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Sun, 07/03/2011 02:45 AM Injured Eric Grissey 4 of 5   0.0  Gettsburg PA  
  in a tent  N/A  Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Tent 
Sun, 07/03/2011 12:00 PM Injured Scott Digeralamo 2 of 2  0.0  Hammonton NJ 
  under tree smoking a cigar    Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Picnic,Under Trees 
Sun, 07/03/2011 02:45 AM Injured Lucilia Grissey 5 of 5   0.0  Gettsburg PA  
  in a tent   N/A  Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Pregnant,Tent 
Shamokin native among reenactors struck by lightning BY MARK GILGER JR. (STAFF WRITERMARK_GJR@NEWSITEM.COM)Published: July 7, 2011 ARTICLE TOOLS SHARE | FONT SIZE: [A] [A] [A] OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS FACEBOOK SIGN UP NEWSLETTER GETTYSBURG - A Shamokin native, who was struck by lightning along with her husband, another couple and their son during a Civil War reenactment on Sunday, returned to her home in Jacobus after undergoing precautionary treatment at York Hospital. Six-months pregnant, Lucilia (Laczkoskie) and her husband Eric Grissey were treated for superficial burns with the other family at Gettysburg Hospital on Sunday. They were then transferred to York Hospital to monitor the baby more closely. They were cleared after several precautionary tests, including a heart scan, and were released at 8 p.m. on Monday. "There was an intense burning, tingling and buzzing," she said. "It took me a few seconds to realize that I was screaming because of the confusion. But as soon as I realized what was happening, I knew it was lightning." Grissey said that it was about 2:45 a.m. when a bolt of lightening hit the ground between their and a neighboring tent. She said that she was hit in the back, and it traveled down her right side and through her husband's arm before stopping at his chest. "There was about a minute of unbearable pain, but it subsided quickly," she said. "I'm still sore and there's still popping in my ears, but everything is normal. We're very lucky." Grissey moved from Shamokin to Jacobus in 2004, and has participated in the Civil War reenactments in Gettysburg for the last four years with her husband. She said that she plans to return next year, but wasn't sure about camping again, especially in the rain. Read more:
Sun, 07/03/2011 12:00 PM Killed Stephen Rooney 1 of 2  54.0  Hammonton NJ 
  under tree smoking a cigar    Delayed Death,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Picnic,Under Trees 
Lightning Kills NJ Dad, Son 48 Years Later The last thing Stephen Rooney said to his family: "Don't worry, lightning never strikes twice." By Kelly Bayliss | Thursday, Jul 14, 2011 | Updated 6:30 AM EDTView Comments (6) | Leave A Comment | Email | Print NBC Philadelphia, Cydney Long Lightning struck a New Jersey family twice. Last week, Stephen Rooney died from a lightning bolt surge at a family picnic. 48 years ago, his father died when he was struck by lightning while fishing. advertisement MULTIMEDIA PHOTOS Your Wild Weather Pictures More Multimedia A Hammonton, New Jersey man is dead after lightning struck so close to him that it sent a surge of electricity through his body. Before Stephen Rooney, 54, walked away from his wife, family and friends at a barbecue on the Sunday he was struck. He'd just said, after seeing lightning in the sky, "Don't worry guys, lightning never strikes twice." That line is much more than a cliché in the Rooney family. Stephen's father also died after being struck by lightning 48 years ago while he was fishing in Fortescue, N.J. Stephen was just five years old. According to his family, Rooney was with his cousin Scott Digeralamo last Sunday when a bolt of lightning hit the ground where they were standing. The men had stepped away from the barbecue -- right by a tree -- to smoke a cigar when they were hit , according to police . Digeralamo survived the strike. Rooney died five days later. His daughters are setting up a fund for him at St. Joseph's High School, which they all attended.. They are hoping to have an athletic field named after Rooney.
Sun, 07/03/2011 02:45 AM Injured Marisue Morgan 3 of 5   45.0  Gettsburg PA  
  in a tent  N/A  Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Tent 
Families recount being struck by lightning Two families are safe after being struck in their Gettysburg site Friday, July 08, 2011 By Sam Butterfield, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Several Civil War re-enactors are thanking their lucky stars that they escaped serious injury after their camp site was struck by lightning over the holiday weekend. Re-enactors from two families, the Griffeys of Moon and the Morgans of Irwin were inside their tents in Gettysburg. Pa., when they were roused around 2 a.m. by strong winds, torrential rain and thunder. "I leaned back [in my cot] and just saw the brightest flash I could see and the sound of the lightning; it just happened so quickly, it was like 10 times the sound of cannon fire," said Marisue Morgan, 45. "I couldn't hear, and all I remember is saying to my husband, 'Randy, my arm, my arm.' " Ms. Morgan suffered second-degree burns on her arm and continues to feel a lingering drone in her right ear. "I just get numbness, just a weird feeling, like a foggy feeling," she said of the sensation. Her husband, Randy, 61, was on the ground when the lightning struck their tent, and the electricity traveled up his arm, as he was checking the tent. The couple's 11-year-old son, Ben, was unharmed, but all three were taken to Gettysburg Hospital, where they were released by Monday. Cathy Griffey of Irwin said her son Erich, 28, and his pregnant wife, Lucillia, 30, were both hit as they lay in their tent. "The electricity had traveled up Erich's arm, and you could see spiderweb veins all over his chest, and Lucillia was burned on her back, and the electricity went down her legs and she was having numbness in her legs and then cramping later in the day," Ms. Griffey said. "And, of course, they were very concerned about the baby, but everybody has been released from the hospital and is doing fine." The Griffeys were first transported to Gettysburg Hospital, then transferred to York Hospital for further evaluation before being released. The Griffeys and Morgans are members of Carpenter's Artillery Battery, a Confederate unit based in Virginia. "It could have been a whole lot worse if [lightning] had hit one of the limber chests [where artillery ammunition is stored]," Cathy Griffey said. "They're full of ammunition for the guns. If the lightning had hit one of those, especially directly, who knows what could have happened." According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, an average of 300 people are injured and 80 people each year are killed in the U.S. by lightning. One fact both families are sure of is that the experience won't stop them from re-enacting. "This was our second time at Gettysburg, and we're going to go back," Ms. Morgan said. "Everybody asks us, 'Are you still going to re-enact?' Of course we are; we enjoy it." The Griffeys will be back at re-enacting even sooner, as they plan to celebrate their Confederate roots at the 150-year anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas later this month in Virginia. Sam Butterfield: Read more:
Sun, 07/03/2011 02:45 AM Injured Randy Morgan 2 of 5   61.0  Gettsburg PA  
  in a tent  N/A  Camping,During the storm,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Tent 
Sun, 07/03/2011 02:45 AM Injured 1 of 5   0.0  Gettsburg PA  
  in a tent    Camping,During the storm,Ground Strike,Indirect,Tent 
5 people injured from lightning strike Images Contributor: Lauren Piccolo Email: Print Story Published: 1:11 pm Share Updated: 1:32 pm Five people were injured early Sunday morning when lightning striked the Gettysburg reenactment camp sight. At about 2:45 a.m., during a severe thunderstorm, lightning striked a tent pole at a confederate artillary camp. Local fire and EMS departments assisted five people who were transported to Gettysburg hospital. Gettysburg hospital tells CBS 21 News that two people were transferred to a higher level care at York hospital for burns and irregular cardiac rhythm. Two others were discharged, and one remains at Gettysburg hospital in stable condition. Damages were limited to a few event tents, and the investigation was completed by 4:30 a.m.
Sun, 07/03/2011 04:20 PM Injured 9 of 9 on boat  0.0  Jefferson County IL 
  on a boat    Boat,On Water,Outside 
Sat, 07/02/2011 12:00 PM Killed mother and 7 children killed  0.0   
Photo/FILE The tragedy occurred at 7.30 p.m. A middle-aged mother died along with her seven children aged between two and 16. By SUNDAY NATION TEAM Posted Sunday, July 3 2011 at 10:45 Share This Story Share A family of eight was killed when lightning destroyed their home in a village in Elgeyo-Marakwet County on Friday evening. The bodies of the family members were burnt beyond recognition as were two sheep after lightning struck their home in Manjeiwa village, Keiyo South District. Bits and pieces of kitchen utensils were strewn around the compound. A sombre mood fell on the remote village that has not witnessed such happenings in living memory. The tragedy occurred at 7.30 p.m. A middle-aged mother died along with her seven children aged between two and 16. The only living things that could be seen at the homestead were chickens. Two other grass-thatched houses in the same compound were not affected. The woman, Alice Chemugor, lived alone with her children after separating from her husband. Joseph Letio, a neighbour, said that after the lightning struck, he saw fire and rushed to the homestead. When I arrived there, the house had already caved in, and when I peeped inside, I saw the bodies burning. On the other side were mutilated carcasses of two sheep that had been tethered near the house, he said. An elder, Moses Kaletio, said a cow had been killed when lightning struck the area a week earlier. This is the third incident since 1989, he said. We pray that the government will install lightning arresters as soon as possible, he said. Keiyo South DC Arthur Bunde said the districts disaster management committee will seek funds to put up a lightning arrester. The administrator explained: For us to avert more calamities, we have to set up lighting arresters especially on public institutions as soon as possible, he said. Meanwhile, two people died in different circumstances in Baringo County. In the first incident in Baringo Central constituency, a Form Two student at Kabarnet High School died when he was electrocuted at Riwo area of Kabarnet division. Connect power Baringo police boss Ndungu wa Ikonya said Emanuel Kurgat, 14, who had gone home for a mid-term break, had attempted to connect power from the main line to his hut. In the other incident, Vivian Chebon, 25, died in Tartar village in Kabasis location when lightning struck her. Patrick Komen, her husband, told the Sunday Nation that they were in their house around 6 p.m., and it was raining heavily. 1 | 2 Next Page »
Fri, 07/01/2011 12:00 PM Injured Walgreens employee  0.0  Valparaiso IN 
  on phone    Indirect,Indoors,Telephone,Work 
2 treated after lightning strikes in Valparaiso 3:42 PM, Jul. 1, 2011 | Comments Twitter Facebook Share Email Print A A A Written by Associated Press FILED UNDER News VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) -- Two northwestern Indiana people were checked out by medics after they were on the phone when their buildings were struck by lightning. Valparaiso Fire Capt. Jeff Walsworth said a Walgreens employee was taken to a hospital as a precaution. He says the lightning strike Friday blew the lid off an indoor sprinkler control panel and left the building without power. Porter County Sheriff's Department Chief Steve Lawrence says a 911 dispatcher was checked out after feeling an electrical jolt while on the phone. He says the lightning strike caused minor damage but didn't interrupt 911 service. He tells The Times of Munster that dispatchers saw sparks coming down the inside walls of the call center.
Fri, 07/01/2011 12:00 PM Injured 911 dispatcher  0.0  Valparaiso IN 
  on phone    Indirect,Indoors,Telephone,Work 
Porter County Sheriff's Department Chief Steve Lawrence says a 911 dispatcher was checked out after feeling an electrical jolt while on the phone. He says the lightning strike caused minor damage but didn't interrupt 911 servi
Thu, 06/30/2011 12:00 PM Injured Kenneth Ray Scott  0.0  Toccoa GA 
  reaching for door of building    Outside 
Police Blotter 06/30/2011 A report on file with the Stephens County Sheriffs Office indicates that a Toccoa man reported being hit by lightning. According to the report, authorities responded to Alfred Camp Road, where a man, identified as Kenneth Ray Scott, was lying in his back yard. The man says that he felt that as was reaching for the door of the building, lightning struck. He was taken to Stephens County Hospital. There is no word on his condition.
Thu, 06/30/2011 12:00 PM Injured Tony Mier  0.0  DeLand FL 
  watching tv    Indirect,Indoors,TV 
Michael, I live in DeLand, Florida just above Orlando and west of Daytona. We are right behind Stetson University here in Central FL that I am told is lightning capital of the world. DeLand is a big hill 90 feet above sea level. Florida Power guys told me once that our neighborhood gets more lightning damage than most any around the area. We have lived in this large home 18 years and experienced plenty of lightning but not too many problems outside the usual outages and power surges. Until about 3 weeks ago. Afternoon of June 30 I was upstairs watching TV we had experienced several close lightning hits. Two or three times I saw flash heard boom immediately. Same thing happened again and TV I was watching exploded outward with white bright flash. All I could do was cover my eyes I thought the screen was exploding outward. It did not explode but emitted huge bright light flash. About 45 min. later I experienced a headache like I have never had before in my life (nor have I ever been prone to them). It hurt so bad I almost three up. I got fever then chills. My nose started running clear fluid and I had to urinate badly also clear fluid. I couldn't stand the normal light had to close blinds laid down passed out for an hour. Last Wed. out of the blue (with no storm) I came down with the same type of symptoms very scary I felt I was about to croak. The fever and chills were even worse. I fell asleep and was down for 3.5 hours Diane said. I saw my Internal Medicine MD in Winter Park, FL explained the incident, my recent research and conversation with you. He asked if I wanted CT scan any test or etc. We agreed just to monitor how I'm feeling for the near future. He had no experience with lightning injury directly (as you had predicted). If this is all from Side Flash lightning thru my TV or close hit here at the house. I am certainly glad it wasn't worse and not as bad as your strike (my goodness). I am also experiencing irritability and insomnia it's very hard to fall off to sleep. I greatly appreciate your website and input. I will keep you posted with my progress.
Thu, 06/30/2011 12:00 PM Killed 30 people  0.0   
  lightning strikes are wake-up call     
Uganda: Lightning Strikes Are a Wake-Up Call Editorial30 June 2011 Email|Print|Comment Share: Share This Story  At least 30 people in different parts of the country have died in recent weeks due to a spate of lightning strikes. The most devastating strike on Tuesday at Runyanya Primary School in Kiryandongo District killed 18 pupils and left hundreds hospitalised. This incident has prompted legislators to demand an explanation and way forward from the government. Thunderstorms are wreaking havoc not only across the country, but throughout the East African region, where it has been reported that over 52 people have been wounded from lightning strikes. Two months ago, the district of Namutumba suffered a terrible thunderstorm, where an entire season of crop was destroyed and buildings suffered unimaginable destruction. What is frightening about this was that it took four full days for the big hailstones that had rained on the region, to melt down. These are ominous signs that the weather and climate change concerns, owing to environmental abuse, are upon us now in earnest. It would be a tall order for government to come up with convincing explanations why there are increasing incidences of lightning strikes. The problem is now more than advising on having lightning rods on buildings - people are being stricken even outdoors. As meteorologists warn against more strikes, the Ugandan government should seek remedies for this problem through regional intervention rather than going it solo. Whereas lightning can be repelled, the known technical means of dissipating lightning energy and thunderstorms is both expensive and extensive. The whole region can benefit from this inter-regional cooperation, since it is sharing similar uncertainties and losses from Mother Nature. In the meantime, as we ensure to place lightning rods on especially public buildings, we should vigorously pursue interventions that can restore the balance in our environment, by planting trees and campaigning for those practises that drastically cut down on any form of environmental degradation. Let us not mistake the increased frequency of lightning strikes and thunderstorms for acts of witchcraft as our rural folk are wont to believe, but put the blame squarely where it belongs - negative climate change wrought by environmental degradation, perpetrated by humans
Thu, 06/30/2011 12:00 PM Killed 4 people & 9 cows  0.0  Bauchi state 
  grinding corn with babies strapped to their backs    Farming,Outside 
Lightning kills 4 people, 9 cows in Bauchi By ARMSTRONG BAKAM June 30, 2011 02:58AM print email About four people and nine cows were yesterday killed by lightning which struck two communities in Bauchi State. It was gathered that the first incident, which occurred in Soro village, Ganjuwa Local Government Area, left two women and their two children dead. Speaking to our correspondent yesterday, the husband of the deceased, Saidu Bello said his wives were grinding corn with their babies strapped to their backs when they were struck by lightning, which killed them immediately. The area development officer of Ganjuwa East, Mohammed Dabo also confirmed the incident. "When we heard about the tragic incident, we visited the house of the deceased and commiserated with the family because the man has only these two wives who lost their lives as a result of the lightning," Dabo said. "We have written a letter to the Ganjuwa Local Government Area and the state government for immediate attention." In another tragedy, a family of cattle rearers lost some of their herd when lightning which struck at Dungulbi village of Bauchi Local Government Area killed 9 cows which belonged to one Hardo Mohammed Musa. Mr Muhammadu said he had sent his boys to take the animals, which numbered about 70, for grazing. "Unfortunately they ran back home to inform me about the incident and by the time I got there, 9 out of the cows were lying dead," he said. Safe boundaries Meanwhile the state governor, Isa Yuguda has called on the National Boundary Commission (NBC) to provide social amenities to border communities along Bauchi and Jigawa states. He urged the commission to provide social amenities such as schools, roads and health centres to the border communities that lack such amenities. He, however commended the commission for involving local government chairmen and the traditional rulers within affected areas in resolving boundary issues which he said had reduced boundary disputes. Mr Yuguda, however, stressed that there were still some grey areas that required more attention towards peaceful resolution of the disputes and called on the commission to continue to collaborate with the affected state governments and communities towards finding lasting solution to the lingering disputes
Wed, 06/29/2011 03:30 PM Injured Airman Chad Thrane 2 OF 2  0.0  Buckley Air Force Base CO 
  On flight line    Military,Outside,Work 
Wed, 06/29/2011 03:30 PM Injured Sgt. Brian Nelson 1 of 2  0.0  Buckley Air Force Base CO 
  on flight line    Military,Outside,Work 
2 airmen hit by lightning at Buckley AFB By The Denver Post POSTED: 06/29/2011 06:46:46 PM MDT UPDATED: 06/29/2011 06:48:19 PM MDT Two Colorado Air National Guard airmen were struck by lightning this afternoon at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora. Staff Sgt. Brian Nelson and Airman 1st Class Chad Thrane of the 140th Maintenance Squadron were rushed to Aurora South Medical Center, where they were being treated this evening, according to a Natiional Guard spokeswoman. They were struck at about 3:30 p.m. on a flight line at the base, while they were on duty, she said. Their conditions were not immediately available. The National Guard noted that their next of kin had been notified of their injuries
Wed, 06/29/2011 12:00 PM Killed 18 dead 50 injured  0.0   
Lightning strike kills 18 children, injures 50 A lightning strike at a primary school in western Uganda killed 18 students and injured 50, Ugandan police said on Wednesday. -- PHOTO: AFP KAMPALA - A LIGHTNING strike at a primary school in western Uganda killed 18 students and injured 50, Ugandan police said on Wednesday. The strike killed 15 girls and three boys, a police spokesman said. 'The injured were taken to hospital nearby and 15 of those who were seriously injured were transferred to Mulago hospital,' she said. Local media reported that a further 21 pupils were burned on Tuesday after lightning struck at another Ugandan school. Police could not provide an exact figure for the total number killed by lightning in recent weeks, but local newspaper The Daily Monitor reported on Wednesday a total of 28 killed and scores injured in the past week, including Tuesday's incidents. Uganda is experiencing unseasonably heavy rainstorms and concern about the number of recent lightning strikes has prompted lawmakers to demand an official explanation from government. -- AFP Share
Tue, 06/28/2011 12:00 PM Injured 5 of 5 landscapers  0.0  Columbia SC 
  near a tree    Ground Strike,Indirect,Near Trees,Outside,Work 
Tue, 06/28/2011 12:00 AM Injured 1 of 5 landscapers  0.0  Columbia SC 
  near a tree    Work 
Officials: 5 injured in Columbia lightning strike A spokesman for the Columbia Fire Department says the workers were near the tree at apartments near Benedict College when it was struck by lightning in a storm that rolled through downtown Tuesday afternoon. Reporter: Associated Press Font Size: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Richland County officials say five landscapers were injured after lightning struck a tree near a college campus in downtown Columbia. ADVERTISEMENT A spokesman for the Columbia Fire Department says the workers were near the tree at apartments near Benedict College when it was struck by lightning in a storm that rolled through downtown Tuesday afternoon. One person was taken to a hospital, but authorities said those injuries were non-life threatening. Have information or an opinion about this story? Click here to contact the newsroom. Copyright WRDW-TV News 12. All rights reserved. This material may not be republished without express written permission.
Tue, 06/28/2011 01:45 PM Injured Tom Langham  23.0  Hackbridge Primary School Carshalton 
  standing outside of front of school    Outside,School,Work 
Teacher hit by lightning strike 8:44am Thursday 30th June 2011 Print Email Share Comments(1) By Hannah McLaverty-Williamson » A teaching assistant miraculously cheated death when he was struck by lightning in a school playground. Tom Langham, who works at Hackbridge Primary School, Sutton, is lucky to be alive after being knocked to the ground by the bolt at around 1.45pm on Tuesday. Mr Langham, of Carshalton, was standing outside the front of the school after a bolt of lightning struck the building, setting off the fire alarm, when he was hit by a second strike. The 23-year-old was not injured, but told colleagues he felt like he had been in a round with Mike Tyson. He said: I was knocked off my feet. I didnt really know what was going on but the deputy head said there was a flash and suddenly I was on the ground. I didnt lose consciousness and I was able to go back inside- then my muscles started contracting and my legs gave way. He was taken by London Ambulance to St Helier Hospital for tests, before being discharged. The paramedics had never dealt with a lightning strike before so decided it was better to go to hospital as a precaution, but after four hours I was given the all clear. According to the Met Office, a bolt of lightning can travel up to 136,000 miles an hour and reach temperatures of 30,000 degrees celsius. There is a one in three million chance of being struck by lightning during a storm and each year five people are killed in Britain. Mr Langham, who is currently studying at the Open University and plans to become a teacher, will return to work on Thursday. He said: I feel okay but my muscles are killing me. Its only now I really appreciate how lucky I have been its not every day you get hit by thousands of volts but manage to walk away unscathed. The ex-Rushy Meadow Primary School pupil said he had received more than 100 texts and emails since the incident, with many saying the strike was meant to be on Thursday.
Tue, 06/28/2011 12:00 PM Injured 2 of 5 landscapers  0.0  Columbia SC 
  near a tree    Ground Strike,Indirect,Near Trees,Outside,Work 
Tue, 06/28/2011 12:00 PM Injured 4 of 5 landscapers  0.0  Columbia SC 
  near a tree    Ground Strike,Indirect,Near Trees,Outside,Work 
Tue, 06/28/2011 12:00 PM Killed 1 dead 6 injured on boat  0.0  Managua  
  on a boat    Boat,On Water,Outside 
Lightening bolt strikes small boat off Nicaraguaâ¬"s Caribbean coast; 1 missing, 6 injured Text Size PrintE-mailReprints By Associated Press, Published: June 28 MANAGUA, Nicaragua  Officials in Nicaragua say lightening struck a small boat, and the driver was knocked into the water and his body hasnt been found. The six passengers on the craft have been treated for injuries. 3 Comments Weigh InCorrections? National Police spokeswoman Rita Matus says lightning struck the boat Monday while it was en route from the port of San Carlos to the island of Solentiname on Nicaraguas Caribbean coast. She commented on the accident Tuesday. Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed
Tue, 06/28/2011 12:00 PM Injured 3 of 5 landscapers  0.0  Columbia SC 
  near a tree    Ground Strike,Indirect,Near Trees,Outside,Work 
Mon, 06/27/2011 12:00 PM Injured Melvin Roberts  58.0  Seneca SC 
  covering lawn mower    Ground Strike,Mowing the lawn,Outside 
Homepage > GREENVILLE NEWS Man Struck By Lightning For Sixth Time POSTED: 2:20 pm EDT June 29, 2011 UPDATED: 5:04 pm EDT June 29, 2011 Email Print Images: Man Struck By Lightning For Sixth Time SENECA, S.C. -- An Upstate man has again disproved the old adage about lightning never striking the same place twice after being struck for the sixth time on Monday. Melvin Roberts, 58, is recovering at Oconee Memorial Hospital after being struck at his home on Deer Park Drive in Seneca on Monday. His wife, Martha Roberts, said that her husband was outside trying to cover his lawn mower when he was struck. Neighbors found Roberts lying unconscious in the yard. Melvin Roberts said he was struck several times over the last several years, and in the last case in 2007, it was not even raining when it happened. Robert said, "I went to cover my chickens up, and I believe it was clear. But when I woke up, I was all bloody and burned and confused and had my little chickens lying with their feet up." Roberts carries a scar on his head from the first time and scars on his legs from the 2007 strike. That strike left him with nerve damage to his left leg and he spent more than a year in a wheelchair. This time he has a wound on his foot and blisters on his ankles. Roberts had to give up his work as a heavy equipment operator due to injuries from previous lightning strikes that have left him permanently disabled. He said Wednesday that his love life has paralleled his experience with lightning, but thats about to change. Roberts said, I've been married five times and I've been hit by lightning five times. (My wife) says this is the sixth time. I'm not leaving my wife, so I'm going to have to try to do something different." "I ain't saying be afraid of it, but I'm going to have to learn to give it a little respect. It can happen to anybody." Copyright 2011 by All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Read more:
Mon, 06/27/2011 12:00 PM Injured 10 tourists  0.0  Giewont summit Zakopane 
  mountain climbing    Mtn. Climbing,Outside 
Tourists Struck by Lightning on Giewont Summit 2011-06-27, 11:26 Rescue action by Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue / photo by Grzegorz Mroczka Ten tourists have been injured by a lightning strike on the Giewont summit near Zakopane. One of them was taken to hospital by a helicopter - a mountain rescuer on duty from TOPR (Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue), Jakub Hornowski said. Rescuers were notified by a tourist, who heard a lightning strike and the screams of several people. He was already descending from the summit with the children, because of the fear of the storm. Rescue helicopters flew to the area. Due to the fog and low cloud base they landed near the scene and approached the accident on foot. The area of Giewont is notorious for its hazardous nature during thunderstorms, so this should be taken into consideration when traveling to that location. (AG) Print
Sun, 06/26/2011 unknown 3 mourners killed 15 injured  0.0  Alebtong 
  taking shelter under tree    Funeral,Ground Strike,Outside,Taking Shelter,Under Trees 
Lightning kills three mourners Sunday, 26th June, 2011 E-mail article Print article Lightning kills three mourners By Moses Nampala, Patrick Okino and Gerald Tenywa LIGHTNING instantly killed three mourners and left 15 others injured at a burial in Alebtong district on Saturday afternoon. The mourners were at the burial of Hellen Opio who had died at Lira Regional Referral Hospital. The injured were rushed to Alebtong Health Centre IV, Lira Regional Referral Hospital and Lira Medical Centre. Moses Isaac Opio, a teacher at Omele Primary School identified the dead as Margaret Acen, a resident of Teyao village, James Awio of Tebungadwong and Tonny Abwango of Apiingic. They had sought shelter under a tree during the rain. The injured include Stella Moro, Moses Okwir, Hellen Atepo, Sam Okar and Olanya Moses. Others are Aida Anam, Margaret Okullo and Ambrose Obua, a primary four pupil of Omele primary school. In a similar incident in Tororo, a casual labourer was killed and another severely injured at Mailo-eight village, in Mukujju sub-county. Tororo district deputy officer in charge of crime Michael Muwanga identified the deceased as Jacob Ochwo. A post-mortem examination indicated that the victim sustained severe burns on the head. The injured identified as Peter Olwenyi was rushed to Tororo hospital. By the time New Vision visited Olwenyi, he had recovered from shock and was nursing severe burns on the back. The Police said the victims were part of a group of 80 casual labourers hired to dig a trench on the Tororo- Mbale highway for an underground cable belonging to Airtel, a mobile telecom company. According to the Police, the labourers had lined up for supper at their residence during a drizzle when lightning struck. Last week, three people, including two children from one family, were killed by lightning during an afternoon downpour in Jinja. Eight other pupils were injured. The children were pupils of Nawangoma primary school in Budondo sub-county. They were hit while attending afternoon lessons. The deceased were identified as Denis Kironde, 15, Nelson Kalyabi, 14, and Irene Isabirye. The injured included Cyrus Wakooli, 13, Bitu Tibaidhukira, 12, Rose Awori, 10, Mariam Kutesa, 10 and Alice Ali, 13. Lightning also killed three people in Mbarara and Kamwenge districts. Two of them had sought shelter under a tree during an afternoon drizzle. They were identified as Falouk Basiiime and Didas Gumirensi. The third victim, identified as Jolly Nalongo, was killed in Kamwenge. Scientists have linked lightning and thunder to the sudden expansion and contraction of air. Aloysius Kagoro, a retired meteorologist, says air masses (cumulous and cumulos-nimbus clouds) moving in opposite directions cause heat the same way human hands can generate heat when rubbed against each other. The warm air expands and in the process increases in volume and occupies more space. It encounters cold air and contracts, according to Kagoro. The sudden expansion of air causes an explosion called thunder. When the sound waves (thunder) are being transmitted, they encounter cold air and generate an electric discharge which moves towards the earth, Kagoro says. This, he points out, is what has to be managed because lightning connects to earth through high points such as trees, buildings, human beings and animals. Kagoro says lightning can blind pilots or disrupt the hearing aids of an aeroplane. He says areas around lakes are among the high risk areas. The water vapour rises after being heated by sunlight rays to form the rain making cumulous and cumulo-nimbus clouds. Kagoro says lightning strikes are common at the beginning of the rainy season because there is a lot of energy build-up in the air. Sissy Nakalema, a resident of Mengo, a Kampala suburb, said the sound of thunder is disturbing. She blocks her ears the moment she sees lightning flash across the sky. But scientists say this may not be enough to avoid the hazards of lightning, which is increasingly claiming lives. But Marx Kabi, a natural resource management specialist with the National Forestry Authority, blames lightning strikes on massive defforestation. People have cut down trees which are used to absorb or provide a channel for transmitting lightning, says Kabi.
Sun, 06/26/2011 12:00 PM Injured several  0.0   
Uganda: Journalists Survive Lightning Strike David Livingstone Okumu28 June 2011 Email|Print|Comment Share: Gulu  Daily Monitor reporter and NTV correspondent Moses Akena, including four other journalists, survived death when lightning struck and slightly burnt a radio station they were in. The Sunday incident happened during a two-hour downpour which put the radio off air. Mr Akena said the first bolt of lightning damaged the power changer for Uganda Telecom, located within the radio premises, and minutes later, they heard a big bang that forced them to scamper for safety. "We were shocked by a loud thunder at about 1:30pm and within minutes, we all rushed out to find the studios burning," he said. The lightning struck the station's fixed landline phone in the room the five were in, before spreading to the studio. Mr Akena said he and three others were in the manager's office before two sports analysts who were in the studio, joined them after electricity went off 15 minutes earlier. Others who survived were Willy Choowo, the station's news editor, Walter Akena, the deputy news editor, sports anchors Genesis Latigo and Alfred D'bongo and Mark Atile, a researcher with ACODE. Relevant Links East Africa Uganda Media The studio sound proof equipment as well as the ceiling board were completely destroyed by the bolt of lightning. The deputy fire commandant of the police fire brigade in Gulu, Ms Florence Amukia, said although the premise had a lightning conductor, it had become faulty due to wear and tear. "Sometimes it (lightning conductor) can fail when it over stays which makes it easy for lightning to affect it," she said. Three other people including a six-year-old Emmanuel Lubangakene and his 15-year-old sister Barbra Goretti Adong have been admitted to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital for treatment. At least three people were killed and 50 others injured by lightning in Akura Sub-county in Alebtong District over the weekend
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Vietnam storms kill 10, seven struck by lightning AFP Jun 25, 2011, 10.05am IST HANOI: At least 10 people have been killed, seven of them struck by lightning, during several days of storms and heavy rain in northern Vietnam, the disaster authorities said on Saturday. Those killed by lightning were hit as they worked in rice fields, while flash floods on Wednesday swept away at least one more person. Three people were missing, said the national flood and storm control committee in Hanoi. A further two were killed and 60 were injured when a whirlwind hit the northern port city of Haiphong on Thursday night, damaging almost 1,000 houses.
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According to police communications, two people in Plainsboro were struck by lightning at 5 p.m. on Friday. Both individuals are reported to be conscious; one has an altered mental state, according to police communications.
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According to police communications, two people in Plainsboro were struck by lightning at 5 p.m. on Friday. Both individuals are reported to be conscious; one has an altered mental state, according to police communications.
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Police Officer Struck by Lightning in Oceanport Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Effect for Central Jersey By Christopher Sheldon and Katrina Rossos | Email the authors | 6:58pm Print &nbps;1 Comment Tweet Email View full size Add your photos & videos Tell Your Neighbors About Patch A police officer was struck by lightning in Oceanport at approximately 6:24 p.m. on Friday and is being transported via police cruiser, according to multiple sources. The officer was struck on Port Au Peck Avenue and was taken to Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch for treatment. According to police communications, two people in Plainsboro were struck by lightning at 5 p.m. on Friday. Both individuals are reported to be conscious; one has an altered mental state, according to police communications. Police communications also reported a home being struck by lightning in Freehold Township around 5:40 p.m. on Friday, which the fire department is investigating. The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Monmouth County, Middlesex County, southeastern Mercer County, southeastern Somerset County, and northeastern Ocean County until 8 p.m. for our area. At 4:59 p.m. the National Weather Service Doppler Radar picked up "a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing quarter size hail and damaging winds to 60 mph." The storms are moving east at 25 mph along a line from East Brunswick to Hightstown to Mercerville-Hamilton Square, according to the National Weather Service. The National Weather Service is advising all people to move indoors and away from windows as this storm is dangerous, and will produce heavy winds, frequent cloud to ground lighting, and large hail. Cloud to ground lightning can be fatal, and this storm has already inflicted harm on two people in Middlesex County. "Lightning is one of natures greatest killers," the National Weather Service said. "Remember, if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning." OCEANPORT  A veteran borough police officer is recuperating at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch this evening after being struck by lighting as he attempted to close a metal gate at the corner of Oceanport and Port Au Peck avenues during a violent thunderstorm. As another police officer directed traffic as it exited Monmouth Park Racetrack between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., Captain Daniel W. Barcus drove by and exited his cruiser to close the metal gate there. "There was a deluge at the time...and either because he was standing in a puddle of water or because he was touching the metal gate, he was stunned' when lightning hit, said Police Chief Harold Sutton. It was the same location where Barcus was struck five years ago under a similar set of circumstances, said Sutton, who, like Mayor Michael J. Mahon and members of Borough Council visited with Barcus as he was being evaluated in the emergency room of Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch. Barcus later was moved into a regular room and was expected to be kept overnight, Sutton said. "I don't know if he is really very unlucky or very lucky,' said Sutton referring to the two lightning incidents. Barcus was transported to the medical center by police cruiser, complaining of tingling in his extremities. Sutton said authorities do not know where exactly the lighting hit but speculated it either traveled through the water or the ground until it reached Barcus.He joined the force in 1991, according to state pension records. Sutton expects Barcus, who had been promoted to captain in February, will be back on duty next week. The borough has a contingent of some 14 officers, he said. "The early reports are he will be fine,' said Mahon. "On behalf of the council and myself, we are hopeful for a speedy recovery. It looks good at this point." Sutton said Barcus does not believe he fully lost consciousness but he was "stunned' by the strike and could not recall being struck or how he got to the hospital. When the thunderstorm hit, police officers working the traffic lights were ordered away from the electrical devices "just as a precaution' but Barcus "just happened by' and decided to assist another officer by closing the gate, Sutton said. "No good deed goes unpunished,' Sutton joked.
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Ghana: Lightning Kills Two Students of St James Seminary Clement Boateng 24 June 2011 Email| Print| Comment Share: Abesim  Two final year students of St. James Seminary School at Abesim, near Sunyani, Masters Osei-Kufuor and Shaddrack Adofo, on Tuesday June 21, 2011, met their untimely death when they were struck by lightning in front of the school's chapel. It was a sorrowful scene to witness, when some parents who had rushed to the School to see their children, upon hearing the news, could not hold their tears, but joined the students who expressed their grief uncontrollably. Narrating the incident to the media, one of the eye-witnesses, Master Edmund Sackey, the Sacristan of the school, said the deceased students, who had closed from prep, together with other students, were on their way to the dormitory when they were unfortunately struck to death by thunder and lightening around 10:20 p.m. on Tuesday. According to him, seven students were affected and they all fell flat on the ground. But four of the students recovered from the shock of the lightening, leaving their three other colleagues still lying on the ground. Master Edmund Sackey said they carried one of the unconscious victims, who was slightly moving on the ground to the chapel, and when they returned to pick the other two, they noticed that they were lifeless". Relevant Links West Africa Ghana All the seven affected students, as well as the deceased bodies, were rushed to the Sunyani Regional Hospital. The dead bodies have since been deposited at the morgue, pending autopsy. One of the surviving students, Master Vincent Botchwey, a sixteen-year old final year student, who had some burns on the left side of his face, was treated and discharged, while his other colleagues are still on admission. Meanwhile, the school authorities have been compelled by the circumstance to allow the students to go on a week's break. Some parents who came around described the action of the school authorities as "most appropriate", since the students were traumatized by the incident and could not study under such condition
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Man Survives Lightning Strike By WKBW News June 27, 2011 Updated Jun 27, 2011 at 6:37 PM EDT (Darien, N.Y.) Last Thursday, Jeff Fletcher was watching the Weather Channel in his taxidermy shop as a storm moved overhead. Fletcher had his arm on a drill press when suddenly he felt his arm tremble and the hairs on his neck stand straight out. E-News - subscribe to our daily newsletter As he tried to back away, he saw a bright flash and heard what sounded like an explosion. Next thing he knew, Jeff Fletcher was lying ten feet away from where he had been standing - the force of the lightning blast having tossed him across the room. "One second, I was a 43-year old thinking man, the next I was an 18-month old crying baby because I was scared to death" says Jeff Fletcher. Fletcher was treated at United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia where they found that he had indeed been hit by a large jolt of electricity. "I guess it wasn't my time," comments Jeff Fletcher, who is handling the whole ordeal with a good sense of humor. Jeff still has leg numbness, a small hole in the bottom of his little toe, and problems with one of his eyes. However, Fletcher says he is now suffering through the endless jokes from his friends who have nicknamed him "Mr. Lightning Bolt" and jokingly ask him to jump start their cars. "I'm just glad to be alive," Jeff Fletcher adds. Authorities warn people to stay away from water and electrical systems during storms because they can conduct the charge from a lightning strike to people on the inside of a building.
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Lightning blows victim off phone Published: 10:37AM Friday June 24, 2011 Source: Fairfax Email this article Print this article Text size+- Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Source: ONE News Related More rain on the way for sodden BoP Brigitte Hoskins was lying on her bed talking to her mother on the phone when her house was struck by lightning, sending a bolt of electricity through the phoneline and throwing her off the bed. Hoskins was in one of three homes struck yesterday - two of them in the same street in Whakatane's Coastlands suburb - when a severe thunderstorm hit the region yesterday afternoon. A Northern Fire Service spokesman said emergency crews were called out just after 5pm to the first house, then took calls that another two houses had been hit. Hoskins, who was at her Ohuirere St home with her nephew and her partner, said she could hear the lightning as she spoke on the telephone. "The next minute there was a huge strike on the house and the phone gave me an almighty shock ... There was a spark at the end of my finger, I think I threw the phone down or it threw itself down." Hoskins believes the force of the electrical surge may have thrown her off her bed. "All the power went off for a few seconds and I thought, 'My God, I've been hit'. I came out [of the bedroom] and I could smell burning." She was not hurt, but the house was damaged. The family's cordless telephone in the lounge was "completely blown off the wall and exposed all the wires". "It's blown the electrical socket off the wall ... The phone, which was sitting in its cradle, has been blown on to the bench and has completely stuffed it." Advertisement Her family was given the all-clear by the fire service to stay in the house overnight, but Hoskins was told she must get an electrician in today to check the wiring. The fire service said another house in Ohuirere St had its TV blown up by the lightning strike. Check out weather forecasts for your area.
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Prossy Ndikwani attending to her daughter Ruth Kateme (left) and Jane Nabirye attends to her daughter Babirye. The two were struck by lightning By Donald Kiirya and Francis Kagolo THREE children died and 17 were admitted to hospital in critical condition after they were struck by lightning at different schools and villages. Angella Nsubuga and Felista Nakibudde, both aged five, and Allan Ssenyonga, four, died instantly when lightning struck during yesterdays afternoon heavy downpour at Luwombo village, in Buikwe district. The deceased were P1 pupils of Luwombo Primary School in Buikwe sub-county. They died under a tree in the school compound where they had taken shelter from the rain. Another six people from the same village were rushed to Kawolo Hospital in critical condition. Meanwhile, lightning also hit Valley Hill Secondary School in Kaliro district on Wednesday evening and critically injured 11 students. The students were rushed to URBH Medical Centre in Kaliro town. One of them, Miriam Babirye, was still unconscious yesterday. Medics said the lightning had injured some of her nerves and it needed a neural surgeon to work on her. Fred Ssembatya, the officer-in-charge of URBH medical centre said the students were shocked and sustained heart problems after the lightning. However, by press time yesterday, seven students had been discharged. The head girl, Immaculate Alitusabira, an S.4 student, said lightning and thunderstorms struck three times when she was in the classroom. It was raining heavily and as I tried to run from the S.4 classroom to the nearby science laboratory, I was struck and I fell on the ground, Alitusabira narrated. The two incidents are the latest in a series of deaths resulting from lightning. Over 20 students have died across the country since heavy rains started in April. Scientists say lightning is produced in thurderstorms when liquid and ice particles above the freezing level collide and build up large electrical fields in the clouds. Once these electric fields become large enough, a giant spark occurs between them or between them and the ground. Nature Network, a global scientific research body, says lightning hits the planet about 100 times every second. The body says up to 80% of all lightning stays within the cloud where it is formed
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INTERNATIONAL BREAKING NEWS The Canadian Press - ONLINE EDITION 2 Polish tourists die struck by lightning in Romanian mountains By: The Associated Press 24/06/2011 7:23 AM | Comments: 0 PRINT EMAIL 0 0 SHARE1 REPORT ERROR BUCHAREST, Romania - Romanian authorities say two Polish tourists died in the mountains when they were struck by lightning during a storm. Emergency situations spokesman says a man and a woman were hit on Friday in the northwestern county of Bihor. Cristian Herte says the two were about 34-35 years old. Authorities did not give details on the victims' identities. A mountain rescue spokesman, Adrian Marin, says the tourists were caught in a storm and were struck 300 metres before reaching a mountain cabin
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British hiker killed by lightning bolt on top of French mountain by David Collins, Daily Mirror 23/06/2011 Decrease font size Increase font size A BRITISH hiker died after being struck by lightning as he reached the summit of a mountain. Advertisement >> Andrew Pridmore, 51, was climbing alone on the 9,100ft-high Mt Canigou in the French Catalan Pyrenees when he was hit. Seven other climbers were also injured. The father-of-four, from Bromley, South East London, moved to France 20 years ago. A friend of the wood craftsman, who lived in nearby Prades, said: His family are in shock. Read more: Go Camping for 95p! Vouchers collectable in the Daily and Sunday Mirror until 11th August . Click here for more information
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Twitter Facebook Share Email Print A A A Written by Times Herald FILED UNDER News Updates Port Huron Police Lt. Scott Pike said a 30-year-old woman who may have been struck by lighting Wednesday evening remains in the hospital. Although no one saw the incident, witnesses in the parking lot of Kroger off Krafft Road said they heard a loud clap of thunder and saw the woman fall to the ground. Officials said she was in respiratory arrest and there were no burn makes from a lightning strike. Further information was not available.
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GARDEN CITY - Ada County dispatchers say a report came in around 10:00 PM MDT, a man in Garden City may have been struck by lightning associated with passing thunderstorms. Limited information is available. For the latest tune into KBOI news starting at 5:00 AM MDT.
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Ask Josh Fitzpatrick: Lightning Safety AwarenessWSAZ Blog Listing Ask Josh Fitzpatrick: Lightning Safety Awareness Topic Author: Josh Fitzpatrick Posted: 7:39 AM Jun 21, 2011 Replies Posted: 0 comments Save Email Print Recent Blog Topics Ask Josh Fitzpatrick: Rating Tornadoes and Hurricanes Ask Josh Fitzpatrick: Lightning Safety Awareness Ask Josh Fitzpatrick: Hook Echo Ask Josh Fitzpatrick: 2011 Tropical Storm and Hurricane Names Ask Josh Fitzpatrick: Beat the Heat Tips Are tornadoes unique to the United States? Font Size: Lightning Safety Awareness Week Number of Lightning-Strike Fatalities Dropping  Staying Indoors is Key to Safety The he National Weather Service says the number of annual lightning-strike fatalities is decreasing. Twenty-nine people died of lightning strikes in 2010, including one Ohioan. In 2009, 34 people died. This year, one person has died from a lightning strike. On May 23, a 31-year-old Missouri police officer was struck while performing search and rescue efforts after a massive tornado destroyed the town of Joplin, Mo. He was one of a dozen emergency responders from Kansas City who volunteered to help with recovery efforts. The tornado killed more than 130 people. Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia averages 30-50 days of thunderstorm activity a year. But this year, with the eastern half of the nation experiencing extreme severe storms, flooding and tornadoes, many of us has already exceeded record rainfall for the months of March, April and May. Lightning Safety If you can see lightning or hear thunder you are already at risk! Most lightning injuries and fatalities occur when people are caught outdoors in the summer months during the afternoon and evening. Outdoor Activities: Most lightning deaths and injuries occur in the summer. · Postpone outdoor activities if thunderstorms are imminent. Move to a sturdy enclosed building. · Get inside a hardtop vehicle and keep the windows rolled up. Avoid touching metal. · If caught outdoors and no shelter is nearby: Stay away from tall trees. If there is no shelter crouch in the open, keeping twice as far away from a tree as it is tall. Avoid being the tallest object around. Get as low as you can but do not lie prone on the ground. Squat on the balls of your feet to have minimum contact with the ground. Place your hands over your ears and your head between your knees. · Get out of the water. If caught in a boat, crouch down in the center of the boat away from metal hardware. Swimming, wading, snorkeling and scuba diving are NOT safe. Don't stand in puddles, even if wearing rubber boots. · Move away from a group of people. Stay several yards away from each other. Don't share a bleacher bench or huddle in a group. If you are outdoors when you see or hear a thunderstorm coming or your hair stands on end, immediately stop your activities and seek safe shelter immediately! 30/30 Rule The first 30 means if, between flash and bang, you count to 30 or less, you are in danger and should go to safe shelter. Flash-to-bang: When you see the FLASH, Count the seconds to the BANG, Every 5 seconds equals 1 mile. Divide by 5 to give the distance in miles from you to the lightning. 30 seconds - suspend all outdoor activities (lightning strike was 6 miles away or less) and seek safe shelter If you count 15 seconds or less, a lightning strike could occur where you are (3 miles away or less). The second 30 means wait 30 minutes from the last flash or thunder to establish "all clear. Indoor Activities: · Do not use any electrical appliances (except those used for weather information) and unplug unnecessary ones. Turn off air conditioners and computers to protect them from power surges. · Do not use a corded telephone except in an emergency. Do not bathe or shower during a thunderstorm. Avoid contact with anything that conducts electricity. · Stay away from windows and doors. Avoid contact with concrete walls or floors which may contain metal reinforcing bars; carports or open garages; covered patios; washing your hands or doing dishes. · When inside, wait 30 minutes after the last strike, before going out again. No place is completely safe from lightning, but some places are safer than others. Although some victims are struck directly by the main lightning stroke, many victims are struck as the current moves in and along the ground. Helping a Lightning Strike Victim: · If a person is struck by lightning, call 911 and get medical care immediately. Cardiac arrest and irregularities, burns, and nerve damage are common in cases where people are struck by lightning. · However, with proper treatment, including CPR if necessary, most victims survive a lightning strike. · You are in no danger helping a lightning victim. The charge will not affect you.
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Man Dies After Being Struck By Lightning By Staff Published: June 22, 2011 » 0 Comments | Post a Comment Investigators say that a man in Chesterfield County has died after being struck by a lightning bolt. Deputies say the man was playing baseball with his son and others when a lightning bolt hit him and injuring three others surrounding him. The three others were transported to the hospital where they were treated and released. The National Weather Service said that the last recorded lightning death in South Carolina was in Columbia in 2008. A man was hit by lightning while riding a personal watercraft.
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A 26-year-old South Carolina man was killed when a bolt of lightning hit him Tuesday night. Michael Gulledge was playing baseball on a field in the Ruby community in Chesterfield County when the lightning hit him around 7:20 p.m. Five other people who were on the field with Gulledge were taken to a hospital to be examined. One of those people is still hospitalized.
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LOUISVILLE, Ky.  A Louisville woman was trying to capture severe weather pictures on her cell phone when she was struck by lightning, but she was lucky to survive with just first-degree burns. Almeta Davis said she was snapping a picture outside of her door of the Sunday morning storms that were bending over the trees. She told WAVE-TV in Louisville that she had her hand out the door when the lightning struck her in the hand. Davis said the jolt knocked her off her feet and she went to the hospital for treatment of first-degree burns. She said there is still numbness in her arm and she plans to get another medical checkup on Monday. But Davis said despite the shock, she'd probably risk a storm again to take pictures.
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Floods, lightning kill 8 as heavy rains hit China ShareThis PrintE-mail By LOUISE WATT The Associated Press BEIJING  Floods and lightning killed at least eight people as heavy rains pounded southern China, destroying homes and blocking roads, official media said Saturday. A Chinese man looks around while a woman walks out from her shop submerged with flood water in Xianing city in central China's Hubei province on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. More heavy downpours are forecast this week over central and southern China, where seasonal flooding has already killed more than 100 people, Chinese state media reported on Monday. (AP Photo) CHINA OUT A Chinese man pushes a makeshift drum raft while a child sit on it in a flooded street in Xianing city in central China's Hubei province on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. More heavy downpours are forecast this week over central and southern China, where seasonal flooding has already killed more than 100 people, Chinese state media reported on Monday. (AP Photo) CHINA OUT More Nation & World stories » Minn. braces for government shutdown over taxes Kan. Planned Parenthood receives abortion license Feds won't give assurance on medical pot Judge blocks parts of Mont. medical marijuana law Flooding from this month's seasonal rains has already forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and left more than 170 dead or missing. Two people died in the southern province of Guizhou after being struck by lightning, the official Xinhua News Agency said. Two others died after being washed away by floods Friday evening. Xinhua said four other people died but did not provide details. The Ministry of Civil Affairs said Friday that flooding and rains have killed 25 people, left 25 missing and forced about 671,200 from their homes since Monday. Xinhua did not say whether the most recent fatalities were included in the 25. The torrential rains are forecast to continue through the weekend. Landslides crushed parts of a railway line in southwestern China on Thursday evening, stranding 5,000 passengers on four trains, railway officials said. About 1,200 workers are continuing to clear tracks and make repairs along the Chengdu-Kunming railway line, which links the capitals of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, Xinhua said
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Lightning strike kills two outside Costa Ricas National Stadium Posted: Saturday, June 18, 2011 - By Tico Times Lightning strikes five players during a pickup soccer game east of the stadium early Saturday afternoon. A pickup game of soccer in the rain turned deadly Saturday when lightning struck among a group of some 30 players, killing two and injuring three, the daily La Nación reported. Officials from the Judicial Investigation Police, or OIJ, identified one victim as Emer Calderón, 37, La Nación reported. The paper mentioned the second victim's name only as Alexánder, 25. Three others are in good condition after being treated by the Red Cross at the scene. The soccer match took place at public soccer fields east of the National Stadium, a popular weekend gathering spot in La Sabana Park in western San José. Also Saturday, lightning struck and killed José Pablo Navarro, 24, in Santa Cruz, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste. Meteorologist Gabriela Chinchilla said that lightning strikes are common during Costa Rica's rainy season, and it's important if caught in a storm to seek shelter, the paper reported.
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Storms spark fires; lightning hurts boy, 14 by Brandon Wilson June 17, 2011 12:00 AM | 303 views | 0 | 1 | | Firefighters respond to a blaze at a home off Kimberly Place in Holly Springs on Wednesday evening. Cherokee Tribune/Special CANTON - A 14-year-old is recovering after suffering minor injuries from a lightning strike during the heavy storms that pounded Cherokee County and metro Atlanta on Wednesday night and early Thursday. There were also reports of damaged homes, downed trees, power outages and hail, but officials said there were no serious injuries. Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services workers responded to reports of the boy, Michael Bean, being struck by lightning at 6 p.m. Wednesday. Tim Cavender, Fire and Emergency Services public information director, said it was not a direct lightning strike. He was reportedly leaning against a metal garage door when the strike occurred at the boy's residence at 617 Bentwood Trail, off Highway 20, west of Canton. Cavender said when firefighters arrived on the scene, Michael was responsive and his pain was starting to ease up. He was taken to WellStar Kennestone Hospital for evaluation; however, Cavender said he returned home shortly and went to football practice Thursday morning. Elsewhere in the county, firefighters responded to two house fires. Crews arrived at a home off Kimberly Place in Holly Springs shortly before 6:30 p.m. Wednesday to find flames coming from the roof. Firefighters were able to knock down the fire within 15 minutes, Cavender said. The residents had evacuated the home and no injuries were reported. Lightning was the apparent cause. Around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, firefighters battled a blaze at 705 Osco Parkway, near Hickory Flat, which was apparently caused by a tree that had fallen on the structure. Firefighters were able get the fire under control quickly and no injuries were reported. Crews responded to numerous fallen trees and broken power lines. An official at Amicalola EMC said the utility had six power outages that impacted 402 customers in the areas of Yellow Creek, Lake Arrowhead and the Clayton community. All issues were resolved. Officials at Cobb EMC did not return inquiries about outages by press time. Officials with the Cherokee Sheriff's Office and the city police departments said there were no serious accidents or other incidents throughout the county Teen OK after being struck by lightning ShareThis PrintE-mail By Alexis Stevens The Atlanta Journal-Constitution With his head tilted back, 14-year-old Michael Bean leaned against a garage door in Canton to show a young niece and nephew how to catch raindrops in their mouths. Enlarge photo Tim Cavender/ Cherokee County fi Michael Bean, 14, survived being struck by lightning on June 15, 2011. Related Photos High winds injure 2 dozen Army reservists Power restored for many More Atlanta area news » Power restored for many Glass falls from 2nd W Hotel Man killed in hit-and-run Missing 84-year-old man found "You do it like this," Bean told the children Wednesday night. Moments later, the teen was on the ground, clutching his mother's leg, the apparent victim of a lightning strike. "I remember hearing a loud boom and then being on the ground," Michael told the AJC Thursday. "Then there was a shooting pain all over my body." Michael doesn't remember much else about what happened. "I was standing right next to him," said Yvette Bean, Michael's mother. "The next thing I knew, he went down. I had to peel his fingers off from around my leg." The family was outside around dinner time and believed the storm had passed. But one powerful boom changed everything. Michael never lost consciousness but was in a great deal of pain as his mother called 911. At 6-feet 1-inch and 200 pounds, Michael plays football, basketball and baseball and has endured surgery for sports injuries, Yvette Bean said. This pain was different. "I've never heard him cry out in pain like that," she said. "He was saying, It hurts! It hurts everywhere!'" When emergency responders arrived, Michael had calmed down and the pain had subsided, Yvette Bean said. Michael said he thinks the intense pain lasted only a few minutes, then was gone. The teen's heart rate was up slightly, but he seemed otherwise fine during the ambulance ride to WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, she said. There, Michael underwent testing and was later sent home. "They told him he was lucky," Yvette Bean said. Thursday morning, Michael felt good enough for football workouts at Cherokee High School, where he'll be a freshman running back and linebacker in August, he said. He was told to skip squats and bench-pressing, but was otherwise fine, his mother said. "He's hungry," Yvette Bean said. "But he's always hungry."
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  paddy fields and walking near ocean    Outside 
Advertisement Lighting kills 3, 18 fishermen missing in severe Vietnam storms Officials still searching for the missing fishermen. Source: (AHN) Reporter: Ayinde O. Chase Location: Hanoi, Vietnam Published: June 16, 2011 01:00 pm EDT Topics: Disaster And Accident, Rescue, Disaster And Accident, Disaster, Natural Disasters, Weather, Statistic Two adults and an 8-year-old boy were killed after being struck by lightning in Vietnam according to authorities. The incident took place as heavy storms pounded the region Wednesday afternoon. The countrys central provinces have been heavily hit by severe weather. Lightning strikes during a thunderstorm in Binh Son District killed Le Van Diem, 47, Nguyen Thi Dau, 60, and Bi Van Quoc, 8. The two men were working in paddy fields and the boy was walking near the ocean in Quang Ngai province. High winds also ripped the roofs of several houses in Tran Van Thoi and Dam Doi districts. Numerous fishing boats suffered trouble during the storms. Some 25 men were rescued, however 18 remain missing in the southern province of Ca Mu. No official number has been given by authorities but local media report dozens of deaths and extensive property damage as a result of lightning strikes each year. Hundreds of fishermen are also reported to be lost at sea annually Read more:
Mon, 06/13/2011 12:00 PM Injured 10 students  0.0  Arua  
Lightning strikes 10 pupils Monday, 13th June, 2011 E-mail article Print article By Richard Drasimaku Lightning Tuesday struck 10 pupils of Muni Primary School in Arua during a heavy midday rainfall. Seven of the victims were rushed to Arua hospital. The acting medical superintendent Michael Odar said the children were taken there for monitoring and would be discharged as soon as they got better. The others sustained minor injuries such as broken teeth and numbness of limbs. They will soon be discharged and managed from home, he said

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