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Wed, 06/04/2014 12:00 PM Injured mine worker, 2 of 3  0.0  Sheridan WY 
  working at mine    Indirect,Mine,Work 
Wed, 06/04/2014 12:00 PM Injured mine woker, 3 of 3  0.0  Sheridan WY 
  working at mine    Indirect,Mine,Work 
Wed, 06/04/2014 04:40 PM Killed farmer   0.0  Umingan  
A FARMER was struck by lightning in Barangay Abot-Molinao in Umingan town around 4:40 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, the police reported. The victim was identified as Renato Cajilo, 21, who was walking in an open rice field when he was struck by lightning. The victim was rushed to a local hospital in Umingan but was pronounced dead on arrival by his attending physician. (PNA)
Wed, 06/04/2014 12:00 PM Injured mine worker, 1 of 3  0.0  Sheridan WY 
  working at mine    Indirect,Mine,Work 
A Lightning strike sent three contract workers at North Antelope Rochelle mine to the hospital Thursday. All three were treated at Campbell County Memorial Hospital and released, Peabody Energy spokeswoman Charlene Murdock says in an email to the News Record
Sun, 06/01/2014 12:00 PM Killed Thunderstorm, lightning kill 45 since Friday  0.0   
NEW DELHI: At least 45 people were killed in north and eastern part of the country due to massive storm and lightning, while accompanying rains brought down mercury in most parts reeling under heatwave. The national capital witnessed pleasant morning as minimum temperature was recorded at 25 degrees celsius, three notches below the normal level, a day after the massive thunderstorm. According to meteorological department, the maximum temperature was 42.8 degrees celsius, 2 notches above normal. A massive thunderstorm hit the national capital and several other states last evening and early Saturday morning. At least 14 people were killed in Delhi and the NCR region in incidents of falling trees, collapse of walls and electrocution. In Uttar Pradesh, at least 14 people were killed due to thunderstorm which hit several parts of the state on Friday evening. Light rains also lashed several parts of the state leading to a drop in day temperature on Saturday. The highest temperature was 45.6 degrees celsius in Banda district. In Jharkhand, seven people were killed in a storm that raged across the state early this morning uprooting electricity poles and hundreds of trees. The storm hit at around 4.30am and according to reports a large number of electricity poles and hundreds of trees were uprooted in in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Hazaribagh, Latehar and some other districts. While in West Bengal, 10 people were killed and 28 others injured in lightning strike in three districts which experienced widespread pre-monsoon showers this morning, officials said. While five people died in Murshidabad district, three persons were killed in Purulia district and two others died in Burdwan district. The state experienced widespread rains ranging from 30mm to 50mm this morning, the weatherman said in Kolkata. However, Punjab and Haryana had no any respite from heat wave. Hisar in Haryana was the hottest place in both states as its maximum was 44.1 degrees celsius, Met department said here on Saturday. Amritsar had a high of 42.4 degrees celsius, two degrees above normal. Union Territory Chandigarh saw mercury settling at 43.7 degrees celsius, up by five degrees above normal. (PTI) Read more at
Sat, 05/31/2014 03:00 PM Injured Christine Kloeppne  48.0  Ham Lake Lions Park MN 
  watching baseball game  N/A  Baseball or Softball,Cardiac Arrest,CPR,Ground Strike,Outside,Tree 
A woman was hospitalized and two houses caught fire Saturday afternoon after three apparent lightning strikes in Ham Lake and Plymouth. The Dayton, Minn., woman, 48, was at Ham Lake Lions Park with family members watching a child's baseball game when she was struck near a tree just before 3 p.m., according to a statement from the Anoka County sheriff's office. She was unresponsive, and the sheriff's office said bystanders performed CPR. When deputies and paramedics arrived, they discovered she didn't have a pulse and wasn't breathing. Paramedics were able to resuscitate her on the way to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, the sheriff's office said. She remained hospitalized Saturday night; her condition has not been released. The sheriff's office said a thunderstorm moved into the area quickly. There were no other reports of injuries at the baseball park, said Kyle Blum, a lead dispatcher for the Anoka County communications center. About two miles away, a house caught fire after it was struck by lightning roughly 30 minutes after the woman was struck, said Gordy Hughes, a lead dispatcher for the Anoka County communications center. Two adults were displaced from a house on the 2300 block of 145th Lane Northeast in Ham Lake, Hughes said, and the American Red Cross was assisting them late Saturday afternoon. Fire crews extinguished the fire by 4:45 p.m., about 90 minutes after it began. Hughes had no report on how bad the house was damaged. In Plymouth, a house was struck by lightning and caught fire about 5 p.m., according to the Hennepin County sheriff's office dispatch center. The bolt struck a house on the 4900 block of Rosewood Lane, on the north edge of the city. Firefighters were battling the flames as of 6:30 p.m.; no injuries had been reported. Areas in Anoka County, including Ham Lake, Maple Grove and Coon Rapids, saw 1-1/2 to 2 inches of rain during the day Saturday, said Bill Borghoff, a forecaster at the National Weather Service in Chanhassen. Borghoff said several heavy showers, thunderstorms and lightning moved through the area Saturday and were expected continue through Saturday night. He said the rain will subside during the day Sunday, and another wave of showers and thunderstorms is expected Sunday night in the Twin Cities' north suburbs. Will Ashenmacher contributed to this report. Raya Zimmerman can be reached at 651-228-5524. Follow her at A 48-year-old Dayton woman hit by lightning Saturday remains in the Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hospital. Christine Kloeppne was watching a youth baseball game at the 2014 Blaine Classic Tournament at Lion's Park in Ham Lake when she was hit. One of the paramedics who helped Kloeppner out in the minutes after the lightning strike said lightning strikes don't happen all that often, but injuries can be serious or life-threatening when they do. Benjamin Uden is a paramedic with Allina, and of all the calls for help he's been on, this is the first time he's come to the aid of a person struck by lightning. Witnesses say the incident happened at 2:45 p.m. when Kloeppner was huddled near a tree, riding out a torrential downpour. As Uden pulled up to the athletic field in Anoka County, he says Kloeppner was shielded with umbrellas and surrounded by people. A stranger was already performing CPR. Kloeppner says quick action gave the woman a fighting chance; when he took over, she didn't have a pulse and wasn't breathing. Time was of the essence. "With the rhythm she was in, with early CPR and early defibrillation, that greatly increases a person's chances for survival," Uden said. Witnesses told us Kloeppner is the wife of a coach. As of Sunday evening, she was in ICU at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids. Spectators said the lightning strike was scary and sounded like an explosion. Others at the scene confirm the game had been delayed earlier because of menacing weather, and after the strike the game was called off. The lightning strike was one of three in Ham Lake. A home along 145th Lane Avenue Northeast caught fire after being struck by lightning, and there are reports of another property being struck and three people being trapped in an elevator at 2200 North 2nd. Ave. when power went out.
Sat, 05/31/2014 12:00 PM unknown  0.0   
  bad safety info    Bad Safety info 
Lightning has claimed four lives so far this year across the United States. People who do not take the proper precautions could suffer the same fate or injury as thunderstorm activity increases through the summer months. It is no coincidence that the average number of lightning deaths across the U.S. peaks at the same time of thunderstorm activity and when people are spending more time outdoors. The plethora of summer thunderstorms is the result of the influx of warm and moist air that is usually not present in the cooler months. Frontal boundaries, mountains, tropical systems and daytime heating give rise to the thunderstorms. The atmosphere is always trying to find a balance and thunderstorms are nature's air conditioners on a hot and humid summer day. For the start of June 2014, thunderstorms will remain concentrated across the Deep South, Plains and northern Rockies with isolated afternoon thunderstorms dotting the Cascades and Sierra Nevada. Lightning causes an average of 400 injuries each year, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). As recently as this past Thursday, reports received by the NWS stated that five people (comprised of three in Wyoming and two in Florida) sustained injuries due to lightning in a single day. The 30-year average for lightning-related deaths in the U.S. is 51 with 37 of those deaths occurring during the months from June to August. To put that into perspective, the 30-year average for tornado and hurricane deaths stands at 75 and 47, respectively. RELATED: Severe Weather Center It's Electric: Lightning Safety Tips Incredible Footage of Storm Chaser Launched by Lightning Strike The four lightning-related deaths so far in 2014 occurred in May with the most recent being the Thursday prior to Memorial Day, according to data complied by the NWS. Thomas Wartell, 44, was struck and killed by lightning while he was riding his motorcycle through Cimarron, New Mexico, on May 22. On May 14, 40-year-old Agustin Navarrete-Guerrero died from a lightning strike when he was closing car windows at a construction site in Seminole, Florida. All those killed by lightning this year have been males, which, as Staff Writer Michael Kuhne reports, is statistically the gender lightning strikes the most. "Among the most common activities in which lightning resulted in death, fishing ranked the highest," stated Kuhne. That is exactly what 71-year-old Larry Webb was doing when he was struck and killed on May 14, 2014. According to Vaisala's National Lightning Detection Network, cloud-to-ground lightning flashes averaged nearly 23 million a year across the 48 contiguous U.S. states from 1997 to 2012. Lightning flashes per square miles was highest in Florida, while Washington State ranked last. Lightning deaths are most common during summer afternoons and evenings, states the NWS. That coincides with when the majority of thunderstorms rumble this time of year. The current of a lightning bolt averages 10,000 to 200,000 amps, meaning that the average lightning flash would light a 100-watt light bulb for three months. This intense charge of electricity is why lightning poses an extreme danger to people and animals. Structural fires can also start from a lightning strike. Do not undermine the power of a thunderstorm if a warning is not issued. The criteria for a severe thunderstorm involves damaging winds and hail, not lightning. If you are caught outdoors during a thunderstorm and there is no other way to seek shelter, make yourself the smallest target possible. Crouch down with your knees together and your weight on the balls of your feet. Put your head down and cover your ears. Do not lie flat. The goal is to minimize your height and your body's contact with the ground. Never seek shelter underneath a tree. The lightning charge can strike the tree, then cause fatalities up to 100 feet away. Avoid lakes, streams and swimming pools since water conducts electricity. When you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning. A thunderstorm may not be directly overhead, but you could still get hit by lightning. A bolt of lightning can strike people and buildings 10 miles away from where it is raining. In extremely rare cases, lightning has been detected almost 50 miles from the parent thunderstorm. A sturdy and enclosed building or a vehicle is the safest place to be during a thunderstorm. However, Staff Writer Mark Leberfinger dispels the myth that the rubber tires of a vehicle is what keeps people safe during a thunderstorm. Water, windows, plumbing and electrical appliances should be avoided. Roughly 4 to 5 percent of people that have been struck by lightning were talking on a corded telephone.
Sat, 05/31/2014 12:00 PM unknown LIPS  0.0   
A scientist attached to the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteoroliogy (IITM), Pune has approached the state government with plans to check deaths due to lightning in Marathwada and other regions by improving the network of Lightning Information and Prediction System (LIPS) across the state. Experts said that the system could alert authorities at least an hour or two before the lightning strikes a particular area. A presentation on the same was given to the chief minister on Thursday afternoon at Sahyadri state guest house by IITM, Pune scientist and professor Sunil Pawar. Pawar said, "At the time of generation of thunderstorm and lightning, radio waves are generated and sensors that have been installed can detect them, their speed, movement and also the exact area where the lightning will strike. Test results have shown that the sensors are so specific that even they can even detect where the lightning is likely to strike in a radius of hundred metres." Considering the severity lightning strikes in the state, IITM, Pune initiated a project to study the characteristics of lightning using LIPS. This network can accurately detect the location of lightning and forewarn at least one or two hours before it strikes. The network was first commissioned by Shailesh Nayak, secretary of the ministry of earth sciences on February 28, earlier this year. The network updates lightning information online on the IITM website every minute and the link is shared with district collectorates across the state. Lightning sensors have been installed at Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Vengrula, Solapur, Latur, Pune, , Jalgaon, Akola, Yavatmal, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Parbhani, Harhareshwar, Nashik and Beed. Four more sensors have been proposed at Mumbai (Palghar), Dhule, Gondia and Mahabaleshwar. divisional disaster management officer - Kishore Kurhe, who accompanied the team of experts said, "Marathwada witnesses a high number of deaths due to lightning each year. Since 2008, over 400 people have died in Marathwada region after being struck by lightning and this has also resulted in unaccounted loss of livestock. Currently, it is very difficult to predict the occurrence of thunderstorm." Kurhe said that recently no specific inputs about major thunderstorms were reported across Marathwada region, but the utility of the sensors will only be known when specific alarms are received in the future. A scientist attached to Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune has approached the state government with his plans to check deaths due to lightening in Marathwada and other parts of the state by improving the network of Lightning Information and Prediction System (LIPS) across the state. Experts claim that the system could alert the authorities at least an hour or two before the lightning strikes a particular area. The presentation about the system was given to the state chief minister on Thursday afternoon at Sahyadari state guest by IITM, Pune scientist and Professor Sunil Pawar. Pawar told TOI, "At the time of generation of thunderstorm and lightning, radio waves are generated and censors that have been installed can detect them, their speed, movement and also the exact area where the lightning is going to strike can be determined. Test results have shown that the censors are so specific that they can specify even the radius of hundred metres where the lightning is likely going to strike." In view of the severity of the losses in Maharashtra, IITM, Pune has initiated a project to study the characteristics of lightning by using LIPS. This network can accurately detect the location of occurrence of lightning and forewarn at least one or two hours in advance about lightning. The network was first commissioned by Shailesh Nayak, secretary, ministry of earth sciences, on February 28, earlier this year. The network updates lightning information updates the information online on the IITM website every minute and the link is under process of being shared with district collectorates across the state. The censors have been installed at Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Vengrula, Solapur, Latur, Pune, , Jalgaon, Akola, Yavatmal, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Parbhani, Harhareshwar, Nashik and Beed. While four more censors have been proposed at Mumbai (Palghar), Dhule, Gondia and Mahableshwar. divisional disaster management officer Kishore Kurhe, who too accompanied the team of experts said, "Marathwada witnesses high number of deaths due to lightening each year. Since 2008, over 400 people have died in Marathwada region alone after being struck by lightning and unaccounted loss to live stocks. With the current state of knowledge, it is very difficult to predict the occurrence of thunderstorm." Kurhe said in recent times no specific inputs about major thunderstorms were reported from across Marathwada region but the utility of the censors would be known at a time when specific alarms are received in future. Post a comment
Sat, 05/31/2014 12:00 PM Injured man   20.0  Paveh county Kermanshah 
  at resort area     
KERMANSHAH - A 20-year-old man lost his life when struck by lightning in the recreational area of Paveh County in the western province of Kermanshah. If you believe in being in the wrong place at the wrong time, this case would certainly exemplify one. According to IRNA, the unfortunate accident happened on Tuesday evening when the young man was spending time with his family outdoor in the resort area. Kermanshah has been getting showers and thunderstorm in the evening for the past few days and it is predicted that the showers will continue into the weekend. Read the tips and information below and stay safe during lightning: If you are caught outdoors: "Avoid putting yourself above the surrounding landscape. Seek shelter in low-lying areas such as valleys, ditches and depressions but be aware of flooding. "Stay away from water. Don't go boating or swimming if a storm threatens, and get to land as quickly as possible if you are already on the water. Lightning can strike the water and travel a substantial distance from its point of contact. "Stay away from objects that conduct electricity, such as tractors, golf carts, golf clubs, metal fences, motorcycles, lawnmowers and bicycles. "Avoid being the highest point in an open area. Swinging a golf club, or holding an umbrella or fishing rod can make you the tallest object and a target for lightning. "You are safe inside a car during lightning, but be aware of downed power lines which may be touching your car. You are safe inside the car, but you may receive a shock if you step outside. "In a forest, seek shelter in a low-lying area under a thick growth of small trees or bushes. "Keep alert for flash floods, sometimes caused by heavy rainfall, if seeking shelter in a ditch or low-lying area. Remember, there is no safe place outdoors during a thunderstorm. Once in a safe location, remain there for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder is heard before resuming your outdoor activities. When you are indoor take the following precautions: "Before the storm hits, disconnect electrical appliances including radios and television sets. Do not touch them during the storm. "Don't go outside unless absolutely necessary. "Keep as many walls as possible between you and the outside. "Don't handle electrical equipment or telephones. The electrical current from the lightning strike will travel through wires and cords and if you are directly connected with them, you could be struck. Use battery operated appliances only. Cordless telephones are safe however you could receive a very loud noise on the phone which may seem like a shock. This would be consistent with the house or somewhere nearby being struck by lightning. People who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and can be safely handled, but victims may be suffering from burns or shock and should receive medical attention immediately. If you come across someone who has been struck, call for medical assistance immediately and, if breathing has stopped, administer mouth-to-mouth or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Sat, 05/31/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills nine in Bengal  0.0  West Bengal 
Kolkata: At least nine people were killed and a dozen injured by lightning in different parts of West Bengal Saturday, police said. According to police, three people were killed in Hariharpara, two in Raghunathganj in Murshidabad district, one each in Khandaghosh and Raniganj in Burdwan district and two in Baghmundi Purulia district after they were struck by lightning. In West Midnapore district's Chandrakona, at least 12 people were injured in a lightning strike while they were working in a field. IANS
Sat, 05/31/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills 8 in 5 districts  0.0   
Lightning kills 8 in 5 districts District correspondents, Published: 2014-05-31 16:27:37.0 BdST Updated: 2014-05-31 17:14:00.0 BdST Eight men were killed by lightning in Chuadanga, Jhenaidah, Bagerhat, Gaibandha, and Chapainawabganj on Saturday. At least 18 others were also injured in separate lightning strikes in the districts. Most of the victims were farmers. In neighbouring West Bengal, lightning killed at least six people and injured a dozen others on Saturday, reports IANS. In Jhenaidah, two other farmers -- Saidur Rahman, 23, and Aynal Molla, 40 -- died while working in the field in Maheshpur and Kotchandpur Upazila. Apart from them, eight others have been reportedly injured in lightning in Shailkupa, Maheshpur and Harinakundu Upazila. Three of the injured have been hospitalised. Two men were killed by lightning in Chuadangas Damurhuda and Jibonnagar Upazilas and at least 10 injured. Police identified the deceased as Mandar Ali, 45, a farmer from Damurhuda, and 22-year-old Sadek Ali from Jibonnagar. Jibonnagar police Sub-Inspector Dulal Uddin said altogether 10 people had been injured in lightning strikes in the area. In Bagerhats Chitalmari Upazila, 45-year-old farmer Akram Sheikh died while working in his field. Forty-year-old housewife Amena Begum was struck by lightning while working in her house courtyard in Gaibandhas Sadar Upazila. Two others -- Anisur Rahman, 55, and Monirul Islam, 35 -- from Chapainawabganjs Shibganj Upazila also died when struck by lightning, police said. On Friday, seven people were killed by lightning in Naogaon. IANS says in West Bengal, three people were killed in Hariharpara, two in Murshidabad district, and one person lost his life in Burdwan district after they were struck by lightning. - See more at:
Fri, 05/30/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills 5 in northwestern Bangladesh  0.0   
Lightning kills 5 in northwestern Bangladesh  By PTI, May 30, 2014 12:29 pm Dhaka: At least five persons were killed and nearly 40 others injured in a lightning strike at a village market in Bangladeshs northwestern Naogaon district. The lightning bolt hit the Saraswatipur Haat (the local village market) killing the five persons and injuring 40 others, a local police officer told TV channels. The reports said most of the wounded were rushed to nearby health facilities where the doctors said several of them were being treated with severe burn injuries and feared some of them might not survive.
Thu, 05/29/2014 12:00 AM Injured Angel Lopes, 2 of 2 on roof  47.0  Pompano Beach FL 
  working on roof  N/A  Indirect,On a Roof,Outside,Work 
Thu, 05/29/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills 2 Greyhounds commandos  0.0  Mahbubnagar district 
MAHBUBNAGAR: Two Greyhounds commandos died and another was injured after heavy lightning struck a training centre at Konaipally village in Amangal mandal of Mahbubnagar district on Wednesday evening. Two more people died after they were hit by lightning elsewhere in the district, taking the total toll to six in the last two days. The latest victims were identified as Anil, 28, a junior commando, and Sudhakar, 36, a senior commando. Amangal inspector Rahman said a 45-member group of Greyhounds commandos came to the hilly area at Amaravaigutta for training when lightning struck. The training was temporarily halted following the incident. The commandos all hail from Hyderabad.
Thu, 05/29/2014 12:00 AM Killed Robert Elliott, 1 of 2 on roof  55.0  Pompano Beach FL 
  working on roof  N/A  CPR,Critical,Delayed Death,On a Roof,Outside,Work 
POMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami)  Lightning struck two men working on a Pompano Beach roof on Thursday. City officials said it all happened in the morning hours while the men were working on a roof at a car dealership located at 909 South Federal Highway. The victims have been identified as Robert Elliott, 55, and 47-year old Angel Leiva Lopes. Deputies said Elliot appeared to be struck by lighting and collapsed while Lopes suffered minor injuries. Cell phone video showed firefighters using a ladder to take the injured workers off the roof. Pompano Beach Fire Rescue performed CPR on Elliott and both were transported to Broward Health North. Leiva is listed in fair condition. Elliot is listed in critical condition and has been transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital. The roofing company Latite Roofing, which the men worked for, issued a statement on Thursday, May 29th saying, A lightning strike did injure two employees today. Our thoughts and prayers are with the employees and their families. We are investigating the circumstances, but have no further comment at this time. There have been four lightning deaths in the United States so far this year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Two of those instances have happened in Florida. POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (AP)  Authorities say a roofer who was struck by lightning while working at a South Florida car dealership last week has died. The Broward Sheriff's Office reports that 55-year-old Robert Elliott died Sunday at a Miami hospital. On Thursday, he and a co-worker had been working on the roof of the Joey Accardi car dealership in Pompano Beach. Witnesses say a thunder storm approached and lightning appeared to strike Elliot. The co-worker sustained minor injuries. Both victims were initially taken to a nearby hospital, but Elliot was then transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner's Office has ruled the death accidental. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was notified of the incident.
Wed, 05/28/2014 12:00 PM Killed 3-year-old girl dies in lightning strike  3.0  Siayan Zamboanga Del Norte province 
A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl died while his cousin was wounded when lightning struck a house in a remote village in Zamboanga del Norte, the police reported Wednesday. Police Regional Office-Zamboanga Peninsula (PRO-9) Spokesman Senior Inspector Joseph Ortega said the incident took place around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday in the village of Soguilon, Siayan municipality. Ortega identified the fatality as Jelemae Igod, who died while being transferred to Sindangan District Hospital. Wounded was Ronald Igod, 19, a farmer, who was admitted at the hospital. Ortega said the victims were inside the house listening to a radio amid the heavy downpour when lightning suddenly struck and hit them. Ortega said the victims were immediately brought to Siayan Diagnostic Center. They were later transferred to Sindangan District Hospital where the younger Igod died, Ortega said. (Bong Garcia)
Wed, 05/28/2014 02:00 PM Injured Sharon Bennett  0.0  Mt. Morris PA 
  on metal lader in garage    Garage with door open,Indirect,Indoors 
MT. MORRIS  Sharon Bennett said she believes somebody must have been watching over her last Wednesday when she was struck by lightning. Though she still suffers headaches, stuffed up ears and an irregular heartbeat, which doctors said may go away, Bennett said, she apparently suffered no permanent physical injuries. Its a miracle, she said. Bennett, a retired secretary for Central Greene School District and now a member of the school board, was painting inside a garage at her home on Haines Ridge Road in Mt. Morris Wednesday afternoon when the storm hit. It was shortly after 2 p.m. and Bennett said she was just about to paint a nearly 6-by-8-inch space above the garage door. The door was closed. It had started to storm and I thought Ill just finish this up and the wall will be done, she said. Bennett said she had just climbed up the metal ladder to reach the spot,when she saw a flash as lightning pass through the garage window. It came through and struck me; it went into my hand, through my body and it came out my feet, she said. How did it feel? Worse than sticking your finger in a light socket, she said. It knocked me off the ladder, but I landed on my feet. It didnt knock me out. I just saw stars. The lightning traveled down the ladder and flashed again when it hit the concrete floor. Bennett said the bolt then apparently traveled to a nearby telephone pole outside, melting their telephone wires and burning a jack on their television. Bennetts husband, Bill, was also in the garage when the lightning hit and he felt the jolt. However, he didnt know his wife had been struck. Not wanting to worry him, she went to the porch and sat down. Bennett, who is an emergency medical technician, said she had pain in her jaw as if she had clenched her teeth and was concerned she might be having a heart attack. She called her son, Tim, who is also an EMT, and he came and examined her. Her blood pressure was high, but she thought she would be all right. She later called her son again and had him take her to Monongalia General Hospital in Morgantown, W.Va., to be examined just to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. The hospital checked her eyes for possible burns, gave her an electrocardiogram and completed blood tests. Her first EKG was abnormal but the second was normal, she said. They admitted her overnight for observation. In addition to the headaches, the stuffed ears, which she said are getting better, and the irregular heartbeat, Bennett suffered a kind of flash burn to her skin from the lightning strike. I was sunburned from head to toe, she said. However, the sensitivity she felt in her skin lasted only for about 48 hours. But what most amazes her is that the lighting hasnt so far cause her any more serious problems such as those that may result from damage to any of her organs. The doctors said my heart must be pretty strong to withstand a jolt like that, she said. The doctors, too, were amazed the lightning had not caused significant injury. They said somebody must have been watching out for you, Bennett said. And, she said, she tends to agree. Apparently, God has not finished with me yet, Bennett said, after recounting the events of that day. He must still need me here on earth, she said.
Wed, 05/28/2014 12:00 PM Killed Woman fatally struck and 2 injured by lightning in  0.0  Jalilabad 
3 workers on a potato field were struck by lightening in Jalilabad. The incident took place on May 27 in the Soyudlu village of Jalilabad. Leylakhanim Abasova 61, died on the spot by a lighting strike, turning part of her body into ash. Her son Mursal Ahmadov, 23, and Lankaran region resident Latafat Aliyeva were injured seriously and taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition after they were struck by lightning while working on the potato field taken to the Jalilabad Region Central Hospital, APAs south bureau reports. On May 28, 2013, an analogous incident was recorded in Ojagli village of Jalilabad. As a result of a lightening strike, 1 died and 2 injured.
Wed, 05/28/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills two children in Tripura  0.0  Tripura 
Two school students were killed and three other people were injured in lightning strikes in Tripura Wednesday, officials said. An eight-year-old boy and his 10-year-old brother died on the spot when lightning struck at Khowai in western Tripura while they were playing in a field near their house. Three other people suffered burns due to lightning in different places. Lightning and thunder, accompanied by high velocity winds, have been lashing Tripura over the past several days, damaging crops and uprooting electric poles and trees. At least 12 people have been killed in lightning strikes in the past two weeks. According to physicists, the northeastern region, due to its topography, is a lightning-prone area. Lightning claims on an average 100 lives every year especially in March-May.
Wed, 05/28/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills two in Mysore  0.0  Mysore Karnataka 
MYSORE: Two brothers were killed and their family members were injured in lightning strike in Mysore on Wednesday. Somachari and Rajachari, the bothers from Siramalli in H D Kote taluk, were working in the field in the evening hours when suddenly, it started raining heavily. They rushed towards a tree nearby and took shelter waiting for the rain to stop to continue work. But minutes later, they were struck by lightning and died on spot. Somachari's wife Chandramma and son Keerthi too were with them when the tragedy happened. They, however, escaped death with injuries and have been admitted to hospital. With them were Karigowda and Shivaram, who too escaped unhurt, said H D Kote police.
Wed, 05/28/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning strike kills three people in Antique  0.0  Antique province 
At least three people were killed after being struck by lightning amid heavy rain in Antique province Tuesday, a radio report said Wednesday. The incident occurred in Barangay Magkalon in San Jose town, Visayas-based Bombo Radyo reported. One of the fatalities, JV Alulon, 19, succumbed to burns in his body. Alulon was declared dead on arrival at the Angel Salazar Memorial General Hospital. Also killed were Orlando Mirasol Sr., 49, and son Orlando Jr., 29. Orlando Sr.'s daughter was not injured. An investigation showed the three were aboard a banca crossing the river when they were hit by lightning.  Joel Locsin /LBG, GMA News
Tue, 05/27/2014 12:00 PM Injured Scott Shepherd  0.0  Fairburn ND 
  storm chasing    Indirect,Near Struck Vehicle,Outside,Storm Chasing,Work 
FAIRBURN, N.D., May 28 (UPI) --A storm chaser in South Dakota recorded first-person video of himself getting struck by lightning Tuesday, and both the video and the chaser survived. Scott Shepherd was tracking a storm outside of Fairburn, not far from South Dakota's western border, when his truck was struck by lightning, while the camera was rolling. The truck, which had to be towed from the scene, did not shelter Shepherd, as the bolt struck him in the arm. Miraculously, Shepherd walked away with no major injury. "Scott has a sore arm but is otherwise ok," said the weather-focused production company he was working for. Read more:
Tue, 05/27/2014 07:00 PM Injured woman walking dog  0.0  Germantown MD 
  walking her dog    Dogs,Ground Strike,Outside,Walking 
GERMANTOWN, Md. (WUSA9) -- A woman walking with her dog had a close call with a lightning strike in Maryland, officials said. She was walking her dog around 7: 00 p.m. in the area of Brink Road and Blunt Road in Germantown. Officials say she likely not hit by lightning but the strike was close enough to where she was knocked off her feet and may have been knocked unconscious. She was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries, officials said.
Mon, 05/26/2014 12:00 PM Killed 13 killed  0.0  Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 
Lucknow: As many as 13 people were killed and several injured in a storm that hit eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh late Sunday, officials said. The storm killed people in Sonebhadra, Mirzapur and Bhadohi where many hutments collapsed and tin sheds were blown away in the wind. Over a dozen people were injured. Officials said a large number of cattle were killed in Chapka, Sohadwal, Nakpur and Doriya villages of Sonebhadra district. The dead include three youth, who were killed when lightning struck them at Siddharthanagar. One person each were killed in Maharajganj, Sant Kabeernagar and Gorakhpur. The details of the dead in other places was not immediately known. Officials said rescue and relief operations have been set in motion. At many places uprooted trees blocked major roads and they were being sawed off to clear the way for traffic. Mango harvest has also been destroyed at many places. The regional met office told IANS that dust storms and lightning with some rains could occur at many places in the state. Showers late Sunday brought down temperatures in some places, but the unrelenting heat is likely to continue.
Mon, 05/26/2014 12:00 PM Killed 3 killed 11 injured  0.0  Begenachhari  
Sun, 05/25/2014 12:00 PM Killed youth killed one hurt  0.0  North 24 Parganas 
A youth was killed and another seriously injured when lightning struck at Barasat in North 24 Parganas district this afternoon. Police said a group of youth were playing in open field at Kadambagachhi area when they were struck by the thunderbolt during rains. As two of them fell on the ground, they were rushed to Barasat State General Hospital where one was declared brought dead. Condition of the other youth was serious
Sun, 05/25/2014 12:00 PM Killed 3 dead 1 injured  0.0   
Three persons today died and one injured in two separate incidents of lightning as a Nor'wester lashed across south Bengal. Two persons were killed when they were struck by thunder bolt in West Midnapore district while working in the field, Police sources said. In another incident, a youth died on the spot after being struck by the thunderbolt at Kadambagachhi area in North 24 Parganas district. The youth was part of a group playing football in a ground at Kadambagachhi, near the district headquarters, in rains. As lightning struck, two fell on the ground and one declared brought dead at a nearby hospital. The condition of the injured was serious, they said.
Sun, 05/25/2014 12:00 PM Killed Lightning kills pregnant woman, one other in Benue  0.0   
A pregnant woman and one other person were struck to death by lightning during a downpour in Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State on Thursday. Nigerian Tribune gathered that the pregnant woman (names withheld) was pounding yam in the kitchen while a barber, identified as N. Nyajo, was in his shop when the lightning struck and killed them on the spot. The ugly incident occurred at the Average Hotel Street, situated around St Gabriels Catholic Church, Gboko West area. According to an eyewitness, one Haanya Aondoakura, who narrated the incident, said the barber just finished attending to a client and was packing some of the belongings into the shop when the incident happened. The chairman of the local government, Mr Nahan Zenda, who spoke to newsmen on phone, confirmed the incident, saying the police were quickly deployed to the area to maintain peace.
Sun, 05/25/2014 12:00 PM Killed man   0.0  Suppi block Bihar 
A man was killed after lightning struck him today in a village under Suppi block in Bihar's Sitamarhi district, a police officer said. The incident took place in Narkatiya village as lightning struck Upendra Singh (50) while he was going to attend to nature's call in a nearby field, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Sadar, M.N. Upadhyaya said. Singh sustained burn injuries and died on the spot, he said, adding the body has been handed over to the family for last rites after carrying out autopsy.
Sun, 05/25/2014 12:00 PM Killed 3 killed one injured  0.0   
NAWALPARASI: Three persons died and four others were injured after being struck by a lightning in Ramgram-1 of Nawalparasi on Sunday evening. According to the District Police Office, Nawalparasi, the deceased have been identified as Kamala Mansuri (32), Upasana Mansuri (25) and Samala Mansuri (30) of India. However, the identities of the injured are yet to be established. The injured are receiving treatment at the Bhairahawa Medical College. Police said that they used to work as labourers in the Shiva Shankar Brick Klin in the district - See more at:
Sun, 05/25/2014 12:30 AM Injured Stephen Paterson  41.0  Blackburn West Lothian 
Paramedics have rushed a man to hospital after he was apparently struck by lightning. The Scottish Ambulance Service said the incident took place in Blackburn, West Lothian, with a crew arriving on scene within five minutes. The man was then taken to St John's Hospital in Livingston, West Lothian. A spokesman for the ambulance service said: "We responded to a patient apparently struck by lightning in Blackburn. "A crew was on scene in five minutes and he was taken to St John's Hospital." The incident took place at around 12.30pm, the spokesman said, and it is not known if his condition is serious. A devoted dad is lucky to be alive after he was struck by LIGHTNING as he watched his teenage son play football a few yards away. Stephen Paterson was knocked unconscious to the ground after a lightning bolt hit the brolly he was using to shelter from torrential rain. As first aiders raced to the stricken 41-year-old's side, other parents ushered away horrified 14-year-old players, including Stephen's son Corey. Remarkably, Stephen, from Bannockburn, Stirling, walked out of hospital today just 24 hours after his brush with death, the Daily Record reported. The drama happened in Blackburn, West Lothian, as Stephen's side, Milton FC under-15s took on the local side in heavy rain. With just 10 minutes to go, soaked Milton supporters had plenty to cheer as their team was 5-0 ahead. Andrew Meechen, 19, the first aider on the scene said: "We saw the lightning come down and it looked it had hit right behind him. "The flash lit up the whole pitch - and then we saw the man fall." He added: "It was hard watching it. It was unreal trying to figure out what had happened. "I went over and took his jacket off and put him in the recovery position and then we used smelling salts to try and bring him round. "We were just trying to keep him talking to us and keep him breathing normally. "He was having difficulty keeping his eyes open and talking but his breathing was fine. "The guy's son was pretty scared about his dad. The other parents were really good and took him away and were looking after him." Davy Jones, secretary and coach of the Blackburn United 1999 team, said: "We just saw the light flash and I just saw the guy fall. "Obviously there was panic because all the kids are only 14. When I first went over we were worried he still had a charge in him." He added: "When the ambulance came I had to help them take the stretcher across the park. They took him to hospital because they didn't know what internal damage there was." St John's Hospital, Livingston, West Lothian, confirmed that Stephen had been discharged after being kept in for observation. Writing on Twitter on Sunday night, Corey said: "Hope my dad gets better. "What's the chances of getting struck by lightning man?" A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said they had managed to get the drama within five minutes. "The gentleman was breathing and conscious and was taken to St John's Hospital," he said. Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook
Sun, 05/25/2014 12:00 PM Killed man on cell phone  0.0  Dien Bien 
      Cell Phone,Farming,Field,Outside 
A 31-year-old man died and six other farmers were injured when they were struck by lightning on a rice field in a commune in the northern province of Dien Bien on Sunday afternoon. >> Lightning hits Vietnam couple indoors, kills husband The lightning occurred when the man, Lo Van Chung, was talking on mobile phone amid heavy rain and thunderstorms, at about 4:30 pm on May 25, the victims relatives said. Chung died on the spot while six others suffered injuries and were taken to the Thanh Luong Commune Health Center for emergency aid, said Do Thi Toan, a nurse at the center. All these victims were harvesting rice on the field when the lightning occurred, Toan said. Of the injured people, a woman, Lo Thi Thanh and a man, Luong Van Dien, both 33, were burnt seriously. The two victims were later transferred to the Dien Bien General Hospital for treatment, Toan said. After receiving intensive treatment, both victims have overcome their critical conditions, doctors said. The other four victims, who suffered slight burns, have been discharged from the commune health center. A similar case happened in the province on April 8, 2014, when Lo Thi Thanh, a resident in Muong Lan commune, was struck by lightning when she was talking on phone. The lighting also injured eight others who were standing near the woman.
Sat, 05/24/2014 12:00 PM Killed 2 killed 6 injured  0.0  Udaypur 
UDAYPUR, May 24 : Two persons were killed and half a dozen others were injured in Udaypur district in two separate incidents of lightning on Saturday morning. According to District Police Office (DPO) Udaypur, Dambar Magar, 36, of Saune VDC-9 was struck by a lightning bolt in front of his home amid rains at 9 am on Saturday. Likewise, in another incident, Sant Bahadur Rai, 65, of Bhayaladanda VDC-3, was hit by lightning when he was home. Rai, according to locals, died on the spot. Deceased Magar´s father Chitraman, 67, and daughter Sita, 22, were injured in the incident that occurred in Saune VDC, while four others, including Ranlaxmi Shrestha, 41, and her daughter Rekha, 18, neighbors Dil Narayan, 40, and Chandramaya, 45, were injured in Khanbu VDC. The injured have been rushed to Gaighat, the district headquarters, for treatment
Sat, 05/24/2014 12:00 PM Killed 3 killed many injured  0.0   
A series of lightning strikes across the country has killed three people and injured 19 others as most of Turkey is affected by heavy rains and storms. Lightning hit a tree under which citizens had taken refuge May 23 in the western province of Denizlis Kale district, killing one and injuring three others, while a similar incident in the eastern province of Batman killed two bothers. The victims in Kale were agricultural workers at a tobacco plantation. In Batman, 18-year-old Müslüm Çöl and his 12-year-old brother, 0smail, were working in their vineyard when they attempted to take shelter under a tree due to heavy rains. Meanwhile, 16 people were injured in the same province's Kozluk district on May 23 during a visit to a tomb when a lightning strike hit the area. None of the victims' injuries were life-threatening, Doan news agency reported.
Sat, 05/24/2014 12:00 PM Killed woman  50.0   
A 50-year old woman was struck dead by lightning while removing weeds in front of her house at nearby Kauvandampalayam today, police said. Bettathammal was cutting weeds and grass in a field near her house when it started raining around 3.30 PM and and she was struck dead by lightning. On information, police and fire service and rescue personnel rushed to the spot and recovered the body. Several parts of the city have been experiencing rains accompanied by thunder and lightning, inundating some areas. Two trees were uprooted in Saibaba Colony
Fri, 05/23/2014 02:04 PM Injured golfer  0.0  Sandy Lodge Golf Club  
  playing golf    Golf Course,Outside 
Golfer remains in serious condition after lightning strike A man who was taken to hospital yesterday after being struck by lightning while playing golf remains in a "serious" condition. Emergency services were called at 2.04pm to Sandy Lodge Golf Club, after the man in his 60s was struck by lightning as rain and hail storms passed over the county. An ambulance, a community first responder, and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance attended the scene. A spokesman for East of England Ambulance Service Trust said: "The man, who we believe to be in his 60s, was on a golf course when the incident happened and it caused him to go into cardiac arrest. Medics were quickly on scene and began giving advanced life support. He was airlifted to the Royal London Hospital, in a life-threatening condition. "Fortunately incidents involving people being struck by lightning are quite rare, but when it does strike, it can cause serious and potentially fatal injuries."
Fri, 05/23/2014 12:00 PM Killed boy   10.0  Baharagora  
      Outside,Taking Shelter,Under Trees 
Wouldn't have been an author had I not met Barwell: Sankar Thudersqualls likely over Gangetic WB in next 2 days: MeT dept Tax targets in Hyderabad zone will be met: Union Minister Industries captains threaten to use NOTA if demands not met A pageant where beauty met brains Duluth Trading Company® Fire Hose® Work Pants: Tougher than an Angry Beaver's Teeth. Shop now! Ads by Google A ten-year-old boy died today after being struck by lightning in Baharagora, about 90 kms from here, under Ghatsila sub-division even as intense heat wave continued to prevail in Jamshedpur. The boy, Mansa Kalindi, a class IV student, was collecting mangoes when a strong wind accompanied by rain and thunder started in the Mahulda area this afternoon, police said. Kalindi, who took shelter under a mango tree, was fatally injured when the lightning struck, sources said. Meanwhile, intense heat wave continued to prevail in the steel city and adjoining areas with maximum temperature soaring to 43.2 degree Celsius today The brief spell of rain though brought some respite from about a fortnight-long scorching heat. The minimum temperature was at 28 degree Celsius, MeT office sources said. Amid the heat, several areas of Jamshedpur including Bagbeda, Mango and Jugsalai were reeling under acute water crisis, sources said.
Thu, 05/22/2014 01:20 PM Killed Thomas Wartell  44.0  Cimarron NM 
  riding motorcycle     Motorcycle,Outside,Road 
CIMARRON  Thomas Coburn Wartell, 44, died in a motorcycle accident Thursday (May 22) after he was struck by lightning, according to a press release from the New Mexico State Police. Wartell was traveling west on U.S. Highway 64 about 5 miles outside of Cimarron when he was struck by lightning. After he was hit, Wartell's motorcycle left the right side of the road and crashed. Authorities responded to the scene around 1:20 p.m. at mile post 308, the release states. Wartell was a resident of Cypress, Texas
Wed, 05/21/2014 12:00 PM Killed 2 killed   0.0  Magura 
Lightning strikes kill two in Magura Unb, Magura Two people were killed and five others injured by lightning in Shalikha and Sadar upazilas on Monday evening. The deceased were identified as Sabbir Hossain,12, of Rajarampur village of Sadar upazila, and Sadia Khatun, 32, wife of Al Amin of Naghos village in Shalikha upazila. Witnesses said a thunderbolt hit three family members while they along with Sabbir were working in the yard of their house in Rajarampur village of Sadar upazila around 6:30 pm, leaving Sabbir dead on the spot and two others injured. On the other hand, Sadia died on the spot and three other members of the family sustained injuries when a thunderbolt hit them in Naghos village of Shalikha upazila in the evening. The injured were rushed to Sadar Upazila Health Complex
Tue, 05/20/2014 12:00 PM Killed 8 killed   0.0  Karnataka 
Rain, lightning claim 8 lives across Karnataka Rain, lightning claim 8 lives across Karnataka Print Friendly Heavy rain accompanied by lightning claimed eight lives across the State on Monday. Four persons died on the spot after the wall of an under construction godown collapsed following incessant rains in Kaginelli village of Shikaripur taluk in Shimoga district. The deceased have been identified as Surendrappa (61), a retired teacher and owner of the godown; his son Anjaneya (26); Shekharappa (59) and Manjappa (55), both construction workers. Five workers sustained injuries in the incident. Police said that the godown was being constructed close to a farmland. A 58-year-old man was struck dead by lightning and two others sustained injuries near Hunchadakatte of Tirthalli taluk. The incident occurred when Shanmugam (58), a resident of Ayanur was loading wooden logs onto a truck. Rains resumed across Shimoga district after a lull. Shikaripur, Shiralakoppa, Sorab, Bhadravathi, Tirthahalli and Sagar received a good spell of rains. Normal life was affected as rainwater gushed into the low-lying areas. A blanket of thick cloud engulfed the skies of Malnad region compelling motorists to use headlights in the noon. However, there was no rain Shimoga
Sun, 05/18/2014 12:00 PM Killed 5 people  0.0  Rawalpindi 
RAWALPINDI/ARIFWALA - Five people were killed on Monday in Punjab after lightning struck suburban areas of Rawalpindi district and a village near Arifwala. At least three persons were struck by lightning and killed in two different suburban areas of Rawalpindi district. In the first incident, two cousins were killed when lightning struck a tree in Aneesar village of Kahuta in the morning at around 8:15am. In the second incident, a veterinary doctor died when a bolt of lightning hit him at Karum Ilyas village in Gujjar Khan area. Two persons were killed separately when lightning struck them in a village near Arifwala. According to police, Muhammad Aamees Bhatti and Sajid aka Daud Ansari of Chak No 66/EB were working in a field near Chak No 76/EB when a bolt of lightning struck them and they died on the spot
Sat, 05/17/2014 12:00 PM Injured 4 people  0.0  Shumen  
Shumen. Four people were Saturday struck by a lightning and sustained non-life threatening injuries near the city of Shumen, the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported. An international equestrian sport tournament is being held at the place where the accident occurred. The coach of the Bulgarian national team, Boyko Naydenov, said the injured people has been hospitalised and would remain in hospital over the next 254 hours. The tournament was suspend today but will be resumed tomorrow. It was also reported the injured people were standing under a tree when the lightning struck.
Sat, 05/17/2014 12:00 PM Injured 2 injured  0.0  Nagaland 
Two persons were injured as lighting struck on atop of church in Manipur on Sunday night. Wife of the pastor and girl sustained injuries, while a portion of the Believers Church at Bishnupur was damaged. She was hospitalized with a complaint to her hearing problem while the girl, a relative of the pastor sustained injury on her leg. Apart from making a hole of around three feet diameter on the roof of the church, a pit of around two feet in deep was also created near the church wall. Besides, damaging the roof and top of the church, the impact of the lightning also damaged the roof of the pastors quarter. The lighting further damaged electric wire of the quarter besides bursting most of the bulbs and TV set. At least six more TV sets belonging to the locality where the Church located were reported damaged by the lightning, some of sets being charred. On the other, continuous incessant rainfall since the last few days have brought relief to the people who had been hit hard by the water scarcity. Some water supply schemes which have stopped supply of treated drinking water have started functioning, said an official of the state PHED who hinted of resuming normal water supply to the public within the next few days. However, it further brought about misery for the Imphal residents as several areas in the city including roads and residential premises were inundated. Owing to heavy rainfalls, the main entrance gate of temporary market located in the heart of the Imphal city has been completely submerged under water thereby causing inconvenience to shoppers. Water clogging was also seen in parts of Kwakeithel Konjeng Hajari Leikai, Thouda Bhabok Leikai, Hodam Leirak, Irom Pukhri Mapal, Nganappi Thong in city where many residential premises have been affected. According to officials of the local meteorological department at Imphal airport, the rate of rainfall on May 8, 9 and 10 were recorded at 8.9 MM, 7 MM and 22.6 MM respectively and 68.5 MM on May 11. The weather condition in the next two-three days was also expected to be same.
Fri, 05/16/2014 12:00 PM Injured 4 in family  0.0  Goerlitz  
(NEWSER) ⬠A German family is recovering after a grandma, her daughter and daughter-in-law, and two grandsons, aged six and nine, were struck by lightning this week, the Local reports. The family was bringing outdoor furniture and toys inside during a storm when the daughter-in-law felt "some tingling from head to toe," she told newspaper Bild, per the BBC. "There was chaos. Everybody was just acting on autopilot. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived." All suffered minor injuries with the exception of the 9-year-old, whose situation was more serious. He had to be resuscitated in the yard by his father and grandpa, and was admitted to the hospital in serious condition.
Fri, 05/16/2014 12:00 PM unknown Lightning Linked to Solar Wind  0.0   
Lightning is more frequent when solar wind is particularly intense, pointing to a possible role of high-energy solar particles in triggering the bolts. Credit: Dorset Media Service/Alamy Lightning has been around since the dawn of time, but what triggers it is still an enigma. Now, researchers propose that the answer could lie in solar particles that penetrate the atmosphere and ionize the air, releasing free electrons and leading to a massive discharge. Thunderclouds become electrically charged from the collisions of microscopic ice particles in their midst, and from air currents that push the negative and positive charges apart. The air is a good insulator, keeping electrons from jumping back and equilibrating the electrostatic charges. But if a pathway of ionized air molecules forms that can act as a conductor between different parts of a cloud, or between the cloud and the ground, the result is a lightning bolt. However scientists are still not sure of what initiates the formation of such a pathway. In the presence of strong enough electric fields, insulators spontaneously break down and become conductors, but experts believe that the atmosphere simply cannot reach the hundreds of thousands of volts or more required to produce a lightning. So they have been searching for alternative explanations. Researchers at the University of Reading, UK, now say that solar wind has a role. As high-speed solar-wind particles travel through space, they can lead to localized strengthening of the magnetic field, which pushes some of the particles to even higher speeds. These so-called solar energetic particles (SEPs)  unlike other those that travel at slower speeds  have enough energy to penetrate Earths magnetic field and to travel through the atmosphere, down to the altitudes where thunderclouds form. There, researchers say, they could collide with atoms in the air, generating a cascade of high-energy particles. This runaway breakdown would be sufficient to trigger lightning, says Christopher Scott, a space scientist who led the latest study. He and his team present the results this week in Environmental Research Letters. The idea of runaway breakdown was first proposed in 1992 by Alexander Gurevich, a physicist at the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow. But his theory was that lightning was seeded by cosmic rays, which originate outside the Solar System and can be much more energetic than solar-wind particles, including SEPs. To check for correlations between lightning and solar particles, Scott and his colleagues analysed the records of lightning strikes within a 500 kilometer-radius of central England. They compared the frequency of bolts to data from NASAs Advanced Composition Explorer spacecraft, which measures solar-wind streams reaching Earth. The scientists found that, on average, 422 lightning bolts per day occurred in the 40 days after the arrival of high-speed solar-wind streams at Earth. In the 40 days before its arrival, there was an average of 321 lightning strikes per day. Scott says that balloon experiments could provide more support for his model. In particular, balloon-borne particle detectors could test whether the number of high-energy particles that cross the atmosphere is higher during periods of intense solar wind. This is the first study that I am aware of that found a link between the solar-wind streams at Earth and lightning, says Joseph Dwyer, a physicist at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, who was not involved in the study. If the model turns out to be correct, he adds, the work done by Scott and his team would be extremely important. This article is reproduced with permission from the magazine Nature. The article was first published on May 16, 2014.
Wed, 05/14/2014 07:00 PM Killed Larry Webb  71.0  Plant City FL 
  fishing   N/A  fishing,Indirect,Near Water,Outside,Water 
PLANT CITY  A man who was found dead Wednesday at the edge of a Plant City lake may have been struck by lightning, according to a medical examiner's report. RELATED NEWS/ARCHIVE Man killed at Seminole construction site after apparent lightning strike 3 Days Ago 'Stand your ground' law becomes issue in Pasco movie killing 4 Months Ago Head-on crash in Plant City kills 4, including Marine veteran 1 Month Ago The official cause of Larry Webb's death will not be declared until medical examiners conduct further studies, according to the report. But an initial case summary of the Lithia man's autopsy, released Friday, notes a "blown out" shoe, among other signs that he might have been electrocuted. A ranger in Edward Medard Park found Webb, 71, lying face down in the water just after 7 p.m. Wednesday, with his feet and legs on the shore, according to the report. A fishing pole, tackle box and bait were nearby. Webb's left shoe was "blown out," and his clothing was ripped down the left side of his body, the report stated. Webb's was the second possible lightning-related death in the Tampa Bay area that day. Pinellas County sheriff's deputies are investigating the death of Agustin Navarrete-Guerrero, 40, of Tampa, who was found about 4:30 p.m. lying face-down at a Seminole construction site. PLANT CITY -- The widow of a man killed by lightning in Plant City said she hopes his death can serve as a warning to others to use caution. Larry Webb, 71, was fishing alone at Medard Park in May. A storm rolled in as he stood along the shoreline. A medical examiner said Webb was struck by lightning and killed. "It was an indirect strike of lightning," said his wife, Cherie Webb. "He had a pacemaker in and the lightning traveled through him, to the pacemaker and shorted it out." She said her husband had survived both heart and kidney problems and shingles in his lifetime. She said the way he died has been devastating. "It's extremely difficult but each day gets better," Webb said. Webb hopes her husband's death serves as a warning for anyone spending time outdoors, particularly during the storm season. "Larry did not expect the lightning," she said. "He didn't go there expecting to never come home." A 44-year-old Tampa man suffered injuries from an indirect lightning strike Thursday morning at Sand Key Park in Clearwater.
Wed, 05/14/2014 04:30 PM Killed Agustin Navarrete-Guerrero  40.0  Seminole FL 
  at construction site  N/A  Construction site,Outside,Work 
SEMINOLE, Fla. (AP)  Authorities say a southwest Florida man has died after he was apparently struck by lightning. Pinellas County sheriff's officials said they were called to a construction site Wednesday afternoon and found the victim lying face down on the ground. Officials said preliminary results show he was struck by lightning. The victim was not identified
Mon, 05/12/2014 08:00 AM Injured 6 of 9 students  0.0  Greenville MI 
  in a school    Indirect,Indoors,School 
Mon, 05/12/2014 08:00 AM Injured 9 of 9 students  0.0  Greenville MI 
  in a school    Indirect,Indoors,School 
Mon, 05/12/2014 08:00 AM Injured 7 of 9 students  0.0  Greenville MI 
  in a school    Indirect,Indoors,School 

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