Mary Ella Leid, was digging for potatoes in an open field behind her house when she was struck. The Logan County coroner pronounced her dead Thursday. Thunderstorms affected southern Kentucky and Middle Tennessee for much of the day. At 12:35 p.m., trees were blown down in Castalian Springs, Tenn., on Rock Springs Road in Sumner County. Trees were blown down at Berea Church Road and Coles Ferry in Lebanon, Tenn. Large tree limbs were down on Wallace Lane, just west of Hillsboro Pike in Nashville. Numerous trees and power lines were blown down across southern Dickson County. Large trees were blow down on Baxter Road in Cookeville. Many trees and power lines were damaged across northern White County. A tree blew down onto power lines in Summertown, Tenn., north of Lawrenceburg. Also, many trees down were on Polk Street in Tullahoma, Tenn.
Thu, 08/05/2010 12:00 PM Injured man   88.0  Raleigh NC 
  leaning against camper  N/A  Camping,Ground Strike,Near Struck Vehicle,Outside 
88-year-old recovering after lightning strike News Alerts to your Email & Cell Phone Breaking News 7am Headlines Noon Headlines 4pm Headlines Video Alerts RALEIGH, N.C.  An 88-year-old New Jersey man was recovering Friday after being struck by lightning Thursday while camping at Falls Lake. Rangers said a bolt of lightning hit a power supply line, electrifying a camper at the Holly Point campsite. The man was leaning against the camper at the time, and the lightning struck him in the back. "There was a bad storm and a loud boom, and the next thing you know, paramedics and everything just started coming in," said William Christian, who was camping nearby. The man, whose name wasn't released, was treated at a nearby hospital and released.
Thu, 08/05/2010 08:00 PM Killed 88 lightning deaths  0.0   
[August 05, 2010] Cambodia reports 88 lightning deathes PHNOM PENH, Aug 05, 2010 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Cambodian government said Thursday that 88 people, mostly in rural areas -- have died of lightning strikes. Keo Vy, communication officer of National Committee of Disaster Management said that by the end of July, there were 88 people have died in lightning strikes. However, he said, the figure is still less than that in the same period last year as 110 died of lightning incidents. Keo Vy noted that Pursat province, located about 200 kilometers north of Phnom Penh was recorded with more victims than the other 23 provinces and cities throughout the country. He said last year more than 20 victims reported from Pursat province alone. By mid June this year, Cambodia recorded only 48 deaths by lightning.
Thu, 08/05/2010 03:40 PM Injured boy   14.0  Toney AL 
  leaning against window  N/A  Ground Strike,Indirect,Indoors,Window 
een Appears O-K After Lightning Strike Posted: Aug 5, 2010 05:44 PM Local News more>> Oil Disaster Day 109: BP waits for cement to dry in blown-out well Three Shot in North Huntsville - Suspect Sought Over 100 World War Two Veterans Get Ready to Fly to Washington, D.C. 7 Football Players At Huntsville Hospital For Heat Injuries Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Team Up Again New Information in Tuesday Shooting Huntsville Named 8th Geekiest City in America Police : Burglary Suspect Shot Self New Madison High Already the Talk of the Town Teen Appears O-K After Lightning Strike A family in Toney got quite a scare Thursday afternoon during a round of thunderstorms. HEMSI director Don Webster tells WAAY 31 that his office received a call about a child struck by lightning around 3:40 p.m.. It happened on Counterpoint Drive, which is just off Jeff Road in the Belmont Farms subdivision. However, when emergency crews got to the scene, Webster says the child's parents refused treatment, and the child appeared to have only suffered minor injuries. The victim, a 14 year old boy, is talking with WAAY 31 about the incident. He says he was leaning up a window when the strike went through his body.
Thu, 08/05/2010 04:50 PM Killed Stephen O'Brien  50.0  Boston MA  
  on a walkway  N/A  Cardiac Arrest,CPR,Delayed Death,Direct hit,Outside,Raining,Walking 
Update 7:15pm: Boston EMS says a male in his 50s was found by bystanders, and suffered from cardiac arrest. he was transported to Boston Medical Center. His condition is unknown at this time. (NECN: Boston, Mass.) - Massachusetts State Police say a man was seriously injured Thursday afternoon when he was struck by lightning on a walkway at Castle Island in South Boston. Few details are available at this time -- police say the man was walking on a walkway near Pleasure Bay when he was struck, but are not releasing the man's name or age. The heavy rains from the storms also caused flooding on a number of area roadways just before the evening commute. Parts of Storrow Drive were closed by heavy rain. And at the Massachusetts State House, corridors were drenched as rainwater poured throughed parts of the roof undergoing repairs, according to the State House News Service. A man believed to be in his 50s was struck by lightning and critically injured in South Boston yesterday, as flash thunderstorms and heavy downpours strafed the eastern part of the state. Tweet Be the first to Tweet this! Yahoo! BuzzShareThis The man, whose name was not released, was in the area known as the Sugar Bowl on Castle Island when he was hit, said Trooper Sean Reardon of the State Police, who was at the scene at about 5:45 p.m., nearly an hour after the incident. The man was in cardiac arrest and in critical condition as he was rushed to Boston Medical Center, said Jennifer Mehigan, a spokeswoman for Boston Emergency Medical Services. The man was still alive as of late last night, said David Procopio, a State Police spokesman. Man remains in critical condition after lightning strike Stephen OBrien struck while waiting to pick up his daughter from day camp By John P. Kelly Gatehouse News Service Posted Aug 08, 2010 @ 06:00 AM BOSTON  The 50-year-old husband of a Rockland selectwoman remained in critical condition Saturday night after being struck by lightning Thursday near Castle Island. While waiting to pick up his daughter from a day camp, Stephen OBrien was taking a walk in the area when he was caught in a thunderstorm. State police and Boston Fire and EMS were notified of the lightning strike about 4:50 p.m. Thursday. Selectman William Minahan said he was at Rockland Town Hall when OBriens wife, Deborah, received notification that her husband had been struck. I got an e-mail from Deb (Friday) morning, Minahan said. He was in intensive care at Boston Medical (Center). I dont think he was conscious yet. Minahan said he was told OBrien was on a respirator. He said the lightning struck him in the temple with the electricity going through his body. Stephen OBrien works at AMPM Glass in South Boston. He lives on Eleanor Lane with his wife and children. It looks like he took a direct hit on the top of his head, his son, Stephen OBrien II, told Channel 7. Hes got some burns down his back, down his leg. Hes in a medically induced coma. The next few days are crucial, and weve got a lot of family support up here, he added. Everyones praying for him. Hes a tough guy so hopefully he pulls through. Man Dies After Lightning Strike Man Hit In Head While On Castle Island POSTED: 10:49 am EDT August 9, 2010 UPDATED: 10:57 am EDT August 9, 2010 Email Print Comments (6) BOSTON -- A man who was struck by lightning on Castle Island last week has died, according to Boston Medical Center. Stephen OBrien, of Rockland, was walking on Castle Island in South Boston late Thursday afternoon when he was struck by lightning during a storm, the Patriot Ledger reported. Rockland Selectman William Minahan, who serves on the board with O'Brien's wife, Deborah, told the paper that the man was struck in the temple, and the lightning exited through his foot. O'Brien was taken to Boston Medical Center, but died a few days late
Wed, 08/04/2010 10:00 AM Injured Darin Taylor  46.0  Starvation Reservoir UT  
  surveying  N/A  Ground Strike,Metal,Outside,Surveying,Work 
Utah professor beating the odds and living to tell about it August 10th, 2010 @ 5:00pm By Kathy Aiken PROVO -- Orem's Darin Taylor is a professor at Utah Valley University. One of his lectures is on how to stay away from lightning when out surveying land. Taylor, 46, has plenty of experience with the bolt. His latest close call, this past Wednesday, turned out to be just the beginning of one amazing day. Taylor doesn't believe much in fate or superstitions. "I don't jump over cracks, not superstitious, but sometimes you wonder," Taylor declares, but he was wondering this past Wednesday when working with his brother at Starvation Reservoir on a project for the Department of Reclamation. Darin Taylor surveying. A big storm rolled through and the two were told to get back in their trucks and wait. Once they thought it was safe they went back outside. "My brother was down on the ground pounding a stake into the ground; I was holding a GPS unit, probably not the smartest thing, with an eight-foot aluminum rod with electronics on top," Taylor remembers. "It was just a flash bang; felt the jolt through my arms and through my shoulders. And no pun intended, we were shocked and like, 'Oh my lord, let's get out of here.' Things happen and you say, 'what were the odds of that?'" The odds of getting hit by lightning once is 576,000 to one, but this was Taylor's second brush with a bolt; the odds of that are nine million to one. Despite the affects of his lightning strike, problems with his back and feet, Taylor didn't see a doctor; instead he had his weekly Wednesday appointment to keep- golfing with his buddies at Eastbay in Provo. It was on the golf course, just eight hours after some of the worst luck of his life, that Taylor would find some of his best. Once a 5-handicap, Taylor is now a 13. His group approached the 14th hole. Darin Taylor on the golf course. "The truth is the hole before that he really struggled and he walked up to the tee box and said, 'I have a good feeling about this one,' said friend David Walker. "And were like, 'right.'" "I hit a 5-iron," remembered Taylor. "It wasn't one of those ugly shots that just happened to go in, it was actually a decent shot." So was a hole in one. Typical reaction from a group of golf buddies. "He was excited and we ran back and gave each other a high-5," said friend Randy Price. "I thought, 'O merciful one," joked Gary Brockett. "That's what I really thought." Brett Watson: "I wanted to go to [Las] Vegas; he wouldn't go to Vegas. He wouldn't go with us." "The hole-in-one was neat and I was giving everyone high-5's and then someone said, 'now you realize you got hit by lightning and hit a hole-in-one on the same day' and that's when it really sunk in," Taylor reminisced. This was Taylor's second hole in one in five years. But even with two holes-in-one and two lightning strikes, Taylor doesn't want to tempt Mother Nature anymore. "I think if it's clear skies they'll golf with me. If it's cloudy I'm out here by myself," Taylor jokes. Taylor says he still has some tingling in a few of his fingers, but otherwise he is doing fine. Oh, and the probability of getting struck by lightning twice and getting a hole-in-one is 45 billion to one. E-mail:
Tue, 08/03/2010 11:00 PM Injured Brandan Baker  31.0  Longs Peak CO 
  camping   N/A  Camping,Cave or Rock outcropping,During the storm,Ground Strike,Outside 
Hiker rescued after being struck by lightning on Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park August 4, 9:42 PMRocky Mountain National Parks ExaminerBruce Leaf Previous Comment Subscribe ShareThis A 31-year-old Minnesota man was injured when he was struck by lightning on 14,259-foot Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rangers got a cell phone call about 11 a.m. Wednesday that hikers had found the man, whose name was not released, near 13,800 feet, according to park public information officer Kyle Patterson. He was conscious and able to walk with assistance but didnt know what caused his burn injuries, she said. A park trail crew reached him at 1:10 p.m. and determined that lightning had hit him late Tuesday, according to Patterson. They helped him down to a stone shelter at the Keyhole, above the Boulderfield, where they waited out a thunderstorm. A Flight for Life helicopter arrived at the Boulderfield about 6:30 p.m. and flew the injured man to St. Anthony Central Hospital in DENVER - Brandan Baker was calm and collected, if not a bit angry, as he described his fateful hike to the top of Long's Peak on Tuesday that landed him in the hospital - the survivor of a lightning strike to the head. "I'm feeling fine. My hands are a little bit numb. My feet are a little bit numb. Otherwise, I'm okay," Baker, 31, told reporters at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver, where he was airlifted after being rescued from the 14,000-foot peak. Baker, a student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, was visiting Rocky Mountain National Park with a group of students as part of a field study on climate change. He ignored the advice of his instructor and attempted to summit Long's Peak, alone. The weather turned ugly late in the afternoon and Baker began to fear for his safety. "A hail storm came through, so I laid down in the hail and rode it out. The skies cleared, so I kept on going," Baker said. "I got up to the summit and about 15 minutes later the clouds rolled in. I felt my hair starting to stand up on end, and realized that I had to get underneath something or I would be in big trouble." With cloud-to-cloud lightning all around him, Baker took shelter under a rock outcropping to wait for the stormy weather to pass. Then, he blacked out. "I just remember waking up the next morning. It was sunny out, maybe 7:30 (a.m.)," Baker said. "I had my hat on and I had no idea that anything had happened to my head." Baker began to walk down the mountain -thinking the worst he had endured was a bump on the head from a rock- when he ran into a group of hikers who helped him realize what had happened. "I took my hat off when the guys were helping me down and that's when one of them said 'Have you seen your head?' That's when (I felt my head) and I could feel a big burn." A park trail crew reached Baker shortly after 1 p.m. on "The Ledges" and determined he had been struck by lightning. They helped him down the mountain and met up with park rangers at 4:10 p.m. Baker was then airlifted to St. Anthony's Central Hospital and treated for his injuries. Doctors say it is still too early to determine the lingering health effects. Does he regret hiking the mountain alone? Not one bit. "I just would've gotten somebody else hurt."
Tue, 08/03/2010 11:00 PM Injured Brittany Bedford, 4 of 4  0.0  Gulf Shores AL 
  on a beach    Beach,Ground Strike,Outside 
Lightning strikes vacationing Stoddard County family on Alabama beach Thursday, August 5, 2010 By Noreen Hyslop ~ The Daily Statesman GULF SHORES, Ala. -- A Dexter family is safe and consider themselves "very lucky" after being struck by lightning on a Gulf Shores beach late Tuesday morning, the Daily Statesman newspaper reported. The family of Tom and Debbie Thrower were on the beach at about 11 a.m. Tuesday when a bolt of lightning struck a beach chair that their daughter, Brooke, 20, had occupied only seconds before. "Brooke had just jumped out of the chair to have a picture made with her dad," a family member told The Statesman this morning, "when a bolt of lightning struck the chair." The lightning knocked Tom, his son, Marc, and Brooke Thrower, along with Brittany Bedford, a guest of the family on the trip, to the ground. Debbie Thrower was reportedly standing a distance away from the rest of the family when the lightning hit and saw them knocked to the sand. "Debbie was not hurt, but was terrified after seeing the family hit," said Tom Thrower's mother Wednesday morning. Tom and his son, Marc, 23, bore the brunt of the strike, with Tom taking the worst hit. It was later assumed by authorities that when the bolt of lightning struck the chair, it then ricocheted off and struck the father and son. Marc Thrower was hit in the leg and his father on the face. According to accounts, Tom Thrower was not breathing, had turned blue, and was bleeding from the face when 911 was called by a witness to the strike. His face and ears had considerable swelling. Brittany Bedford and Brooke Thrower were not directly hit by the lightning, according the family, but were both jolted and slammed to the ground by the impact of the strike. Tom and Marc Thrower were taken by ambulance to an Orange Beach, Ala., hospital, where they were treated for their injuries. Marc was released from the hospital in the afternoon hours, and Tom was kept for further observation until Tuesday night. All returned to their rented condominium on the beach late Tuesday. The family is expected back in Dexter this week.
Tue, 08/03/2010 11:00 AM Injured Brooke Thrower, 3 of 4  20.0  Gulf Shores AL 
  on a beach  N/A  Beach,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside 
Lightning Strike Survivors Talk To News 5 Video Map Embed: Related » Missouri Family Struck By Lightning& » Beachgoers Swimming In The Gulf » Gulf Swimming Advisory Lifted » Oil Slick Right Off Baldwin County& » Buffett Concert Puts Gulf Shores& News : Alabama News : Gulf Shores Related Topics alabama, gulf shores, news 5, lightning, victims, people, Breaking News Email Other Notifications » by Pat Peterson Published: Wed, August 04, 2010 - 3:36 pm CST Last Updated: Wed, August 04, 2010 - 8:23 pm CST Short URL: Pat Peterson GULF SHORES, Alabama - Four people struck by lightning Tuesday in Gulf Shores are out of the hospital and back at the beachfront condo relaxing. "All I remember is waking up in an ambulance," says Tom Thrower. Thrower, his son, daughter and a family friend were all hit by the powerful bolt. At one point, Tom stopped breathing. His son, Marc, performed CPR until paramedics arrived. "I'm happy and tickled to death I had my son here to jump-start me because not a lot of guys would want to kiss me on the mouth," says Tom. The Missouri family will have a lot to tell their friends when they return home later this week...a vacation they'll remember for quite some time.
Tue, 08/03/2010 11:00 AM Injured Marc Thrower, son 2 of 4  0.0  Gulf Shores AL 
  on a beach  N/A  Beach,Ground Strike,Outside 
Tue, 08/03/2010 11:00 AM Injured Tom Thrower, father 1 of 4  0.0  Gulf Shores AL 
  on a beach  N/A  Beach,Cardiac Arrest,CPR,Ground Strike,Outside 
Lightning Strikes 4 in Gulf Shores Photo Related News : Alabama News : Gulf Shores News : Orange Beach Breaking News Email Other Notifications » by Lauren Styler Published: Tue, August 03, 2010 - 1:49 pm CST Last Updated: Tue, August 03, 2010 - 2:11 pm CST Short URL: Lauren Styler GULF SHORES, Alabama - The Gulf Shores Fire Department has confirmed that four people have been struck by lightning Tuesday, August 3, in Gulf Shores. The incident happened around 11am near Sandpiper Condominiums on West Beach. Two people were transported to South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. The group were from Missouri. A father and son are being treated in the hospital, and the father will stay overnight. Gulf Shores lifeguards closed the beaches to the public earlier in the day due to the thunderstorms. The beaches have since been reopened to the public. Orange Beach lifeguards heard about the incident and closed their beaches temporarily this morning as well.
Tue, 08/03/2010 12:00 PM Injured woman   0.0  Max ND 
  in a moving car    In a Car or Vehicle 
Lightning hits moving car, injures North Dakota woman Associated Press Updated: 08/03/2010 07:08:16 AM CDT MAX, N.D.  McLean County authorities say a Max woman suffered minor injuries in a freak incident in which lightning struck her moving car. Sheriff Don Charging says the lightning strike deployed the air bags in the woman's car while she was driving on U.S. 83 Monday afternoon. Charging called the incident unusual. He did not identify the woman.
Mon, 08/02/2010 08:00 AM Injured Sonny Newbauer  0.0  Knox IN 
  leaving his car  N/A  CPR,Ground Strike,Near Struck Vehicle,Outside,Park,Parking Lot 
Lightning strike injures plant manager Comments August 5, 2010 POST-TRIBUNE STAFF REPORT KNOX -- Sonny Newbauer, the plant manager at Hoosier Custom Plastics, was struck by lightning as he was leaving his car Monday morning at the plant. Gordon Shanks, the manager of finance and administration at Hoosier Custom Plastics, said he heard a loud clap of thunder, and when he looked outside he saw Newbauer lying on the ground. A Hoosier Custom Plastics employee performed CPR on Newbauer until emergency personnel arrived and took Newbauer to Starke Memorial Hospital. Newbauer was transferred to Parkview Trauma Center in Fort Wayne, where he remains in an induced coma. On Tuesday, a lightning strike damaged the control panel for the pumping system on the Knox water tower, which is located near Hoosier Custom Plastics. Mayor Rick Chambers said there is enough water in the tower for 12-18 hours, and he said he expected the control panel to be replaced by Wednesday.
Mon, 08/02/2010 03:45 PM Injured Devin Corbit 1 of 2  23.0  Morningside Lake NY 
  on a boat  N/A  Boat,Ground Strike,Lifeguard,On Water,Outside,Water 
Lightning strike hurls stranded woman and her rescuer into New York lake By Keith Goldberg of the Times Herald-Record From: NewsCore August 02, 2010 1:02PM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share A LIFEGUARD'S bid to save a woman stranded in a rowboat on a New York lake ended in horror today, when a lightning strike hurled them both into the water. The 22-year-old New Jersey woman was one of four people stuck on the boat on Morningside Lake around 3.45pm (local time), as a storm roared through the surrounding town park. Park employee Devin Corbit, 23, climbed into a rowboat and paddled out to them. He had just moved the woman to his boat when, "we saw the lightning hit the water," lifeguard Joe Drobysh told the Times Herald-Record. Mr Corbit - who is also a firefighter - and the woman were thrown into the lake. Lifeguards dragged them to shore, along with the other stranded boaters. Once ashore, lifeguards worked feverishly to revive them. Related Coverage Elderly woman dies in bedroom fire Adelaide Now, 20 Jul 2010 Elderly woman dies in bedroom fire Adelaide Now, 19 Jul 2010 Missing backpacker found Daily Telegraph, 2 Jul 2010 Search for missing camper underway Daily Telegraph, 30 Jun 2010 Kobi rescued by magazine deal Adelaide Now, 3 Jun 2010 "Devin was breathing a little bit, but the girl wasn't really breathing," Mr Drobysh said. "The most I've ever had to do in six years of lifeguarding is put a Band-Aid on someone." Their pulses were restored by the time firefighters and ambulances arrived. Both Mr Corbit and the woman, who was not named, were taken to Catskill Regional Medical Centre then transferred to Westchester Medical Centre. Mr Corbit was alert overnight, but was having trouble seeing. The woman's condition was not known. Read more at the Times Herald-Record
Mon, 08/02/2010 03:45 PM Injured stranded boater  22.0  Morningside Lake NY 
  in a boat  N/A  Boat,Fresh Water,Ground Strike,On Water,Outside,Water 
Lightning hits stranded boater, her rescuer in NY Associated Press - August 1, 2010 11:55 PM ET FALLSBURG, N.Y. (AP) - Authorities say a stranded boater and a park worker who rowed out to rescue her have been struck by lightning as a thunderstorm tore across a Catskills lake. Both survived but are hospitalized. Lifeguards say the 22-year-old woman and three other people were stuck in a rowboat about 20 yards from shore on Morningside Lake as the storm approached around 4 p.m. Sunday. The lake is in Fallsburg, about 100 miles northwest of New York City. Lifeguards say a park worker paddled out in another rowboat and had just helped the woman into it when lightning hit. It hurled them both into the lake. Other lifeguards rescued them. Hurleyville Fire Chief Jim Kaufman says the park worker is alert but having trouble seeing. The woman's condition isn't known.
Mon, 08/02/2010 02:12 PM Injured Joseph Guerrero  17.0  Lake Worth TX 
  fishing from shore on a lake  N/A  Beach,Burnt,fishing,Fresh Water,Ground Strike,Near Water,Water 
xy JULIUS WHIGHAM II AND ALEXANDRA SELTZER Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Updated: 7:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 2, 2010 Posted: 3:10 p.m. Monday, Aug. 2, 2010 E-mail Print Share Larger Type Friends of 17-year-old Joseph Guerrero who visited him at Delray Medical Center said he is doing better after he was struck by lightning this afternoon. The teen was fishing in his suburban Lake Worth neighborhood when he was indirectly hit by lightning, Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue spokesman Chief Steve Delai said. He was taken to the hospital after the strike about 2:12 p.m. on Vista Greens Court, Delai said. Guerrero, is a senior at Palm Beach Central High School and a pitcher and third baseman on the baseball team, said neighbor Dan Gambill, 20. Neighbor Peter Kuperman said he saw the teen fishing in a nearby lake when the lightning hit. He got in his car and rushed to the teen's aide. When Kuperman arrived, he saw Guerrero had fallen face down to the ground, had burns on his body and was bleeding from his nose. "I didn't know what to do so, with help from another kid, I rolled him over," Kuperman said. "I punched him on his chest and he came to. I was talking to him, but he couldn't feel his legs." Gambill, who lives next door to Guerrero on Woodberry Court, said that Guerrero couldn't move at all when he first got to the hospital, but was later able to talk a little and move his toes. Justin Jones, 16, was on his porch when he saw lightning. He said he ran over to where Guerrero was fishing and saw a big red ball, and then Guerrero fell to the ground. Jones called 911 and said Guerrero was bleeding from his nose and his skin was very burnt. "I told them you need to come quick," Jones said. Teen Struck By Lightning Recovering At Hospital Emergency Room Doctor Says Neighbor Who Helped Teen Did Right Thing POSTED: 3:25 pm EDT August 3, 2010 Email Print Comments (0) DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- A Lake Worth teenager who was struck by lightning is recovering at Delray Medical Center, according to a hospital representative. Joseph Guerrero was fishing at a retention pond in his neighborhood when he was struck Monday afternoon. A neighbor who saw Guerrero get struck by lightning attended to the teen. "I saw him go face first down, got in my car (and) drove over here," witness Peter Kuperman said. "He was on his face. He wasn't breathing. I hit him in his chest. He started breathing." Kuperman said the father of the victim called to thank him. An emergency room physician at Delray Medical Center said Guerrero's neighbor did the right thing. "It's always safe to touch somebody," Dr. Peter Kaplan said. "You don't have to worry about being shocked yourself. What we're always concerned about is the airway, whether the person is breathing or whether they have a pulse or not." A hospital representative said Guerrero is listed in fair condition.
Mon, 08/02/2010 06:00 PM Injured airline employee  0.0  Tampa Fl 
  outside at airport  N/A  Airplane,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Work 
Email Print Yahoo! Buzz TBO > News > Breaking News Southwest employee injured by lightning taken to hospital ADVERTISEMENT Published: August 2, 2010 Updated: 08/02/2010 08:32 pm TAMPA - A Southwest Airlines employee was injured this afternoon after lightning struck near the tarmac or ramp area at Tampa International Airport, an airport official said. The employee was standing outside when lightning struck, said Brenda Geoghagan, an airport spokeswoman. Just after 6 p.m., he was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital. He received an indirect hit, she said. After the lightning strike, the man was breathing and was treated by paramedics on the scene. The lightning strike occurred at around 5 p.m. when the area was experiencing a high volume of lightning and thunder
Sun, 08/01/2010 08:00 PM Injured child  9.0  Zephyrhill Fl 
Zephyrhills, FL -- A 9-year-old child was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital after a lightning strike Sunday night. First responders have released few details, but we do know they were called to a home on Diana Drive. There is no word on the child's condition. EPHYRHILLS, Fla. -- A central Florida boy is in stable condition after being struck by lightning. The 9-year-old Pasco County was standing near a fence when he was struck Sunday afternoon. An official with Pasco County Emergency Medical Services said it wasn't clear if the child was directly struck or whether the jolt transferred to the boy from the fence. The child was transported to a nearby hospital. Read more:
Wed, 07/28/2010 05:30 PM Killed Ronald McCreadie  68.0  Hamilton County  
  walking on trail  N/A  Cardiac Arrest,CPR,Outside 
City man killed in lightning storm John Rennison, The Hamilton Spectator A police officer interviews a firefighter who was involved ... Email story Print Choose text size Report typo or correction More Stories " City man killed in lightning storm " Stadium push hits new bump " Leander club, Hamilton float Hanley's ... " $1 million grow-op at suspected toxic ... " Cops bust SUV thief after chase " Woman dies in Haldimand head-on crash " New Flamborough arena on the way " Stadium suitors offer cash " Somewhere princesses are weeping " Local refugee soccer team flying to ... 'All of a sudden, bang. I saw him hit by lightning': witness July 29, 2010 DANIEL NOLAN THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR Three citizens tried to revive a man believed to be struck by lightning during a severe thunderstorm that rolled through the Hamilton area. One of the people helping was a nurse, but the 68-year-old did not survive the apparent strike yesterday afternoon on the west Mountain. He was transported by ambulance to the Hamilton General Hospital shortly after 5:30 p.m. Police say an autopsy will be scheduled to determine his exact cause of death. They were not releasing his name last night until family had been notified, but did confirm he lived in the neighbourhood. Passerby Peter Dach, 62, was riding his bike through what is known by local residents as the Woodside Inn Woods when he says he saw the lightning hit the man. Dach, a retired steelworker, wonders if his bike saved him from getting hit. "I was riding my bike along the trail and the rain had just started," said Dach. "It was coming down quite a bit. I was about 10 to 15 metres away from this fellow I saw walking on the trail. He was coming up to a big tree. He was sort of walking towards this big tree and all of a sudden, bang' "I saw him hit by lightning. The sky lighted up and everything. There was a big crash. It sounded like a cannon going off." He said the stocky man was walking toward the tree carrying a book. "He was walking with the book and all of a sudden he put the book down," Dach said. "He was walking towards the tree and all of a sudden, bang, and over he goes. (The flash) was like it came from a welding iron. I saw a flash. He was into a step and all of a sudden he was down and he rolled on his back." Dach went to see if he was conscious. "I tried to make eye contact to see if he could speak or anything," said Dach. "There was no response. I just slapped him and said, 'Can you hear me? Can you hear me?'" He said he could not feel a pulse. "I tried CPR for 3 to 5 minutes, but got on my bike and went to (Upper) Paradise there to flag someone down," he said. "Luckily, there was a nurse." They called 911 and flagged down another man to help before returning to the trail and the victim. The woodlot, with a trail linked to the Bruce Trail, is between Scenic Drive and Sanatorium Road, on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. "I was giving him CPR," Dach recalled. "(The other man) stepped in to give him CPR. He said he had just finished a course. He and I worked on him together while the (emergency) services came in. The nurse came down and she and (the other man) worked on him. I went out to the roadway to flag the fire engine and police car into the area, so that they could get to him." He estimated emergency personnel were on the scene within 15 minutes and "they were right on top of him with all of the equipment." The death of the man was the most tragic aspect of the storm that saw lightning and thunder shake the city, setting off security alarms in buildings. There were also reports of tree fires and lightning strikes at a local church, homes and a Flamborough community centre. An investigator from the Ontario Fire Marshal's office is expected to visit the scene of a Waterdown house fire this morning to determine if it was gutted by a lightning strike. Firefighters were called to the vacant derelict Parkside farmhouse at about 4:30 p.m. and found it fully engulfed. District Fire Chief Brian Stark said firefighters had to force their way in to tackle the fire, suggesting it was not vandalism. 905-526-3351 Police have released the name of the man who died after he was struck by lightning in Hamilton. Ronald McCreadie, 68, was hit around 5pm Wednesday while he was walking along a path on Hamiltons west Mountain, near Scenic Drive and Sanitorium Road, as a severe and fast-moving storm pushed through the area. McCreadie enjoyed a successful career as an attorney before retiring just two years ago. Peter Dach was riding his bike along the same path that McCreadie was struck on. He witnessed the horrifying ordeal. "I can't get the image out of my mind, and it will pass but it's going to take it's time," the rattled witness said. "I had two people assist me to try and revive this gentlemen...I couldn't feel a pulse...his eyes were open and I tried to get his attention." Unfortunately, he couldn't be revived
Wed, 07/28/2010 08:00 PM Injured man   0.0  Louisville KY 
  working on air conditioning system in house  N/A  Ground Strike,Indirect,Indoors,Plumbing,Work 
Business:Location: Auto Dealers Auto Repair Bar Carpet Cleaning Child Care Chocolate Coffee Dentist Doctor Florists Furniture Golf Course Gym Hair Salon Hotels Insurance Jewelry Landscaping Locksmith Movers Pizza Plumbing Realtor Remodeling Storage Browse all » by MojoPages Local News Share this article: Email this article Digg this! Save to Delicious Post to Facebook Share on Twitter Print print Many homes, one man struck by lightning by Melanie Kahn Posted on July 28, 2010 at 11:48 PM LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Officials say a man who was struck by lightning is at University Hospital Wednesday night. This is the third person to be hit by lightning in the past two days. Hundreds of lightning strikes hit the ground within minutes, several striking homes in eastern Jefferson County and at least one person. Firefighters tell us an Accu-Temp mechanic was working on an air conditioning unit inside a home on Beechlawn Court off Six Mile Lane during the storm. Michelle King, the homeowner, said "At some point he went back outside and then my husband heard a pop, and then we found him on the ground and called 911." Officials tell us the man was rushed to University Hospital, but the extent of injuries are unknown. This may seem like a freak accident, but this wasn't the only incident with lightning. Captain Dewayne McCrey with the Eastwood Fire Department says they got at least six calls to homes that were struck by lightning. He says "Pretty much every storm that comes through we'll get at least two alarms sounding. Today was unusual, six within 15 to 20 minutes, but the storm was pretty intense as far as lighting goes." Firefighters say the best way you can protect yourself is to stay indoors during thunderstorms, and the best way to protect your home is to install lightning rods on your home.
Wed, 07/28/2010 04:00 PM Injured 1 of 2   0.0  Buffalo Creek Campground CO 
    N/A  Camping,Church,During the storm,Ground Strike,Outside 
2 Shocked By Lightning Near Buffalo Creek Victims Were With Church Group Posted by Wayne Harrison, Web Editor POSTED: 4:10 pm MDT July 28, 2010 DENVER -- Two people were indirectly hit by lightning near the Buffalo Creek Campground in Jefferson County Wednesday afternoon. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said the two were part of a church group that was in the area. Heavy thunderstorms were moving through the area at the time a bolt of lightning hit nearby, sending an electrical shock into the ground. They were believed to be a male and female, but their ages weren't available. Both victims were transported to Littleton Hospital, according to the sheriff's office. The Buffalo Creek Campground is in on the edge of the Buffalo Creek Fire burn area, northeast of Wellington Lake.
Wed, 07/28/2010 04:00 PM Injured 2 of 2   18.0  Buffalo Creek Campground CO 
    N/A  Camping,Church,During the storm,Ground Strike,Outside 
JEFFERSON COUNTY - An 18-year-old woman was shocked when lightning struck near her at the Buffalo Creek Campground on Tuesday afternoon. Jacki Kelley, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, says the woman is conscious and breathing and was being taken to the hospital. Kelley says direct lightning strikes are often fatal, so that is why investigators believe the lightning "struck close to where she was." The woman's name was not released. (KUSA-TV © 2010 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)
Wed, 07/28/2010 03:00 PM Injured John Cacey  26.0  Ketchum ID 
  standing holding on to bike  N/A  Bicycle,During the storm,Ground Strike,Outside 
Man survives lightning strike in Ketchum By :EXPRESS STAFF The lightning storm that engulfed Ketchum yesterday afternoon certainly looked dangerous, and for one local man, it was. 26-year-old Ketchum resident John Cacey was struck by lightning near Atkinson Park but survived unharmed. Cacey was riding his bicycle down Eighth Street on his way to the river when the storm set in. According to an interview, he stopped at the edge of Atkinson Park, set down his bicycle to get his raincoat on and prepared to wait out the storm. According to Cacey, however, when he reached down to grab his bike's handlebars, the lightning struck. Cacey lay flat on the ground in an attempt not to be hit again and called for help. His cries were heard by park maintenance workers who quickly convinced Cacey to run to a building across the field. Emergency medical technicians were called. After checking Cacey for 15 minutes, they decided he didn't suffer any injuries. For the full story, including a detailed interview with Cacey, see the Friday edition of the Mountain Express.
Wed, 07/28/2010 12:00 PM Injured Rick Yelvington  45.0  North Port Fl 
  getting out of truck  N/A  Construction site,Near Struck Vehicle,Outside,Touching a vehicle,Work 
North Port, Florida - A road construction worker in North Port has been struck by lightning. The 45-year-old man has an exit wound on his left foot. North Port Fire Rescue says he was stable and coherent when they arrived at the scene. He's been transported to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital emergency room in North Port. Man struck by lightning, suffers minor injuries Posted: Jul 30, 2010 12:00 PM Updated: Jul 30, 2010 1:25 PM Video Gallery Man struck by lightning suffers only minor injuries 1:32 Local NewsMore>> Organization needs money to provide school supplies Expert: Technology allowing kids to learn about sex sooner Police chase ends with arrest in Fort Myers Hot and humid weekend ahead Poll: Name identification helping Crist in Senate race Cape business owner put off by new power poles $800,000 in cash seized during Cape Coral arrest 10-year-old boy accused of raping 12-year-old girl City of Palms could become a swimming center Collier County leaders fed up with BP, want clean-up plan now LEE COUNTY: A Lee County man was struck by lightning while working at a job site in North Port Thursday. He survived the strike and plans to return to work Monday. The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind for Rick Yelvington. At the job site, Yelvington says he got out of his truck and lightning struck him. "They think that it came out of my truck, hit my right leg, and come through my right leg and out through my left foot," said Yelvington. He says they were getting ready to leave because of the thunderstorm when the bolt hit him. "I'd seen the flash of lightning, fell down on the ground, my legs felt like they were on fire," said Yelvington. His brother was at the site with him and immediately came to his aid. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Sarasota County and only stayed there for 3 hours. "It didn't hit me in my upper body. My heart, everything was good with my heart. Just lucky, very thankful to be here," said Yelvington. He says the nurses told them that his was a rare case. "The nurses at the hospital said you have to stop at every 7-11 on the way home and play the lottery," said Yelvington. He returned home to Fort Myers Thursday, but hasn't been able to sleep much. Yelvington says if he had to do it all over again, he would have moved more quickly off the job site when he saw the storm. Yelvington has burns around his entrance and exit wounds, but says that won't stop him from returning to work on Monday. The odds of getting struck by lightning are about 1 in 750,000.
Wed, 07/28/2010 04:45 PM Killed Ted P Lambert  57.0  Newton Township  
  riding a bike    Bicycle,Outside 
Man dies after struck by lightning 07/28/2010, 11:08 pm Comment on this story | Print this story | Email this story A former Streator resident was struck and killed by lightning Wednesday, according to a Livingston County Coroner's report,. Ted P. Lambert of Manville was riding his bicycle on Livingston County Road 700 East in Newtown Township about 4:45 p.m. when he was struck.According to the coroner's report, the 57-year old man was following an acquaintance, who was riding a modified lawn mower pulling a trailer. The acquaintance witnessed the strike and went to a nearby resident to call for help. Emergency personnel from Reading Fire Department and AMT of Streator responded to the scene. Lambert was pronounced dead at 5:05 p.m. An autopsy has been scheduled
Tue, 07/27/2010 03:00 PM Killed Carmela Kirkland, cadet 2 of 2  18.0  Fort Knox KY 
    N/A  Cardiac Arrest,Delayed Death,During the storm,Ground Strike,Military,Outside,Taking Shelter 
Two female cadets hurt in lightning strike at Ft. Knox Posted: Jul 27, 2010 9:25 PM Updated: Jul 27, 2010 11:45 PM By Heather Smith - email FORT KNOX, KY (WAVE)  Two Army cadets undergoing training at are being treated for injuries after a lightning strike at Fort Knox. According to Anne Torphy, the public affairs officer for Fort Knox, the incident involved two female cadets happened around 3 p.m. on July 27 near the Muldraugh area of the post. Torphy said one cadet was struck by lightning. She was initially given medical attention at the scene and taken to Ireland Army Hospital on the post before being taken by air ambulance to University Hospital in Louisville. Torphy said she is currently listed in critical condition. The second cadet injured was standing nearby the first, but was not directly struck by the lightning. That cadet was also given medical treatment at the scene and is listed as stable at Ireland Army Hospital. The names of the cadets and their hometowns have not been released. Fort Knox cadet struck by lightning Posted: Jul 28, 2010 2:52 PM Most Popular Stories Fox 41 tapes played for jurors in Sypher trial Sypher trial Day 2 19-year-old Bullitt Co. woman missing Body found at Floyds Fork Park identified Key witness takes stand in Sypher case Missing teenager profiled on AMW web site Free school uniforms and clothes Attorney says daycare worker is innocent FOX41 Archive: Man who hoped to start new life becomes Louisville's latest murder victim Sypher trial Day 1 A cadet at Fort Knox remains in the hospital Wednesday after being struck by lightning. It happened Tuesday afternoon just after a training exercise was stopped because of a pop-up storm. The cadet was taken to Ireland Army Hospital on the post. Her injuries were so severe she was then flown by air ambulance to U of L Hospital's Trauma Center. Her condition is not being released. In a news release, Col. David Hubner Sr., commander of the Leader's Training Course, says, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the cadet and her family." The Leader's Training Course is designed to let college students who have not been through ROTC qualify for the advanced senior ROTC program. It's also designed to give them a glimpse of Army life. The current course ends August 7th. 1,400 men and women are going through that course. ROTC cadet dies of lightning strike in Kentucky Associated Press - July 30, 2010 8:54 PM ET LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - An 18-year-old ROTC cadet from Alabama has died in Louisville after being struck by lightning at Fort Knox. Deputy coroner Jim Wesley said Friday night that Carmela Kirkland of Dothan, Ala., died Friday at University Hospital in Louisville. She was struck by lightning Tuesday afternoon while doing field exercises at Fort Knox. Wesley said Kirkland was with fellow cadets at the post. Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
Tue, 07/27/2010 09:00 PM Injured Austin Schindler  16.0  Duluth MN 
  out for a run, taking video on cell phone  N/A  Cell Phone,During the storm,Ground Strike,Outside,Taking Shelter 
Austin Shinler, 16, of Harris, Minn., sits on the rock at Bardons Peak where he was struck by lightning Tuesday evening. Shinler is holding his nearly new shoes that were ripped apart by the lightning. (Clint Austin / Austin Shinler started running a only month ago, so on Tuesday when he ran four miles from his grandfathers cabin near Spirit Mountain to Bardons Peak on West Skyline Parkway, the 16-year-old realized he didnt have the energy to run back. His cousin, who was riding his bike with Shinler, went to get their grandfather. Then the lightning started. The Harris, Minn., resident and North Branch High School junior said to avoid getting struck he moved from a high point of rocks on the peak and sat on a lower rock to wait for his grandfather. But he probably should have stayed where he was. After hearing a loud noise, the next thing Shinler said he remembered was waking up and asking where he was and what happened to him. Bystanders told him hed been hit by lightning and knocked unconscious. He was taken to St. Lukes hospital, where he was treated for third-degree burns on his right ankle and second-degree burns down the backs of his legs. The lightning bolt didnt hit him directly, but instead about 10 feet in front of him. The doctor told me that the lightning must have gone through the rock, up through my legs and out my feet, Shinler said. Part of his right shoe has been torn apart, while his ankle has been heavily bandaged to treat the burn. The worst pain, he said, came when he first woke up. It felt like somebody took a frying pan and hit me on the head as hard they could, he said. And that lasted about 30 seconds. People parked nearby to enjoy the view of the peak helped Shinler by getting him blankets and calling 911. When his cousin, Robert Walters, returned, he found Shinler covered in blankets, shivering from the cold, and pale white. He told me, Please dont die,  Shinler said. But Shinler said he was able to joke with others. I told [one of the onlookers]: At least we have a great view,  he said. His parents drove the two hours from Harris to be with him. At first they were told he had collapsed after running; later on the drive they were told he had been hit by lightning. Hes very, very lucky, said his mother, Shellie. But I dont think its quite hit me yet. I still feel like this inside, she said as she held up her shaking hands. Shinlers parents said the doctors told them he shouldnt have any problems with memory loss and that heart problems detected Tuesday night were absent by Wednesday. And Shinler has a sense of humor about the incident. His father, Doug, used his cell phone all day Wednesday to talk with family and friends, but because he forgot to bring the charger the battery was just about dead. Dont worry dad, Austin Shinler told him. Just give it to me and Ill charge it up for you. Harris teen survives lightning strike Wednesday, 04 August 2010 By Jon Tatting It was suppose to be a fun yet ordinary, weeklong getaway at Grandpas cabin near Spirit Mountain in Duluth. But Mother Nature had other plans for one visiting teenager from Harris. Austin Shinler, 16, had just finished a 4-mile jog, with cousin Robby on bicycle, along West Skyline Parkway, near Bardons Peak, around 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 27. Exhausted, Austin used his younger cousins cell phone to call grandpa for a ride. Robby continued back to the cabin. As he waited, a storm was swelling with lightning and rain, creating quite a show for Austin and a few others who were inside their parked cars at the scenic overlook. He captured some video with his iPod before finding a nice sized rock to sit on until grandpa arrived. Austin doesnt remember what followed, except for a young woman asking if he was alright and needed an ambulance. He was dazed and confused, not knowing what happened or where he was. He was white as a sheet as later described by his grandfather. He had whiplash and lacerations on the back of his head from tipping backward onto the rock. He had second and third degree burns. Austin had been struck by lightning. Austin received second degree burns on his right thigh, behind the leg, where doctors believe the lightning charge entered. His worst injury was more second degree burning and a gash on his right ankle, where the charge likely exited. When the ambulance arrived, he and the young woman were then accompanied by others who had been parked at the overlook. He was transported by ambulance to St. Lukes Hospital in Duluth, where he was hospitalized in stable condition. The part that scared me the most was that I couldnt feel my legs, feet or toes, recalled Austin during an interview with his mother, Shellie, at their home last week. Later, he had to ask a nurse if his toes were wiggling. Just barely, she replied. Once at the hospital, Austin was hooked up to a heart monitor and received a CT scan. Medical staff also removed his neck brace, which had been placed at the scene. All the staff talked about how lucky I was. They said I was the first lightning strike victim of the year, explained Austin, noting the hospital said it treats two to three lightning cases a year. Still, Austin received second degree burns on his right thigh, behind the leg, where doctors believe the lightning charge entered. His worst injury was more second degree burning and a gash on his right ankle, where the charge likely exited. Austin will likely save his sock and shoe, which were blown out and ripped apart from the strike. His back was also peppered with smaller first degree burns. As of late last week, he was still in recovery. Doctors orders called for him to elevate and ice his right ankle, which is bandaged as well as his thigh. What are the odds? According to the National Weather Service, only about 10 percent of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90 percent with no effects or various degrees of disability. In light of the odds of becoming a lightning victim, the estimated number of actual injuries is 540 compared to 60 estimated deaths of the approximate 300,000,000 people who populate the United States. Other statistics include: " The odds of being struck by lightning in a given year is one in 500,000. " The odds of being struck in your lifetime (estimated 80 years) is one in 6,250. " The odds you will be affected by someone being struck (10 people affected for every one struck) is one in 625. The strike, a sense of humor Austin said a witness to his lightning strike reported he was struck by one of the many branches of the main bolt that hit the ground just a few feet away. When struck, he allegedly sat up for a second before slouching back onto the rock. He was out for just a second before waking to a daze. Yet his sense of humor was intact, even upon coming to. What a view, he told those who gathered around him. That night at the hospital, Austin couldnt resist broadcasting his experience on Facebook: Just got hit by lightning in Duluth. Im OK. Got second degree burns on ankle and thigh. Hurts to walk, but should be home by tomorrow. One can imagine the responses he got soon after typing the message. In fact, a number of girlsunknown to Austinrequested to be friends. But he quietly declined, as approved by Mom. Austin has also enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame, as several media groupsfrom the main broadcast stations to area newspapershave already covered his story. I felt popular, he said of all of the publicity. And his story is one that will likely be retold for days to come, especially when he enters his junior year this fall at North Branch Area High School, and over his lifetime. He already knows he will be revisiting the lightning site, like a personal monument, for years to come. Moms reaction Back at home in the Harris area, Shellie said she and husband Doug were getting their vehicles air conditioning fixed when her mother called with the news that Austin was hurt and being taken by ambulance. As soon as they could, Mom and Dad were off to Duluth, hitting sections of bad weather along the way. And thanks to cell phone technology, they were kept updated on Austins condition and learned about the lightning strike. When we got there (St. Lukes), his condition was improving, recalled Shellie. Except they didnt like his EKG results, so they kept him overnight. Electrocardiogram (EKG) tests help doctors identify and diagnose any heart abnormalities, which can occur in lightning strike cases. In a follow-up EKG test the next morning, Austins results were fine. When asked to comment on her sons unlikely experience, Shellie is still in disbelief yet turns to God as a reason for his survival. It seems like a dream I should wake up from, she said. It doesnt seem real to me yet. I think God is not finished with him, and its not his time yet. God is saying hes got more work to do. We (family and friends) have been doing a lot of praying for him. Lightning: what you need to know According to the National Weather Service, there is no place outside that is safe when thunderstorms are in the area. In addition... " If you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you. " When you hear thunder, immediately move to safe shelter. Safe shelter is a substantial building or inside an enclosed, metal-topped vehicle. " Stay in safe shelter at least 30 minutes after you hear the last clap of thunder. Indoor lightning safety tips: " Stay off corded phones, computers and other electrical equipment that put you in direct contact with electricity. " Avoid plumbing, including sinks, baths and faucets. " Stay away from windows and doors, and stay off porches. " Do not lie on concrete floors, and do not lean against concrete walls. If you are caught outside with no safe shelter anywhere nearby, the following actions may reduce your risk: " Immediately get off elevated areas such as hills, mountain ridges or peaks. " Never lie flat on the ground. " Never use a tree for shelter. " Never use a cliff or rocky overhang for shelter. " Immediately get out and away from ponds, lakes and other bodies of water. " Stay away from objects that conduct electricity (barbed wire fences, power lines, windmills, etc.) " Under no circumstances should any of the above actions be taken if a building or an all-metal vehicle is nearby. If someone is struck: " Victims do not carry an electrical charge and may need immediate medical attention. " Monitor the victim and begin CPR or AED, if necessary. " Call 9-1-1 for help.
Tue, 07/27/2010 03:00 PM Injured female cadet 1 of 2  0.0  Fort Knox KY 
    N/A  During the storm,Ground Strike,Military,Outside,Taking Shelter 
2 Fort Knox soldiers sent to hospital after lightning strike Posted: Jul 27, 2010 10:03 PM Updated: Jul 27, 2010 10:03 PM By Christina Stymfal - email FORT KNOX, KY (KOLD) - Two female cadets were involved in an incident on post today at around 3:00 p.m., according to Fort Knox spokeswoman Officer Anne Torphy. The first female cadet was struck by lightning on post in the Muldraugh area. She was given medical attention and then transported to Ireland Army Hospital. The cadet was then transferred to UL Hospital via air ambulance and is in critical condition according to Ft. Knox PAO. The second female cadet who was near the first cadet that was struck, was also injured from the lightning. Even though, she was not struck, the cadet was so close to the one that was struck that she was hurt as well. The second cadet was also given medical attention at the scene. She was transported to Ireland Army Hospital and is in stable condition. No other information is being released at this time until families have been notified. By BOB WHITE An out-of-state college student was in critical condition Wednesday at University Hospital in Louisville where shes being treated for injuries caused Tuesday by lightning that struck a group of trainees on Fort Knox. Forrest Berkshire, a public affairs specialist with Fort Knoxs Leaders Training Course, said a group of prospective Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets were practicing squad tactics in a wooded area near West Point when foul weather popped up, forcing a halt to training at around 3 p.m. Tuesday. As the trainees hustled toward a safe area sheltered from the storm, lightning struck one of the trainees. The female trainee suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken from the scene to Ireland Army Community Hospital, according to Berkshire. Afterward, she was flown to University Hospital in Louisville. Berkshire said she was listed in critical condition Wednesday afternoon. The trainees age, name and hometown had not been released as of Wednesday afternoon. A second trainee who incurred non-physical injuries, according to Berkshire, also was taken to Ireland Hospital for treatment after lightning hit the trainee. Specifics on that students condition were unavailable, but Berkshire said the student should be released from Ireland Hospital soon. Both trainees were participating in the Leaders Training Course. LTC is a program which, for the past 45 years, has offered mid-level college students considering ROTC and life as a military officer a chance to catch up on time lost while not participating in ROTC their freshman and sophomore years. Fort Knox takes precautions to keep trainees safe, Berkshire said. Among those precautions is Fort Knoxs Weather Operations, which employs six meteorology experts. Site manager Mark Adams said Tuesdays weather was extreme with more than 200 lightning strikes identified within a 25-mile radius of the post airport within 15 minutes. The lightning detector resets on 15-minute intervals, according to Adams. One bolt struck an antenna on top of Radcliff police headquarters, causing upsets for inter-agency communications, according to Radcliff spokesman Bryce Shumate. The city recently finished repairs to a larger antenna that had been struck by lightning earlier this month. In addition to the high volume of electrical activity Tuesday, Adams said about 1.27 inches of rain fell on post. About 1.4 inches fell during the same timeframe in Rineyville, where Adams gauges rain. Another weather watcher, Adams said, recorded 2.75 inches of rain falling in Elizabethtown. Bob White can be reached at (270) 505-1750.
Mon, 07/26/2010 04:00 PM Injured man on balcony  0.0  Joiner AR 
  outside on 2nd floor balcony  N/A  Deck,Ground Strike,Outside 
Police: Lightning strikes man on balcony in Region 8 Posted: Jul 26, 2010 6:28 PM REGION 8 Headlines Police: Lightning strikes man on balcony in Region 8 Region 8 county spending more money on gravel, dirt and sand Region 8 bombing victim to testify at Mann trial McCaskill: Arlington Cemetery grave gaffe growing Region 8 firefighters work with community's youngest residents Two arrested in Jonesboro on drug charges after traffic stop 2 Arkansas sites added to Historic Register Six animals taken from Region 8 home in possible abuse or neglect charges Region 8 man charged with multiple felony drug charges Sexual assault occurs on ASU campus Top News This Hour Arkansas Top News This Hour Here is the latest Missouri news from The Associated Press Tennessee Top News This Hour JOINER, AR (KAIT)  The Joiner Police Chief tells Region 8 News that a man was struck by lightning during severe weather that rolled through Region 8 Monday afternoon. Joiner Police Chief Robert Yerbey said around 4pm a Joiner man was standing outside on his 2nd story balcony, when lightning struck a nearby tree and according to police traveled over to him. Police say the man was transported to the South Mississippi County Regional Medical Center in Osceola. His condition is unknown at this time. ©2010 KAIT all rights reserved.
Mon, 07/26/2010 04:00 PM Injured woman   0.0  Athens Al 
    N/A  Outside 
Athens Resident Struck By Lightning Posted: July 26, 2010 05:49 PM Local News more>> 31 Update : Little Joe Spotted in Huntsville Kids To Love School Supply Drive Deadly Lightning Strike in Marshall County US-South Korea Joint Exercises Underway Oil Spill Day 98: BP CEO Heading O-U-T Online Afghan War Document Leak Firefighter Arson Trial Set To Begin Drugs Off The Street, Huntsville Club Closes More Moms Cope With Postpartum Depression Extended Unemployment Benefits Available The Limestone County Emergency Management Agency is reporting a person has been struck by lightning in Athens. It happened around 4:00 at the Oak Leaf Apartments on Elkton Street. Reports from the scene indicate the victim survived and is being transported to Huntsville Hospital for further treatment. WAAY 31's Barry Hiett is on the scene and will have more in live reports tonight at 6:00. LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Limestone County EMA officials say a woman is recovering after being struck by lightning. Officials say the strike happened around 3:15 P.M. off of Highway 31 just south of Athens. The woman's name has not been released at this time, but officials do say she was taken to Athens Hospital where she is listed in stable condition.
Sun, 07/25/2010 04:34 PM Injured 5 of 5  0.0  Lake Guntersville Al 
  on the beach  N/A  Beach,Ground Strike,Outside 
Sun, 07/25/2010 06:04 PM Injured woman   0.0  Sandwich MA  
  in her basement  N/A  Basement,Ground Strike,Indirect,Indoors 
Woman hurt in lightning strike at Sandwich home Text Size: A | A | A Print this Article Email this Article ShareThis July 25, 2010 SANDWICH  A woman was injured last night when she was jolted by an electrical surge during a lightning strike, a fire department official said. The Land's End Lane resident was in her basement at 6:04 p.m. when lightning struck a nearby tree and transformer, sending an underground charge into her home, the fire official said. The woman complained about a mild electrical surge, but she was not taken to the hospital for treatment. A neighboring house, which was unoccupied at the time, sustained minor damage when the lightning strike fried the home's circuit panel, the fire official said. There were no other injuries or damage reported.
Sun, 07/25/2010 12:00 AM Killed David Eugene Lee   40.0  St Joe Beach Fl 
  walking on beach  N/A  Beach,Outside,Walking 
Gulf County Lightning Kills Tourist 07/25/10 - 03:51 PM WMBB News Department RSS Feed St Joe Beach, Fla: A family vacation in Port St. Joe comes to a tragic end. A man who was visiting the area was walking on the beach Sunday afternoon when he was struck by lightning. Officials say it all happened off Highway 98 near the Beacon Hill Community in Port St. Joe. The Gulf County Sheriffs Office got the call around noon. They say the man was walking on St. Joe Beach. Officials confirm lightning struck and killed him. The sheriffs office isnt releasing anymore information until his family is notified. Read more: Man On Vacation Killed By Lightning Strike Posted: 5:50 am EDT July 27, 2010 ST. JOE BEACH, Fla. -- A Georgia man has died after being struck by lightning during his Florida vacation. The Gulf County Sheriff's Office says 40-year-old David Eugene Lee was hit Sunday while visiting a Panhandle beach with his wife and children. They spotted gathering storm clouds and began to leave the beach when Lee's wife heard thunder. She turned around to find her husband collapsed. Lee was pronounced dead after being rushed to a Port St. Joe hospital. Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
Sun, 07/25/2010 12:30 AM Injured Cheyanne Wilmer  16.0  Star City WV 
  holding on metal rail on balcony  N/A  Deck,Ground Strike,Metal,Metal Railing,Outside 
Hotel Worker Struck by Lightning Posted Sunday, July 25, 2010 ; 06:53 PM | View Comments | Post Comment Updated Sunday, July 25, 2010; 08:12 PM It happened at the Quality Inn in Star City Sunday. By Mike Krafcik Email | Bio | Other Stories by Mike Krafcik STAR CITY -- A teenager survived a big scare Sunday afternoon after she was struck by lightning. It happened at the Quality Inn in Star City where the girl worked. Employees say around 12:30 p.m. Cheyanne Wimer, 16, was working on the hotel's second floor balcony. They say she was holding onto the railing and was struck by lightning. Wimer was conscious and alert at the time of the accident. She was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital. Nobody else on scene was injured. Copyright 2010 West Virginia Media. All rights reserved. This material may no
Sun, 07/25/2010 04:34 PM Killed Elizabeth Montalvo, family, 1 of 5  15.0  Lake Guntersville Al 
  swimming at campground  N/A  Camping,Fresh Water,Ground Strike,In Water,Outside,Swimming 
15-Year-Old Dies in Lightning Strike A 15-year-old girl died after being struck by lightning at the Honeycomb Campground on Lake Guntersville. Staff Writer 8:38 PM CDT, July 25, 2010 Lake Guntersville - Marshall County Coroner Marlon Killion confirms to WHNT News 19 that a 15-year-old girl died Sunday afternoon after being struck by lightning. The girl was swimming with family at the Honeycomb Campground off of Honeycomb Road. The girl's mother and sister were also hurt in the strike. Both were taken to Huntsville Hospital. Sign up for news & weather email alerts from WHNT NEWS 19! Killion says the 15-year-old was pronounced dead in the emergency room at Huntsville Hospital. The Honeycomb Campground is located just off of highway 431 between Huntsville and Guntersville in Marshall County. Marshall County coroner identifies 15-year-old girl killed by lightning Published: Monday, July 26, 2010, 12:35 PM Updated: Monday, July 26, 2010, 12:37 PM Victoria Cumbow, The Huntsville Times Follow Share this story Story tools file image HUNTSVILLE, AL -- A teenager killed by a lightning strike Sunday has been identified as 15-year-old Elizabeth Montalvo of Huntsville, authorities said. Montalvo was struck by lightning while swimming at Honeycomb Campground at Lake Guntersville Sunday afternoon, said Marshall County Coroner Marlon Killion. 0 0 0 Share Killion said four others, including Montalvo's mother and sister, have been treated and released from Huntsville Hospital. Don Webster, chief operating officer for HEMSI, said some of the victims were in the water and some at the water's edge when the lightning struck. HEMSI was called at 4:34 p.m. to assist and dispatched two ambulances to take three patients to the Huntsville Hospital Trauma Center. Marshall County Ambulance Service also dispatched two units and transported two patients to the hospital. Montalvo was pronounced dead at Huntsville Hospital. Killion said the lightning strike caused her death.
Sun, 07/25/2010 04:34 PM Injured mother, family 2 of 5  0.0  Lake Guntersville Al 
  swimming at campground  N/A  Camping,Ground Strike,In Water,Outside,Swimming,Water 
HUNTSVILLE, AL -- A 15-year-old girl was killed and four other people were injured by a lightning strike at Honeycomb Campground in Lake Guntersville Sunday afternoon, according to Marshall County Coroner Marlon Killion. The injured included the girl's mother, who was apparently also in the water at the time, he said. All were taken from the campground to Huntsville Hospital, according Don Webster, chief operations officer for HEMSI ambulance service. Names of the victims had not yet been released Sunday night, and additional official information about their conditions was unavailable. Webster said some of the victims were in the water and some at the water's edge when the lightning struck. HEMSI was called at 4:34 p.m. to assist and dispatched two ambulances to take three patients to the Huntsville Hospital Trauma Center. Marshall County Ambulance Service also dispatched two units and transported two patients to the hospital.
Sun, 07/25/2010 04:34 PM Injured sister, family 3 of 5  13.0  Lake Guntersville Al 
  swimming at campground  N/A  Beach,Camping,Ground Strike,In Water,Outside,Swimming,Water 
Deadly Lightning Strike in Marshall County Posted: July 25, 2010 11:45 PM Local News more>> Firefighter Arson Trial Set To Begin Deadly Lightning Strike in Marshall County Drugs Off The Street, Huntsville Club Closes More Moms Cope With Postpartum Depression Extended Unemployment Benefits Available 2 Men From Albertville Killed in Tower Collapse Decatur Police Seek Burglary Suspect Decatur Man Charged with Car Break-in Marshall County Plant Closing Record Number of Graduates Earn Scholarships A lightning strike on Lake Guntersville killed a teenage girl and sent four others to the hospital. It happened as a family was celebrating a birthday by the beach at Honeycomb Camp Grounds. The victims were less than a hundred yards from shore when the lightning struck. Angela Moore said it sounded like, "You felt a big jolt...just like it jolted the ground, and then we saw family members pulling people out of the water." Once out of the water, former 911 dispatcher Tina Jaggers did everything she could to help. "We laid one down, which was the mom&did compressions...we got her back, rolled her over on her side. Then we went over to the 16-year-old. Me and Mark Cocks. We did CPR on the 16-year-old. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and she had already turned gray, and we didn't get a pulse." Emergency officials say this tragedy proves just how dangerous lightning can be. It's a lesson Marshall County EMA Director, Anita McBurnett hopes everyone takes to heart. "The rule is if you hear thunder, you need to remain indoors for at least 30 minutes afterwards, because lightening can still strike you." According to the National Weather Service, 17 people have been killed by lightning strikes in the United States this year. This is the first death in Alabama. Reporter: Ross Sather
Sun, 07/25/2010 04:00 PM Injured man on innertube  0.0  Polk County TN 
  floating on river in tube    Boat,Fresh Water,In Water,On Water,Outside,Swimming 
Man Struck By Lightning On Hiawassee River Comments 0 | Recommend 0 Police: Man Was On Raft Or Innertube July 25, 2010 11:58 PM Nathan Faulkner A man was struck by lightning while relaxing on the Hiawassee River in Polk County Sunday afternoon. Authorities tell us the man was floating on some sort of raft or innertube when he was struck. Tennessee Wildlife and Polk County authorities say the man was taken to a hospital. Authorities tell us the man complained of pain, but otherwise, his injury was not serious. The man's name was not released.

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