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Fri, 07/13/2012 12:00 PM unknown USLA  0.0  CA 
  BAD info    Bad Safety info 
Every year, lightning strikes and kills people on or near bodies of water. Summer is the peak season for outdoor and water-related activities, and when most lightning deaths and injuries occur. As recently as 2011, a lifeguard was fatally struck by lightning in Florida. Lightning cannot be prevented, but the vulnerability of lifeguards, beach-goers, and patrons near bodies of water can be minimized. Vulnerable locations include: beaches, indoor and outdoor pools, diving boards, lifeguard stands, and nearby outdoor recreational facilities. While every state has reported lightning-related fatalities, the highest numbers are reported in states bordering the Great Lakes, southern states bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, and the four corners states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. This document serves as a guideline for developing a lightning safety plan and communicating lightning safety information. These guidelines are aimed primarily at areas of the country with moderate to high lightning hazard levels, but may be applied anywhere. Develop an Emergency Action Plan (download model plan and edit to your location) Have a means to garner daily weather forecasts and updates. Identify means to monitor lightning in the area. Identify the closest safe locations before the beginning of the season, and consider posting signs that promote lightning safety and indicate locations that provide protection from lightning. Locations that offer protection from lightning: Fully-enclosed buildings that are grounded with wiring and plumbing Lifeguard towers that are fully-enclosed and compliant with NFPA 780 lightning guidelines Fully-enclosed metal vehicles (no soft top convertibles) Locations that do not offer protection from lightning: Beaches Water Open-sided pavilions (such as picnic areas) Restrooms, changing facilities, and showers Lifeguard stands that are not fully enclosed and compliant with NFPA 780 lightning guidelines Tents Boats that are not designed or retrofitted to be compliant with NFPA 780 lightning guidelines Small personal water craft (e.g. Jet Skis) Determine what actions to take based on the threat level, including: How patrons will be notified Whether to evacuate facilities or just issue warnings and advice on safe shelter How staff will protect themselves When to notify staff and patrons that the threat has subsided and normal activities can resume Educate Staff Annual training for lifeguard and beach patrol units should include lightning awareness and a review of protocols in their hazardous weather safety plan. This includes: Education on facts about the dangers of lightning Locations that provide protection Emergency action plan for lightning in the area, along with severe weather watches and warnings Suggest staff members attend the free National Weather Service SkyWarn" basic storm spotter training to enhance weather awareness. Counties typically have a local spotter training session once every 1 to 2 years; along with an online class for those unable to attend in person. Date, time, and location of classes can be found from navigating from to your local National Weather Service office home page. Warning and Communication Tools NOAA weather radio. Forecasts can be monitored via the internet if available on-site. Information about the proximity of lightning strikes is available via the flash-to-bang rule (explained below), local on-site detection devices, smart phone applications and commercial notification services. Identify means to communicate with and notify staff and patrons. Communication tools include: Two-way radios Public address, loudspeaker system (fixed and/or on mobile vehicles) Telephones, including mobile phones Air horn or megaphone notification Whistle system Sign boards and flags Text, e-mail and social media alerts Internal television and/or radio broadcasts Daily Operations Designate a "weather watcher each day. At the beginning of the shift, designee notifies staff of weather forecasts that may impact operations that day Identify safe shelter locations The weather watcher has primary, but not sole, responsibility for observation of and updates on weather conditions. Determine the distance of lightning from a location by using the "flash-to-bang rule Begin counting at the sight of the lightning flash. Stop counting at the sound of related thunder. Divide the count by five (5) to determine the proximity in miles of the lightning strike (5 seconds = 1 mile; 50 seconds = 10 miles, etc). Use this rule in combination with other resources (local lightning detection systems and commercial services) if they are available, with the closest strike detected or observed used as guidance for the evacuation of a site. Lightning most frequently occurs within 10 miles of a thunderstorm (although there are occurrences when cloud-to-ground lightning strikes known as "bolts from the blue can strike up to 20 miles away from a thunderstorm). It is generally recommended that patrons be notified (or evacuated based on the emergency action plan) and staff take shelter when thunderstorms move within 10 miles. Depending on the attendance levels and the proximity of adequate shelter, a larger radius of lightning may be prudent to provide time to prepare. Consider the organization of thunderstorms in the area. More organized thunderstorms (squall lines, bow echoes, super cells, large clusters) should prompt a greater lead-time as compared to an isolated thunderstorm. When in doubt, remember "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors! Lightning Injury Response Ensure scene safety (victims do not carry an electrical charge and can be touched) Follow local protocols for trauma injury and triage. If necessary, safe, and appropriate, move the victim to a safe place away from the threat of another lightning strike Summon an ambulance as needed according to local protocols CPR and/or AED may be necessary Heart irregularities, shock, or sudden loss of consciousness are possible. Keep the conscious victim calm and monitor closely
Fri, 07/13/2012 12:00 PM Injured Robert Smith  57.0  Renton WA 
  inside watching tv    Indirect,Indoors,Thrown,Watching TV 
RENTON, Wash. -- To hear Robert Smith tell it, Friday the 13th was a lucky day. It was the day his house exploded. "The flames were shootin' out of the ceiling," he said. "I called (my family) up, told them the house blew up. I said, 'I'm okay, (the dog is) okay. The house blew up.'" The explosion that took out his home on SE 104th Street in Renton didn't start as an explosion. It began with a thunderstorm - one of many - that rolled across Puget Sound Friday. "(The thunder) was shaking the house - a couple of 'em were - and I was thinking to myself, 'That was pretty close to the house,'" Smith said. Turns out, the thunder - the lightning - was closer than he originally thought. "All the hair stood up on your body, you know?" he says. "'It's like 15 sticks of dynamite by your ear, you know, that blew up - and then you were across the room." The 57-year-old was blown nearly 15 feet across the room when lightning struck his house late Friday morning. Smith, who does utility work for King County, was enjoying a day off, watching television, when he heard what sounded like a huge explosion. "Lightning went through the whole house, all the sockets and everything," he said, sitting in his hospital bed. "Just a huge bomb, you know?" Smith's dog, Savannah, also sailed across the room and landed on the floor next to him. Smith says he looked up, saw flames licking at the ceiling, and felt Savannah pushing him toward the door to escape. The two made it out safely. Neighbors called 911. Firefighters attacked the house. Smith was taken to Valley Medical Center to be treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries. After being discharged from the emergency room around 5 p.m., Smith went to his mother's house to be reunited with his trusty companion. "C'mon, baby girl!" he yelled to Savannah, a 3-year-old Australian shepherd/Labrador mix. "I think she helped me get out. She's a good girl." To hear Robert Smith tell it, Friday the 13th was a lucky day. "If I don't get nothing out of the house or anything out of the house I'm still lucky because I've got myself and my dog and my family so I'll be good," Smith said. "I feel very lucky."
Fri, 07/13/2012 12:00 PM Killed Ray Marshall  61.0  Ada OK 
  going tro car in driveway    Outside,Walking to Vehicle,Yard 
Fri, 07/13/2012 12:30 AM Injured man   0.0  Orangeburg SC 
  working on lawn mower    Indirect,Mowing the lawn,Outside,Yard 
Man survives lightning hit on Friday the 13th Story Discussion By RICHARD WALKER, T&D Staff Writer | Posted: Saturday, July 14, 2012 7:30 am | (1) Comments Font Size: Default font size Larger font size RICHARD WALKER/T&D An Orangeburg man was hit by lightning as he worked on a lawn mower on the unluckiest day of all -- Friday the 13th. On Friday the 13th, an Orangeburg man became one of an estimated 360 U.S. residents per year who are struck by lightning. Emergency crews were sent to the 200 block of Tecza Drive about a mile west of Drag Strip Road around 12:30 p.m. as a storm front rolled in from the southwest. The victim was said to be conscious and talking with emergency crews before being transported to the hospital. And that was only after his Jack Russell terrier, perched on the prostrate man, reluctantly allowed Emergency Medical Services workers to approach him. A witness who didnt provide his name said he and the victim were preparing a lawn mower in the back yard of the residence for a job theyd planned to finish Friday. As the men were huddled around the mower, clamping off a gas leak, Friday the 13th arrived. That thing rolled up pretty quick, the witness said of the storm. The witness was knocked about 10 feet away and the victim was sent several feet in the opposite direction. Then came the explosion of thunder. The witness said he believes the lightning bolt may have struck the house initially, then traveled along a power line that provided a work shed with electricity. I think it hit him in the leg. His eyes were rolling in his head, the man said. I was afraid he was paralyzed. Its not the first time the residence has been struck. Several years ago, a power pole was hit. The residential area off Neeses Highway is called tornado alley by those who live there, he said. An estimated 40 people per year are killed by lightning strikes in the United States. Men are four times as likely as women to be struck by lightning, according to NASA. With his dad having been struck earlier, his friend struck Friday and several close calls in between, the witness still says he doesnt expect his turn is any closer. I respect it, Ill put it that way, he said. Lightning aint nothing to play with. Contact the writer: or 803-533-5516.
Fri, 07/13/2012 06:45 AM Injured 2 of 2 workers  0.0  Kansas City MO 
  working on a bridge    Construction site,Outside,Work 
Fri, 07/13/2012 12:00 PM Killed 14 + killed  0.0  Bihar 
14 killed in lightning strikes in India's storms JULY 13, 2012 RECORDER REPORT 0 COMMENTS At least 14 people were killed in lightning strikes in India's eastern state of Bihar during heavy monsoon rains, a news report said Thursday. The deaths took place in villages across six districts since Wednesday, the IANS news agency reported, citing officials. Five more villagers who were injured were hospitalised. Torrential rains accompanied by strong winds uprooted trees, damaged houses and toppled power cables across the state Wednesday and Thursday morning. Lightning strikes during the June-September monsoon season are common across India, with villagers living in thatched huts most at risk. More than 260 people have died during the current monsoon season across India, according to the federal Home Ministry.
Fri, 07/13/2012 05:30 PM Killed Burnette Hayes 1 of 2   52.0  Peachtree City GA 
  taking shelter under a tree  N/A  CPR,Delayed Death,fishing,Outside,Taking Shelter,Tree,Under Trees 
PEACHTREE CITY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - Two men in Fayette County found out just how dangerous summer storms can be. They got hit by lightning when they took shelter under a tree. It happened at the Battery Way boat docks on Peachtree Lake in Peachtree City. "See where it starts?" said Kurtis Jeffcoat, pointing out the scarred tree trunk which was struck by lightning Friday night. "It shoots all the way down." Storms rolled in quickly, and Jeffcoat was on the shore fishing when he saw two men pulling their boat out of the water. "They had just come in from fishing and was under the tree letting the rain go down before they put the boat on the trailer," said Jeffcoat. Jeffcoat watched in horror as lightning struck the tree, injuring the two men standing below. "I ran over and told the person in the golf cart to call 911," he said. "I did CPR on one of the guys; the other guy was breathing and was responsive." Authorities haven't identified the two victims who were rushed to area hospitals. Jeffcoat's CPR training kicked in, potentially saving the two fishermen's lives. "One guy didn't look too good, I was hoping he'd make it," he said. "We did CPR as long as we could." One victim is in stable condition at a hospital in Atlanta, but the other suffered more serious injuries. Fire officials are hoping for the best. Peachtree City father of 9 dies after suspected lightning strike ShareThis PrintE-mail By Christopher Seward The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A Peachtree City man died and another man was injured after a possible lightning strike Friday at Lake Peachtree, a fire and rescue spokesman said Saturday. Related Temperatures returning to 90s More Atlanta area news » Lightning kills father of 9 Temperatures returning to 90s Body found in burned-out car Strangers help crash victim Burnette Hayes, 52, died after he was taken to Piedmont Fayette Hospital, according to Ron Mundy, battalion commander for Peachtree City Fire and Rescue Department. Hayes was found unconscious and in cardiac arrest near the Battery Way boat ramp on the east side of Lake Peachtree when emergency medical technicians arrived at around 5:30 p.m. Friday. Mundy said the father of nine did not respond to advanced life support assistance. Another man with Hayes, also in his 50s, was found unconscious but became slightly coherent after receiving medical treatment, Mundy said. The unidentified man was taken to Atlanta Medical Center. His condition was not immediately known Saturday. According to witnesses, a storm was in the area at the time and trees near where the two men were believed to have been standing showed evidence of a lightning strike. Mundy said the men may have been standing between two trees near the boat ramp. Those who live around the lake said children were in the water, playing at the time the storm popped up Friday. "It's unbelievable with all the people that come here the kids and stuff that it would get an adult," resident Jose Casiano told Channel 2 Action News. "My other son swims in this lake, so to me it's very frightening." "My son said when he heard that lightning strike he knew it hit something nearby," Amy Vassey said. "It's very sad and he's the father of nine children." More showers and storms were possible Saturday, according to Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Brad Nitz. Nitz reminded metro Atlantans on Saturday that if "you're close enough to a storm to hear thunder, you're close enough to be struck by lightning - even with sunshine above." According to the National Weather Service, an average of 54 people are killed by lightning in the U.S. each yar and hundreds are permanently injured. When you hear thunder you should seek shelter in a building or hard-top vehicle and wait at least 30 minutes after a storm has passed before resuming outdoor activities, according to the NWS' safety tips. The 270-acre Lake Peachtree is one of three lakes in Peachtree City. The other two are 240-acre Lake Kedron and Lake McIntosh, which will be about 650 acres after it is completed.
Fri, 07/13/2012 06:45 AM Injured 1 of 2 workers  0.0  Kansas City MO 
  working on a bridge    Bridge,Construction site,Outside,Work 
Lightning strike injures two construction workers in Northland More News Emergency workers rushed two construction workers to the hospital this morning after they were apparently struck by lightning in the Northland. The workers suffered non-life-threatening injuries when the lightning struck them about 6:45 a.m. as they worked on a bridge at U.S. 169 and Northwest 95th Street in Kansas City, North. Initial reports were that as many as three workers were struck, according to Kansas City Fire Department spokesman Lew Hendricks. When firefighters and emergency medical personnel arrived, however, only two workers required medical attention. They were taken to a hospital for treatment of their injuries. View Lightning strike injures two people in Northland in a larger map Read more here:
Fri, 07/13/2012 12:00 PM Injured 2 children  0.0  Moscow  
  in a park    Outside 
Lightning struck two children during a downpour in Moscow July 13, 2012 1:21 pm Society 0 views In Moscow during a thunderstorm near the three-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl struck by lightning in the ground, they were hospitalized in serious condition. According to law enforcement officials, the incident took place in a park in the District of Strogino, near the Moskva River. Furthermore, it is reported that in Sergiev-Pasad district as a result of lightning strike in metal pipe killed two workers. Today, 13 July, the day was a heavy downpour, which recorded flooding in the North and centre of the city. Water car wheel covers. To eliminate the consequences of over 110 teams are Mosvodostoka.
Fri, 07/13/2012 03:00 PM Injured man at campground  0.0  Conconio county AZ 
  near a struck tree    Camping,Indirect,Near Trees,Outside,Park,Tree 
Lightning strike at campground sends man to hospital by Jane Lednovich - Jul. 13, 2012 05:15 PM The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team One man was hospitalized after lightning struck a tree at the Knoll Lake Campground about 90 miles from Flagstaff, Coconino County officials said. Thunderstorms rolled through the area Friday afternoon and a significant amount of lightning was reported around the campground, said Brady Smith, public information officer for the Coconino National Forest. The man was reportedly alert and conscious when medical personnel arrived, officials said. He was injured after lightning struck a tree in the area, but his injuries were not specified. Officers from the Coconino County Sheriff's Office were sent out after hearing reports of a lightning strike, but were called off before arriving to scene. The injured man was taken to a hospital by Guardian Medical Transport, officials said. The National Weather Service issued a flood advisory for Flagstaff and parts of the Coconino National Forrest on Friday afternoon. The advisory was called off around 4:30 p.m., but there is a 30 percent chance for more thunderstorms in the area overnight. Read more:
Fri, 07/13/2012 05:30 PM Injured 2 of 2   0.0  Peachtree City GA 
  taking shelter under a tree  N/A  fishing,Indirect,Outside,Taking Shelter,Tree,Under Trees 
Two people were transported to the hospital after being struck by lightning in Peachtree City on Friday, officials said. The Peachtree Fire Department responded to a call at the Battery Way boat dock around 5:30 p.m.. They found one man unconscious and non-responsive and another man unconscious. Battalion Comm. Ron Mundy of the Peachtree Fire Department said that it appeared the men were seeking shelter from the storm under trees. He said it appeared lightning struck a tree, injuring the men. One victim was transported to Piedmont Fayette Medical Center. His condition was not known. The other man was taken to Atlanta Medical Center, where authorities said he was in stable condition. Witnesses said a thunderstorm had just moved in the area. PEACHTREE CITY, Ga.  One man is dead and another is recovering after coming close to a lightning strike. Firefighters told Channel 2 Action News Saturday Burnette Hayes, 52, suffered a heart attack following the lightning strike and later died. Channel 2's Carl Willis spoke to Hayes' family, who said they are still stunned at the sudden death of the father of nine. "My son said when he heard that lightning strike he knew it hit something nearby," Amy Vassey said about the storm that killed Hayes Friday night. A bolt of lightning hit a pine tree on the edge of Lake Peachtree. Hayes and another man, also in his 50's, were standing under the tree and were knocked to the ground by the strike. The shock enough to send Hayes into cardiac arrest, which eventually claim his life, authorities said. "It's real tragic; obviously it happens. It's just bad luck," resident John Campbell said. Those who live around the lake said children were in the water, playing at the time the storm popped up. "It's unbelievable with all the people that come here the kids and stuff that it would get an adult," resident Jose Casiano said. "My other son swims in this lake, so to me it's very frightening," Vassey said. Peachtree City fire officials said the other man injured in the lightning strike regained consciousness as emergency crews tended to him on scene. Hayes could not be saved, they said. "It's very sad and he's the father of nine children," Vassey said. There were no other injuries reported from Friday's storm. There is still no word on the other man's condition.
Fri, 07/13/2012 12:00 PM unknown sprite  0.0   
  science    Science 
Share This Article What you see here is a red sprite, captured by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, which happened to be passing over Myanmar during a large thunderstorm. Sprites  named after Puck, a nature sprite in English folklore  are huge electrical discharges that occur in the mesosphere (50-100km above Earth), which are triggered by positive lightning strikes on the ground below. Beyond that, we dont know a whole lot about sprites. Because theyre so high up in the sky, often obscured by huge clouds, and only exist for a few milliseconds, the existence of sprites was only confirmed in 1989 when the University of Minnesota accidentally caught one on tape. Since then, theyve been captured on film and tape hundreds of times  but their properties and the mechanism that creates them is still a big mystery. My educated guess would be that lightning strikes also send some energy up into the mesosphere, where the electrons collide with other molecules (oxygen, when excited, emits a red glow). The photo of the sprite is actually a still frame from a time-lapse sequence shot by Expedition 31 aboard the ISS. You can watch the entire video below (or download for offline viewing). The sprite appears around the 7-second mark, in the top right corner of the frame.
Wed, 07/11/2012 12:00 PM Injured Zach Sandy  18.0  Parkersburg WV 
    N/A  Outside 
My 18 year old son Zach Sandy who had recently graduated from High School, was struck by lightning while attending a Church Camp in Parkersburg W V last July 11th 2012. Zach was dead for about 30 minutes. He was hit directly in the top of his head & the bolt of lightning traveled through his body & exited his feet. A camp counselor began C P R immediately. A local resident quickly arrived to help. After about 15 minutes, the ambulance arrived & took over C P R, after working for about 15 more minutes, the camp staff heard the Paramedics were talking about giving up, so they surrounded the Ambulance & prayed. Within about 10 seconds of the folks praying, the paramedics opened the doors of the Ambulance & claimed they had a pulse. He was taken to 3 Hospitals, because no one could handle a burn patient like West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh Pa. Doctors at every Hospital warned us of Brain damage, Kidney, lung Damage. 24 hours after being put on a breathing Machine, he was taken off the Machine. 1 week after being struck by lightning, he was released to Health South rehab center in Morgantown W V. One week after that he was released to go home & take outpatient rehab. Thru the ordeal Zach & his Mom & Dad did several radio ( K love) & T V interviews ( Pittsburgh, Parkersburg W V, Clarksburg W V, Charleston W V, Winchester Va. Zach has progressed so awesome that he started to College Jan 14th 2013. He still has issues with pain in his legs & cannot take off running & cannot jump. But Dr's now say that he will make a full recovery. I. For more details go to you & search Zach Sandy.
Wed, 07/11/2012 03:00 PM Injured Zach Sandy  0.0  Parkersburg OH  
  at a church camp  N/A  Church,Outside 
Back to News Share on facebook Share on google_plusone Updated: 12:01 PM Jul 12, 2012 Lightning Strikes Teen In Parkersburg WTAP News Lightning struck a teen in Parkersburg Wednesday afternoon while outside at a church camp. Posted: 9:01 PM Jul 11, 2012 Reporter: Erin Pulsanti Email Address: Lightning Strikes Teen In Parkersburg Story 0 Comments Font Size: Lightning struck a teen in Parkersburg Wednesday afternoon while outside at a church camp. WTAP News confirmed the teen's name is Zach Sandy. He was hit by lightning in the 1000 block of Core Road Wednesday afternoon. He was taken to the Camden Clark Medical Center's Emergency Room and later transferred to Ruby Memorial in Morgantown. Officials at the hospital tell WTAP News Sandy was discharged Thursday morning. Zach Sandy, 18, Shares Journey After Lightning Strike Posted: Jul 25, 2012 6:22 PM EDT Updated: Jul 25, 2012 6:26 PM EDT By Stacy Jacobson, Gilmer, Harrison and Lewis County Reporter - bio | email Local News Upshur County Commission Issues Ruling in Sheriff Election Dispute 'Veterans On Call' Program Helps Staff Mountainfest City of Elkins Prepares for New Water Treatment Facility Marion County 911 Center, Emergency Responders To Re-Learn Radio Communication Harrison County Commission to Start Loan Demolition Fund More>> MORGANTOWN - "They said it was one in a million." Those are what Zach Sandy, 18, said are anyone's chances of being struck by lightning. And two weeks ago, Zach Sandy was the one. He was attending church camp in Parkersburg, when it started to thunder storm. "I don't remember anything," he said. But, the Harrison County teen was told he was struck. He had a cut where the lightning entered on the back of his head. Then, it traveled down his body and went out his foot. It left his clothing torched. His father Russell said he let himself think the worst: "I said, 'If he goes, if God chooses to take him, I know where he's going to go.'" Since then, Zach has been to four medical centers. He spent the longest time at West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh. Until Wednesday, he was doing rehabilitation at HealthSouth in Morgantown. In the two weeks since Zach was struck, he re-gained his speech and movement and even re-learned to walk. "We were waiting for him to open his eyes. We were waiting for him then to speak. It was just about little victories," his father Russell Sandy said. "I've been in church all my life and I've seen a lot of things happen but this is probably one of the most amazing things," Zach said. Zach's friends and family have been with him every step of the way. And with each step, he gets closer to triumph. "Every body has these voices in their head saying you can't do it but this is something I can do," he said. Zach said he has received more than 300 cards and countless emails, text and Facebook messages. He hasn't been able to thank each person individually, but said he is grateful for every bit of support. Zach was also released from rehab Wednesday. He will continue his rehab through an outpatient program near his home in Harrison County. If you want to help with Zach's rehabilitation funds, you can mail to: Zachary Sandy 1032 1/2 Indiana Avenue Stonewood, WV 26301
Wed, 07/11/2012 03:00 PM Killed Jackson Marsh  17.0  Adelaide  
  training on football field  N/A  Delayed Death,Field,Outside,Sports Field 
A teenage footballer is fighting for his life after being struck by lightning in Adelaides eastern suburbs. The 17-year-old was struck while training with Pembrokes First 18 football team at an oval at Kensington Park, The Parade. He then went into cardiac arrest as he lay on the oval. The boy was taken by ambulance to hospital where he remains in a critical condition, but his condition is improving. He is now able to breathe on his own and hospital staff are using ice to lower his body temperature. Emergency crews at the scene told 7News they have never seen an incident where someone had been directly hit by lightning. Witnesses said there was no warning before the lightning strike hit. Thunder storms swept across the state today, causing flash flooding in some parts of the Barossa Valley and Student hit by lightning dies in hospital A student who was struck by lightning in Adelaide last week has died in hospital. Staff at the Royal Adelaide Hospital said 18-year-old Pembroke School student Jackson Marsh died overnight. He had been kicking a football with friends on Kensington Oval last Thursday when he was struck by a bolt as a severe storm passed over eastern parts of Adelaide. Teen killed by lightning, Jackson Marsh, was a hero to family, friends Anna Vlach AdelaideNow July 26, 20129:30PM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Jackson Marsh - who was killed by a lightning strike - in his Pembroke School uniform. Source: Supplied Friends remember lightning victim Jackson Marsh JACKSON Marsh was a wonderful son and a good sport, and will forever be remembered as a hero to his family and friends. The football-loving teenager wore the same number as his hero, Gavin Wanganeen, and yesterday, the number 4 Pembroke First XVIII guernsey was draped over the 18-year-old's coffin. More than 1000 people gathered at Pembroke School to farewell the popular Year 12 student who died last week, six days after being struck by lightning. They included his parents Dean and Jenny, sisters Brittany and Ebony and brother Taylor, and hundreds of students from Pembroke and other schools. The same students and school staff later helped form a guard of honour when Jackson's coffin was carried by pallbearers including his father and brother. Mr Marsh, a South Australian Cricket Association board member, said his son was "a leader on and off the field". While Jackson excelled at cricket and tennis, football was his passion. "He just loved the game," Mr Marsh said. "It's perfect today that he was wearing his formal suit he was going to wear to the school formal this Saturday night, a Port Adelaide tie and Sturt football socks." Mr Marsh talked of his family's devastation at losing a son and brother who was "wonderful, loving, caring and joyful". "I do not believe anyone can totally get over such a loss," Mr Marsh said. "Part of my being has been ripped away ... I wish I could have taken Jackson's place." Brittany spoke of her beloved brother's "signature smirk" and favourite sayings. "As Jackson would say - `that's cricket' - we love you forever Jacky Boy," she said. Jackson was hit by lightning while playing footy with friends on Kensington Oval on July 12 during the school holidays. Pulteney Grammar School students Sam Andrewartha, 18, and Edward Fowler, 17, who had just left the oval, rushed to help him. Jackson fought for his life for almost a week in the Royal Adelaide Hospital Intensive Care Unit, where he turned 18 on July 15. On July 18 he died with his family by his side. attended Jackson's funeral with the permission of his family.
Mon, 07/09/2012 12:00 PM unknown Why Major League Baseball needs to update severe w  0.0  MN 
texas ball player squats    Education,Good lightning safety info 
Why Major League Baseball needs to update severe weather policy Posted at 6:44 PM on July 9, 2012 by Paul Huttner (10 Comments) Filed under: Baseball, Severe weather I am a "baseball guy." I played as a youth. I've coached for 7 years in the Minnetonka Baseball system. My 17 year old son is a pitcher/infielder on his Senior Babe Ruth team. I love the game and all things baseball. I am also a meteorologist. I served as a board member of my local Little League and helped them update and revise severe weather and lightning procedures to help keep kids and families safe while playing the game we all love. I researched and purchased a relatively low cost lightning detection option and installed it at Bennett Family Park in Minnetonka, where I am told it still operates to this day. As a meteorologist who studies and practices forecasting every day for the past 20+ years, I understand a little bit about the (sometimes hidden) dangers that severe weather and lightning poses to baseball. Photo by Craig Edwards I also have a bit of unique insight into how some Major Leage Baseball (MLB) teams approach severe weather coverage for open air stadiums full of 40,000+ fans, umpires, grounds crew and players who command multi million dollar salaries. I have filled in for Craig Edwards as the team meterologist at Target Field and provided prefessional weather support during Twins games. The winter before Target Field opened, Craig Edwards and I approached the Minnesota Twins and discussed a proposal for weather support as the Twins the moved to outdoor baseball in Minnesota in 2010. Ultimately the Twins (wisely) decided to have a qualified, experienced meteorologist in house on game days, and for big events such as Sunday's first ever concert at Target Field. In my opinion, it's time for all MLB teams to do the same. Sunday: Tragedy narrowly averted in Texas My post last night/this morning discussed the near miss from what appears to have been a direct lightning strike on the Ballpark at Arlington during the 4th inning if the Twins-Rangers game. The lightning data I received from Tony Dello at Telvent-DTN supports the conclusion that it was a direct hit. The Cloud-to-Ground (CG) "discharge" occurred at 7:11pm CDT, and packed a punch of 70 kA according to data that likely originated from the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) based at Vaisala Corp. in Tucson, AZ. Source: Telvent DTN The primary stroke appears to have hit the upper canopy above the 3rd deck along the 3rd base line. A second arm may have hit an object very near the center field wall, within a few feet of fans and the center fielder for the Rangers. Had the strike been more powerful or landed just a few feet away from either location, we might very well have been reporting on fatalities and injuries today. First strike minutes earlier? There are reports from fans in the ballpark (including one comment I've received directly on Updraft) and from Twins broadcasters during the telecast that there was a nearby lightning strike with audible thunder a few minutes before the strike that hit the stadium. Apparently that first strike sparked a round of applause from fans, unaware that minutes later another bolt would hiss and hit the park directly. Here are the details in my exchange this morning with Randall who was sitting in the 3rd deck at the game last night. I was at this game. Sitting in Section 311, row 19, seat 13. I feel very certain my section and seat fall within the yellow box detailed in the Telvent pic you show in this article. I can tell you it was an amazing sound. The air made hissing and crackling sounds a split second before this strike occurred over our heads. Wicked! Posted by Randall | July 9, 2012 2:15 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Randall: You and everybody else in the stadium were very lucky last night. I'm glad it turned out as well as it did. The Twins announcers indicated in the clip that there was another strike close by a few minutes before this one, did you hear it? Was it audible in the stadium? PH Posted by Paul Huttner | July 9, 2012 7:57 AM I agree. There was one minutes before that was audible as well off to the east of the stadium. In fact, it drew an ovation of cheers and claps from the crowd when it occurred. We should have held our applause for the encore minutes later. Ha. Much louder and much closer to home. Randall Keep in mind that the game was in full swing at the time of the second strike. Therein lies the problem with what happened in Texas Sunday. Let me say this clearly. The game should have been under suspension at 7:11pm when the second strike hit the stadium. Players, umpires and grounds crew should have been off the field, and fans should have been directed under cover as best possible. All rules of common sense and basic severe weather safety dictate that when you can hear thunder, storms are close enough to produce lightning strikes that can hit you. As meteorologists we drill this into listeners heads over and over again. There are many accounts of lightning striking the ground (and producing fatalities) 5, 10, even 20+ miles from thunderstorms. The NWS has entire pages and brochures on lightning safety. The 30-30 rule is the generally agreed upon best practice for safety outdoors when thunderstorms approach. When you hear thunder, you should immediately go inside, and wait 30 minutes until after the last audible thunder is heard. MLB failed to use basic severe weather and NWS lightning safety rules for large outdoor venues Sunday. The result was players, umpires and fans scrambling for cover, and the situation could have easily produced injuries and fatalities. Source: Paul Huttner-MPR News Proposed MLB severe weather policy changes: It is my understanding from talking to multiple officials inside the Minnesota Twins organization that MLB policy states decisions about potential weather delays are controlled by the home team up until the first pitch is thrown. After the first pitch is thrown in a game, the umpires control decisions about weather delays and severe weather safety. It is my strong opinion that needs to change. Here's why: -MLB Umpires have plenty to focus on during a baseball game. They are not able to devote the necessary attention to approaching weather conditions that may affect fan/player safety. -Even though MLB umpires may coordinate weather info with home team officials during a game, they are not weather experts. They are not trained to recognize subtle radar signatures that may indicate severe gust fronts that appear well ahead of storms, or satellite signatures that may indicate rapid development of lighting producing storms overhead or nearby. -Stadiums have high structures that limit visibility of umpires to approaching weather threats. At Target Field for example the views to the west (the primary direction storms approach from) are totally obscured. Fans, players and umpires cannot even see a storm until it's right on top of the stadium. By that time, everyone in the stadium has been in danger of a stray lighting strike or approaching damaging winds or hail for several minutes. A "solutions based" approach: I have been working on this piece for a few weeks now in my head. The events in Texas Sunday did not initiate my belief that MLB needs to update severe weather policy and procedures, but they are the last straw that prompted me to speak out today. I sincerely hope Sunday's events in Texas and voices like mine may play some small role in getting MLB to take a fresh look at severe weather policy during games. There have been many other instances where severe weather has been dangerously close to injuring or killing fans or players in stadiums. Many fatalities have occurred on baseball fields, especially from lightning. Here is what I propose MLB do to improve safety in stadiums as potential severe weather approaches MLB games. 1) Require all MLB home teams to have a trained, experienced meteorologist in house during all MLB games. One trained meteorologist, watching the radar and lightning detection networks can save lives and prevent a tragedy that MLB can avoid before it happens. -MLB, you have valuable players making millions each season on the field. You have fans that pay significant dollars to support your team in the seats. You have high profile guests in the seats like MLB Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan (and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson?) as we saw in Sunday's video. For a few hundred bucks a game you can have a "weather MVP" in your weather lab that can help make the call to get players and fans to a place of safety before an incident like Sunday sends people scrambling for cover. -The Minnesota Twins have set the bar for weather coverage in MLB. Follow the Twins model for having an in-house meteorologist on game days. Twins meteorologist Craig Edwards on the Roof Deck Photo by Paul Huttner-MPR News 2) Make the home team responsible for weather delays during the game. -Umpires have too much to do and are not weather experts. Make the home team responsible for calling weather delays during play, with input from the team's meteorologist who is trained to monitor the latest severe weather warnings, radar and lightning data. 3) Require all MLB teams to have a state of the art "weather lab" in house that has dedicated access to current radar, real-time lightning data in house, and the latest NWS severe weather warnings. 4) Immediately notify all fans via scoreboard and stadium PA systems that a weather delay is in progress, what the specific threat is, and what they should do to (calmly) seek cover. 5) Implement a consistent, common sense severe weather safety plan that applies al all MLB teams, and train all teams' staff on a consistent, common sense best practices procedure that employs current NWS. The events in Texas Sunday could have easily been avoided, and could have easily been much worse. Let's hope MLB will take notice and act quickly to move to an updated severe weather policy that improves the safety of everyone present at MLB games. Here are some more resources about lightning safety otudoors. -Ron Holle (lightning expert) chat with the AZ Daily Star -NWS lightning safety page
Mon, 07/09/2012 09:00 PM Injured woman   59.0  Douglas County GA 
By Katie Kosciolek - email Heatherwood Court, Douglas County NEWSMORE>> Defense requests private investigator in triple slaying in Auburn Updated: Jul 10, 2012 12:31 PM EDT A man accused of killing three people at a party in Auburn wants the state to pay for a private investigator to help him prepare his case. More >> Just In Parents arrested, girl allegedly forced to live in chicken coop Updated: Jul 10, 2012 12:29 PM EDT The parents accused of keeping their teen daughter in a chicken coop have been arrested. More >> Carlton Gary seeks another trial, 26 years later Updated: Jul 10, 2012 11:56 AM EDT The man convicted in one of Georgia's most infamous cases of murder and sexual assault is seeking another trial 26 years after he was condemned to death. More >> Easing "Spider Web" traffic problems in Columbus Updated: Jul 10, 2012 11:53 AM EDT Drivers who frequent Buena Vista Road at St. Mary's Road will likely find relief in knowing a study may soon get underway to determine the best ways to ease congestion problems. More >> Stand up, turn off the TV - your life might depend on it Updated: Jul 10, 2012 11:44 AM EDT (RNN) - You may want to stand up to read this story because sitting down might be killing you. A new study published in the online journal BMJ Open says that sitting more than three hours a day may shave More >> DOUGLAS COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - A woman is recovering after she was struck by lightning in Douglas County. It happened as storms rolled through the county on Monday evening. The 59-year-old woman was struck by lightning on Heatherwood Court. She was taken to WellStar Douglas Hospital for treatment and was reportedly conscious, according to Douglas County Sheriff's office spokesman Wes Tallon
Sun, 07/08/2012 12:00 PM Killed Indira Tursunova  48.0  Monmouth Beach NJ 
  walking on seawall    Beach,CPR,Dock/Pier/Jetty,Outside,Walking 
NY woman fatally struck by lightning at NJ Shore Article Comments MORE IN NEW YORK » Associated Press MONMOUTH BEACH, N.J.  A New York woman who was struck by lightning while visiting the New Jersey shore has died. The Asbury Park Press ( reports 48-year-old Indira Tursunova of New City died early Sunday at a hospital, several hours after she was struck while walking on a sea wall in Monmouth Beach. Authorities say Tursunova was at a beach in the Monmouth County community with several relatives and friends when a line of strong, fast-moving storms blew through the region. She was about 20 feet behind the others in her group when she was struck. A Monmouth Beach police officer who happened to be nearby saw what happened and tried, along with others on scene, to revive Tursunova before she was taken to the hospital. No other injuries were reported.
Sat, 07/07/2012 12:00 PM Killed girl   0.0  Dresden  
  running to shelter in pool complex    Outside,Pool,Taking Shelter 
Storms kill three in Germany From: AAP July 07, 2012 11:34PM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Storms in Germany have killed three, including a nine-year-old girl, and injured at least 20. OFFICIALS said on Saturday the girl was struck by lightning late on Friday near the eastern city of Dresden. She was running through a swimming pool complex - apparently after several children were told to seek shelter - when lightning struck. A falling tree hit a car in the state of Saxony, killing its 23-year-old driver, while in the northern town of Lueneburg near Hamburg a rotten tree fell on a cyclist, possibly due to the storm. She died in hospital of her injuries.
Sat, 07/07/2012 01:20 PM Injured 2 women   0.0  Oromocto  
  walking in park near river    Outside 
Lightning strike injures two Women from Halifax and Geary, N.B. sent to hospital CBC News Posted: Jul 8, 2012 2:21 PM AT Last Updated: Jul 8, 2012 3:41 PM AT Facebook 0 Twitter 6 Share 6 Email Two women out for a walk in Oromocto were injured Saturday when a lightning bolt struck a nearby tree. The women were near the Oromocto Boat Club when a storm came up suddenly around 1:20 p.m. People called the police, thinking the women had been struck. "As it turned out, lightning had struck close to the two individuals walking down in Hazen Park by the Oromocto River," said RCMP Cpl. Jean-Marc Pare. "The force of the lightning threw the two ladies to the ground." The women were then taken to the Oromocto Hospital. One had to be transferred to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton. Their injuries are not considered life threatening. One of the women is from Halifax; the other from Geary, N.B.
Sat, 07/07/2012 09:59 PM Killed Steven J Rybacki  51.0  Nashville IL 
  stepped outside  N/A  Delayed Death,Outside 
Man dies after lightning strike Print Email 5 hours ago " The Southern(0) Comments Steven J. Rybacki, 51, of Nashville died Thursday from injuries sustained from a lightning strike. According to the Washington County Ambulance Service, they received the 911 call at 9:59 p.m. July 7. They were told Rybacki was struck when he stepped outside. Rybacki was taken to Washington County Hospital and then transported to Saint Louis University Hospital.
Sat, 07/07/2012 12:00 PM Injured 1 of 5 campers  0.0  St. Francois county MO 
  camping at St. Joe State Park    Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside 
Lightning strike sends 5 to the hospital Posted: Jul 08, 2012 5:15 PM EDT Updated: Jul 08, 2012 5:57 PM EDT HEARTLAND NEWSMORE>> Extreme drought evaporating moisture in the soil Storm damage affects business at Ironton, Mo. restaurant Fire destroys garbage truck, damages two others in Cape Girardeau Lightning strike sends 5 to the hospital Man dies after rollover crash near Fredericktown, Mo. ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Five people were shaken up after a nearby lightning strike in St. Francois County. According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, two adults and three children were camping at St. Joe State Park near Park Hills on Saturday when lightning hit somewhere nearby. They all complained of minor aches and pains and took a private vehicle to a Farmington hospital. They are believed to have recovered with little to no harm. And, to the south, lightning strikes kept crews in Madison County busy on Sunday. Firefighters worked to put out a brush fire on County Road 236 in the Marquand area. Mother Nature helped out a bit as rainfall slowed the fire from spreading. As crews fought this fire they took another call of lightning starting another fire in a different part of the county.
Sat, 07/07/2012 12:00 PM Injured 2 of 5 campers  0.0  St. Francois county MO 
  camping at St. Joe State Park    Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside 
Sat, 07/07/2012 12:00 PM Injured 3 of 5 campers  0.0  St. Francois county MO 
  camping at St. Joe State Park    Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside 
Sat, 07/07/2012 12:00 PM Injured 4 of 5 campers  0.0  St. Francois county MO 
  camping at St. Joe State Park  N/A  Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Park 
Sat, 07/07/2012 12:00 PM Injured 5 of 5 campers  0.0  St. Francois county MO 
  camping at St. Joe State Park    Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Park 
Sat, 07/07/2012 08:15 PM Killed Ronald Nicholas  68.0  Waverly KS 
  in front yard    Outside,Yard 
Sunday, July 8, 2012 A Kansas man has died after being struck by a bolt of lightning. It happened just after 8:15 p.m. Saturday in Coffey County near Waverly. Coffey County officials say Ronald Nicholas, 68, was outside in his front yard when he was hit. He was hosting a family gathering to celebrate the Fourth of July when the accident happened. Officials say the storm was not directly over Nicholas' home. He was killed by a stray bolt of lightning from a nearby storm. Experts say if you can hear thunder, you are likely within striking distance of a storm. For more information about how to stay safe from lightning, please click the link below.
Fri, 07/06/2012 12:00 PM Injured Sharon Witham  0.0  Benton AR 
  holding lawn umbrella     Ground Strike,Indirect,Lawn Furniture,Outside,Umbrella,Yard 
Benton woman survives lightning strike July 22, 2012 BY MATT BURKS Sharon Witham of Benton shows her 6-year-old Jayden Tarrants a cast on her harm to heal a fractured wrist, which she suffered during a lightning strike at her home. (Courier photo by Matt Burks) During a thunderstorm on July 6, Benton resident Sharon Witham noticed that a canopy in her backyard was being whipped around. She feared it would blow over toward a neighbor's home, so she dashed out the door, grabbed one of the canopy's metal poles and began to "mash it down." Witham said it then occurred to her that having metal in her hand probably wasn't a good idea. "I had that pole in my hand and I thought, 'I better let that go,'" she said. "All of a sudden I saw light out of the corner of my eyes, I was knocked backward and I heard a bang. It sounded like dynamite exploding." As she began picking herself off the ground, she looked for her husband, Rusty, who had been looking for a tool in the adjacent shop. "He had his hands on his head covering his ears and he was down on the ground on his knees," Witham said. "He later told me that it felt like he was back in Vietnam. That's how loud it sounded to him." The peculiar thing about this lightning strike is that it actually struck a tree in the family's front yard, about 100 feet away from where the couple were standing. Somehow, Witham said, the lightning bolt traveled down the tree, underground, damaged the air-conditioning unit, traveled under the fence and blew out an electric outlet next to her house, traveled to a second electrical outlet by a picnic table, then traveled toward a tree near where Sharon Witham was standing. When she later surveyed the damage, it was discovered that a brick had popped out of a walkway, a large plastic trash can had been flung into the air, and even the end of a cord to a fan lying near the trash can was fried. The fan was not plugged into any electrical outlet. Her nephew, Tim Hogue of Benton, later found even more damage. "A light bulb was literally blown out," he said. "All that was left was the shank. There is no evidence of the glass part of the bulb to be found. There was also monkey grass that was shot out of the ground and it landed several feet away; wire burned up inside a busted PVC pipe; pieces of wood flew off a lattice; the bottom of that plastic trash can that was shot probably 15 to 20 feet in the air looked like it was punt-kicked; that end of a fan plug that exploded wasn't even plugged in, it was just simply lying on the ground along the hot path; and that brick that popped out was to the left of my aunt and the trash can was on the right of her." He added, "Keep in mind, that tree wasn't even directly hit. It was just somehow in the middle of the crazy pathway that the lightning charge took." Sharon Witham realizes now that at that same moment that lightning struck, she was standing with one foot on the brick/concrete walkway and one foot on the bare ground. Somehow  and she doesn't know how to explain it  she managed to escape serious, possibly fatal, injury. "When I got up, my husband asked me if anything was wrong and I said, 'Well, my leg and foot are kind of numb,'" Witham said. "Then my arm just started hurting, but it didn't look like anything was wrong. We went inside and about 10 minutes later all my blood veins started bulging out and I thought, 'that's weird.'" She also said that because they smelled smoke, they decided to call the Benton Fire Department and Saline Memorial Hospital Ambulance Service. Witham said firefighters thoroughly checked the home for any signs of fire, but "didn't find anything." "An ambulance worker came in, checked me out and asked me a lot of questions and finally told me that I needed to go on into the hospital to see if anything was broken," she said. "So I went and got X-rays. I was told I have a fracture on the top of my wrist and I have to wear a cast for at least four weeks. We also had slight hearing damage, and we are just now getting over that." According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a U.S. government agency, "Over the last 30 years (1981-2010) the U.S. has averaged 54 reported lightning fatalities per year. Only about 10 percent of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90 percent with various degrees of disability." Luckily, Sharon and Rusty Witham received only a big scare and non-life-threatening injuries. However, it's an incident the couple, their neighbors and their family believe they will remember for many years. And Sharon Witham believes this incident also is one that can help others. Witham, with characteristic lightheartedness, joked about the lightning strike, while simultaneously expressing gratitude. She's just happy that everyone is safe, including her dogs. "The dogs were all in the house. They were the smart ones, I guess. They knew better," Witham said with a laugh. "Next time (if something is down), I'm just going to let it blow away, tear up or whatever. It's not worth getting out and getting hurt or killed. It was scary, scary." She not only thanked the firefighters and ambulance crew, she also is thankful that her grandchildren were not at the home. Witham said they probably would have been near her at the time, as "they just always kind of follow me around." "Everything just happened so fast," she said. "There was no way I could have turned around and escaped it because it was right there. When I saw that flash of light, I immediately thought 'that's it, I'm dead.' I am very lucky to be alive. I know that I am. And I definitely respect that lightning." Hogue remains curious as to how lightning that struck a tree about 100 yards away could have caused so much damage. However, he also believes his aunt's unfortunate situation can be used positively for other people. "Perhaps the large root system was an excellent conductor; which might explain the freak phenomena of what happened with the trash can, bricks, and monkey grass," Hogue said. "I hope this article can serve as a teaching tool to convince folks of the dangers of lightning." Witham, who was actually celebrating a birthday the next day (and she politely declined to say which one), used humor in her warning to others. "I'll tell anyone that if there is lightning anywhere around you, just get away from it because it can do some weird things like it did here. It followed the wires underground and all the way around back here," Witham said. "The next day, all my family kept telling me, 'We're so glad you're still here,' and the neighbors were all concerned. I just told everyone, 'I guess I was your delayed firecracker.'"
Fri, 07/06/2012 12:00 PM Killed 14 killed  0.0  Bhopal  
14 killed as lightning strikes MP Source: DNA | Last Updated 02:59(06/07/12) Share | Advertisement Bhopal: Fourteen persons, including eight children, were killed in different parts of Madhya Pradesh since last 24 hours due to lightning and electrocution, officials said. A girl identified as Rampyari (12) died when she was standing under a tree to protect herself from rainfall and suddenly lightning hit her at Tevri village in Sagar district, they said. In an another incident, two kids-- Akash (8) and Ajay (10) --were also hit by lightning at village Khimlasa in Sagar district. Similarly, at Pathakhurd village in the same district, Khilan Adivasi (55) took shelter at a hut in an agriculture field where he got electrocuted due to lightning. In Katni district's Rohania village, three children, Laxmi (6), Akhila Choudhry (7) and Dharmendra Choudhry (13) were struck by lightning resulting in their death. At Asadi village in Katni district, Rammilan Patel (45) and his wife Pushpa Patel (40) died as lightning struck them when they were working in an agriculture field, according to officials. In Seoni district's Dhooma village, Sumitra Bai (48) lost her life, while at village Sirmagni also two persons identified as Gumma Bai and Ramkumar (30) got electrocuted as lightning struck them. In Rewa district's Shibla village, two kids Kamlesh and Omprakash died after lighting struck them, officials added. Ads by Google
Thu, 07/05/2012 07:00 PM Injured Laura Gingerich  0.0  Whispering Pines NC 
  walking to vehicle    Indirect,Outside,Walking to Vehicle 
hi, I went outside in a terrible storm here in NC tonight to get something from my car. I remember the bright light and the boom but I don't remember how I got into my car. I was stunned, completely stunned I suppose. My left ear hurts and my left arm feels weak. Seemed like the lightning hit right next to me&I feel strange. Is this normal? Thanks, Laura
Thu, 07/05/2012 05:30 AM Killed Jean-Philippe Dion  21.0  Saint-Ramond de Portneuf  
  rock climbing    Mtn. Climbing,Outside 
A Quebec rock climber is dead after being struck by lightning in a remote area north of Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, near Quebec City. Jean-Philippe Dion, 21, was climbing a mountainside with his friend when they were struck by lightning. "His friend tried to revive him without any success so he just hurried to try and get help," said Sgt. Ann Mathieu, spokeswoman for the Sûreté du Québec. The man's friend was able to contact authorities with his cellphone. He sustained minor injuries and reportedly suffered from shock. Police have located the victim's body and retrieved it at around 7 a.m. ET on Thursday with the help of a helicopter. François-Guy Thivierge, owner of a rock-climbing gym in Quebec City, said the rock-climbing community is reflecting on the incident. "It's very sad news, spectacular news because it's very rare." Police are investigating the incident.
Thu, 07/05/2012 12:00 AM Killed 3 persons  0.0  Giridih district 
Three killed in lightning strike Press Trust of India / Giridih (Jharkhand) July 05, 2012, 16:05 Ads by Google What Matters to You? : The Things That Matter To You Matter To Us. See How HP® Can Help. Three persons, including a college student, were today killed and three others suffered serious injuries when lightning struck at separate places in Giridih district. In the first incident, the thunder bolt struck the campus of Rajdhanwar Adarsh College at Rajdhanwar, killing one student and injuring three others, according to college principal Sushil Kumar. In the other incident at Pulgo village of the district, a man and his wife were killed when lightning struck them while they were working near their home, according to police sources.
Thu, 07/05/2012 03:22 PM Injured man   0.0  Morgantown NC 
  at Steele Creek Park Campground    Camping,Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside 
BURKE COUNTY, N.C. -- The man who was struck by lightning Thursday afternoon in Burke County is out of the hospital. Police responded to the Steele Creek Park Campground off NC 181 North, which is just north of Morganton around 3:22 p.m. The man was putting up a tent when he was struck. He drove himself to the hospital to get checked out and has since returned to the campground. The name of the victim has not been released.
Thu, 07/05/2012 12:00 PM Injured Peter Henderson  0.0  Berchtesgadener Alpen Bavaria 
  mountain climbing    Ground Strike,Indirect,Mtn. Climbing,Wet 
Hello Michael, your website is the only place i have found so far that might be interested in documenting my being recently hit by lightning. So i thought i'd send you some brief details, in the hope that it might help others, even if only in the long run through statistics. Last week on 5th of July 2012 my wife and i were caught in a brief electrical storm on the last pitch of a mutli-pitch rock climb above the Blaueishuette ( in the Berchtesgadener Alpen, Bavaria, Deutschland, EU. While climbing up a corner/crack, which had become a torrent of water due to the intense rain, i saw above me what looked like a very bright car head light, and simultaneously heard the deafening clap of thunder and felt the jolt through at least one of my hands. Panic stricken, but still conscious, i finished the climb and managed to pull myself together (probably very high on adrenalin) to get down to safety as the rain eased off. My partner was unaffected. My research since suggests that i only experienced a ground current through the surface water flowing down the rock, the strike having hit a projection on the main ridge of the mountain, Shärtenspitze, above us. One thing that disturbed me afterwards, possibly because i looked quite normal, albeit somewhat excited, was the lack of concern shown by the people we told at the hut. Even my partner thought i must be exaggerating! It is impossible for me to know how many amps i received, and i'm still monitoring myself for long-term symptoms. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Regards, Dr Peter Henderson
Wed, 07/04/2012 06:00 PM Injured Courtney Mulcahey 1 of 3   29.0  Laconia NH 
  at a barbecue  N/A  Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Picnic,Yard 
HOME / NEWS / LOCAL / N.H. 3 injured in lightning strike in Laconia, NH July 4, 2012 E-mail|Print|Comments (0) Text size  + 0 0 ShareThis85 LACONIA, N.H.Fire officials say three people are being treated for minor injuries after being struck by lightning at a Laconia barbecue. Capt. Kirk Beattie says three people in their early 20s were standing near a grill at a residential barbecue Wednesday evening when lightning struck the ground nearby. They were taken to a hospital. Beattie says several buildings in Laconia were struck by lightning and a tree fell onto a house on Wednesday evening, but no injuries were reported in those strikes. Margaret Curtis, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says a line of severe thunderstorms moved in from Canada shortly after 5 p.m. She says it cut through a 70-mile-long swath of New Hampshire, knocking down trees and power lines.
Wed, 07/04/2012 06:00 PM Injured Peter Arsenault 3 of 3   29.0  Laconia NH 
  at a barbecue  N/A  Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Picnic,Yard 
Lightning strikes 2 in South Boston, 3 in Laconia, NH Jul 5, 2012 7:20am Recommend Comments(0) Email Print Facebook RSS (NECN)  There are no injuries to report on the Esplanade, but two people were struck by lightning on Telegraph Hill in Thomas Park in Southie while watching the fireworks display. Firefighters responded to the park at around 10:45. The Globe is reporting a man and a woman were taken to Brigham and Women's Hospital. Theres no word on their condition. And three people in Laconia, N.H. were treated and released for minor injuries after being struck by lightning Wednesday night. Firefighters say the victims, all in their 20's, were standing near a grill when lightning hit the ground nearby. July 05. 2012 8:31PM 3 escape power of lightning ShareThis By PAULA TRACY New Hamphsire Union Leader After being hit by lightning at the same spot in Weirs Beach on the Fourth of July, three Boston area residents, Peter Arsenault, Courtney Mulcahey and Scott Chamberlain sport their hospital bracelets. The three were kept overnight at Lakes Region General Hospital for observation with Chamberlain suffering the worst, most painful of the injuries, while tending a gas grill outside their rented cottage on Hillcroft Road. They all suffered temporary memory loss but were back enjoying their vacation, Thursday. (Paula Tracy/Union Leader) LACONIA  A class reunion group from the Burlington (Mass.) High School class of 2003 experienced a lightning strike Wednesday that injured three people during a barbecue on Weirs Beach. Peter Arsenault, Scott Chamberlain and Courtney Mulcahey, all from the Boston area, were taken by ambulance from their cottage at 53 Hillcroft Road about 6 p.m. Wednesday to Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia after lightning struck the area. It came at a time when there were many lightning strikes of buildings in the area and significant wind damage in the Tilton area. On Thursday after spending the night at the hospital, the three were back among their friends sporting their hospital bracelets, and while laughing, were still visibly shaken by the experience and declined to discuss it. But their friends recalled the fright. It came on very quickly, said Yianni Skourtis of Boston, We could see the storm coming, then there was bang and they ran into the house, he said. Chamberlain felt intense pain all over, the three had temporary memory loss, and Mulcahey had pain in her hands. Skourtis said the three were outside the door next to the gas grill and were removing steak tips, hot dogs and chicken. He said one of the three was handing a hot dog to the other and the other had a hand on the shoulder of the other when the bolt likely struck the tin roof of the camp, which was connected by a gas line to the grill, he said. Residents and vacationers along the road, which borders Pickerel Cove and Paugus Bay, reported that the thunder was the loudest they had ever encountered. Jim Peabody of 92 Hillcroft Road said he had just come in from cleaning his boat in his yard a little after 5:30 and was taking a shower when he heard a heavy bang, pointing up towards the hillside near his house, not far from the house where the three were struck. I was petrified, said Lou Peabody, noting she was cleaning out her closet so she could go hide in it when the bolt struck. Patti Taylor at 106 Hillcroft Road said she heard a loud boom and it was nothing like I ever heard before, she said. Michelle Levell of Windham, renting a house on the end of the road for the week, said her family had just come in and was cooking dinner when the bolt struck, and it knocked out a kitchen light over the sink at 192 Hillcroft Road. It was intense, she said. There was, however, little structural damage and no fire associated with the bolt. Skourtis said the three who were outside were able to scramble into the house but it was obvious all three needed medical attention. Laconia Fire Department responded within minutes of the 911 call and took the three to the hospital. Jannelle Iaquinto of Boston said she believes that the bolt did not strike the three directly but likely hit either the roof or the ground near the house. The 'pop' was so loud people leaped in the air, she said. The group, which is made up primarily of the 2003 Burlington (Mass.) High School class, gets together annually for a week each summer but Skourtis said this one will be memorable for years go come.
Wed, 07/04/2012 11:00 PM Injured Jerome Hranka, husband 1 of 2  29.0  Boston MA 
  at Thomas park  N/A  Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Park 
They had climbed atop Dorchester Heights, like hundreds of other July Fourth revelers, to see the fireworks displays illuminating the skies over Boston. Instead, Jerome Hranka and Megan Gale Hranka got a little more than they had bargained for. Lightning struck the married couple as they took in the pyrotechnic panorama, knocking them unconscious. Add CBS Local to read, share and discuss today's news. What's this? Filed Under Local, News, Syndicated Local Related Tags Laconia, Lightning, New Hampshire, South Boston, Thomas Park, Weirs Beach BOSTON (CBS)  Severe storms brought dangerous lightning to the region Wednesday. In South Boston, a man and woman were taken to the hospital after being struck by lightning at Thomas Park around 11p.m. Their conditions are unknown. Earlier in the day, three people were struck by lightning at Weirs Beach in Laconia, New Hampshire. They were taken to Lakes Region General Hospital. One person was unconscious when they were transported. The extent of the injuries are unknown. Massachusetts State Police ordered an evacuation of the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular due to the storm threat. The show resumed 25 minutes later.
Wed, 07/04/2012 06:00 PM Injured Scott Chamberlain 2 of 3   29.0  Laconia NH 
  at a barbecue  N/A  Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Picnic,Yard 
LACONIA, N.H. (WHDH) -- Three people were injured after a lightning strike in Laconia, N.H. Wednesday evening. The three were transported to Lakes Region General Hospital, according to the Laconia Fire Department. One victim was unconscious upon the fire departments arrival, but regained consciousness shortly thereafter, according to officials. Strong storms were passing through the area at the time of the strike. Read more:
Wed, 07/04/2012 09:30 AM Injured worker  0.0  Simcoe  
  unlocking a gate    Outside 
SIMCOE - A student worker with the county was badly shaken up but unhurt following a close call with a lightning strike at a public works yard west of Simcoe Wednesday morning. The summer employee, who is with the drainage department, was taken to Norfolk General Hospital by ambulance for observation and later released. The young man, whose name was not released by the county or police, just happened to be unlocking the gate at a sub-yard with a sand dome on Charlotteville Road 7 when a bolt of lightning struck nearby, said Peter Bryan-Pulham, a senior drainage superintendent for Norfolk County. He told me he was seeing a big white light and feeling tingly all over with his hair standing on end, said Bryan-Pulham. The student worker, he said, then ran back to a truck being driven by a co-worker, who called 9-1-1. He was pretty shaken up obviously, Bryan-Pulham said. It was close. The co-worker, George Coggins, said they were both caught off-guard by what happened. It was just a lightning bolt out of the blue. It was scary, Coggins said while still sitting in the drivers seat of a dump truck parked at the side of the road. Norfolk OPP Const. Tim Wood said the charge from the lightning strike radiated outwards to the gate. The Ontario Ministry of Labour was contacted, Wood added. Next to the yard is a tall communications antenna. Bryan-Pulham said he did not know exactly where the lightning struck. The student, however, was not directly hit, he noted, and is expected to return to work Thursday. The incident happened shortly before 9:30 a.m.
Wed, 07/04/2012 11:00 PM Injured Megan Gale Hranka, wife 2 of 2  29.0  Boston MA 
  at Thomas park  N/A  Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Park 
Witnesses describe lightning that hit pair By ORyan Johnson Friday, July 6, 2012 - Updated 1 day ago E-mail Print (4) Comments Text size Share Two witnesses to the lightning strike that injured a young couple watching Bostons Fireworks Spectacular described a boom and bright, multi-colored flash that came down, then shot out horizontally from the spot where it hit. Stephen Pannucci, 30, who lives in South Boston, arrived moments before the strike at Thomas Park, a popular spot with locals to watch the show but avoid the crowds. As best I can recall, 10 to 15 minutes into the fireworks it started to drizzle a little bit, Pannucci said. Not hard enough where people were leaving. Within a minute or two after it started raining, the tree was hit. I was 20 or 25 feet to the left. And out of the corner of my eye, I think what I saw was a horizontal bolt come out of the tree and hit the woman. It was like a reddish blue sort of bolt. John Binda of Milton said he was standing with his daughter watching the fireworks when he saw the bolt out of the corner of his eye. It was a light magenta or purple, he said. Binda also said the bolt appeared to be traveling parallel to the ground, shooting toward a nearby light post. Binda said park rangers had followed the same procedure at Thomas Park as the state police had at the Esplanade, evacuating the park briefly for a passing storm, then letting people back in. Binda said shortly after everyone was back, the lighting struck. After the lightning strike, Binda said the rangers ordered everyone out of the park. Officials said the man and the woman were conscious and alert when transported to Brigham and Womens Hospital. Their names were not released by authorities.
Tue, 07/03/2012 08:00 PM Killed Dick Sorg  60.0  Zanesville OH 
  fixing antenna    On a Roof,Outside,Yard 
ZANESVILLE -- Dick Sorg, who worked for almost 40 years with the Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District, died Tuesday night. Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said Sorg might have been struck and killed by lightning. Sorg's son Jonathan, said his father was fixing an antenna next to his house when he came down to give a chainsaw to a neighbor. Dick Sorg came down from the roof, and when the neighbor came to return the chainsaw, he found Sorg dead. Authorities do not know whether the lighting arced from a nearby tree or traveled through the ground. A temporary coroner with Muskingum County examined the body. Lutz said he's not sure whether an autopsy was ordered. No other details were available Wednesday evening. This is the second fatality because of storms that hit the area hard this week. Marsha Reutter, 70, was killed Friday when she and her husband went out to their barn on North Leedom Road near Chandlersville. The barn collapsed when the couple was checking on the animals. Her husband also was injured.
Mon, 07/02/2012 12:00 PM Injured Tom Lenkiewicz  0.0  Hebron CT 
  brushing teeth hand under water  N/A  Bathroom,Brushing teeth,Indirect,Indoors,Water 
A person was struck by lightning on East Street in Hebron as storms move through the state on Monday afternoon. Fire and police crews have responded and no information is yet available on the person's condition. A tree has also landed on a house on Old Andover Road. The system that brought storms through eastern Connecticut is less severe than the system that moved through Connecticut on Sunday afternoon, bringing high winds, dangerous lightning and golf ball-sized hail. HEBRON, Conn. (NBC) -- A Connecticut man was struck by lightning on Monday night, and lived to tell about the frightening experience. A powerful storm ripped through the town and caused a lot of damage, snapping trees and tearing down power lines leaving resident with a big mess to clean up. "All of the sudden there was a big boom and I felt a huge jolt go up my arm," said Tom Lenkiewicz. He was brushing his teeth when lightning struck. He said his hand was under the running water when he felt the electric current go through his body. "Basically, yeah, and I'm glad I'm here to talk about it," Lenkiewicz explained. Seconds later he heard what sounded like an explosion. Then he realized that sound was his 50 foot maple tree that had just come crashing down. "I thought something in the house blew up that's why I went running upstairs to see what happened," Lenkiewicz said. "It ripped the siding over there it ripped the power lines out," Eric Porter said of the damage at his home. Power lines were ripped down when a tree snapped, and it got dangerous quickly. "It was sparking and everything. There was electricity sparking on the ground," Porter said. He explained the storm was one of the worst he had ever seen in Hebron. "For about five minutes it felt like a hurricane," Porter added. Even though Porter didn't have power Monday night, he realized the situation could have been much worse, something Tom Lenkiewicz encountered first hand. "They say one and a million so I guess I'm done for the rest of my life," Lenkiewicz said. NBC
Mon, 07/02/2012 12:00 PM unknown Lightning gone wild during Washington D.C.â¬"s der  0.0   
capital Weather gang 
Lightning Mapping Array    Science 
Follow us on Twitter (@capitalweather) and become a fan on Facebook At a Glance Sun --- -- | 82 Mon 40% 73 | 93 Tue 30% 77 | 92 Wed --- 76 | 89 Thu 30% 72 | 92 Fri 30% 76 | 91 Forecast by National Weather Service RIGHT NOW DCA | IAD | BWI National Airport Weather: Overcast Temp: 76.0 F (24.4 C) Wind: North at 0.0 MPH Dew Point: 66.9 F Pressure: 1022.4 mb Jul 22 2012, 11:52 am EDT Dulles Airport Weather: Overcast Temp: 74.0 F (23.3 C) Wind: North at 0.0 MPH Dew Point: 66.9 F Pressure: 1022.2 mb Jul 22 2012, 11:52 am EDT BWI Airport Weather: Overcast Temp: 74.0 F (23.3 C) Wind: North at 0.0 MPH Dew Point: 66.0 F Pressure: 1022.0 mb Jul 22 2012, 11:54 am EDT Radar: Enlarge & Animate Wx Underground Radar Your Weather Photos DC Webcam 90-degree days in 2012 28 Record: 67 (2010, 1980) Average: 36 100-degree days in 2012 7 Record: 11 (1930) INTERACT Follow us on Twitter @capitalweather Weather news, information, and witty banter @dcweatheralerts Just the most important weather info Find us on Facebook Get updates on our page ALMANAC DCA | IAD | BWI National Airport July 22, 2012 Average Hi: 89 Average Lo: 71 Record Hi: 103 (1926) Record Lo: 53 (1890) Yesterday at DCA Hi: 70 Lo: 67 Precip: 0.21 in Past Data Dulles Airport July 22, 2012 Average Hi: 88 Average Lo: 65 Record Hi: 98 (1998) Record Lo: 50 (1974) Yesterday at IAD Hi: 69 Lo: 65 Precip: 0.16 in Past Data BWI Airport July 22, 2012 Average Hi: 88 Average Lo: 66 Record Hi: 101 (1957) Record Lo: 53 (1966) Yesterday at BWI Hi: 69 Lo: 64 Precip: 1.24 in Past Data Search This Blog Subscribe Select ... BLOGROLL StormWatch 7 The SI Weather Baltimore Weather Examiner Metropolis Weather (NYC) Open Snow - Mid Atlantic Skiing Chicago Weather Center Jeff Masters The Weather Channel The WeatherMatrix Meteorological Madness Dot.Earth More Blogs LINKS Current Conditions Radar/Satellite Forecasts Models & Discussions Local & National Resources Local NWS Discussion Local Air Quality Local UV Index Local Pollen Recent Posts D.C. area forecast: Summer pause doesnâ¬"t last for long Nationals vs. Braves weather forecast: Still cool enough for a comfortable game Coolest July 21 high temperatures on record in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore D.C. area forecast: Cool with a few showers today; Heading back toward summer after Nationals vs. Braves weather forecast: A good day for a baseball marathon Entries By Category Capital Weather Gang Cherry Blossoms Climate Change Droughts Education Environment Extreme Heat Forecasts Freedman Gardening Government International Weather Latest Local Climate NatCast Nature Photography Posegate Thunderstorms U.S. Weather UnitedCast Winter Storms Wx and the City Stories By Date Full Monthly Archive Posted at 03:58 PM ET, 07/02/2012 Lightning gone wild during Washington D.C.â¬"s derecho By Jason Samenow A still shot of lightning flashes captured by the Washington, D.C. Lightning Mapping Array shown atop a radar (rain reflectivity) image. (Scott Rudlosky) The wind stole the show, but the second most striking feature of Friday nights derecho was the vivid, almost continuous display of lightning. The amount of atmospheric energy for this event was through the roof, priming the sky for the lightning spectacle. It turns out the coverage and intensity of lightning was measured and mapped via a local network of 10 sensors known as the Washington, D.C. Lightning Mapping Array (DCLMA). Watch the lightning flare up as the derecho blasts through the metro region in the animation below - visualizing DCLMA data. Scott Rudlosky, a physical scientist with NOAA who works with the lightning data, said it can reveal certain storm characteristics not apparent in conventional radar. [Something] the lightning data shows well, which tends to mix out on radar, is the location of the strongest convection within the main line, he said. In the the above animation, the lightning flash markers unveil the explosive development of convection after the storms cross the Appalachians and encounter the hot, unstable environment around D.C. As impressive as the animation is, it only captures about 25 percent of the lightning from the storm Rudlosky said (the actual network captures a lot more). He called the derechos lightning show one of the largest I have seen in D.C. Just a week before the derecho, he blogged about the lightning associated with the microburst storm that rocked parts of Montgomery county, the District, and northern Prince Geoges county. Comparison of lightning radiation detected by the Washington, D.C. Lightning Mapping Array, between the June 22 microburst and June 29 derecho in Washington, D.C. from a network of 10 local lightning sensors. ( Washington, D.C. Lightning Mapping Array ) The image above shows a comparison of the two events. You can see how lightning reached extreme intensity during both events, but was more widespread in the derecho. The units shown are a measure of the density of very high frequency (VHF) radiation sources detected by the network. In both images, levels reach the top of the scale. Established in 2006, Washington, D.C. Lightning Mapping Array (DCLMA) is a joint demonstration project involving NASA, NOAA, New Mexico Tech (the inventors of the lightning detector stations used), and a number of local sponsors. What did you make of the lightning during the derecho? Do you notice any interesting or unusual qualities? By Jason Samenow | 03:58 PM ET, 07/02/2012
Mon, 07/02/2012 01:30 PM Injured camper, 2 of 2  12.0  Sandyston NJ 
  inside cabin    Camping,Indirect,Indoors,Ungrounded Shelter 
Sun, 07/01/2012 06:00 PM Injured Nicole Burke  18.0  Heckscher State Park NY 
    N/A  CPR,Direct hit,Outside,Park 
An 18-year-old Long Island woman suffered second-degree burns and possible hearing loss after being struck by lightning over the weekend. Nicole Burke, of East Patchogue, is expected to be released sometime tonight from Stony Brook University Hospital, hospital officials said. Burke was struck at Heckscher State Park in East Islip around 6 p.m. Sunday, according to Newsday. She lost consciousness for moments afterwards, said Dr. Steven Sandoval, director of the hospital's burn unit. The lightning struck Burke behind the ear, leaving her with second-degree burns on her arm and possible hearing damage in her right ear, Sandoval said. Nicole Burke (credit: CBS 2) Filed Under LI News, Local, News, NY News, - News, Seen On CBS 2HD, Syndicated Local, Watch + Listen Related Tags Carolyn Gusoff, Heckscher State Park, Lightning Strike, Nicole Burke, Patchogue PATCHOGUE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork)  She is a rare survivor. Shes a Long Island teenager who was barely hurt after being hit by a jolt from the sky. She was struck by lightning during violent weekend storms, but returned home on Tuesday. The doctors said getting hit by lightning like that, you shouldnt be alive, Nicole Burke told CBS 2s Carolyn Gusoff. Burke is beyond one in a million. She was directly struck by lightning, but is somehow alive to tell her incredible story. It hit me here and went through my arm, out my hand and onto the car, Burke said. The incredible incident happened Sunday at Hecksher State Park. The Burke family was playing Frisbee when the sky darkened and storms rolled across the Tri-State Area. They loaded into the car to watch natures fury over the Great South Bay. When Nicole dashed out of the car to jump in the back seat, lightning struck. The sound was like a stick of dynamite, an M80, fireworks and a flash of light. I looked and she was on the ground, said Tim Burke, Nicoles father. They thought I was dead, Nicole added. Nicole blacked out. Her father performed CPR and the family prayed. When she came to, the 18-year-old college student couldnt move, having taken a hit that could power a light bulb for months. I could hear what they were saying, but I couldnt react, she said. Rushed to Stony Brook University Hospital, Nicole, incredibly, only suffered minor burns, a shattered ear drum and some singed hair. The odds of being struck by lightning are about 1 in 700,000, experts say, but surviving a direct hit is far more rare. Nicole was wet from rain and doctors said that helped. It could have chosen different pathways. If it chose a pathway through her heart or her head it could have been a whole different story, said Stony Brooks Dr. Steve Sandoval. I know when Im older and my kids complain about having scraped their knee Ill say, well I got hit by lightning! There was only a tiny ping on the car from the jolt, but the engine died. Nicole, however, said she is feeling blessed. About 50 people are killed in the U.S. every year from lightning strikes, experts said. Their best is the most obvious one: during a severe storm, go indoors.
Sun, 07/01/2012 Injured Brent Ferguson  0.0   
  in basement on computer on concrete floor    Basement,Computer / Video Game,Indirect,Indoors 
I have an odd one for you. I used to get a lot of taps on my chimney, so I grounded it with a utilities style grounding triangle  tied to the main on the house  seemed to solve the problem. Sunday before july 4th I was in the basement with my bare foot on the concrete floor, on my computer. We got tapped again, I yelled YEOOOOWCH! and then couldnt breath in for a while, I was locked up. It felt like my mouse exploded in my hand. Then I was able to breathe again, with no apparent permanent effects  save feeling like Id been pulling a semi truck all day. Went upstairs and the wife heard the boom, but it was so close she didnt hear me yell at all. Several battery backUPS were toasted. Both washing machines  oddly enough both wanted to fill and drain at the same time  although one wanted to spin too, and would not shut off until smoke came out of it. Half the halogen lights in the kitchen wouldnt come on, the other half would not shut off? And my well went dry. Thats the one the insurance company wont cover  but I had 65# of pressure before the tap  and now have none. The pump draws  the water has literally run out of the well  and its over 300 feet deep! Anyway, Im looking for information on others who may have had well problems after being tapped. Even if they wont cover it Id damned sure like to prove to them that it does happen. What other explanation would cause a 30 gal/min well to go dry overnight? Got time to help with this?
Sun, 07/01/2012 04:00 PM Injured 1 of 3 teens  0.0  Glocester RI 
  at family party    Outside 
BOSTON - Shortly after the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning on Sunday, three teenagers were shocked by lightning in Rhode Island. Related Wx Blog Feds to issue special weather warnings... Funnel clouds spotted off Cape Violent storms bring lightning,... Lightning strikes cause fires, injuries Fire officials in Glocester said the teens were at a family party when they were shocked just after 4 p.m. They were taken to Hasbro Children's Hospital where they were said to be OK. A thunderstorm warning was issued for parts of southeastern Worcester County and Rhode Island until 5:15 p.m. Storm Team 5s Mike Wankum said the storms would generally stay south of the Mass Pike, then drift out of Connecticut through Rhode Island and into southeastern Massachusetts. These thunderstorms contain some gusty winds, hail, downpours and lightning, Wankum said. The thunderstorms were capable of producing quarter size hail and damaging winds in excess of 60 mph, according to the national weather service. Read more:
Sun, 07/01/2012 04:00 PM Injured 2 of 3   13.0  Glocester RI 
  taking shelter under a canopy    Ground Strike,Indirect,Outside,Picnic,Taking Shelter,Yard 
Three shocked by lightning in Glocester Posted: Jul 01, 2012 6:45 PM EDT Updated: Jul 01, 2012 7:06 PM EDT Andrea Medeiros Updated: Two teens and a young boy are being held in the hospital overnight, Sunday, after getting shocked by lightning. About ten people at the family Fourth of July party in Glocester said they felt the jolt. Dozens of family and friends had been cooking out and playing in the water in the backyard on Steere Road all day, so when the storms rolled in around four Sunday afternoon they all rushed to take shelter. Some went in the house and others went under a canopy in the backyard. Those who were under the canopy, about ten of them, saw the lightning bolt hit the ground nearby and then felt a jolt and some pain. One of the 13 year old boys collapsed onto the ground. Family members tell Abc6 he, a fourteen year old girl and a four or five year old boy were rushed to the hospital. They said all of them seemed to be okay before they left. The 13 year old boy was complaining of pain in his stomach. The other party-goers who felt the jolt said their pain only last a few seconds. The kids are expected to be just fine. The were sent to the hospital as a precaution.
Sun, 07/01/2012 12:00 PM Killed farmer   40.0   
RAJKOT: A 40-year-old farmer died after being struck by lightning in Lodhika village in Rajkot district on Sunday. According to flood control room officials, farmer Valji Rathod was busy in sowing activity at his farm on Sunday evening when lightning struck him. He was taken to a private hospital in Rajkot, but attending doctors declared him brought dead. On Sunday evening, rainfall occurred in parts of Bhavnagar and Rajkot districts, while rest of the Saurashtra region remained dry. Officials said this season Dhoraji has received 85mm, Jetpur 104mm, Gondal 116mm, Kotdasangani 178mm, Lodhika 99mm, Rajkot city 98mm, Upleta 34mm, Wankaner 112mm rainfall. Sources said delayed monsoon has become cause for concern for farmers in the region as many have sowed their farms taking the advantage of groundwater and expecting rains in the region. "If rain gets delayed further, farmers who have ploughed their farms, would lose their seeds, making it difficult to get it again from the market,' a farmer from Sayla village in Surendranagar district Valji Patel said. India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials said light to moderate rainfall would occur in isolated places of Saurashtra and Kutch during the next 48 hours.
Sun, 07/01/2012 02:00 AM Injured 51 people  0.0  Roltzschjora  
A single lightning bolt left 51 people injured at the With Full Force music festival in Roitzschjora, Germany on July 1. In the early morning hours of the fest, a bolt of lightning struck the crowd, sending audience members flying and leaving three individuals in a hospitals intensive care unit. The 2012 With Full Force Festival boasted a powerful lineup, including bands such as Machine Head, Soulfly, Children of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse and many more. However, it was during Heaven Shall Burns set when the bolt of lightning struck. German website described the shocking happening in full detail. The first showers, heavy as they were, provided just an inkling of what was to come, the site describes. Just before 2 a.m., the next black cloud parked over the stage. And the lightning it unloaded resulted in 51 injuries, three of them landing in the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital. Witnesses say that the lightning strikes sent some people flying through the air  and left behind a wasteland of destroyed tents, panicked guests and a venue flooded with mud and deep puddles. Strangely enough, a lightning strike occurred the day before the June 30 festival date, where three women were killed by a bolt of lightning while playing golf in Hesse, Germany. A fourth member of the group survived, but is recovering in the hospital.

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