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Sun, 11/03/2013 12:00 PM Killed 2 people  0.0   
 Sri Lanka 
Lightning claims 2 lives as thundershowers prevail View(s): The Meteorology Department yesterday warned of lightning related incidents with the onset of the inter-monsoon season, as two deaths caused by lightning were reported. Fifteen-year-old Hasitha Eranda, from Wanduramba, Galle and 57-year-old Premachandra Manamperi from Poddala, Galle died on admission to Karapitiya Hospital. Hasitha was playing with another boy when he fell victim to lightning. Met. Dept Deputy Director Anusha Warnasooriya said the inter-monsoon season was active with thundershowers and lightning being experienced islandwide in the evenings. Usually during this period warm cloudless afternoons are followed by evening rains that are accompanied by thunder and lightning. The public should be vigilant, especially in the late afternoons or evening, she said adding that most of the lightning related incidents occur during the inter monsoon period. This weather pattern will continue throughout November, Ms. Warnasooriya said.
Sat, 11/02/2013 12:00 PM unknown Death by Lightning a Danger in Developing Countrie  0.0   
Mattie Quinn for National Geographic PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2, 2013 Developing countries have long lists of problemsilliteracy, disease, hunger, corruption. There's one more problem that has gotten less attention, until recently: lightning strikes, which cause a disproportionately high number of deaths in developing countries. Thanks to years of public education campaigns, most Americans know that "when thunder roars, go indoors." But that basic guideline isn't as well known in many developing countries, which consistently see hundreds or even thousands of deaths and injuries per year from lightning strikes. Experts point to lack of education, but a number of doctors and meteorologists from around the world are trying to change that. A largely agricultural and labor-intensive economy, poor infrastructure, and a tropical climate all play a role in higher rates of lightning-related deaths and injuries in countries such as South Africa, Malaysia, India, and Bangladesh, said research meteorologist Ron Holle with Vaisala, a Finnish company that makes lightning detection and other scientific equipment. "Factories aren't safe; homes aren't safe," said Holle about many structures in developing countries. Open-air designs and thatched and flimsy metal roofs leave people more vulnerable, he explained. And open-air taxis and carts don't provide the protection from lightning that is typically afforded by solid vehicles. "There are just some areas of the world with no safe place or vehicle to go to when it storms," said Holle. In India, lightning killed 32 people during one storm alone in October. According to Holle, there are no solid statistics on the number of people killed by lightning in India overall because incidents often aren't reported, but scientists estimate the number is more than 3,000 per year. In Nepal, more than 130 were reported killed by lightning in 2012, and the average for South Africa is about 260 deaths reported per year. "And those are just the ones that make the news reports," Holle said, explaining that because of underreporting, the actual numbers are likely higher. Even in the U.S., tracking lightning incidents is tricky because they aren't required to be reported to any agency, so there is no universal database. As in other countries, experts are often left with little more than news reports to go on. Still, the numbers tend to be lower in the U.S. than in developing countries, experts say. In 2013 so far, 23 people have died in the U.S. from lightning strikes, according to reports collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. When it comes to injuries, which are even less likely to be reported than deaths, a general rule of thumb, experts say, is that for every death by lightning, there are about ten injuries. (See "Fishing and Camping Top Activity List for Lightning Strikes.") "In underdeveloped countries, it is not unheard of to have 18 deaths from the same storm. Imagine how many injuries that also resulted in," said Mary Ann Cooper, a retired physician with the Lightning Research Center at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Lack of solid infrastructure and lightning rods (which transfer the energy in a bolt into the ground) also lead to property and economic losses from the fires that can result from a strike. In Malaysia, losses are around $100 million per year, according to Chandima Gomes, head of the Center for Electromagnetic and Lightning Protection Research at the University of Putra Malaysia. Map of Lightning strikes Misconceptions About Lightning In countries with little or no education on the science of lightning, misconceptions often run rampant. "We've seen revenge killings in the developing world," Cooper said. "Two villages are feuding, and someone's brother dies from a lightning strike. So the fingers point to the family in the next village, and [the victim's family will] go murder someone in that rival family," she said. "We've seen lots of tires on the roofs of homes because they believe it'll ward off lightning," Cooper added. "But it doesn't do a thing." Added Gomes: "There is a common idea in the developing world that lightning only hits sinful people. I've seen this result in isolation from the family of a victim in rural Malaysia." In both rural and urban areas of South Africa, "many people believe that witches can control lightning and send it to kill a person or to destroy that person's property or livestock," said Estelle Trengove, a lecturer at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. The belief that only sinful or otherwise specially targeted people get struck can instill a false confidence, and results in people not seeking shelter during storms, according to Trengove and Cooper. Looking Ahead In an effort to cope with the high rate of lightning deaths and injuries, the Center for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries, an intergovernmental group with a membership of 45 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, brings together doctors, meteorologists, and engineers and gives them tools and plans to dispel myths and raise awareness of the dangers of lightning. And in February, the African Center for Lightning Information and Research was established to raise awareness and emphasize the need for proper engineering to reduce the number of lightning-related deaths and injuries per year. While it will likely take a few years to see a significant decline in injuries from lightning, "we are going to get results from these conferences," Cooper said. She added that those who gather at these events come up with game plans on how to bust myths and train laborers on the dangers of working outside during storms. Recommendations are then made to governments. Proposals include adding lightning safety to school curricula and displaying safety instructions in vulnerable areas, such as beaches and playgrounds, urging people to take cover when lightning is in the area. In South America, the Colombian military recently hired a lightning specialist to train farmers to avoid strikes by seeking shelter during storms. In Malaysia, media blitzes that dispel myths and safety curricula in schools are being rolled out, according to Gomes. "We also conduct periodic training programs for engineers on lightning protection technologies." According to Holle, such training is much needed. Out of the almost 200 UN member countries, "about 150 don't have lightning experts." Lightning Rods Lightning rods must be installed properly, said Holle. "This is a situation in which doing something wrong to save money is worse than doing nothing at all," he explained. "You have to make sure the rods are on top of the buildings and that they are attached to thick conducting cables that go directly into the ground. In some developing countries we'll see rods going directly into the buildings, and that causes fires." The cost of lightning protection technologies varies, with differences seen between the French and Spanish standards, known as Early Streamer Emission (ESE), and the rest of the world's, known as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). "The ESE systems are expensive and not scientifically proven," Gomes argued. "These systems are about $3,000 to $4,000, no matter how big or small the building. For IEC standards, the cost of protecting for a smaller building would be far less." However, when getting lightning rods to developing countries, "the biggest issue isn't the cost, but the inability of manufacturers to provide scientific evidence to back up the product," Gomes said. Putting the issue in perspective, Cooper noted, "Lightning is just a pittance compared to malaria and tuberculosis. But we doctors, meteorologists, and electrical engineers are experts in the field. This is something we can do to make these communities just a bit safer."
Thu, 10/31/2013 12:00 PM Killed 5 killed, 2 injured  0.0   
Five killed, 2 injured in lightning strikes UNB, Moulvibazar Five people, including a couple, were killed and two injured after lightning struck them in different areas of Srimangal and Kulaura upazilas of Moulvibazar yesterday. Of the four deceased in Srimangal, Shakil Mia, 25, and his wife Sumi Akhter, 22, of Birampur village were killed in the rains around 12:30pm, said witnesses. In Birampur village, Rahi Mia, 7, died on the spot around noon while playing out on a field while in Sindurkhan village, Turak Mia, 58, was killed during the rains in the afternoon. Meanwhile in Kulaura, a woman, Selina Akhter, 30, was killed on the spot during the rains at Takiuli village around 2:30pm. Her husband Abdul Hafiz and mother-in-law Runa Begum were simultaneously injured and rushed to Kulaura Upazila Health Complex.
Sat, 10/26/2013 03:00 PM Injured Casey Wagner  31.0  Saint Jo TX 
  taking shelter under a tree    Outside,Rodeo,Taking Shelter,Under Trees 
SAINT JO (CBSDFW.COM)  As a rodeo clown, 31-year-old Casey Wagner has often stared fear in the face, but it was Mother Nature who literally brought him to his knees, after he was struck by lightning  twice. Wagner attended a Rednecks with Paychecks event in Saint Jo, Texas, west of Gainesville, Saturday, where hundreds show up to race, off-road and go mudding while camping out at huge sites. Saturday afternoon, severe weather rolled in bringing heavy rain and lightning. The odds of a person being struck by lighting in their lifetime is 1 in 3,000, according to National Geographic. (credit: ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images) The odds of a person being struck by lighting in their lifetime is 1 in 3,000, according to National Geographic. (credit: ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images) Wagner and his two friends were looking for shelter from the storm when they stopped under a tree. Wagners friend left in search of a bathroom and Wagner was left there with his friends father. They were standing about 5 feet away from each other when lightning struck. What I remember is just a loud boom and it dropped me to my knees and then it hit me again, Wagner said. When I got hit, it was just two big ol flashes and then sparks went everywhere. Wagner said he felt electricity shoot up through his right boot and into his body. The electricity swept across his chest, then out his near his left wrist. I had discoloration where it would have popped out, he said. A nurse who was nearby, kept him calm until he was transported by ambulance to Nacona General Hospital a few miles away. At the hospital they said the poncho I was wearing was carrying static because it was one of those plastic ones, he said. Wagner said his heart skipped a beat and doctors ran several tests and monitored his kidneys and heart until his heartbeat was regular again. He initially lost feeling in his lower right leg and at the exit point on his left arm. Twenty four hours later he was still shaky and jittery, but miraculously, that was the extent of his injuries. Ive got all the feeling back. It just feels like my whole body is waking up from& like if your arm falls asleep, thats how my whole body feels, he said. Doctors say that tingling feeling will last about a week. He says only one thing could have kept him alive. I give everything to God, he said. So I owe everything to him, hes the one that kept me alive. I can tell you one thing, Im going to start going to church more. Wagner says he plans to return to off-roading and Rednecks with Paychecks, but only when skies are clear. (©2013 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)
Tue, 10/22/2013 12:00 PM Killed 2 farmers  0.0  Gadag district  
Two farmers were struck dead by lightning when they were working in the fields, in separate incidents on Tuesday. Andappa Mudiyappa Tippannavar, 29, and six others were working in the fields when it started raining, at Maktumpur in Mundargi taluk of Gadag district. They took shelter at a shed in the farm. Tippannavar who was standing near the door of the shed was struck dead by lightning. Three others standing behind him suffered injuries. Mahadevappa Bheemappa, 52, died after lightning struck him, while working in the fields at Byrimaddi village of Surapur taluk in Yadgir district on Tuesday evening. Two persons were injured when lightning struck them at Udogere village near Chikkajajur in Holalkere taluk of Chitradurga district on Tuesday evening. The injured are Ravikumar, 30, and Kamalamma, 30. The hut where they were sleeping caught fire and was completely destroyed when lightning struck it. The injured have been shifted to hospital for treatment. A house was gutted when lightning struck it, at Adkaru in Jalsoor of Sullia taluk in Dakshina Kannada district on Tuesday. The house belongs to Krishna Naika. Two children who were inside the house ran out when lightning struck it. One of them suffered injuries in the ear. In Bellary Rain brought cheers to the farming community in the district on Tuesday. Most places, including Bellary city, received good rainfall from the early hours till the evening. Farmers are hoping for a bumper harvest this rabi season. Normal life was affected as it drizzled throughout the day. There were also a few spells of heavy rain. The rain is expected to help the jowar, groundnut, sunflower, coriander and maize crops, kindling hopes of a good harvest. The highest rainfall of 34 mm was recorded in and around Kurugodu in the taluk. However, paddy farmers in and around Kampli fear that the rain may damage their crop as it is harvest season now. It has been generally cloudy with dipping temperatures in the district. In Davangere, Chitradurga Showers brought respite to people reeling under scorching heat in the two districts. RGGollar, joint director of agriculture, Davangere, told Deccan Herald, that the rains in the last couple of days would greatly help rabi crops like ragi, jowar and millets. But the showers have adversely affected groundnut growers in Jagalur and Harapanahalli taluks in Davangere district, Molakalmur, Challakere and other taluks in Chitradurga district. In Udupi Mild showers lashed some parts of the district after a gap of 24 hours on Tuesday. The rain that started around afternoon continued till late evening. The district recorded 1.4 mm rain in the last 24 hours. Though Udupi and Kundapur taluks did not record any significant rainfall, Karkala taluk recorded 4.2 mm.
Mon, 10/21/2013 12:00 PM Killed 5 killed  0.0   
Lightning kills five Our Correspondent, Moulvibazar Five people, including three of a family, were killed by lightning in Srimangal and Kulaura upazilas yesterday. Of them, four were killed in Srimangal. Witnesses said Shakil Mia, 25, his wife Sumi Akhter, 22, and Sumis younger brother Rahi Mia 7, of Birahimpur village in Srimangal upazila, were killed during rain at about 12:30pm. Rahi was struck by a lightning while he was playing at a field in the village. In another incident, Turok Miah, 58, son of late Konor Miah, was killed when a thunderbolt hit him while he was bathing at a pond at Sreegaon village in the afternoon. In Kulaura, a woman was killed and her husband and mother-in-law were injured by a lightning strike at Takiuli village in the afternoon, reports UNB. The deceased was identified as Selina Akhter, 30, wife of Abdul Hafiz of the village
Mon, 10/21/2013 12:00 PM unknown Fulgurites  0.0   
Fulgurites: When lightning strikes sand, magic is formed These amazing crystalline structures are created in a flash. By John Platt Mon, Oct 21 2013 at 1:09 PM Related Topics: Weather & Climate lightning striking sand Lightning photo by Thomas Mauer/Flickr. All it takes is a flash. Lightning strikes the ground, creating temperatures of more than 3,000 degrees. The sand around the lightning strike fuses together, and fulgurite is formed. fulguriteWhat are fulgurites? The word  based on the Latin world for thunderbolt  refers to a hollow glass tube formed when lightning strikes soil, silica, sand or even rock. These amazing structures  sometimes referred to as "petrified lightning" or "lightning stones"  don't look like the transparent glass in your windows or kitchen cabinets. Instead they are complex structures that resemble a cross between a vegetable root and some of the more crystalline minerals such as mica. They vary in shape and size  most are only a few inches long  and they tend to form around the path of the dispersing electric charge of the lightning. According to the Utah Geological Survey, there are two types of fulgurites: those formed when lightning hits sand and those created from rock. Sand fulgurites come from beaches and deserts, have a more glass-like interior, and can be particularly fragile. Rock fulgurites, which are rarer, form as veins inside rocks and often need to be chiseled out of their surroundings. Fulgurites have been found all over the world, although they are relatively rare. Their unusual structure, delicate nature and origin give them some value, although not in the range of precious metals. Some sites list small fulgurites for as little as $15. The more attractive pieces or those processed into jewelry can fetch a few hundred dollars. Although most collectors seek out fulgurite solely for its looks, some people believe the lightning stones hold magical abilities to help focus divine energy, enhance creativity, or heal various illnesses. The TV show "Supernatural" used fulgurites in a few episodes to summon gods or demons, although those uses don't appear to be part of any traditional lore. Perhaps not surprisingly, some people enjoy making their own fulgurites, either by sticking lightning rods in sand before thunder storms or using a high-voltage power supply in a lab. The resulting fulgurites can be even more attractive than those created naturally, although obviously safety is paramount when engaging in these activities. Check out this series of fulgurite-creation experiments below:
Sat, 10/19/2013 12:00 PM Injured man   0.0  Johannesburg  
 South Africa 
Man injured after lightning strike 2013-10-19 22:45 (Shutterstock) Multimedia · User Galleries · News in Pictures Send us your pictures · Send us your stories Related Links 3 pupils still in ICU after lighting strike Lightning strike delays Metrorail trains Lightning kills Pietermaritzburg family Johannesburg - A man has been left seriously injured after being struck by lightning in Randfontein, paramedics said on Saturday. "He was struck by lightning while walking on the road," said Netcare 911 paramedics spokesperson Santi Steinmann. The man was treated on the scene before being taken to hospital for further medical attention.
Thu, 10/17/2013 12:00 PM unknown detection system protocol  0.0  Tenafly NJ 
TENAFLY  Borough officials will draft an ordinance aimed at safeguarding athletes and residents from lightning strikes. Tenafly officials will draft an ordinance regarding the new lightning detection system installed throughout town, including into the side of the youth center in the municipal complex. The ordinance will tackle protocol  what should be done in the case the system goes off. Officials also want to address in the ordinance the steps that should be taken if the system malfunctions  as it has done in the past. DANIELLE PARHIZKARAN/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER BUY OR LICENSE THIS PHOTO Tenafly officials will draft an ordinance regarding the new lightning detection system installed throughout town, including into the side of the youth center in the municipal complex. The ordinance will tackle protocol  what should be done in the case the system goes off. Officials also want to address in the ordinance the steps that should be taken if the system malfunctions  as it has done in the past. The new ordinance will have similarities to Cresskill's and implement fines if people disregard warnings indicating a lightning strike is imminent. The governing body discussed such measures at a council meeting on Oct. 8 after discussing a recent malfunction that took place over the weekend of Oct. 4. Officials are working with the vendors on possible final adjustments to the system as it is still in its monitoring stages. However, the system is active and has alerted residents before. "Primarily, we are trying not to reinvent the wheel," Borough Administrator Jewel Thomposon-Chin said. "We were given a copy of the Cresskill Borough lightning detection ordinance and we received materials from Earth Networks  the equipment vendor  we've used signs to alert residents and have come up with a version of the ordinance that is applicable to Tenafly. The idea now is to make sure that we have a basis for enforcement." Councilwoman Nadia LaMastra praised sections of the ordinance especially a stipulation requiring participants signing off on the rules. However, she questioned the recent malfunction and wants to add-on to the policy in case the system fails again. The Recreation Department has issued instructions to all coaches and athletes to follow during a lightning strike. Current protocol for lightning strikes during baseball games has umpires evacuating people from the field for a half-hour. Individuals are advised to go inside a building or their cars and leave the area, according to recreation officials. If the system malfunctions again, several officials will be notified and residents are expected to "err on the side of caution" by waiting 30 minutes. "We are reviewing a way to handle that in the future," Mayor Peter Rustin said. "I think common sense will tell you, if you see lightning or hear thunder, you go inside if that's possible and you wait a reasonable amount of time." The current protocol for people who are in an open field with no shelter is to get down in a low-lying area and make sure to get on their hands and knees and cover their head. In the event that lightning is detected in the area, the horns that are located around the borough will blast for 15 seconds alerting residents to immediately exit fields and playgrounds. - See more at:
Tue, 10/15/2013 12:00 PM Killed 6 killed  0.0   
6 struck dead by lightning Raichur/Dharwad, Oct 15, 2013,DH News Service Five people, including a girl, were struck dead by lightning at Kurdi village in Manvi taluk of Raichur district on Tuesday afternoon. The deceased are Huligeppa, 40, Chandru, 30, Nirmala, 25, Nagaraj, 19 and Chaitanya, 10. The incident occurred when they were all taking shelter under a tree, after it started raining when they were working in the fields. In another incident, a 40-year-old man was killed on the spot after lightning struck him at Venkatapur village inDharwad taluk on Tuesday evening. The deceased is Shivalingappa Havaldar. Police said that the incident took place when Shivalingappa was on his way home after working in the fields. A case has been registered at the Dharwad Rural police station
Tue, 10/15/2013 12:00 PM Killed 5 killed  0.0   
advertisements Your One Vote Counts Your One Vote Counts- get registered and vote Powered by Translate Media Partners Five killed by lightning in Karnataka village Submitted by admin4 on 15 October 2013 - 10:33pm India News By IANS, Bangalore : Five people, including a woman and a girl, were killed Monday when lightning struck them at a village in Raichur district of northern Karnataka, an official said. "The incident in Kurudi village in Manvi taluk occurred around 4 p.m. when the five were standing under a tree near their fields to avoid getting drenched in a sudden downpour," Raichur Deputy Commissioner S.N. Nagaraju told IANS. The victims were identified as Nirmala (30), Chaitnya (9), Chandru (22), Huligappa (40) and Nagaraj (22). "Though about 20 other people under the tree escaped unhurt, three peoples, including two girls were injured in the incident. They were rushed to a government hospital at Manvi for treatment," Nagaraju said. "When ever lightning occurs, people should not take shelter under a tree as they will be vulnerable to such strikes. They should have been near power lines, which absorb its (lightning) effect and dilute the impact of its charge," he added. The official announced a compensation of Rs.1.5 lakh to the five families of each victim as they were not related. Raichur is 450 km from Bangalore.
Mon, 10/14/2013 08:15 AM Injured woman   0.0  Lakewood CO 
LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)  Lightning strikes caused some problems in Lakewood Monday morning. A woman was struck by lightning at approximately 8:15 a.m., but West Metro Fire said she was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Another lightning bolt hit really close to a house at approximately 8:30 a.m. The bolt struck a pair of trees in the homes backyard, causing one to split. The bolt was so powerful it traveled through the trees roots into the homes sprinkler system, making for a watery mess. The strike caused a small water main break on the other side of the house. Just as all the strike happened outside Charlie Bennet was inside the home doing laundry. An explosion; a big fireball out of the laundry room. Cats took off, disappeared upstairs. Started smelling fire and smoke, Bennet said. As I go upstairs I see things scattered everywhere, the whole north side of the house. Everything that was on the wall was off the wall. Bennet said the strong strike also blew out several of his electrical outlets and transformer. His electricity and water were shut off as firefighters checked the home for any heat that could spark a fire. Nobody was injured in the second strike and all the damage can be repaired.
Fri, 10/11/2013 12:00 PM Killed 2 children killed  0.0   
Lightning kills 2 children in Bentiu Article Comments (0) email Email print Print pdfSave separation increase decrease separation separation October 11, 2013 (BENTIU)  Two children were killed after being struck by lightning on Thursday during a heavy downpour in Bentiu. Unity police spokesperson, Hussein Girich Yambio, told Sudan Tribune on Friday that the children were playing inside their house when they were hit. Both their parents were not at home at the time if the incident. Yambio identified the dead as a six-year-old boy and his nine-year-old sister. Both were children of a Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) soldier based in Unity state. He said the police Unity state had sent its condolences to the bereaved family. The heavy rain sparked panic in Bentiu, amid fears that it could cause flooding leading to the displacement of thousands of residents. Daresalam, Block 70, Kuerbuokni, Nyuenypiu and Kuerlonga are among the wost-affected areas in Bentiu following the recent heavy rains. Bentiu town which lies on lowland regularly comes under threat during the rainy season when the water levels of the Nile rise dramatically. In September, Payinjiar county was hit hard by floods, which washed away roads, making it difficult to access affected communities.
Fri, 10/11/2013 12:00 PM Injured farmer  30.0  Laur  
LAUR, Nueva Ecija -- A 30-year-old farmer miraculously survived but his pet carabao was killed when a lightning bolt hit them in a ricefield at around 7 p.m. on Wednesday. SPO2 Alfredo D. Binuya, officer-on-case, yesterday identified the wounded victim as Richard Austria, of Sitio Partision, Bgy. Uno, this town. Norma Carpio, rural health worker told police that the victim was hit in the chest and was rushed to the Rural Health Center and later transferred to Dr. Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center in Cabanatuan City. He will live. Ok na po ang biktima. Sa gawing dibdib ang tama niya, medyo nangitim pero mababaw lang ang sugat. Yung kalabaw lang ang sinawing-palad, Binuya said. Police said the victim went to the farm at 7 p.m. to tend to his pet carabao when he was suddenly hit by lightning. Binabatak na ng biktima yung tali o suga ng ka-labaw nang tamaan siya ng kidlat, Binuya said. Provincial Pili replaces Cimmarones with Pinili Festival Published : Saturday October 12, 2013 | Category : Provincial | Views : 51 PILI, Camarines Sur -- This capital town will celebrate its 194th town fiesta on Oct. 24 but it will stop marking the Cimmarones Festival and replaced it with the Pinili Festival. Mayor Alexis San Luis II told newsmen on Thursday that there is a historical basis to discard the festival.... Read more Murder raps filed vs Ecija cop killer Published : Saturday October 12, 2013 | Category : Provincial | Views : 96 CABANATUAN City -- Murder charges have been slapped against the alleged gunman of a rookie policeman inside a resto-bar of a shopping mall here last Sunday. Charged was Ronald Lemence, of Bgy. Poblacion, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, who, however, remains at large. City police chief Supt. Pedro D. Soliba said... Read more 2 credit card gangmen nabbed Published : Saturday October 12, 2013 | Category : Provincial | Views : 82 BALIWAG, Bulacan -- Two suspects were arrested for alleged credit card fraud Wednesday night while purchasing P27,406 worth of groceries at NE Super Bodega in Bgy. Bagong Nayon, here. In a report to Bulacan police director Senior Supt. Joel Sabio Orduna, Baliwag police chief Supt. Julius Ceasar Domingo identified the... Read more Batangas most wanted felon falls Published : Saturday October 12, 2013 | Category : Provincial | Views : 78 BALETE, Batangas -- Police arrested a wanted felon here Tuesday afternoon. Police provincial director Senior Supt. Omega Jireh Deocares Fidel identified the suspect as Wilfredo de Torres, 47, married, of Bgy. Marikina. Report said at about 3 p.m. on Oct. 8, elements of Balete MPS led by Senior Insp. Allan... Read more 2 killed in Leyte grenade blast Published : Saturday October 12, 2013 | Category : Provincial | Views : 63 By : Zaida delos Reyes-Palanca TWO persons were killed, including an old woman, in a grenade explosion in front of the victims store the other day in Hilongos, Leyte. The fatalities were identified as Corazon Vilbar Vega, 63, store owner, and Teofilo Manisi Fabio Jr., both of Bgy. Tali-say, Hilongos. Reports said the incident occurred... Read more
Fri, 10/11/2013 12:00 PM Killed farmer  23.0   
  farming    Farming,Outside 
Video Photos Classifieds Editorial Columns Career Food Teenage Letters Auto Clovis Toons Page2 E-Paper Supplements One Stop Driva PLACE AN AD Miscellaneous Real Estate Motor Vehicles Jobs LATEST NEWS: More stories... Dream over! US defeat Reggae Boyz 2-0 7:34 PM Man is hit by train, gets up and walks away 7:20 PM Update: 68-y-o man shoots 75-y-o wife 6:27 PM Boyz, USA nil all at half-time 6:24 PM Forex: J$104.66 to one US dollar 4:58 PM Pine-McLarty appointed ECJ chairman 4:56 PM Deshorn Brown to debut for Boyz 4:50 PM Missionaries of the Poor receives $2-m donation 3:29 PM Another broken sewer main downtown Kingston 3:10 PM Venezuelan radio journalist arrested on air 3:07 PM Two Jamaicans denied entry to T&T, not 20 2:38 PM Boat with 200 migrants capsize in Mediterranean 2:30 PM 23 arrested in Lakes Pen, St Catherine raid 2:13 PM Libya PM lashes out at militias after abduction 1:55 PM 68-y-o man shoots wife 1:21 PM Dream over! US defeat Reggae Boyz 2-0 KINGSTON, Jamaica  The United States defeated the Reggae Boyz 2-0 in Kansas City Friday night to kill all hopes of Jamaica reaching the Brazil 2014 World Cup finals. Both teams were tied nil all after an evenly contested first stanza. But in the 77th minute, the US pushing for the opener, ... read more Friday, October 11, 2013 - Updated: 8:39 PM Latest News Young farmer dies after being struck by lightning Friday, October 11, 2013 | 8:25 AM ST ELIZABETH, Jamaica - Observer Online is confirming that a 23-year-old farmer died after being struck by lightning Thursday in Cabbage Valley, St Elizabeth. People close to the deceased confirm original police reports that the young farmer was repairing a fence on a dairy farm when a metal pole he was working on was struck by lightning. He died on the spot. The St Elizabeth Police are investigating this death by misadventure. Read more:
Fri, 10/11/2013 12:00 PM unknown detection systems  0.0  NJ 
Lightning detection systems are up and running in 18 new fields and parks throughout the Pascack Valley. In June, Emerson, Washington Township, Westwood, the Emerson School District and the Westwood Regional School District entered into a joint purchasing agreement for a lightning detection system that will alert people at 18 athletic fields and parks of possible danger. In the last three weeks, all five entities installed the new equipment at the price of $99,574, which was divided proportionally. "Everything is up and running," said Westwood Mayor John Birkner, Jr. "It's just another step towards improving our facilities in Westwood... I'm glad we finally have it installed." Westwood property outfitted with the new equipment includes Westvale Park, Meadow Brook Park, and Berkeley Field. The lightning detection's alarm system, administered by Strike Guard Lightning Warning System, consists of a horn and a strobe light, covering an area that is roughly 700 yards. When lightning up to 10 miles away is detected the signals will be activated. The detector, located at Westwood Regional Middle School, will send a signal to remote devices located in participating Pascack Valley municipalities. The system consists of a solar panel, a detection box, sirens, speakers and strobe lights. The Borough of Emerson, the first to approve the project, installed warning sirens at the Villano School's Hillman Field, Ackerman Park, Rosengrant Memorial Park, Washington Avenue Park, and Long View Park. In the Township of Washington, four fields have been outfitted with the emergency notification devices, including Clarks, Memorial, Sherry, and Gardner. When first activated, residents will hear three blasts of the siren and a strobe light will flash and continue to flash until no lightning is detected for 30 minutes. "We are going to strongly ask the people to leave the fields if there is lighting that is an imminent hazard," said Emerson Sgt. Mark Savino, explaining that if residents do not vacate the fields in Emerson they could face trespassing charges.
Thu, 10/10/2013 Killed person   0.0  Yutmah  
  inside     Indirect,Indoors 
Security agencies are investigating the death of a Pakistani resident who died in a private company building in the village of Yutmah, 80 kilometers south of Madinah. Preliminary investigations indicate that he was struck by a lightning, which has been confirmed by witnesses and marks on his body. Col. Fahd Al-Ghannam, a spokesman at the Madinah Police Department, said: Al-Yutmah police station received a call saying that a Pakistani resident in his 20s died after being struck by a lightning in the office of a private company. A team was dispatched to the scene of incident and the body was examined. Signs of burns were found on the right hand and a wound was found on the right leg. Preliminary investigations, in addition to statements by witnesses, confirmed that the deceased was taking out a key for a metal caravan when he was struck by a thunderbolt. Investigations are still being conducted, the statement said.
Thu, 10/10/2013 12:00 PM unknown Pool closure policy  0.0   
Lightning Pool-Closure Policy Download An article that appeared in the November/December 2008 issue of Aquatics International stated that there was no longer a need to clear indoor swimming pools during a thunderstorm. The article noted that there have been no documented deaths from lightning in indoor pools and that since the National Electric Code requires bonding and grounding, swimmers would be protected in the water. What most people will fail to take away from this article is that the author gave two necessary prerequisites for such a change in protocol. the pool area has to be completely bonded and grounded electrically a complete lightning protection system is required While it is true that current codes require bonding and grounding of the metallic elements in the pool area, most existing pools do not meet that standard and never have because they were built under different regulations. Many new pools do not comply because though the basic grid is bonded they have added stainless steel lifeguard chairs or metal bleachers that are not connected with the grid. To complicate the issue, over time concrete and the pool area environment can deteriorate bonding. Thus, just because a pool was built to code does not necessarily mean that it remains uncompromised, and to certify that a pool is presently grounded and bonded is an expensive process that must be repeated periodically to ensure that deterioration has not occurred and that new metallic elements have not been introduced. The second prerequisite, a lightning protection system, is not a common component of YMCA pool buildings, thus further minimizing the claim that clearing indoor pools during lightning storms is unnecessary. From just the standpoint of electrocution the statement is true. It is just not true for the vast majority of YMCA pools in this country. The article also states In fact, a pool closure policy is in violation of the National Electric Code section 250.4(A)(1) and you will be subject to regulatory enforcement. Dr. Weiss adds that facility operators must understand they are breaking the law by closing indoor pools. NFPA 70 § 250.4(A)(1) says Electrical systems that are grounded shall be connected to earth in a manner that will limit the voltage imposed by lightning, line surges, or unintentional contact with higher-voltage lines and that will stabilize the voltage to earth during normal operation. Neither the quoted electrical code nor the more applicable National Electric Code article 680 (Swimming Pools [et al]) mentions either pool closure during electrical storms or regulatory enforcement; we have contacted NFPA for a confirmation. The good news is that national statistics do not include any deaths from lightning to people in indoor pools. Perhaps that is more because the practice is to clear the pools than because lightning does not strike pool areas. There are several documented instances of lightning striking YMCA indoor pools through glass or open windows and contacting the pool bottom, bleachers, or a lifeguard chair. The above comments basically address only death from electrocution. Pools with large expanses of glass have an additional exposure  not only may the glass be an avenue through which lightning may enter the facility, but a close strike may shatter windows. If the structure has a lightning protection system, that potential may be increased because lightning protection systems do not repel lightning  they attract it to a specific point so the energy can be directed to ground without damaging the facility. A close strike creates a significant sonic disturbance that could cause glass to fall on those in the pool area. The Redwoods Group, American Red Cross, National Lightning Safety Institute and YMCA of the USA continue to recommend the proactive action of removing swimmers from indoor pools as a lightning storm approaches and until after it passes. This protocol includes keeping swimmers out of the showers, away from telephones, and clear of metallic objects or large expanses of glass until after the storm passes. Leaving the premises is also not advised. We are in agreement that people come to indoor pools to have fun; however we must also remain diligent in clearing the indoor pools during thunderstorms. There has been a tremendous amount of technology created to more accurately track thunderstorms. These affordable systems may decrease the time out of the water for the swimmers and help to decrease the dissatisfaction of the swimmers at having to clear the water. For the safety of indoor pool swimmers, as well as for the sake of our own consciences, we are retaining our historic stance and will continue to encourage the clearing of indoor pools during a thunderstorm. Please call us at 800-463-8546 to discuss this or any other risk management safety tip, or visit our web site at to learn more about YMCA risk management issues.
Wed, 10/09/2013 12:00 PM Injured Greg Slater  43.0   
A man survived after being struck by lightning during a storm thanks to his rubber-soled slippers, which stopped the electricity passing through his body. Greg Slater was hit by a lightning bolt after he went outside with an umbrella to check a leaky gutter at his home near St Austell, Cornwall. However, he escaped unhurt and did not even know anything had happened until his wife told him she had seen him showered in electrical sparks. The 43-year-old father of two could have been seriously injured or even died if he had not been wearing rubber soles. Lucky escape: Greg Slater was saved by his slippers after he went outside in a storm carrying an umbrella Danger: The father of two was checking a leaky gutter during a thunderstorm at the time of the incident His lucky escape came during a storm over the hamlet of Higher Porthpean last week, when 'ball lightning' apparently struck him. Other villagers reported seeing the flash of light, which destroyed circuit boards and caused an explosion so loud it could be heard in the next village. More... Hero passenger lands light aircraft with help from instructors via radio after pilot is taken ill at controls and later dies in hospital Mother watched in horror as toddler son was killed by huge TV which toppled off chest of drawers and landed on his head as he tried to find ball One local even witnessed a lightning bolt jump across his kitchen after entering his house via the Aga. 'I thought I'd nip out and see where our gutters have been leaking, so I ran outside with a big umbrella and was leaning back looking up towards the gutter when a hole literally opened in the sky above me,' said Mr Slater, a development manager for Cornwall Council. Destruction: A telephone socket was burned out when Mr Salter's house was hit by ball lightning Home: Neighbours of Mr Slater in Higher Porthpean, Cornwall saw the lightning flash too 'It had been a totally grey clouded sky and this small area momentarily opened up and then there was the most almighty bang and flash of light. 'I was rooted to the spot for a few seconds before going into the house. I thought the cottage had been struck by lightning, but it was only when I saw my wife who was in total shock that I realised I had been hit by lightning. 'My wife had been looking out of the window and had seen me just showered from head to toe in white. She said the lightning had gone down my umbrella to the ground. 'To have been completely unharmed by it is really a chance in a million. I was thanking my lucky stars - and slippers.' Mr Slater thinks he was hit by ball lightning, a mysterious phenomenon which occurs during thunderstorms as a ball of electricity reaches the ground and explodes, leaving a sulphurous stink. Grateful: The council worker could have been seriously hurt without the help of his slippers 'I saw this ball of light then there was the most almighty bang,' he said. 'The village just had this incredible smell of sulphur. 'Afterwards I noticed that my neck and shoulders were very stiff and sections of my legs and arms were in spasms and felt really tight. 'They also went cold and tingled and I felt pretty hyperactive afterwards. I felt like I was literally buzzing.' He added: 'My father, who was a physics teacher, thinks the fact that the umbrella and I were wet allowed the charge to pass down the outside of me. All I can say is thank the Lord I had rubber-soled slippers on. 'People need to realise that they need to take these ever more frequent extreme weather events seriously, and to believe the old wives' tale about lightning and umbrellas.' Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Wed, 10/09/2013 12:00 AM Killed 100 people  0.0   
Officials at the National Committee for Disaster Management said yesterday that the death toll from lightning strikes had reached 100 people for the first nine months of 2013. Keo Vy, chief of cabinet at the NCDM, said that in addition to the 100 people killed by lightning, 74 others were injured and 47 farm animals were killed. The figures represent a very slight decrease in deaths over the same period last year, which saw 103 people killed. But there was an equally slight increase in injuries from last year, when only 71 people were hurt by lightning. The dangerousness of lightning seems to have decreased this month because the amount of rainfall is beginning to decrease, Vy said. Lightning deaths in Cambodia have been a perennial problem over the years. Though the government insists it takes pains to educate people on storm safety, hundreds have died or been injured after being struck while working in the fields. Contact author: Mom Kunthear
Tue, 10/08/2013 04:30 PM Injured Travis Bridgman  33.0  North Bend WA 
  inside thru window    Indirect,Indoors,Watching from Porch or Window 
by CAROL LADWIG, Snoqualmie Valley Record Staff Reporter posted Oct 8, 2013 at 12:47 PM Time didnt work quite right. He didnt hear a thing, but the people with him said the noise was deafening. He stayed on his feet, not even a hole in his shirt, and afterward, he remembered them staring at him, shocked, but he didnt really feel much. That, to the best of Travis Bridgmans memory, is what a lightning strike feels like. Bridgman, 33, of North Bend, has defied a lot of conventional wisdom with his experience, Sunday, Sept. 15. First, he says, You would really think that the inside of a building is safe. Usually, it is, and lightning safety education materials often advise When thunder roars, go indoors. Bridgman was inside the Shilow Life Fellowship building, though, with about eight other people, when he was struck. A little bolt, about as big as a pin, just came through the window and pinged me in the chest, he said. It happened at about 4:30 p.m., after the last service of the day. Bridgman said he was helping to close up the building and had gone to close the last open window. A small part of me knew that there was lightning right outside, but there are still things that we should do, he said. He kept doing those things, too, after he was struck, and although he said he couldnt feel his feet or his left lung working for a while, he seemed to have no ill effects. His mother said it was close to a miracle. A direct lightning strike carries 300 million volts, and heats the air around it to more than 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Weather Service. Most strikes are not fatal, but lightning kills about 30 people in the U.S. each year. The second way Bridgman is an anomaly is that this is his second time being struck by lightning. Years ago, he said, he and a group of Little Leaguers were knocked down by a lightning strike that hit the ground as they were running across the field at North Bend Elementary School. That time, he said, the lightning just gave each of them some bruises and hurt our ears, he said, and this time, the lightning has left even less of a mark. Just 11 days after it happened, Bridgman says the small red burn that he got had disappeared. There was almost no exit wound on his back, and the Bellevue paramedics who saw him at the North Bend Fire Station Sept. 26 didnt make a record of the incident. Whats left, he says, is the need to learn more, and maybe to find meaning in his experience. I was in a church, so I thought maybe God decided to put some light into my heart, he said. The day after it happened, his need to learn started as an unusual urge. Seeing a friend off at the Pacific Crest Trail, he said I kind of just wanted to hike to Canada. He didnt, saying Its lovely up there, but this is my home. Bridgman has developed a strong sense of responsibility to North Bend, where he can often be seen picking up litter in parks. Its not city-sanctioned, he says, but that doesnt deter him from the work that he began 38 months ago. Although he cant really say why he started cleaning up trash, he says it was an important step in creating the community he wanted to live in. For & an environment that lets people talk freely, feel ownership, it has to be clean, he said. Bridgman is an all-weather volunteer, too, picking up trash year-round. Since hes outside so much, Bridgman does have concerns about lightning safety. In fact, he said, just a few days before he was struck, I was asking my friends how to be safe in lightning& I had lightning on my mind! Lightning or not, though, Bridgman plans to continue in his clean-up efforts in his favorite place, his home town, for a long time. CAROL LADWIG, Snoqualmie Valley Record Staff Reporter
Mon, 10/07/2013 12:00 PM Killed 32 killed  0.0  Patna  
PATNA, INDIA // At least 32 people including nine children were killed over the weekend by lightning strikes in the eastern Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, officials said yesterday. About 24 people including seven children were killed on Saturday and Sunday by bolts of lightning across Bihar, said the state disaster management minister, Renu Kumari Kushwaha. In Bihar, four children and two farmers were among the dead. The children had been playing in a field on Saturday when the lightning struck, while the farmers had been working on a paddy plantation on Sunday, an official said. In Supaul, a principal of a private school was killed when lightning hit the premises on Sunday. In neighbouring Jharkhand, eight people including two children died, Puran Mahto, an official in the states Dhanbad district said. Torrential rains accompanied by strong winds uprooted trees, damaged houses and brought down power cables across the region on Sunday night. Although lightning strikes during the June to October monsoon season are common, the weekend death toll was unusually high. Villagers housed in bamboo-and-grass huts are generally most at risk. * Agence France-Presse Read more: Follow us: @TheNationalUAE on Twitter | on Facebook
Sun, 10/06/2013 11:40 AM Killed Salvador Belleza  77.0  Camp Tolentino Bataan 
CAMP TOLENTINO, Bataan  A 77-year-old man was electrocuted the other night in Barangay Pulo, Hermosa, Bataan. Senior Supt. Audie Atienza, Batan police director, identified the victim as Salvador Belleza, of Purok 1, Barangay Mandama, Hermosa, Bataan. Investigation showed that the victims body was discovered by a certain Bienvenido Cana at about 11:40 a.m. Friday lying in his farm lot with severe burns on his back and feet. Police said the victim might have been struck by lightning that caused his death but still they are condcuting further investigation if there is a foul play. Meanwhile, in Balanga City, the body of an epileptic believed to have drowned in the Abu-Abu River was fished out near Rodelyn Builders Construction Site in Sitio Lower Dangcol. Police identified the victim as Joseph Halili, a resident of the area. Investigation disclosed that the victim was last seen by his relative carrying a fishing rod (bingwit) and failed to return home on that day. The following day, Halilis body was later discovered by his younger brother, Elijo, at about 6:45 a.m., in the river, it was reported. Police disclosed that there was no foul play on the victims death. (Mar T. Supnad)
Sat, 09/28/2013 12:00 PM Killed 5 killed  0.0   
In separate incidents, five persons, including four women, died after they were struck by lightning in the district, police said today. Three women, who were working on the fields at Dimili village in Rambilli mandal of the district, died due to lightning strikes, police said adding the deceased have been identified as S Ammaji (40), S Kalavati (34) and N Devullamma (55). In similar incidents in S Rayavaram mandal in the district, K Mallayya (60) and and D Satyavati (42) were stuck down by lightning when they were working on the fields, police said. Read more on: 5 Killed In Lightning Strikes
Sat, 09/28/2013 12:00 PM Killed 5 killed  0.0  Odisha 
Lightning kills five in Odisha Post to Facebook Post to Twitter Share on Orkut Post to Google+ Post to StumbleUpon Post to Digg Add to Reddit Send via E-mail program Bhubaneswar, Sep 28 (IANS) At least five people were killed and four injured in separate incidents of lightning strikes in Odisha, an official said Saturday. The lightning and thunderstorms struck many places in the state Friday evening. An official from the state relief commissoners office told IANS that two people died near Cuttack city, 30 km from Bhubaneswar. The firebolt struck a group of people working in a brick kiln. Two men aged 20 and 21 died on the spot, four sustained critical injuries, he said. According to the police, the districts of Deogarh, Balasore and Sundergarh have reported one death each. In Deogarh, a 44-year-old man died while supervising a road construction work near Niktimal village, police said. At least 25 people have died in the state this month by lightning strikes taking the toll to 200 this year. The state government has announced a compensation of Rs.1.5 lakh to victims kin. IANS 2013-09-28 12:14:03
Thu, 09/26/2013 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills 6, over 20 injured  0.0   
Related News Sep 26 2013 Lightning claims one Sep 24 2013 Lightning claims two in Sindhupalchowk Sep 24 2013 Lightning claims three in Khotang Sep 03 2013 Lightning claims 3 in 2 days Aug 14 2013 Lightning claims two in Rolpa Aug 02 2013 Lightning claims one Jul 30 2013 Lightning claims one, injures dozen Jun 24 2013 Lightning claims one in Lahan Jun 22 2013 Lightning claims three children Useful Links » A new way to read online, exact replica of your daily and magazine » For all you tweety fans out there! » Allows you to find only those news from any date you choose! » Search any news/ articles by author/ category/ date/ keyword KATHMANDU, SEP 25 - At least six people died and more than 20 others sustained injuries, some critically, after being struck by lightning in separate incidents in Khotang, Sindhupalchok and Dolakha districts on Monday night. Dhakamsher Rai, his father Mahanta Bahadur Rai, and Jaya Bahadur Rai of the Patheka VDC in Khotang, died instantly after lightning struck them at around 9 pm, said police. Dhakamsher was the district vice-chairman of the Federal Socialist Party Nepal. Our correspondent from Sindhupalchok said that the lightning killed two people in separate incidents on the same day. The deceased have been identified as Ram Kumari Tamang of Maneshwara, and Sangdorje Tamang of Ramche. Six others were injured in the incidents. Critically injured Gorim Maya Tamang was rushed to Kathmandu while the others are receiving care at the Barhabise Primary Health Centre. In Dolakha, Sarita Tamang died while 15 others sustained injuries as the lightning struck them at the Chilakha VDC. According to the police, one of the injured is in critical condition. Posted on: 2013-09-25 09:03
Thu, 09/26/2013 12:00 PM Killed 205 pupils killed  0.0  Kisoro  
KISORO - Lightning that struck various places in Kisoro has left two people dead and a reported six others injured. A Uganda Red Cross field team that visited the affected villages is yet to file a final report. The six people who sustained injuries are reportedly admitted at Kisoro Hospital. This comes at a time when various parts of Uganda are experiencing rainy weather as had earlier been projected by the weather department. According to the weather predictions, the rains are to continue until October. Kisoro is one of the lightning-prone parts of the country. However, it has been reported before by the commissioner for meteorology, Michael Nkalubo that Tororo and Entebbe are most prone to lightning strikes than any other areas of Uganda. There have been serious cases of lightning strikes in other areas too. In Hoima district, seven students of Mandela Secondary School were struck by lightning early August this year. Luckily, they survived. In February this year, refugees and disaster preparedness minister, Musa Ecweru said 205 primary school pupils were killed due to lightning strikes.
Wed, 09/25/2013 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills 4 in Panchagarh  0.0   
Lightning kills 4 in Panchagarh Star Online Report Four people were killed and another injured when a lightning struck in Atwary upazila of Panchagarh Wednesday afternoon. The victims are Dabiruddin, 30, of Rampur village, Poritosh Barman, 17, and Biren Sing, 40, of Alowakhawa Konpara village, and Mintu, 18, of Balapara village of the upazila, said Touhidul Islam, the chairman of Alowakhawa union parishad (UP). Describing the incident the UP chairman said the lightning struck all of the four when they took shelter from a heavy rain under a bamboo bush in Barshalupara village. Four people died on the spot while Krishna, 17, of Alowakhawa village sustained burn injuries, reports our correspondent from Thakurgaon. Krishna was rushed to Atwary Upazila Health Complex and later shifted to Rangpur Medical College Hospital.
Fri, 09/20/2013 12:00 PM unknown Thor guard  0.0  OK 
TPS uses lightning detection system for football safety Story Comments Share Print Story Video TPS uses lightning detection system for football safety Reported by: Janna Clark Email: Updated: 9/20 6:00 pm Published: 9/20 5:29 pm Players cleared the field when it started pouring Thursday night at the Booker T. Washington home game against East Central. The game didn't end because of rain, but because of lightning. There's a lightning detection system and it went off at Thursday's game, but not everyone knew it. Most people were looking away watching the game. Helen Reddell was focused on her two godsons, both Hornet linebackers, in a rivalry game between Booker T. and East Central. "I didn't even realize that existed," she said, but she paid attention when she saw lightning getting closer. FOX23's Chief Meteorologist James Aydelott texted a co-worker at the game that the lightning was 1 mile away. Then seven minutes later, he texted, "You are in danger now. Lightning may occur at any time." Right after that, the district said the detection unit at BTW went off. But the game was so loud fans said they never heard it. Behind the scenes, the district was monitoring. TPS Emergency Manager Bob Roberts said the district chose the Thor-Guard System because it predicts when lightning could strike. "When lightning is expected to start, not after the event," he said. He said lightning often comes before the rain, when people are outside. When the light on this screen turned from yellow to red last night an email alert went out to BTW school officials and the game was canceled. But fans at the game say they didn't know. "Didn't really know until the boys started running of the field. The band was here. Nobody said, 'Take shelter, get off the aluminum bleachers,'" said Reddell. The district told FOX23 it will follow up and figure out a way to notify fans. Roberts say the lightning detection system has been here several years. It cost the district about $250,000.
Fri, 09/20/2013 12:00 PM Killed Drew Pearson  30.0  Big Lake AZ 
  fishing in a canoe  N/A  Boat,fishing,Fresh Water,Ground Strike,On Water,Outside,Water,Work 
A 30-year-old biologist with Arizona Game and Fish who was off work fishing on Big Lake died following a lightning strike near where he was fishing. Apache County Deputy Sheriff Brannon Eagar said Drew Pearson was fishing in a canoe with his dog Sept. 20 when witnesses saw lightning strike near the canoe. Afterward, they reportedly saw his dog swimming in the water and Pearsons motionless body nearby.
Thu, 09/19/2013 12:00 PM Killed Angelo Santucci  28.0  Gary IN 
  working on billboard  N/A  Direct hit,Outside,Work 
A man working on a billboard along 27th Avenue was struck by lightning, according to Jones, and transported to Gary Methodist in cardiac arrest. He did not survive. The identities of the victims have not been released, pending notification of next of kin. Gone in an instant, two familes were devastated Thursday by deadly storms that swept through northern Indiana. Angelo Santucci, 28, and Jackie Allen, 42, both died after lightning strikes in Gary, IN. A nine-month-old baby somehow survived the same lightning strike that killed Mr Allen. The lightning came during a brutal storm that caused widespread damage to the area, according to reports. A family devastated: Angelo Santucci, pictured with wife Sonia, was killed Thursday after being struck by lightning Mr Santucci was working on a billboard when lightning struck and killed him. The married father was wearing a metal harness when the bolt struck him on the platform of the billboard, his sister Destiny Santucci told CBS Chicago. It struck him, and they said it stopped his heart, she told the station. By the time they got up there, the doctors told us theres only a window of time before they have to resuscitate him. Mr Santuccis devastated wife wanted to know why he on the platform during the storm. Dangerous perch: Mr Santucci was in a metal harness on this roadside billboard when struck by lightning, instantly killing him Why was he up there? It was storming out. Theyre not supposed to be up there in thunder, the crushed widow told CBS Chicago. His shattered mother is shocked her son is gone. I'm upset 'cause he had no business up there, the distraught mother told WLS, My son is gone. He had his whole future in front of him. More... World's top climate scientists told to 'cover up' the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for the last 15 years Landslides on Mexican coast kill up to 80 people and panic spreading as CROCODILES are now swimming in the streets after a river flooded Mr Santucci also leaves behind a 2-year-old girl and nine-month-old son, according to NBC Chicago. Across town, Mr Allen was inside when a lightning bolt struck his home. Boom! Its like the transformer went out, a neighbor told NBC Chicago. Firefighters arriving to the house found it engulfed in smoke and flames while driving rains and fierce winds pounded the homes exterior, a Gary Fire Department spokesperson told local media. Destroyed: Jackie Allen was in this Gary, IN., home when it was struck by lightning, killing him and injuring a toddler Scorched: The home was engulfed in smoke and flames when firefighters arrived Heavy rain, low visibility, and lots of thunder, the fire department spokesperson said, it hindered the rescue operation. Once able to get inside, rescuers were able to get both Mr Allen and the baby out of the house, but were only able to revive the baby. They was trying to do CPR, trying to bring them back, it didnt work, the neighbor added. Locals couldnt believe the storm turned their neighbors house into a charred shell, taking his life. I was just in shock, like wow, like, it really did that damage? Another neighbor asked. The storms caused heavy flooding in the area and set numerous rainfall records, said reports. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Wed, 09/18/2013 04:30 PM Injured 2 of 2 teachers  0.0  S. Louis MO 
  standing outside school  N/A  Ground Strike,Outside,Tree,Work 
Wed, 09/18/2013 04:30 PM Injured 1 of 2 teachers  0.0  St. Louis MO 
  near a tree    Ground Strike,Near Trees,Outside,School,Tree,Work 
Two teachers shocked after lightning hits nearby tree 7:00 PM, Sep 18, 2013 | 0 comments - A A A + Brandie Piper FILED UNDER Headlines ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Two teachers have been treated after being shocked from a lightning strike in The Hill neighborhood. Capt. Dan Sutter with the St. Louis Fire Department says shortly before 4:30 p.m. Wednesday two women were standing outside in the rain near a tree in the 5300 block of Columbia Avenue when lightning struck the tree. He says it's likely that because of wet conditions the women received a residual shock. One of the women was knocked to the ground. They were able to make it to the office of the Shaw Visual and Performing Arts School in the neighborhood to get help. Medics responded to the scene, but did not transport them to the hospital.
Tue, 09/17/2013 12:00 PM Injured Five kids in hospital after lightning strike  0.0   
Mumbai : Five kids were injured after heavy lightning struck the City on Sunday evening and were admitted to Habib hospital in Kurla (W), Menon hospital in Vashi and Nair hospital in Mumbai Central respectively. While two kids who have been admitted in Habib hospital are from Kurla, the other two admitted at Nair hospital are from Tardeo, Mumbai Central. One kid is recuperating at Menon hospital. Out of the two kids, one will be discharged by evening. The other girl Alfia Irfan Ansari (12) is still under trauma. There were no marks of burn or external injury in both. They are just in shock, said Dr Salim Nakhate of Habib hospital. According to Dr Nakhate, Ansari was in severe shock and was facing breathing problems when she arrived. However, she was revived within 10 minutes. Afterwards, she was drowsy and in the midnight she was again breathless. She required immediate help, said Dr Nakhate. Since Habib hospital is not well equipped in providing tertiary care, Ansari had to be transferred to Sion hospital by evening. She is recovering well. She is still in shock and is getting attacks. But we hope she will get stable by tomorrow, said Dr Avinash Supe, dean, Sion hospital. We are just hoping that she recovers quickly. She was playing in the rain when the accident took place. She became unconscious and we had to rush her to the hospital, said Irfan Ansari, father of Alfia Khan. Akshay Parshuram Tukral (13) who has been admitted at BYL Nair hospital was in shock since Sunday night. Though he has recovered from the shock, he still is having hearing problems. He became unconscious when struck by the lightning. He was playing in the rain and after lightning struck him, he fell down. He became unconscious when we took him to the Nair hospital. He gradually regained consciousness after 2 hours, said Parshuram Tukral, who is a gardener. Akshay is still in shock and did not respond to the questions of this correspondent. He just complained that he has been hearing less. The other kids from Menon and Habib hospital have been discharged. Durvesh Yadav (11) was not directly affected by lighting but was wounded by the speakers which fell by the sound of lightning. He has sustained injuries on his head and is under observation at Nair hospital.
Tue, 09/17/2013 12:00 PM Injured Lightning strikes: Beware of the bolt from the blu  0.0   
A day after three young girls were admitted to various hospitals in the eastern suburbs after lightning struck in the vicinity, the weather department has issued another warning predicting heavy rainfall and lightning for the next three days. Due to ionization in the atmosphere during heavy rainfall there is an electrical discharge. Sometimes this gets attracted to neutral surfaces on the ground and that is when lightning strikes, said VK Rajiv, director of the Regional Meteorological Department, Mumbai. We have been issuing warnings of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms since a week now. People should be more careful especially of their children when they know there is going to be a storm. People are at risk if they neglect these warnings, Rajiv said. Experts said lightning is the highest form of energy which if passes through the human body directly will reduce it to dust. It also affects the persons in the vicinity that it strikes as the electric and heat charge produced is immense. It disturbs the heart rhythm, can pierce through ear drum, cause cataract trouble in eyes and gangrenes. Even as the patient appears fine after a day, it can cause major repercussions inside the body. The patients should seek medical follow up, said Dr SM Keswani, plastic surgeon at National Burns Centre in Airoli, Navi Mumbai. The BMC disaster management experts say there is no danger to anyone helping a person who has been struck by lightning as no electric charge remains in their body after lightning has passed. Treat those who are unconscious first as they are at greater risk of dying. Patient has to be revived with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as s/he may appear dead with feeble pulse and no breath, said Shantaram Shinde, joint commissioner (disaster management), BMC. Meanwhile, the three girls from Kurla admitted to various hospitals across eastern suburbs for burn injuries after lightning struck in the vicinity on Sunday evening are out of danger now. Afiya Ansari (7), Iram Shaikh (7) and Sadrunissa Shaikh (7) were playing in a compound near Bhagirathi Chawl in Kurla (West) when the tragedy struck. Doctors kept Iram and Sadrunissa on ventilator support for over 24 hours before declaring that the girls were out of danger. Afiya, 7, is recuperating at Habib Hospital in Kurla. We were playing near the closed shutter of Iqbal Tailors in the compound. Around 7.30pm we heard a huge sound and got stuck to the shutter. All the three of us passed out and landed up in the hospital, Afiya said. The locals said the lightning struck the ground a few feet away out of the blue. The atmosphere was charged with electricity and the girls came in contact with the iron shutter of the tailoring shop. When a young boy Shanu, 12, went to physically separate them, he too received electric jolt. Eventually, the girls were separated with wooden sticks and admitted to the hospital as the current in the body lessened, said the girls neighbour, Mohammed Salim. Iram and Sadrunissas pulse was extremely feeble and fluctuating. They have sustained superficial bruises and burn injuries on the head and back. They were falling short of breath. We examined them on the spot, delivered cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and mouth to mouth oxygen before hospitalisation. They are now stable and will be discharged by Tuesday, said Dr Tanvir Tahir, their family physician.I
Sun, 09/15/2013 12:00 PM Killed 19 cops hurt in lightning strike  0.0   
      Police Officer 
PURULIA: Nineteen junior constables undergoing training in Jangalmahal were injured when lightning struck at a police barrack on Saturday afternoon. Three women working in a field were killed. The constables belong to the 11 Battalion of the State Armed Police and they are under training at the Charra headquarters on the outskirts of Purulia. They were taken to hospital and 10 were released after first-aid. Purulia ASP Abdesh Pathak said nine constables were critical. He and DSP (D&T) Pinaki Dutta visited the hospital and spoke to the injured cops. Around 300 junior constables from Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapore are being prepared to combat Maoists. They joined the six-week training from September 9. Three women - Anima Biwi, Sandhya Rajak and Urmila Mahato - were killed in Jhaldah when lightning struck.
Sun, 09/15/2013 12:00 PM Injured Chris Hands  24.0  Grotto Bay  
  standing inside near window  N/A  Door,Indirect,Indoors,Lifeguard,Window,Work 
A local man is lucky to be alive after being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm on Sunday. According to a source, the man was standing inside when the lightning struck, coming through a window at the boat rental concession of Grotto Bay Hotel. The Royal Gazette understands the man was taken to the Lambe Foggo Urgent Care Canter in St Davidýs where his heart momentarily stopped beating, before he was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. The man has been moved from the intensive care unit to a general ward and is expected to be released tomorrow. Lightning also struck at the RUBiS Causeway gas station in Hamilton Parish, according to a post by the RUBiS Bermuda page on Facebook on Sunday. ýAs a result of lightning strike causing damage to key equipment,ý read the post, ýRUBiS Causeway will be unable to serve fuel until midday tomorrow (Monday, September 16).ý A subsequent comment by RUBiS confirmed repairs had been made and the gas station was up and running as usual by 1pm yesterday. Lightning strikes can often enter a home through a window, door or even telephone line. If you are inside during a lightning storm, the American Weather Service advises staying off corded phones, while keeping clear of all windows, doors, plumbing and concrete walls. - See more at: A lifeguard who was struck by lightning has described how he came within a whisker of death. Chris Hands was knocked unconscious when a thunderbolt struck his workplace at Grotto Bay on Sunday. And then his heart stopped beating at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in St Davids, before doctors brought him back to life. Speaking exclusively to the Bermuda Sun from his hospital bed the 24-year-old told of his miracle recovery. He said: I was inside the watersports office just doing some work on the computer and chatting to a work colleague when there was this huge bang above the building. My colleague saw this flash of light coming through the door and sparks flew as it moved towards the fridge. It just knocked me straight out and I came around a few minutes later with a crowd of people standing over me. My body just felt numb and I could not see anything to start off with. I slowly got up but still didnt feel right. I felt like my body was still buzzing. The boss of Triangle Diving Graham Maddocks took Mr Hands to the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in St Davids. Mr Hands said: I was for all the journey talking to Graham, but I still felt pretty tingly. Warm sensation Down the right side of my body where the lightning had entered in from I had a very warm sensation and my legs just did not feel right. I walked up to the front desk and they told me that I should really be at hospital, but they laid me down on a bed and then I just blacked out again. Mr Hands heart then stopped beating and he flat-lined for several seconds before doctors brought him back to life by shocking his heart with hard compressions. He said: When I woke up again I was hot and sweaty. The doctors told me I had flat-lined but I really had no idea what had happened. Mr Hands was rushed to hospital via ambulance and after an initial assessment in emergency was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. He spent the whole of Sunday night in the ICU having blood tests every two hours so medics could check his condition. Last night Mr Hands was being treated on a general ward and hoping to be allowed home today. He told the Bermuda Sun: When I first came into emergency they put paddles on my chest and back so that they could monitor my heart and make sure they could shock start it if it stopped again. I didnt sleep at all that first night in ICU. They kept on doing tests on me at regular intervals and I felt pretty awful too. A lot of the nurses have said I am lucky to be alive after what happened. I dont think anyone has seen this kind of thing before so it has been pretty scary for me too. Im just pleased that Im feeling better now and looking forward to getting back home.
Sat, 09/14/2013 01:23 PM Killed Lightning kills 1, injures 16 in E China  0.0  Zhejiang 
  seeking shelter    Burnt to death,Outside 
Lightning kills 1, injures 16 in E China 2013-09-14 20:29:22 NINGBO, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- A group of tourists ended on a tragic hiking in east China's Zhejiang Province on Saturday afternoon when one of them was charred alive in a lightning strike. Another 16 tourists sustained burns when the bolt hit the crowd when they were seeking shelter from a thunderstorm, local authorities said Saturday. The accident happened at 1:23 p.m. on the top of the Jiufeng Mountain in Beilun District in the coastal city of Ningbo when the group were climbing the mountain in a thunderstorm, according to the district government. The injured are being treated in local hospitals. The identity of the tourists is to be verified.
Sat, 09/14/2013 12:00 PM unknown Hunting Earth's Mystery Lightning From the Interna  0.0   
  science    Education,Science 
Hunting Earth's Mystery Lightning From the International Space Station By Amy Teitel A Red Sprite taken from the ISS, via Wikimedia For astronauts aboard the International Space Station, the view of the Earth isnt just space age eye candy. Its a unique perspective from which they can shed light on nagging questions about our home planet. Its a perspective scientists exploit by sending remote experiments to the station in their stead, experiments like Firestation, which is designed to study the obscure side of a phenomenon were all pretty familiar with: lightning. The lightning we all know and love (or hate, perhaps) is those jagged columns of light that heat the air to 50,000°F as they plunge from electrically charged clouds towards the Earth. But lightning doesnt exclusively move down towards Earth from clouds. Lightning in the upper atmosphere can also move up from storm clouds into space. Its only recently that scientists discovered the strange lightning-related phenomena happening in the tops of clouds. There are red sprites, blue jets, and elves, cold forms of lightning that shoot upwards from storm clouds. There are strange jets of antimatter that also fly upwards, triggering the detectors on NASA's orbiting high-energy observatories. There are even gamma ray bursts that happen as often as 500 times a day during which Earth briefly mimics a supernova. These are known, appropriately, as Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes or TGFs. Scientists know these phenomena exist, but no one is entirely sure how they relate to the lightning on the lower half of the cloud that we see during a thunderstorm. Hopefully this will change soon, thanks to Firestation, a package of sensors designed to explore the links between TGFs, ordinary lightning, and sprites. Firestations principal investigator Doug Rowland from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center calls the ISS the perfect platform from which to explore these cloud-top lightning phenomena. During the experiments one year lifetime, the ISS will carry the bevy of sensors over thousands of active thunderstorms. He hopes that from this vantage point, Firestation will see up to 50 lightning strikes per day and at least one TGF every few hours. A diagram showing the relative heights of various forms of lightning. via With each storm, Firestation will gather plenty of data. Unlike previous upper atmospheric lightning experiments, it has the unique ability to observe thunderstorms in multiple wavelengths at the same time. In one go the detector can record radio static from lightning; measure the optical glow of lightning, red sprites, and blu elves; and detect gamma-rays and electrons associated with TGFs and any other antimatter events. The TGFs are of particular interest. Right now, scientists dont know for sure which type of lightning produces the surprisingly high-energy gamma-ray flashes theyve seen. Gamma-rays are thought to come from the hottest and violent places in the universe, so their appearance at the top of our planets cold atmosphere is quite a surprise. Something up there is accelerating low-energy particles of air to nearly the speed of light to produce this gamma-radiation and the occasional burst of antimatter. Scientists want to know what this something is, and Firestation is going to unlock the mystery. After gathering data from so many types of phenomena across so many wavelengths, researchers should be able to sort out the cause-and-effect connections between these lighting events. Firestation was delivered to the ISS on Aug. 3, 2013, by the Japanese robotic cargo vessel Kounotori-4. Its already been installed on the stations exterior and the sensors have been checked out. All thats left is to start the experiment, which is slated to happen this month. Once Firestation is up and running, scientists expect it will be only a matter of weeks before the biggest mysteries of upper atmospheric lightning are answered, adding these phenomena to the list of questions answered thanks to the space age. By Amy Teitel 5 hours ago Tags: iss, Firestation, Upper Atmospheric Lightning
Fri, 09/13/2013 12:00 AM Injured schoolgirl  16.0  Mildura  
  holding umbrella outside in storm    Outside,Umbrella 
Share on google Share on google_plusone_share Share on reddit Share on email Share on email A VICTORIAN teenager has been struck by lightning at school. The 16-year-old from Irymple Secondary College, near Mildura in Victoria's north-west, was holding an umbrella during a thunderstorm on Friday morning when she felt a jolt, Ambulance Victoria says. Paramedics were called to the high school where they treated the girl for shock. She was taken to hospital in a stable condition. Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said it appeared the lightning hit her umbrella. "She said she felt a jolt in her arm," Mr Mullen told AAP. "There were no obvious injuries." - See more at:
Thu, 09/12/2013 11:00 AM Injured comcast worker  0.0  Londonderry NH 
  unknown    Indirect,Indoors,Work 
Comcast worker experiences symptoms consistent with being shocked after lightning strike in Londonderry Print 0 Comments Share 5 Enlarge LONDONDERRY  A Comcast employee sought medical treatment Thursday for symptoms consistent with being shocked after lightning struck a local Comcast service center. Londonderry firefighters were called to the Comcast facility at 322 Nashua Road around noon Thursday to investigate a reported lightning strike, according to Fire Chief Darren OBrien. While they were at the scene, a male employee reported feeling light headed and experiencing tingling sensations. The man, whose age is unknown, was taken by a Hudson ambulance crew to a local hospital for treatment. His injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, OBrien said. Lightning touched down across the region Thursday, setting off fire alarms and striking two buildings in Londonderry. A severe thunderstorm watch was set to remain in effect until 10 p.m. for southern New Hampshire, northern Connecticut and Massachusetts. As of 1:20 p.m., The National Weather Service was tracking another band of rough weather heading northeast toward New Hampshire. The thunderstorm was centered over Fitchburg, Mass., and was expected to bring hail up to the size of dimes and wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. The storm was expected to impact Nashua, Merrimack, Hudson, Milford, Amherst and other areas near the Massachusetts border.  JIM HADDADIN
Thu, 09/12/2013 02:00 PM Injured Anthony Roy  18.0  Candia NH 
  playing video game on computer    Computer / Video Game,Indirect,Indoors 
Candia 18-year-old struck while playing video games ShareThis By BENJAMIN C. KLEIN Union Leader Correspondent Linked articles: Wild afternoon for lightning in southern New Hampshire CANDIA  Eighteen year old Anthony Roy suffered little apparent injury after being struck by lightning Thursday afternoon while sitting in his basement playing video games. While Roy has slight external injuries, all tests performed at his house on Tower Hill Road by paramedics called to the scene showed no internal injury. Roy refused transport to the hospital. It was really scary, one minute I am sitting with my laptop on my lap and then big orange light came out of nowhere and my leg started to seize up, Roy said. - See more at:
Thu, 09/12/2013 03:45 PM Injured man   0.0  Portland ME  
  indooors    Indirect,Indoors 
'Dangerous lightning storm' thrashes Portland, sends man to hospital A thunderstorm watch remains in effect through Thursday evening, following Wednesday's lightning, hail and high winds. By Dennis Hoey Staff Writer Portland officials warned residents to take precautions late Thursday afternoon after the city was hit by what was described as a "dangerous lightning storm" that sent at least one man to the hospital. click image to enlarge Lightning strikes north of Macworth Island in Portland on Wednesday. There were more than 1,000 lightning strikes per hour at the height of the storm, according to the National Weather Service. The Associated Press / Robert F. Bukaty RELATED HEADLINES NWS investigating two possible tornadoes in N. Maine Select images available for purchase in the Maine Today Photo Store DID YOU TAKE photos of the damage from last night's powerful thunderstorms? Send them to, and we may post them with our coverage. City spokeswoman Nicole Clegg said the fast-moving storm, which moved through Portland around 3:45 p.m., triggered multiple fire alarms and reports of lightning strikes. Clegg said a Peaks Island resident was taken to a local hospital after lightning struck the man's home. His injuries were not considered to be life threatening. Firefighters investigated alarms that went off at the former St. Joseph's Convent on Stevens Avenue and at 149 Allen Ave., a senior housing complex in North Deering. No damage or injuries were reported at either site. The Portland Fire Department reminded residents that if they can hear thunder, they are in danger of being struck by lightning. Individuals should immediately seek shelter. Thursday's storms followed severe thunderstorms across the state Wednesday night, with the National Weather Service reporting more than 1,000 lightning strikes occurring every hour. The weather service in Gray issued a thunderstorm watches for the much of southern Maine for Thursday evening as warm, moist air and an approaching cold front continued to spawn strong storms across the region. Thursday's storms could produce somewhat less lightning than Wednesday's did, though areas that were not hit badly Wednesday may now get their share, said John Jensenius of the weather service in Gray. Wednesday's lightning was cloud to ground, the weather service said, more dangerous than cloud to cloud because of the potential to cause structural damage. The storms also produced heavy rain, hail and wind speeds approaching hurricane force. Damage was heaviest in Knox and Waldo counties and on Islesboro particularly, Jensenius said. Hail measuring an inch in diameter was reported in Windham. More than 10,000 Central Maine Power Co. customers had lost power late Wednesday, though by Thursday afternoon there were fewer than 4,400. "The storms are widespread and are producing winds in excess of 70 miles per hour," said Eric Schwibs, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, around 11 p.m. Wednesday. "That type of wind can cause a lot of damage." The strongest wind gust reported Wednesday was 62 mph in Cape Elizabeth and the most rain was recorded in Cumberland Center, 1.31 inches. Earlier in the day, the weather service in Caribou issued a tornado warning. Witnesses, including an Aroostook County sheriff's deputy, reported high winds and widespread damage in the town of Oxbow, west of Houlton and just north of Baxter State Park. Darrell Crandall, chief deputy sheriff for Aroostook County, said deputies, forest rangers, state troopers and workers from the Maine Department of Transportation spent more than three hours clearing a three-mile stretch of Route 11 of fallen trees and debris. Though no tornadoes were seen, Rich Norton, a meteorologist with the weather service in Caribou, said a team of investigators will go to Oxbow on Thursday to assess the damage and try to determine whether a tornado touched down. A National Weather Service spokesman said on Thursday that heavy rain and fog in Aroostook County delayed the inspection, which is now likely to occur on Friday. The Knox County Sheriff's Department confirmed that a tree went through a trailer at the Sennebec Lake Campground in Appleton and injured one person late Wednesday. Staff Writer David Hench contributed to this report. Dennis Hoey can be contacted at 791-6365 or at:
Thu, 09/12/2013 02:21 PM Injured air traffic controller  0.0  BWI Airpoet MD 
  inside control room    Airplane,Indirect,Indoors,Work 
Lightning struck the air-traffic control tower at Baltimore-Washington International Airport on Thursday, injuring a worker and prompting a temporary closure of the tower. The injured worker was a Federal Aviation Administration staffer in the traffic management unit and a member of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, according to association spokesman Doug Church. The worker had been in the tower cab, or control room, when the strike occurred, Church said. A power generator sits below the tower and is used to keep runway lights on during an emergency, according to John Dunkerly, the controller association's president at BWI. The injured controller was touching a panel, which apparently wasn't grounded correctly, to turn on the generator at the same time that lightning struck the tower, Dunkerly said. "It knocked him to his knees and other controllers were there to pick him up make sure he was OK," said John Dunkerly, the controller association's president at BWI. "He had some numbness in his arms and in his legs." The controller was alert after the incident, but taken to the Shock Trauma Center of the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, , Church said. His wife was taking him home about 7 p.m., Dunkerly said. "So far, everything seems OK with him," he said. For the period that the tower and runways were closed, air traffic was handled by a regional facility. The lightning strike occurred at 2:21 p.m. as heavy storms passed through the area, and the tower was reopened by 5 p.m., according to the FAA. "The airlines are working to accommodate air travelers," Jonathan Dean, airport spokesman, said at 6:30 p.m. "The carriers are gradually resuming flight operations at BWI." Nearly 120 flights were canceled at BWI by 6:30 p.m., according to the flight-tracking firm
Wed, 09/11/2013 12:00 PM Injured 13 schoolchildren  0.0   
  inside classroom     
13 school children injured by lightning Published : Wednesday, 11 September 2013 BARISAL, Sept 10 (BSS): About 13 school children were injured today when lightning struck them in Agailjhara Bazar area under Agailjhara upazila of the district. Local and police sources said the incident happened in S.M Girls High School of the district town. The students were inside their classroom having their regular classes, when lightning struck them. Police and locals rushed to the spot and sent them to a local hospital. - See more at:
Wed, 09/11/2013 04:30 PM Injured Jacob Symons  15.0  Larksville PA 
  walking home  N/A  Ground Strike,Outside,Under Trees 
September 11. 2013 11:26PM Times Leader staff More Story Tools Print | EMail | Save | Hear QR Send to Kindle Font size: A boy was injured in a lightning strike in Larksville on Wednesday as a cluster of thunderstorms moved through the region. A Luzerne County 911 supervisor said there were three reports of people injured in lightning strikes received on Wednesday  one near the Dana Street Elementary School in Forty Fort, one on Kidder Street in Wilkes-Barre and one at 135 E. Luzerne St., Larksville. The supervisor said the reports from Forty Fort and Wilkes-Barre were signed off, which means no one was transported to a hospital. However, the juvenile injured in Larksville was transported to a hospital for treatment, the supervisor said. That report was received just after 4:30 p.m. The National Weather Service in Binghamton reported that more thunderstorms with localized heavy rain are likely Thursday. The 15-year-old boy injured Wednesday evening when he was struck by lightning is out of the hospital and recovering, his family said Thursday. Jacob Symons, of Wilson Street, Larksville, was hospitalized for several hours at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital after being struck outside a friend's house at 135 Luzerne Ave., said his mother, Jill Cunningham. "It's like the worst thing to go through your head as a mother: Is he OK? Is he dead?" she said. "It's scary." Symons' girlfriend, Bryana Henninger, 14, said she and Symons had gone to the house of a friend, Chase Wychock, 15, and were heading back when a series of thunderstorms came through Northeastern Pennsylvania. WBRE Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Josh Hodell said in one 15-minute period, he documented more than 1,500 lightning strikes in Central and Northern Pennsylvania. "There was nearly continuous cloud-to-ground lightning," Hodell said. Symons and his friends found themselves outside in the midst of it. Henninger said Symons was about 5 feet away from a tree that took a direct hit. "It sounded like a bomb, but it was 10 times worse," said Symons' girlfriend, Bryana Henninger, 14. "It hit the tree and then it hit him, and went to the ground." Henninger, who was standing next to him at the time, said Symons fell to his knees as she held him up. He later told her he momentary blacked out, she said. "He said he thought he died and then woke back up," Cunningham said. "But all he did was see a big white ball." Symons came to and was able to speak, although he didn't know where he was, Henninger said. Henninger, joined by friend Chase Wychock, 15, and his mother, began talking to Symons, who said he was OK, she said. Medics took him to the hospital. He hadn't been burned, and doctors ordered an electrocardiogram and determined Symons was fine, although he would need several days of observation, his mother said. "He says his chest still hurts and I guess last night he had a nightmare, like a big bang and he almost fell off the bed," Cunningham said. "He's nervous right now to go outside during storms." Cunningham said she isn't a big churchgoer, but she thinks Symons' brother, Ryan Cunningham, who died years ago at age 1½, may have intervened on his behalf. "I'm thinking maybe his brother stood in the way and helped out," Cunningham said. "I believe his brother was there to save him." 570-821-2058; @cvjimhalpin Ads by Yahoo!
Wed, 09/11/2013 12:00 PM Injured woman   0.0  Scranton PA 
  flagging down cars    Ground Strike,Outside,Road 
SCRANTON  The day began with hot temperatures in the 90s on Wednesday, but the heat gave way to intense storms. A person was struck by lightning along Boulevard Avenue in Scrantons Green Ridge section. Witnesses said a woman was helping flag down cars while other people pushed stalled cars out of a flooded section of the street, when the lightning struck. A shock of lightning hit that tree, like a big flash, and she fell down. My friend Jay yelled to me and told me, hey, theres a lady down! and we grabbed her and put her in that house and called the paramedics, said William Harth. The victim in Scranton was taken to a hospital. At last check she was in stable condition.
Wed, 09/11/2013 12:00 PM Injured 1 of 5 at race track  0.0  Franklin KY 
  at race track  N/A  Ground Strike,Outside,RaceTrack/Speedway 
FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Wednesday afternoon's severe weather caused five people at Kentucky Downs to be taken to the hospital. Nick Hughes, the track's General Manager and Senior Vice-President, told WBKO that lightning hit a tin pole, traveled to the ground, and shocked the small group of spectators. Hughes said two of them walked to an ambulance to be taken to the hospital, while three of them drove themselves. Hughes said races five through ten have been canceled for the day.
Wed, 09/11/2013 12:00 PM Killed 24 000 lives a year lost to lightning  0.0   
 South Africa 
24 000 lives a year lost to lightning September 11 2013 at 08:34am By SIYABULELA DZANIBE Comment on this story Durban - There are 24 000 lives lost every year to lightning globally, more than by any other natural cause, said Professor Roger Dickerson, an emergency physician specialist and vice-president of the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa. He was speaking at the 11th Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine that was held at Durbans Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre at the beginning of the month. He said there were an estimated 240 000 who survived lightning strikes and go on to live full lives, although they are faced with permanent sideeffects such as seizures and tinnitus. Lightning causes neurological damage and is not usually fatal unless it stops the heart when it strikes, said Dickerson. He said the survival rate of patients was high. Primarily, a lightning strike is a neurological injury; it has an effect on the brain and on the ergonomic nervous system and on the peripheral nervous system, he said. About 60 percent of survivors have lightning-induced paralysis, from which they usually recovered spontaneously, although it could last for up to two weeks. Dickerson said patients arrived in the emergency ward confused and hypotensive because of the lightning strikes interference with the autonomic nervous system. They would have the distinctive branching scarring known as Lichtenberg figures. We do not remove the dead tissue unless it is very clearly indicated, and we dont do it from an early period point of view, Dickerson said. Our resuscitation is based on a needs basis. We look at the patients as being exposed to massive amounts of trauma. We need to ensure they do not have associated injuries like long bone fractures or spinal injuries, and then we take care of what the lightning strikes actually do, Dickerson said. We need to take care of these patients with regards to seizures. If they are presenting with chest pain, we need to investigate further. Perhaps the big focus should be on urine analysis and plasma analysis for myoglobin. He added that it was also important to do an electrocardiogram (ECG). It tends to be normal within the first 24 to 48 hours, so it is necessary to repeat the ECG at a later stage, said Dickerson. He said if the patient was unconscious it was necessary to perform scans, although this was debatable in other cases. Dickerson added that appropriate ear care was also vital since most patients would have ruptured the tympanic membrane, that could heal or be surgically repaired. Elsa de Jager, of the SA Weather Service, said: According to a research article published in the South African Medical Journal, the death rate due to lightning in South Africa varies from 1.5 to 8.8 per million inhabitants, a year. She said lightning was mostly associated with Cumulo-nimbus clouds, and the highest frequency of lightning occurred during the summer months in South Africa. KwaZulu-Natal is one of the provinces with high density lightning strikes. Areas in the highveld and along the eastern escarpment have the highest occurrence of lightning in South Africa. Areas have been identified having in excess of 20 lightning flashes per square kilometre, per annum, said De Jager. Dickerson said studies had shown that men were five times more likely to be killed by lightning than women. He said the reason given was that men tended to be outside more for work and engaged in a higher level of risk-taking behaviours. With regards to mortality and morbidity, modern literature demonstrates there is nothing related to age or gender or whether you are struck on the trunk or arms. However, if you have lower burns (on the legs) and head burns or immediate cardiac arrest at the time of the strike, these are predictors of a high mortality, Dickerson said. If we look at some of the literature published, about 2 000 thunderstorms occur worldwide at any point in time and there are about eight million ground strikes across the globe, he said. - Daily News
Wed, 09/11/2013 12:00 PM Injured man   0.0  Bowling Greeb KY 
  getting into truck    Indirect,Outside,Thrown,Touching a vehicle,Work 
Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:41 pm By the Daily News | 0 comments As heavy rain pelted downtown Bowling Green on Wednesday afternoon, lightning struck a man as he was getting inside his Saia tractor-trailer behind Napa Auto Parts, 230 E. Sixth Ave. Napa store employees did not know the man's name. However, they said he was awake, alert and talking when ambulance personnel arrived to take him to the hospital. The man had been at the unloading pallets at the business for about 30 minutes and was attempting to get inside the tractor-trailer when it appeared that lightning hit the vehicle, sending a shock through the man and throwing him from the truck, according to witnesses.

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